June 27, 2003

Pixy Misa's Day In....

I had a bad day. Pixy Misa also had a bad day. And it's all the poltergeist's fault!!!!

I woke up at the ridiculously early hour of 6:30 am, and spent an hour or so wandering the blogosphere, alternating reading blogs and writing about them on mine. Then I hit "preview" and that's all she wrote...literally. Everything was gone, replaced by a highly obscure message with the occasion English word such as "error" and "missing" and "nahner nahner".

I tried hitting the "back" button to no avail. The obscure message still jeered at me. I tried logging in again. Nada. What to do? Give up blogging? Horrors! Luckily, the wonderful, brillant and talented Pixy Misa seems to speak a little geek, (and is also my most generous benefactor and host) so I emailed my troubles to him. He wrote back that he would work on it.

Off to the theater I went, where my day didn't get much better (but that's another story).

Obviously, since you are reading this, Pixy fixed the problem and I am able to blog again. Hurray! Unfortunately, the entry I spent an hour on this morning is, as a dear friend of mine put it, "toast". He explained what happened on his blog, and therefore I know that the whole mess can be traced back to my wanting to be able to post thumbnails of the poltergeist pictures.

Pixy, I promise to never take pictures of ghosts again (if I can help it)!

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