August 16, 2003

Not a War Update....

Today is the start of the hellish weekend work schedule (6-12 tonight, 12-12 tomorrow and 12-6 on Monday). Unfortunately for me, my Assistant is NOT taking his college courses via the internet, and this semester he has classes both Monday and Tuesday, so starting next week, since I have to work ALL of Monday and Tuesday, I am going to make him split Sunday with me! Then I will be off on Wednesday and Thursday (or maybe half of Thursday? I wrote it down somewhere....), unless the owner's experiment of being open for matinees once school starts is successful, in which case I'm going to have to change the schedule again, because he (the owner) told me the 12 hour days during the week were only for the summer, and I am frigging sick of them! It was one thing to be working 9 hours without a break 4 days a week, and 12 hours without a break the other day, but it has been completely horrible working multiple 12 hour days, with only one day off a week....

Anybody want my job? The hours are long, but the pay is low.....

Posted by Susie at August 16, 2003 04:27 PM

You make it sound so appealing.

Posted by: Victor at August 16, 2003 04:40 PM

And I forgot the best part--no bennies! No sick days, No overtime, No vacation, No's like having a part-time job, only longer!

Posted by: Susie at August 16, 2003 05:00 PM

Ack! What in the world keeps you there? Don't say 'free popcorn'.

Posted by: Ted at August 16, 2003 06:23 PM