August 19, 2003

Muddled Rambling and Random Musing

The bad thing about being sick is that once you are recovering you are still exhausted. My energy levels have been fluctuating like a simile that eludes me right now.

Anyway, a while back I read on Jamie's blog that he has only purchased ONE of my blogshares because they were too expensive. So I have just emerged from that dark and scary place (aka the main template) where I added several links to my blogroll in an attempt to make myself more affordable. I don't know if it is going to work, but the basic laws of supply and demand indicate that the more there is of something, the less it's worth, so I thought I would give it a try...

I have been intermittantly fluttering around the blogosystem today, and I read a lot of interesting posts, but I just don't have the energy at the moment to re-seek them and link to them and etc. (I apologize to those bloggers at whose places I did not leave comments, and suggest you consider yourselves the lucky ones...)
So I am going to tell you about the movie I saw this niece (who doesn't start school until tomorrow--although that sounds like I only have one niece, when in actual fact I have seven) and I went to see RUGRATS GO WILD. (It's at my theater, it's my day off, and we got in free...).

I give this movie two big thumbs and two big toes up! It was a very well done "family" movie--which means there was witty repartee for the grownups to chuckle at, and broad slapstick for the children and the men to enjoy. It was actually a Rugrats-meet-the Wild Thornberrys, and I had to get my niece to explain some of the characters' relationships (in the car on the way home, natch--Susie does not disturb other patrons by talking in a movie...), but overall I enjoyed it. It was rated PG rather than G because of a few scenes of "peril". But it's not too perilous unless you're like Chuckie Fenster.

I hardly ever use this extended entry thing, because it seems to me it's really only good for hiding the punchline to a joke, and then it's usually annoying because there's only one or two more lines there. However, I have noticed that the Emperor makes excellent use of the extended entry, so if I do decide to use this more often I will be sure to emulate him and make it worth my readers' while.

So let me add that the various Wars I am involved in seem to be going well, although the Axis of Evil Naughty seems to be pulling ahead in the creative titles department (which reminds me--what ever happened to the Slutatarians?) while the Alliance has the photoshopping sewn up...

I haven't stopped by Kin's lately to see how hard I need to ping Kevin to stay in the race, but the way things have been shaping up it looks like the Hobo Killer might get my permaroll spot.....

Posted by Susie at August 19, 2003 10:15 PM | TrackBack

I hope you feel better soon, although you seem to write more when ill.

Posted by: Oscar Jr. at August 19, 2003 11:56 PM

adults or men. heh.

I think the Axis is better organized...and not dying of monkeypox.

Posted by: Jennifer at August 20, 2003 01:06 AM

there was witty repartee for the grownups to chuckle at, and broad slapstick for the children and the men to enjoy


Posted by: victor at August 20, 2003 08:08 AM

...and the men...


Posted by: Ted at August 20, 2003 08:25 AM


Posted by: Pixy Misa at August 20, 2003 09:16 AM
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