April 30, 2004

The Practical Penumbra Stupid Customer Story Open Results!!!!

The judges (Susie, Paul, Jennifer and Mr. Mouse) have spoken (well, emailed), the grades have been tallied, a complicated mathematical formula was discarded and replaced with a simpler one*, and a unique series of checks and balances was deemed unnecessary to identify the winners!

Honorable Mention to:
Brass, for the Ski Lift story
J Fielek for the Forklift story, and
GEBIV for the Carwash story

Second Place(tie) to:
Ensie for her Dinosaur Picture story and
KGB for the Spanish Translation story

And the WINNER is......

Rob!!! for the Waterpump story.

Now, two of my favorites didn't make the cut, so pity links to Pink Kitty, and LeeAnn--you ladies have my empathy!

Rob has his choice of any of the three prizes, and Ensie and KGB each have their choice of the second and third place prizes...watch for my email, you three!

Thanks to everybody who contributed!!!!!

* Each entry was assigned a letter grade by each of the judges, and the highest GPA was the winner.

OOPS! The entries are here. (Thanks, Harv!)

Posted by Susie at April 30, 2004 08:15 AM


I mean, congratulations.

Posted by: Victor at April 30, 2004 07:19 AM

Susie - I think you forgot to link the contest post:


Posted by: Harvey at April 30, 2004 07:23 AM

It was an honor just to be nominated.... :)

Seriously, Rob's story was so freakin' funny. All of them were great and I plan on keeping the archive bookmarked so that when I have a "day" I can refer back and remember...

"Keep this for the next stupid customer contest."

Posted by: Pink Kitty at April 30, 2004 09:09 AM

That was some funny stuff. All ya'll winners take some pictures with those prizes so we can all see it was on the level. ;)

Posted by: Tiger at April 30, 2004 09:57 AM

Fun contest. Thanks, Susie.

Posted by: Rob at April 30, 2004 11:08 AM

You all Suck! It was My Idea, and I didn't even get an honorable mention! (I'm sure the fact that everyone's stories were much better than mine didn't enter into the equation at all) My bottom lip is now upright and locked into full pooch!

Seriously though, congrats to all the winners. Susie, if you do this again, I'll be sure to bring my "A" game. It's not my fault mine were bad, I was drinking. ;)

Posted by: Johnny - Oh at April 30, 2004 09:08 PM

Ahh, Susie, it was the tellin' that mattered. :)

Posted by: LeeAnn aka Cheesemistress at May 1, 2004 08:53 PM