July 15, 2004


Thirteen hours in the Technology Free Zone™ today, and I have to be back there in less than ten hours...

Oh goody! I have an entry for the Bonfire now--which, coincidentally I am hostessing next week, so there's one, at least...

By the way, does anyone know whatever happened to Joe Piscipo?

Posted by Susie at July 15, 2004 01:17 AM

Joe was exercising his facial muscles in an eXtreme targetted workout when he had a simultaneous blow-out and seizure. He changed his name and entered politics. You know him as Donald Rumsfield.

"My mother was a Democrat once. Once!"

Posted by: Jim at July 15, 2004 04:55 AM

Didn't he meet a tragic end after Glenn Reynolds mistook him for a puppy?

Posted by: Harvey at July 15, 2004 08:58 AM

I remember Joe. He was in some movie a few years back. I pointed it out to the people I was with..."That's Joe Piscipo!" and they all looked at me like I was a space alien.

What a special memory.

Posted by: King of Fools at July 15, 2004 05:16 PM

He was killed in a tragic "swimming nude with the dolphins" accident in 1998. Apparently, flipper does get jealous if you touch Flippette's naughty bits, even by accident.

It's rumored that his last words were "It's an eighty-eight magnum...", uttered shortly before Flipper, uh, "flipped" him in the nads.

Harvey, I suggest you avoid swimming with the dolphins...

Posted by: J. Fielek at July 16, 2004 07:06 AM

I can't swim with the dolphins, I can dance with the wolves, I can't even teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.

Geez, J., what CAN I do for fun?


Posted by: Harvey at July 16, 2004 07:26 AM