July 25, 2004

Ladies and Gentlemen, for my 1000th post, I present...

My Favorite Kurt Russell movies of all time (inspired by Jerry's post title) [* means I own it....]

20. Tango & Cash*
19. Dark Blue*
18. Captain Ron
17. The Mean Season
16. The Barefoot Executive
15. Tequila Sunrise*
14. John Carpenter's The Thing
13. Tombstone*
12. The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes
11. Miracle
10. Executive Decision*

Snake Plissken

9. Backdraft*
8. Soldier*
7. Escape from New York*
6. Breakdown*
5. Used Cars*
4. 3000 Miles to Graceland*
3. Stargate*
2. Overboard*

And my number one favorite Kurt Russell movie of all time:


big trouble little china.jpg
1. Big Trouble in Little China*

Posted by Susie at July 25, 2004 12:11 PM

Good Number One! Although, I do have to say that a lot of that movie doesn't make any sense what-so-ever. But I suppose that makes up a lot of its charm.

Posted by: GEBIV at July 25, 2004 02:06 PM

Many of my favorite movies don't make any sense...I wonder why that is??? ;)

Posted by: Susie at July 25, 2004 02:12 PM

Dang that SB, I thought I was gonna see a list of Kirk Douglas flicks.

Posted by: Tiger at July 25, 2004 11:47 PM

Escape From LA didn't make the list?

Posted by: Harvey at July 25, 2004 11:59 PM

Yay for Big Trouble in Little China!

Posted by: Pixy Misa at July 26, 2004 08:23 AM

Okay, I'll show my age again, but I'm surprised that none of Kurt's Disney movies made the list. What's that? No one here is old enough to remember when Kurt Russell made Disney movies? Nevermind.

Posted by: physics geek at July 26, 2004 09:04 AM

I have got to stop leaving comments before noon; I see The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes. Whoops. Sorry about that.

Posted by: physics geek at July 26, 2004 09:07 AM

So... is it the eyepatch that's sexy, or is it the fact that he's a bad boy who was in a fight that cost him his eye that's sexy?

Posted by: Harvey at July 27, 2004 06:48 AM

Harv, partly the eyepatch (very piratical!), partly attitude--he's a tough s.o.b. and doesn't care who knows it, and partly honorableness--he may be "bad", but he still has a code he follows. Also he's very cute...

Posted by: Susie at July 27, 2004 10:57 AM

LOL - I have to agree with you Susie! Although I haven't seen all of the movies... but I love Big Trouble in Little China and Overboard. Although I might've made Escape from New York number 3 on my list. Oh yeah, he's some great eye candy! And he makes fun movies.

Posted by: Teresa at July 27, 2004 11:31 AM

My favorite line(s) are: "Jesus Jack! Aren't you even gonna kiss her?" "Nope.".

Such a fun movie.

Posted by: Johnny - Oh at July 27, 2004 09:38 PM