June 03, 2005

Lame Post #3310

I've got some kind of viral thing, I guess, making me feel yucky. I made my assistant take over from me on Wednesday and left early. I've slept about a gazillion hours since then, but haven't kicked it yet, and I need to go in early today to do inventory. Yesterday, the paychecks didn't come in the mail. If they come today, I'll have been at work two hours already (since my mail comes around 4pm) and then I'll have to leave work and go home to see if they came. If they haven't, then I'm going to have to call corporate--but by then, they'll have all gone home already. Plus, my other assistant manager called me last night to tell me that my best employee gave his two weeks. I need to talk to him to see what's up. If he's found a better-paying job, or if he's just sick of dealing with the daily stupidity of customers saying "Give me a large," but acting like he's the idiot when he asks them if they want a large popcorn or a large soda, I'll accept his decision. But if there's something at work that I can change in order to keep him (more hours? less hours? permission to smack whiny teenage co-workers?) I want to know it. So I still have to wait a few hours before I can do anything about the stuff that's bothering me. I think I'll go back to bed....

Posted by Susie at June 3, 2005 08:45 AM