June 30, 2005

Yesterday I broke my pinkie toe

Some days I feel like my life is one of those old 70's sitcoms, where everything goes wrong and the studio audience roars with laughter that gets louder with each new disaster.

Posted by Susie at June 30, 2005 12:33 PM | TrackBack

Oh, dear! I'm sorry to hear that, Susie.

Posted by: Victor at June 30, 2005 02:01 PM

oh that sucks.

Posted by: Patriot Xeno at June 30, 2005 03:33 PM

Thanks, guys! Your sympathy is almost as good as Advil!

Posted by: Susie at June 30, 2005 05:46 PM

Did you get a cast? Or are they just making you walk around in a flip-flop with tape around your toe.

Of course, more importantly, did that certain individual truly deserve that well-aimed swift kick in the ass?

Posted by: Tig at June 30, 2005 06:02 PM

Harvey? I think this is your cue to "kiss it and make it better..."

Posted by: J. Fielek at June 30, 2005 08:14 PM

How about "kiss everything else to take your mind off the toe"?

Posted by: Harvey at July 2, 2005 02:29 PM