August 01, 2005

Shoo! Go read something else! I'm too busy to bother with you today!

In case you missed it, my long-promised contest prize--or part of it, anyway--for bullwinkle is the next entry down. Since I am being tortured by my inability to write any more on it right now, I figured I would torture everyone else with a "to be continued" (unless I get hit by a bus, in which case you'll have to use your imagination).

The BestofMe Symphony is up over at The Owner's Manual; head over to check out some good older posts you may not have seen.

This week's Karnival of Kidz is at Bad Example (where I would expect my kids, if I had any, to hang out). Harv has some great trips for doting aunts and uncles who never want to get stuck watching their siblings' demon-spawn again need help educating the nieces and nephews....

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