August 13, 2005

Or maybe it was the Chinese I had for lunch

I've been waking up every hour or so, so I decided to heck with it and got up (even though I have to work until midnight tonight and won't have time for a nap before I go in because it's one of my sisters' birthday and there's a party/lunch today). Why is it some nights I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow and am out until my alarm goes off, and others are like last night? I can't even blame caffeine for my restlessness, since I stuck to lemonade after noon.

I suppose I could blame the crappy day I had yesterday: we ran out of 3D glasses for Sharkboy and Lavagirl, the bulb in projector 2 spontaneously blacked out in the middle of a movie and was extremely reluctant to be re-ignited, one of my closers no call/no showed (meaning she was so fired, and that I had to redo the week's schedule to cover her shifts) and somehow, in the middle of the 7 o'clock rush, somebody broke our main entrance door.

It was really weird. I came downstairs from starting the 7:15 show, and there was a brief lull in the lobby while the customers regrouped for the 7:30 assault. This meant I could see past the sea of bodies to notice that the main door (there are four glass-paneled doors, two for entering and two for exiting, but only the main door locks and unlocks with a key) was not closed all the way. Because it was hot and steamy outside, and air-conditioning cool inside, I headed over to pull it shut, not thinking about the fact that it operates on hydraulics and that it's impossible for one of our doors to stand ajar.

It wouldn't close. I figured there was something caught in it. I pushed it all the way open to check, and then tried to close it again when I found nothing. There was a horrible screeching of metal scraping metal, worse than fingernails on a blackboard, and it stopped about four inches from the jamb. This was not good. It was as if the door had swollen and become too big for the frame. Only it's a metal door and frame, not wood. Somehow, during the stampede of patrons trying to get into the lobby and out of the sudden thunderstorm that had hit us and blown by, the door had been warped in some way. How do you warp a metal and glass door?

I called our handyman and told him it was an emergency and the dear man made it over in record time. As I left the theater in the hands of my capable assistant, he had the top of the frame unscrewed and was fiddling with the hydraulic closer. He must have fixed it, or I would've gotten a phone call.

I need a vacation.

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Posted by: Harvey at August 13, 2005 03:23 PM

How do you warp a metal and glass door?

I usually use a flamethrower.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at August 16, 2005 10:57 PM