August 29, 2005

Shoes are pretty expensive, too...

The cluelessness of some folks never ceases to amuse me. My brother told me that there is a petition to President Bush to lower gasoline prices going around his workplace.

I hadn't realized that the President was in charge of that sort of thing. Silly me, I was under the impression that market forces and supply and demand and the greedy greedy big greedy corporations determined the prices of consumer goods, not the President.

Now that I know, I have a petition of my own:

Dear President Bush,

Please lower college textbook prices.


Hey, that was easy! How long should I give him to do that? A couple days?

Posted by Susie at August 29, 2005 11:24 AM | TrackBack

I think Jen will sign that petition.

Posted by: Victor at August 29, 2005 02:41 PM

I second that motion! 100$ for a single used textbook? There is a lesson here, and it isn't algebra.

Posted by: oregano at August 29, 2005 10:50 PM

Oh college textbooks are absolute crap. Buy them off of Amazon or buy them used from people instead of from college bookstores.

Also, I would like to petition him to force JK Rowlings to release the next Harry Potter next week.

Posted by: Patriot Xeno at August 30, 2005 06:54 AM

My daughters would both buy them.

The latest scam is that they change editions often - more often than on the websites - so you're forced to buy new.

Posted by: Ted at August 30, 2005 10:22 AM

And what about the price of chocolate?

CRIMINAL, I tells ya!

Posted by: Harvey at August 30, 2005 03:35 PM

That sounds like a great cause and a lot more likely than Bush dropping the price of gasoline--after all, he's from Texas!

Even at that half off website the prices are still obscene. But they are a lot less than at the college store. The student paper at UNC just had an article today comparing 5 or 6 different sources and that half off did best though it didn't have all the textbooks needed. Nothing is ever easy--or inexpensive!

Posted by: Utenzi at August 31, 2005 11:50 PM