May 19, 2003

On campus, the entertainment is free

One of the reasons I love my little brother is he makes me laugh. I dragged myself home from a hard day at the theater to discover this email from him:


I just returned from my Microeconomics class.

On the first day, I learned many amazing things that I had no idea would be
of economic interest. Three of my new enlightenments include:

1) Walmart is a hugely successful company because they don't give paychecks
to their employees and they also screw all their customers. Hmmm...what a
great business plan.

2) General Motors builds the majority of US weapons (in an accusatory,
suspicious tone).
As opposed to ... Tyco ... I suppose...

3) O. J. Simpson was, in fact, innocent of that double murder thing, because
Mark Furman did it. You see, Furman used to be in the military, and only a
person with military training could have possibly used a knife in a deadly
way. I suppose if the murders were committed with a football, a cereal box,
or a golf club, my professor might weigh the possibility it was O. J.

I might have had to drop the class if my professor was slightly less insane.
But, his harangue is just wacky enough to be marginally entertaining, while
his soapbox oration is only slightly more phantasmagorical than a Stephen
King book. This could be fun.

He made me laugh and the day's woes dropped away.
Thanks, P.K.

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