June 30, 2003

Gratuitous Linkage and other Miscellany

Loyal Reader Pete demands more work from me, just because some other, less dedicated, bloggers are on vacation. Pete, did you start a blog so you could vote for me in the New Blog Showcase? Did you start 10 blogs and link to my entry from ALL of them so that I would win????

Well, it's just lucky for you that Tiger, Victor, John Collins, Glenn, Pixy Misa and Pietro all voted for my entry and I came in second. Otherwise I would be too depressed to blog at all!

Since I have a little time before I need to get ready for work (noon to six today! Hurray!!) and I am procrastinating getting started on this week's homework--no, wait--I mean, since I am, as a favor to Pete, neglecting, at the cost of serious detriment to my school career, starting this week's homework so that I can blog for his entertainment...yeah, that's good!--I will tell you a little about my day yesterday.

It sucked.

(I apologize to my more sensative readers who might be offended by the strong language of that remark, but some situations require extreme pejoratives.)

Remember the Saturday when the clerk got stuck on the roof? That was the day that the clumsy trainee killed our second register. Well, yesterday concluded our third straight weekend operating on only one register. The chaos has been unbelieveable, and since this past weekend has been three times as busy as the prior two (bad weather + great movies = tremendous business), I don't think "nightmare" is too strong a word to describe it.

Let me digress a moment to explain that the length of time it has taken to replace the register is the result of the combined efforts of the GM and the owner. When the trainee first spilled the soda into the register, it was assumed by all parties that once it dried out it could be reprogrammed. And so on my one day off during that long stretch when my Assistant was on vacation, the GM attempted to re-program it. (Although I have the instruction manual and the reading comprehension abilities to do it myself, the GM never gave me the programming key required to set the register to the program mode). It was at this point it was discovered that the machine WAS truly dead, and that a new one would need to be purchased to replace it.
It took the owner about five days to get around to buying me a new register.

Hurray! I have a new register!!

Drat!!! The new register is two and a half hours away at the home office.....

Hurray! The GM took the register to a theater only an hour away from us and the owner offered to pay one of my clerks to go pick it up!

Drat!!! The GM installed the batteries incorrectly and when we plugged it in the new register had no programming either!

Double Drat!!! The GM sent neither the manual nor the programming key!

Triple Drat!!!! The GM was sent to Minnesota for National Guard training!

Quadruple Drat!!! He mailed the programming key and the Post Office lost it!!!

This brings us to yesterday......

The clumsy trainee is now a clumsy concessions clerk. He is a very sweet young man, but seems to have difficulty paying attention, and so I must be constantly reminding him of what it was he was doing when he spaced out. Another new clerk is excellent on the register, but not very motivated, so when he works I have to constantly nag him to take care of the rountine tasks, like making popcorn and cleaning up after messy customers (the subject of a rant still in development). I have made it a point not to schedule these two together in order to avoid developing a fatal case of laryngitis.

I had scheduled the unmotivated clerk with Chris, one of my better workers, for the day shift, and the sweet-but-spacey clerk with Matt (one of my best workers as well as the one who was stuck on the roof) for the night shift.

Matt's dad called to say that Matt had a 101 fever and couldn't work.

**** (expletive deleted).

The problem with having almost entirely teenagers as your workforce is, when their parents go on vacation, they usually take the teenagers along rather than leave them home alone. And for some reason, they almost all seemed to choose the last week of June to vacation this year. That meant that I was already running shorthanded.

I will spare you the agonizing details, but the result was I ended up with laryngitis, a headache that would kill a Rhinocerous, and my patience restrained by a thread so miniscule that an electron looks the size of Asia in comparison.

The only good thing that happened yesterday is that one of my cashiers volunteered to drive to the theater that's an hour away and get their programming key. We got the new register up and running shortly after we closed......

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Go here now. Go! This will wait 'til you get back.

Okay. Wipe the tears of laughter from your eyes. Wipe the spray of the beverage I forgot to warn you not to be drinking off of your moniter and keyboard. Take a deep breath. Your rib muscles will stop hurting in a day or two.
Alright, everyone calm now? (Victor, please stop giggling...you are distracting the rest of the class!)

O.m.g. THE best In My World EVER!

I usually don't quote too extensively from Frank J's brilliance, because I feel that it is better for the reader to experience his prose in situ, but since you have all already read it now, I believe I can safely say:


Belgazor just laughed as both Buck and Blair dangled above their imminent doom. "I guess it's up to me," Bush uttered, "So, there is only one thing left to do: a Presidential Power-Up!"

"U.S. Presidents of old hear me now," Bush shouted into the air, "for I ask of your power! Give me the level-headed cunning of George Washington, the straight moralism of Abraham Lincoln, the mighty strength of Teddy Roosevelt, the alcohol tolerance of Ulysses S. Grant, and the don't give a s**t attitude of James Polk!"

There was a burst of light that surrounded Bush, and then he tore apart his chains as if they were papier-mâché. "Time for an ass-whup'n... Texas style!" he announced.

I love Buck the Marine!

"What's wrong with your voice?" Buck asked.

"He's just gay," Bush explained.

"I'm not gay!" Blair responded, "I'm British."

"British sounds foreign," Buck said, eying Blair suspiciously.

Blair took one good look at the intimidating Buck. "On second though... yes, I'm gay. Very, very gay."

Buck thought this over for a second. "Well, then may Jesus' love lead you to the right path. Now let's get out of here."

I love Dubya!

They all fled outside where a helicopter came to meet them. Standing at the doorway was Clancy. "Glad to see you all."

"Wow, SpongeBob!" Bush exclaimed, "Great tie!"

"Thanks, it was a father's day gift from my son."

"All my daughters gave me was a card," Bush complained, "I didn't even get the joke in it. Least they could have done was put a twenty dollar bill in there or something."

And I adore Frank J!!!!!!

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Mish Mash

Hi Victor! Here is a gratuitous link just for you!

And head over here and visit the Drunken Blogger. He's only been blogging a couple of days, so you can read his entire posting history in one sitting! Cool, huh? His sister is psycho, and apparently will be providing much blogging fodder.
Keep up the good work, Mac, and I may venture into the omnious depths of my main template to blogroll you......

It looks like I will probably come in second in the New Blog Showcase, and I want to acknowledge that I made an error is my previous post....the frontrunner DID vote for three entries, but because of the way he listed them I mistook them for two. Mea maximus culpa!

Oh, I forgot this morning! Clue-by-four!

Well, it's late, and Frank has promised the thrilling conclusion to Attack of the Belgians in the morning! Hurray! So I must to bed.....

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June 29, 2003

Late for work...

...but just have to tell everyone, Frank has a new filthy lie!

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Waning interest.....

I just checked my status in the New Blog Showcase and currently I am #2! Hurray! I also garnered a B grade from Tiger in his review (although, if he graded on a curve, it would have been a D, judging by the entries he liked better than mine...). Yay?

However, a couple of salient thoughts:

1) Interest in the Showcase seems to be dwindling. Only 34 votes have been cast as of the dawn of the last day of voting, and as the rules require that each entrant cast 3 votes for other entrants (13 entrants x 3, carry the one, divide by the quotient, less the remainder=not enough votes to sustain population growth over the next decade) it would appear that even the people involved have developed voter apathy. When you consider that six of the votes cast for me are from my friends, one is a return vote from a blogger I linked to (see Dean's gift economy essay), and one is a duplication (apparently NZ Bear still hasn't figured out that bug), the voter turn-out rate looks even more dismal.

2) That duplication vote thingee is still bothering me. While I have no problem stuffing the ballot box for my friends (I voted for John Collins' entry from both my blogs, old AND new, last week) it would be unethical to do that for myself. And since NZ Bear wipes the voting records page before he announces the winner, we really don't know if he is checking that all the chads have been completely punched out before crowning a new King (or Queen) of the Microbes.

3) I have to wonder how strictly the rules for the Showcase are enforced. You see, the frontrunner only voted for TWO other blogs, and then left town for a 4 day weekend. If he wins, that means the rules are NOT being enforced.

4) If the rules are enforced, as they should be, then whoever DOES win will have triumphed via a technicality, which would give the current frontrunner the opportunity to take this all the way to the Supreme Court (would that be Glenn Reynolds?).

So, Loyal Readers and Random Visitors, there is only ONE solution to this Moral Dilemma: You must beat the bushes of the Ecosystem cadging votes for my entry and cajoling passers-by for links to Some People are Mean.
And you must do in inthe next 12 hours! This is the only way to save the integrity of the New Blog Showcase!

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Late entry

Wow, dude! I found like this totally existential blog entry at the Showcase, you know? 'Cause it starts out, like one thing, you know, and then ends up being totally different, you know? Like maybe philosophical or something, you know? It's deep. Yeah, that's it, it's deep, dude.

Sorry. Spent the night working with a group of young people who have obviously seen "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" a few too many times. Or maybe it was "Dude, Where's My Car?" Didn't realize it had followed me home...

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June 28, 2003


Thanks to James, I have found my new career--movie pitch woman!

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So many blogs, so little time....

I keep finding great blogs that I bookmark and mean to go read again occasionally, but just can't quite get up the nerve to fiddle in my template to find a place for them. It has to be a blog I want to read every day, too, so, being on my brogroll is pretty much of an honor (except for Frank J--I just use his link as a shortcut to his blogroll...)

However, today, thanks to Tiger and Bill, I found Sanity's Edge. The fact that John Collins reads it was an added bonus.

So, into the mysterious depths of the main template I crept, carefully bypassing all those arcane symbols, until I came to a section that looked like it might be the area where my links are stored, and carefully added Paul.

Whew! Success!

Drat! Another daily read! (I may have to drop out of school if my blogroll gets much longer......)

Update...Dean is of the more is more school....

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These just in....

I almost forgot...when I was attempting to reconstruct The Lost Hour I found some new items of interest.....

First, Bill has a post that is so controversial that one reader actually commented "You su**." (Better check it out quick before he edits it to say something sickeningly flattering, which is what I would do).

Next, Frank wants his pork, and later makes the day of a newish blog called Bad Money.

Pietro thinks Australians rock. Me too!

Tiger shares some odds (and a few ends).

Ok, now I am going to google Ann Coulter and see what all the fuss is about (and why John Collins wants to know if his readers would "do her".)

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Better Late then Never

Renee, Renee, Renee, why did you wait so long to enter the Showcase?

On the other hand, I entered on Tuesday and still only have 5 votes! Loyal Readers? Have I offended thee?

Bill? Oh, wait, Bill never even got around to voting for his protege, John.

Glenn? He said he would vote for me...maybe he forgot? Or maybe he is just waiting til Sunday so it doesn't drop off his main page?

Jamie? I think Jamie takes long weekends.....

Perry? Perry's having a tough week at work....

Tim? Tim seems to be on hiatus....hasn't posted in a week....

Romulus? Well, he's hit the bigtime now that he is a Showcase Winner Emeritus...

Jaboobie? Having car trouble......

James? Well, James seems to have had a little too much sugar and is probably having a hard time sitting still long enough to post anything....

And what about the world famous Frank J? It is probably too much to hope that he could be persuaded to link to my entry....unless bribery might work? Frank, I promise to buy your tee shirt if you link to my Showcase entry! (um, bribery isn't prohibited in the rules, is it?)

Oh, well, it's not whether you win or lose, it's how many of your pals you can make feel guilty for not voting for you.....

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June 27, 2003

3rd and long....er, short

Okay, it's Friday night, so the chances of anyone else entering the New Weblog Showcase are pretty small, which means I must vote for a third entry (and it cannot be Tiger's friend Susie, much as I would like to accomodate him.)
So, I will cast my "link" for Cavblog, even tho' the entry was more of a blurb than a blog.
In case you missed it, my other two votes are here.

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(With apologies to Ray Milland)

Susie presents...Attempted Reconstruction of "The Lost Hour"

Starring (in no particular order):
Glenn(NOT Reynolds)!
Pixy Misa!
John Collins!
and a cameo appearance by Frank J

Stop! Hold everything! There's no script! someone get the scriptgirl over here and....what? a hoard of hungry WMD ate the script?????

Sheesh. Okay, did anybody read the dang script before it got eaten?

Okay, good....somebody take notes.....

Tiger coins the word "inanitarian"...ok, keep going. Glenn doesn't like Ann Coulter, but some people, like James, do, only Susie doesn't know who this woman is (good...suspense! keep going...). Pixy Misa was talking about a chicken, but failed to note it came from San Francisco "where all the froot loops live". (You're sure that line was in the script???? Well, ok, but somebody better get that cereal company on the phone in case we need waivers). John Collins needs a lawyer--cheap.

That's it??? That's all you remember? Can we at least get this Frank J guy to kill some ninjas or something?
Well, unless we get a good car chase, that's not even enough to get us a documentary slot at the Sundance Film Festival. We might as well forget it....

Okay, everybody, that's a wrap!

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Pixy Misa's Day In....

I had a bad day. Pixy Misa also had a bad day. And it's all the poltergeist's fault!!!!

I woke up at the ridiculously early hour of 6:30 am, and spent an hour or so wandering the blogosphere, alternating reading blogs and writing about them on mine. Then I hit "preview" and that's all she wrote...literally. Everything was gone, replaced by a highly obscure message with the occasion English word such as "error" and "missing" and "nahner nahner".

I tried hitting the "back" button to no avail. The obscure message still jeered at me. I tried logging in again. Nada. What to do? Give up blogging? Horrors! Luckily, the wonderful, brillant and talented Pixy Misa seems to speak a little geek, (and is also my most generous benefactor and host) so I emailed my troubles to him. He wrote back that he would work on it.

Off to the theater I went, where my day didn't get much better (but that's another story).

Obviously, since you are reading this, Pixy fixed the problem and I am able to blog again. Hurray! Unfortunately, the entry I spent an hour on this morning is, as a dear friend of mine put it, "toast". He explained what happened on his blog, and therefore I know that the whole mess can be traced back to my wanting to be able to post thumbnails of the poltergeist pictures.

Pixy, I promise to never take pictures of ghosts again (if I can help it)!

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June 26, 2003

And the vote goes to...

Well, so far I can only find two New Weblog Showcase blog entries (that are not mine) to link to...
The first is actually more interesting than the blub made it sound: Occasional Subversion on biotechnology or crop mutation or something. This is my favorite passage:

"Humans have modified crops for centuries through selective breeding; indeed, it would be difficult to name any crop which is "pure" -- just defining purity would be a challenge. The people who argue against genetic modification are often arguing from a point of view which equates something they call "nature" with purity, but such a view of nature has less to do with science than religion."

(Haven't any of these protestors ever heard of Gregor Mendel? Wait, they were probably taking "whiteness studies"....)

The next showcase entry I am voting for, Triteness Studies, I enjoyed because I had previously read that news article on the "privilege walk" and had been pretty annoyed that anyone was forced to take that class. The money quote from this essay is "History is much a tale of one people oppressing another. " So true and yet so cynical. Must be why I liked it. (Plus, my grandparents grew up German--in America--during World War I, so my "people" suffered oppression, too.)

Anyway, maybe I'll re-read some of the other entries tomorrow in hopes of finding a third candidate for linkage .

And remember, a link to my entry is a vote for me, a link to my blog is an indication of your taste and refinement....... :)

(Author's note: please pardon the ponderous prose and dangling participles--I am practicing my sleep-typing again!)

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Just Your Average Workday: The Sequel

I am so tired again today I wanted to go straight to bed when I got home, but I remembered my committment to blog and therefore will relate that no blood was spilled at work today! Hurray! Also, after three hours of fruitless phone calls I finally located an exorcist--I mean, a plumber--to fix the possessed men's room toilet that had been in continuous flush mode for about 20 hours. His name was Ben, he was kind of cute, and it only took him about 5 minutes to mutter the proper incantations.....

It's not actually reading Harry Potter that has me using all these occult metaphors...

You see, I took my digital camera to work yesterday, and took a few pictures. The ones from the projection booth are very interesting! I wish I knew how to do thumbnails (Pixy! any tips?) but since I don't, here are two pictures I took a few minutes apart :


theater ghost.jpg

That stringy bright stuff was not there when I took the picture!

Logically I figure that the flash was bouncing off of something (since I was at a slightly different angle than for the prior shot) but if you look carefully you can almost see a face.....

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One last entry before I head off to class and thence to work....

I apologize for the excessive pinging I have been doing lately. It seems when I revise an entry, such as correcting spelling or grammar errors I missed on my first three edits (that preview font is just so darned small!) and then publish, it re-pings everyone.

My bad.

I will try to remember to erase the "URLs to ping" box on future editing.

No promises, tho'.

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Just Your Average Workday.....

I hope CSI doesn't decide to stop by the theater and do luminol tests in the east men's restroom (as opposed to the west men's restroom, where the haunted toilet resides). We cleaned up all the blood splatters, but I've heard that stuff can still detect hemoglobin years later.
One of my concession clerks was sitting under the counter reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix between shows when a customer came up for a free refill. Being one of my most conscientious employees, he leaped up to assist her---and whacked his head on a sharp corner. I've always heard that scalp wounds bleed profusely, and I can now testify to that. I can't help but wonder if we can get a lawsuit going against J.K. Rowling ... I hear she has squillions...

Anyway, Tiger was whining, er, complaining, um, mentioned in my comments that I didn't blog much on my two-month anniversary. Tiger, dearest Tiger, I would much rather have been blogging yesterday than wrapping ice chips in a paper towel for my clumsy clerk's boo boo and checking that his eyes were dilating properly with the handy dandy flashlight every theater keeps at the ready for seeking out disruptive patrons and lost car keys. I certainly would rather have been blogging than listening to the haunted toilet (I really think Moaning Myrtle inhabits that restroom) running all night since it waited until after 4 o'clock to go haywire and I cannot call a plumber until I go in today. I definitely would rather have been blogging than spending the afternoon trying to find out why our supply order wasn't delivered, and eventually learning that due to a "keying mistake" we wouldn't be getting it at all this week.

And, for some reason, I was so tired when I got home last night I dropped straight into bed without even checking my email.

Since I get off work at 6 tonight instead of 11, I will attempt to satisfy your flattering jones for my wit and wisdom with more pearls then.

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Once around the 'sphere, cabbie

Tiger says:

I will stop as soon as someone devises an inpatient program where they keep you doped up for years until you have absolutely no more craving for nicotine. I am eager to trade my nicotine addition for an addiction to a better drug.

Frank offers a handy reference list for future Presidents on what Executive orders can and cannot do.... (and denies he is Gephardt's speechwriter).

Pixy Misa wonders what's all the fuss about Harry Potter ... (I am on page 440! halfway there!)

Loyal Reader Pete points out in my comments that we have never seen Frank and Bill Whittle at the same time.....

Pietro has the last word about Saddam's WMDs. (Mmmm...grammar check: Since WMD is shorthand for Weapons of Mass Destruction, why do we always see it pluralized? Shouldn't the newmedia treat it as we do other words that are both singular and plural, such as elk, sheep, etc., and say "a herd of WMD was spotted" or "hoards of WMD roamed the desert unchecked"? Just a thought.....)

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June 25, 2003

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Today is my two month anniversay of blogging, and to celebrate, I have used my "good for one free re-entry" card from NZ Bear to enter this week's New Blog Showcase. I almost entered the story about the concessions clerk being stuck on the roof, but since it's still over at blogspot.....(it's on my to-do list, ok! One of these days I will get my origins transferred!).

Anyway, Loyal Readers...do your duty!!!! Enter your blogs into the showcase so I have three decent ones to link to, ok? I would hate to get disqualified on a technicality....

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Monday...er, Wednesday update

Seeing as yesterday was my "weekend," today has a Mondayish kind of feel to it, which is reinforced by by the fact that the new In My World is another cliffhanger!
Frank, just because George Lucas obsesses over that whole trilogy thing doesn't mean that you have to, too! (tho' I must say you look hot with a light saber....)

In other news, Tiger has a new logo!

Pixy Misa is back from his trip, with photos to prove it! (He has also posted some cheesecake photos, giving his site the coveted PG-13 rating!)

John is hysterical (as usual) on marketing ploys for sports teams

Jamie has an ethical question that he needs to send to Frank Answers

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June 24, 2003


"When I'm president, we'll do executive orders to overcome any wrong thing the Supreme Court does tomorrow or any other day," said Rep. Dick Gephardt of Missouri.

I don't know which is more frightening...the idea of another Presidential Dick (nope, NOT referring to Nixon) or the thought that this kind of statement is par for the course for the left......

Update: The more I read Gephardt's statement, the more I am convinced that Frank J is his speechwriter... a statement like that is just so absurd!

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Mush Brain

I have been working on my paper for most of the day, and it's almost there. Unfortunately, I had hoped I'd finish it today. Life interrupts art. One of my nieces turned 11 today, and my sister decided to have the birthday party at my house (yes, she asked first, and I agreed). But there went three hours of homework time (pre-cleaning; party;post-cleaning). The good part [aside from the acknowledged excellence of cake and ice cream] was that I got my brother P.K. to critique my paper, and he gave me some good suggestions. I also persuaded him to install the drivers and software for my digital camera, which I used to take pics at the party.
Boy, was I disappointed. Like blogger, the camera was free, and I got what I paid for. (Actually, now that I think of it, I had to put up with earthlink for all those months to get that camera, so I paid WAY more than it was worth!).
So that you know what I am talking about I am going to post one of the pics I took at the party.

This is the birthday girl: View image

It's blurry, grainy, the colors are bizarre........ sigh.

Here's one P.K. took of himself, fooling around:dsc_033.jpg

He's actually pretty good-looking in person......sigh.

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June 23, 2003


Just a note to my Loyal Readers: Pete, Tiger, Victor, Pixy Misa, et.al., even though tomorrow is my day off, there is a good chance I will not be blogging because I have another paper due for one of my classes, and I cannot wait another minute to dive into the new Harry Potter book.

So, stop by tomorrow to see if Order of the Phoenix is more compelling than my compulsion to blog!

(Cool...a cliffhanger! just like Frank!)

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Monday Salmagundi

Thanks to Victor (wet T-shirt photos? please, Victor, this is a family blog!) I wandered over to James Finch's new site VRWC, and found the transcript to a recent conversation he had with Bubba--I mean, former President Clinton.
Wow, James! How come all those dweebs have your phone number???

Tiger is depressed because Glenn Reynolds hasn't linked to him....
Shall I remind him that Frank J has not only answered my stupid questions, but left comments on my blog? Nah, that would just be mean......

Pietro is making up for not blogging over the weekend......

John Collins was, um, ticked off this weekend....

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No Breaks Allowed

Don't you hate it when your favorite blogs go the entire weekend without an update? It's almost as if some of these folks have an actual life or something....
Ok, I am as flattered as the next woman when my blog is the top story for days, but it seems like Glenn, Tiger and Frank are the only ones considering MY entertainment needs....
(Pixy Misa is granted absolution because he warned me he was going on a road trip, and left me a catalog of his music to keep me amused til his return.)

Get with the program, guys!

UPDATE: Let me reiterate, Glenn(NOT Reynolds), TIGER and Frank worked very hard over the weekend to keep me entertained!!!!

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True Relevance

Frank is even hotter with a shotgun!

Yes, the Peace Gallery is now up, AND there is a new In My World!

See, this is why I love Mondays......

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New Blog of the Week..

The winner in the New Blog Showcase this week is An Unsealed Room

I'm kind of relieved, even though I didn't vote for it, because as far as I could tell there were no duplicate votes credited to this entry. Those of you further down the voting list (John) can take heart in the fact that some of the blogs above you really didn't garner as many votes as they seemed to.....

I emailed Bear about the duplication thing, but haven't heard back from him yet.

Wonder if he's sorry he started this whole showcase thing.....

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Oh no! I go to work and Frank menaces a sweet little kitten!
This man definitely needs a wife!

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June 22, 2003


And it was a sad day in the ecosphere (a pre-coffee rendering of ecosystem/blogosphere, I guess) when my new provider's network upgrades, which were supposed to be over with by 5:30 am, are STILL locking me out, and here I am back at blogger...
Gawd, the IRONY of that....

I had lots to say, too!

Frank looks very hot in his Nuke the Moon T, armed and dangerous for the first Peace Gallery photo.

The Emperor may unleash his wrath on all of us if we don't start coughing up pizzas at a faster rate.

Tiger has an excellent musing on tolerance, race, and humanity.

And I must be off to the theatre shortly, where I will be held prisoner 'til near midnight... I hope that my new blog is back by then.....

UPDATE: It's baaaaaack........ and the above is a copy of my post from 10:20 this am at my old blogspot site. Kudos to Tiger who found it there!!!

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June 21, 2003


Be still my heart!!! Frank left a comment on my blog!!!

I ... have ...reached... the ... big ... time!

(Tremble in awe at my name, all you lesser bloggers......LOL!)

This calls for another picture of me to celebrate...

View image

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Tigger's, er, Tiger's Hard Work

Once again, Tiger has laboriously waded through and critiqued ALL the entries to the New Weblog Showcase.
Thanks to his efforts, I am going to go back and read a couple of the entries that I had skipped over because the title or the blub just didn't grab me. Maybe I will even link to them, who knows?

UPDATE: here is a good entry..thanks, Tiger!

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I have been completely remiss in not linking to Frank's new subtitle!
Despite the fact it's NOT the one I voted for, I think it is an excellent description of Frank's site. And, there is NO mention of monkeys!!!!!!

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I bumped into Tim the Michigander hanging around the comments at Frank's and Bill's, and feel that he is link-worthy (why am I suddenly reminded of the Seinfeld episode where Elaine discovers that the sponge has been discontinued?), despite the fact he cracked on Indianaians (Hoosiers makes me think of Hooters, for some reason...) So check out his blog!

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Happy Birthday to John!

Today is John Collin's bithday! As a present to him, I am urging everyone to link to the Trilogy of Terror...

And, Victor....you have to link to the POST, not the blog, for your vote to count!!!

However, John says it's not about winning, it's about getting read. But I say if you win, more people will read you!!!! So stuff that ballot box, Loyal Readers...pretty please? with sugar on top?

Oh! Bill! Where is your vote for John?

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June 20, 2003


Pixy Misa has a secret identity: Composer!
I enjoyed Crunchy Frog Blues so much, I still haven't listened to Stir-Fried Grasshopper.....

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Balloting Redux

John has threatened to kill a bunny if I don't vote for his entry in the new blog showcase.

John, why did you wait til so late to enter?????? All the good linkages are already taken!!!! Unless you can get your entry to register the double-votes like that White Whine person (and I noticed Glenn got double credit for 2 links, too...) you are pretty much out of the running!

Ok, Loyal Readers.....go read the Trilogy of Torture that John has posted as his entry, and cast your vote for him by linking to it.
Or he will kill a bunny.

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Civic Duty

Ok...one last post before I head off to the theater...

Go to Bill's and VOTE in the State Motto competiton!

And if any of my Loyal Readers votes for the Long Island Iced Tea one, they will have to write me a 1000 word essay on why they picked the least funny of the bunch!

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Site Insight

I have been thinking about trying that new-fangled "blogrolling" thingee, but have been reluctant to try it for two reasons:
#1 The instructions on installing it look moderately complicated, and I can only tackle one moderately complicated task per day, otherwise my brain overheats. Since I am fresh off the triumph of uploading pictures to my blog, and still procastinating tackling importing my blogspot archives, as well as a couple of site tweaks that I want to try, I have been putting off attempting to install it.
#2 This is a more philosophical reason. Some sites that I have been to have such long blogrolls that they practically need to be continued on the next page. I don't really like the look of that, and I don't understand how someone can have the time to regularly read all the blogs on those interminable lists. So my blogroll has an entrance requirement: your site has to be interesting enough to make me go into my template and risk its total destruction by hand-entering the code to link to your site. Now, the blogrolling thingee would take away that element of risk, and reduce the honor associated with being on my blogroll, since any old blog could pass the one-click risk-test.

So, Loyal Readers, what do you think? Shall inclusion on my blogroll remain an honor, or should I put "get blogrolling" on my to-do list?

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June 19, 2003

Girls Just want to Have Fun Part Two

Hurray!!!!! I uploaded a pic to my blog!!! Woo-hoo!!! Set off the fireworks!!!

Okay, okay, I'll settle down (but I am excited...this is another giant leap for technologically-impaired womankind!)

I have to do another one!!!!

View image

This is me modeling my new coat...I was a little younger than I am now.

That was so cool I have to do another one!

View image

I always call this picture Victim of Torture...(because my hair is not naturally curly, that's why!)

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Office Cat


This is Whitley, my sister's office kitten. Looks innocent enough, doesn't he? He's just waiting for his chance.......

Bwhaaaa haaaaa haaaaaa

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Eat Your Heart Out, Jonathan Swift

Read this.

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I don't know if it a glitch that NZ Bear will catch before voting closes on the New Blog Showcase, but if that White Whine guy can get multiple links from a few blogs counted toward his total, I don't know why I shouldn't stack the deck in favor of the three I have chosen. So here they are again:
Perry of Obnoxious Fumes dissing Michael Moore
Revsparker of Across, Beyond, Through musing on his Prodigal Father
and Norbizness of Happy Furry Puppy etc. etc. discussing a smoking ban. [Ed.: I Hate Smoking Bans.....]

Oh, and as long as I'm doing this, here are some "pity links" for my buds:

Glenn and

Mapchic's not really one of my buds, but I like her blog... and I think the template is cool....

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Feline Conspiracy Theory

I knew it!!!! The cats are trying to take over the world and Pixy Misa has proof! This explains why, when I come from from work, my kitty is "sleeping" in my computer chair and the screen saver has just kicked on......

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Corn, and Lots of It

Bill has extended his State Motto contest and some of the late entries are hysterical.

My favorite of the crop is:
Illinois: Miles and miles of corn, interupted by small pockets of urban decay.
This is not only hysterically funny, but true! [I am allowed to say that--I was born and raised in a one of those pockets of urban dacay and also went to college in Illinois. One of my best friends from college lived in Springfield--the capital, for those of you non-Land-of-Linconers reading this--and Springfield should be the poster child for urban decay. The only good thing about Springfield is the "horseshoe"...but I digress].

Anyway, head on over and read the rest of 'em.

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I Need H. & R. Brock.....

Well, I can register for my Fall classes today, and it's Moral Dilemma time again... (not really, it's just that ever since John Belushi did that "ad" on Saturday Night Live my family has descibed any kind of decision as a "moral dilemma": pink or mauve lipstick? moral dilemma. steak or chicken? moral dilemma. one hard class or two easy ones? moral dilemma.)

Not that any of my classes has been easy; just some have been less labor-intensive than others (2 papers v. 4, daily "discussions" v. written reports). So my two remaining required classes are Applied Economic Theory and Financial Administration and Budgeting, and they both sound pretty scary to me (I'm not really into that whole Math thing).

So Management Theory sounds pretty innoculous, and so does Human Resources Management..but then I will have used up 2/3 of my electives.

Like I said, Moral Dilemma. Well, I have until August 4th to decide....

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Late Night Reads

John has an excellent fisking of Bill O'Reilly. It's his entry from yesterday if the the link doesn't work correctly...

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June 18, 2003

Frankly Speaking

Man, I really enjoyed not having to work yesterday. This "day off" thing could really catch on if the word got out.....Unfortunately, I used it all up, and have to go to work today....

So---Frank has his Subtitle Contest choices up. Vote Early. Vote Often.

There is also an new In My World starring the Rumsfeld Strangler and Chomps!

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June 17, 2003

Once More for Moore

Ok, how can I NOT link to a post dissing Michael Moore? Especially when it's on a site subtitled "The Ranting and Raving of a Mean-Spirited Republican"?
Being a Mean-Spirited Republican myself, I think Michael Moore is a Big Fat Idiot. (Gee, that sounds familiar....wonder where I heard it?)

Remember my motto...Liberals are stupid.

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Another Blog to Read

Well, I was checking out who else had linked to Across, Beyond, Through for the Showcase, and it was Pieto, The Smarter Cop, who has a great blog. So I bookmarked it, and am putting his link in my blogroll. Check him out.

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A Worthy Candidate

My first vote in the week's New Blog showcase goes to......

Across, Beyond, Through

(Probably my only vote, because of that vote-dilution thing, but we'll see....)

UPDATE: See how fuzzy-headed all those 12-hour days made me? I totally forgot I meant to vote for THIS entry....

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And you thought you were safe.....

See what happens when I have a day off? I spend the day blogging (taking time out for meals, of course) instead of doing laundry, paying my bills, or returning the shoes that just don't fit right--all those thing that have been patiently waiting until I have a day off so I can avoid doing them.

Thanks to Frank I have discovered Jamie McDonald and will be putting him on my blogroll because of this* post.

Any man who uses proper punctuation ability as a guide for choosing the correct woman would have my vote for President.

* the link's not working so I copied and pasted it:

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Long ago

My roommate Jim once asked me what I looked for in a girl other than the obvious (Catholic). I never really liked the whole blonde vs brunette paradigm or even stating a preference for tall or short, so instead I said flippantly, "I want a girl who knows the difference between Y-O-U-R and Y-O-U-apostrophe-R-E."

And I ended up with a beautiful blonde who's working as an editor.

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Some People are Mean

To all my Loyal Readers: If you have not already, please bookmark this site. It is the Symantec Security listing of email hoaxes.

My best friend forwarded me this email this morning:

We may have a problem.... see instructions below.
Chuck Langenfeld

Unfortunately, a virus has been passed on to me by a contact. My address
book WAS infected.
Since you are in my address book, there is a good chance you will find
it in your computer too. The virus (called jdbgmgr.exe) is not
detected by Norton or McAfee antivirus systems. The virus sits quietly
for 14 days before damaging the system. It is sent automatically by
messenger and by the address book, whether or not you sent e-mail to your contacts.
Here's how to check for the virus and how to get rid of it:

1. Go to start, Find or search option.
2. In the file folder option, type the name jdbgmgr.exe
3. Be sure you search your C: drive and all subfolders and any other
drives you may have.
4. Click "find now"
5. The Virus has a Teddy Bear icon with the name jdbgmgr.exe DO NOT OPEN
6. Go to Edit (on the menu bar) and choose "select all" to highlight the
file without opening it.
7. Now go to File (on the menu bar) and select delete. It will then go to
the Recycle Bin.

To Do This:
a) Open a new e-mail message
b) Click the icon of the address book next to the "TO"
c) Highlight every name and add to "BCC" (which means blind copy)
d) Copy this message and paste to e-mail

Ciao, Donna

Of course I checked Symantec before I did anything, and emailed my friend that it was a hoax, but not before she had deleted the file.

It is very sad that some people have nothing better to do than to sit around and think up these terrorist plots.

I know, it sounds kind of strong to call an email hoax a terrorist plot, but the only point of this kind of email is to scare somebody, which is really the point of terrorism--to scare all the people who weren't killed outright in the attack; to scare us into taking actions that might not be in our best interests in the long term, because of the fear of the consequences of NOT acting to prevent imminent and future damage to ourselves and our property. (Do I hear you murmuring "Patriot Act"? I thought so...).

We need to always think before we react blindly to a perceived threat. Granted, sometimes instinct takes over--the old "fight or flight" reaction that Mother Nature programmed into our wiring--but there are degrees of threat and degrees of available reaction time to that threat, and we need to always use any time we have, even if it is only seconds, to give our brains a chance to analyze the response mechanisms and override them if necessary.

Maybe it is easier for me, because I have to to do this on a daily basis. You see, I suffer from Panic Disorder.

I had my first Panic Attack at age 12, at the top of an escalator in the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. At the time, I had no idea what it was that I was really experiencing, so from that moment on I avoided escalators. As the years went on, the list of things to be avoided grew. (This is one reason why I love the movie "What about Bob?" and the elevator scene in particular--my terror of everyday life experiences depicted in accurate, yet humorous, terms). Eventually I became completely agoraphobia as my world shrank to the safety of my home. I couldn't hold a job because I couldn't leave my parents' house. I developed LOTS of hobbies that could be done without going outside, such as baking, needlework, reading, and watching television.

Then, one night, while curled up in my favorite comfy chair, watching TV and embroidering, I had a panic attack. And as I sat there, trying to figure out just what it was that was so terrifying (my chair? my chair is not scary, it is my favorite chair; the embroidery? I embroidered all the time without injury to myself; the television? puh...leeze) it occurred to me that maybe there was NOTHING to be afraid of.

That didn't stop the panic attacks, of course, and in a way it made them worse since now the fear shifted to internal foci for the fear (I'm having a heart attack, I'm having a stroke, I'm dying here and no one is noticing) rather than external ones (I am afraid of riding in a car, I must avoid cars to avoid the fear). But it DID make me seek medical treatment for the heart attack/stroke/imminent death, and that eventually resulted in an accurate diagnosis, treatment, and an ability to function the way "normal" people do, including finding a job, owning a car, and paying taxes.

I still have panic attacks. They still scare the heck out of me. I still find myself in the ER convinced I am dying at least once a year. However, fear doesn't scare me the way it used to, which is probably why I took some time to see if that email was legitimate before franticly deleting that "suspicious" file and emailing everyone in my address book.

FDR said "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."
If he were alive today, I think he would add: "and, if you are a Palestinian, Buck the Marine."

Ok, I'm done channeling Bill Whittle.

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June 16, 2003

King of the Microbes

And the winner of this week's New Blog Showcase is Judicious Asininity!

It's also Catchup week, whatever that means.

I plan to enter again, but I have a few weeks-- time to write something of which Tiger would approve.

No offense to NZ Bear, because I think the contest is a great way to help folks find cool new blogs (such as mine!), but I would rather get a Best in Show from Tiger than win with the most links. [This is a blatant attempt to curry favor with Tiger, who posted that he found nothing interesting on his blogroll today, and, since I was (mistakenly, I'm sure) included in that blanket non-endorsement, as I am on his blogroll, I wish to ensure that he will find something of interest tomorrow. However, since, unlike Frank J, Tiger does not seem to need flagrant ego-stroking, this may not work....].

Oh, and I added Bill from Bloviating Inanities to my blogroll, since he has been mentoring John Collins [and NOT because he pointed out my laxity to the entirety of cyberspace when he posted my entries to his State Motto Competition!] --despite the fact that he didn't know what Euchre was.....

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Lunar Notes

Yay! Pete found the new address! Yay! This means it is almost time to update your address books and palm pilots, Loyal Readers, because simulcasting will cease shortly.

Hurray! ...today my Assistant returns from vacation and I can return to a semblance of a normal life! Hurray!

So, first and foremost...Frank has a new In My World that has absolutely nothing to do with crass comercialism and the attempt to sell his tee shirts. Honest.

Meanwhile, my most kind and generous patron is still keeping "Secret Project X" under wraps! Like Tiger says, the suspense is killing us!

John is a smoker! You get cooler every day, John. And thanks for the link to Bill's state motto contest.

Time to go to work......ugh

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June 15, 2003

A Note of Thanks....

Yes, Glenn, I am simulcasting...mostly for Pete, since he seems either too busy to check out the new PP, or else is so totally repulsed by the whole teal/salmon thing that he's still reading (and commenting) at my blogspot blog....

(I love you, Pete! You will always be my First Loyal Reader and Commentor!)

Anyway, now that the evil papers have been slain, and my Assistant Manager is due back from vacation tomorrow, I should have a little more free time to finish up the move to MT.
I'm still packing things up at blogger, and rearranging the furniture at MT, so pardon the mess....

Anyone who likes the fact that I am now using moveable type, please go to Ambient Irony and thank the unbelievably generous and thoughtful and kind Pixy Misa for not only setting me up with MT, but also stoicly enduring being pestered with my neverending stream of "How do I...(insert stupid question here)?"

Pixy, you are the BEST and I will taunt anyone who says otherwise...

And as long as I am acknowledging my Loyal Readers, I would like to thank Captain Michael Singleton, not only because he was the first Loyal Reader to ever email me, but also because were it not for men like him defending our country from all threats foreign and domestic, the world would be a scarier place today. Captain Singleton, thank you for your sacrifices on our behalf.

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Last Woman Standing

Okay, only one more 12 hour day, then one regular day, and then I get the day off!!!!

My paper is done and submitted. Whew. Til the next assignment due June 29th.

Dear Lord, will this never end???????

Frank is very funny as usual. Go there or I will tell him you didn't.

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June 14, 2003

Balloting Blues

Here it is Saturday morning, I've got a big paper due by midnight tomorrow, and what am I doing? checking out the entrants in the new blog showcase.

Since I'm not entered this week, I don't have to vote for three, and doesn't multiple voting dilute the power of your vote anyway? I mean, whenever I go to the polls, and it says to choose three candidates for City-Council-at-Large, I usually only vote for ONE because what if my second choice edged out my first choice by one vote?

So, I already voted for Romulus, and I'm not taking it back. But I have a second choice, and I'm really torn as to whether to link to it....

Ok, I will just link to the blog, Tales from a Yeti Suit. You can go find his entry and link to it if you want to dilute your vote.....

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Lunar Luck

Let me preface this by saying, I am not at all superstitious.

Ok, not very superstitious. And Friday the 13th has never bothered me. In fact, today is the first ever Friday the 13th that I ever remember anything unlucky happening to me.

Guess what? No paychecks today. Lost in the mail or something. Then I find out from Victor that the tax cut kicks in today.

Personally, I blame the full moon. Nuke it.

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June 13, 2003

Laugh til it hurts

Ok I was done blogging for today...really! But I just had to run through my blogroll and OMG poor John!!!

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Speed Blogging

Just a quick note to tell all my Loyal Readers that I copied and pasted my old blogger posts to one long post dated June 1.

Just click on the June 1st on the calander, and scroll down to the date you want to read (if any).

I know--it's more labor intensive for you than for me, but I will do it right one of these days, once Steve is back from vacation and there are no huge projects due for class.

Now go read Frank. I'm sure he's more interesting than I am anyway!

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Laugh out Loud Alert


In a neverending effort to avoid working on my paper, I strayed from Jaboobie's through a link to Drumwaster's and read this:

And finally, I have just about had it with all the claims from the rabidly ranting rats on the Loony Left whinging (sic) about the lack of WMD in Iraq. After all, Saddam hasn't been found either, and so, by their logic, he must not have existed either, eh?

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June 12, 2003

Girls just want to have fun

I'm still playing!!!!!

Thanks for the punctuation tip, Pixy...if I had known that two days ago, the whole pink thing might never have happened! :P

So I am fiddling around going "what's this do?" which means you may see some odd things as I experiment.

Notice the white border around the blog entries? I was trying to get the entries themselves to have a white background, but I kind of liked that so I left it (for now).

I have been playing almost ALL day!!! Not just on MT, but I actually went out to eat!!! (KFC has a terrific buffet for only $5.99... I blew the budget, but what the heck, I only get one day off in 12.....). I have also taken TWO naps today!!!!!

The down side is I've only gotten one page of my paper done today, which means I'll have to work on it during my blogging time over the weekend.

Could be worse...could be raining... (Marty Feldman to Gene Wilder, "Young Frankenstein").

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Okey dokey, if you have any comments on the decor, please leave them on this post.

And if anyone knows how I can get rid of that annoyingly bright white behind my blog title, I would appreciate advice.


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Her Tools

One of the reasons that the male/female equality issue is still ongoing is that the women came late to the party. (Ok, we pretty much crashed it, helped out by a few men who weren't total Neanderthals, but that's not the point.) See, God let Adam name everything, and we women have been stuck with guy-names for everything ever since.

Take tools. Is there a tool sensibly named "that pinching thingee"? Nope. It's called a pliers. How about that lifting-up thingee for the car when the tire is flat? A jack. What about one of those little baby nail thingees that hold pictures in their frames? A brad. Except for the fact I've never met anyone named "Pliers" you'd think guys were namimg all this stuff after themselves!

There is a tool we have at work that one of the girls calls an alum wrench, that I think was named by some man named Allen, which, had I been the one to name it, would have been called "that bent thingee we use to lock the doors." See how much more descriptive a name that is?

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Random Thoughts

One of the little things that can make life seem too unfair sometimes is having to make coffee before you've had coffee.

Another is waking up early on your day off, just because your body is used to getting up early.

A third is a chilly drizzle too early on your day off before the coffee is brewed.

I could go on, but I think the coffee is done.....

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June 11, 2003

Geek Wedding

Cool!!!!! I have colors!!!! Hurray!!!!!!

This is kinda fun, now that I know where to fiddle.

I have no idea what CSS even means, tho.

Now I need to figure out where to change the white background of the whole page.

I wish I had more time to play!

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June 10, 2003

It's Geek to me

Ok, so I found webmonkey's list of color hex codes for html. I still don't know where to put them.
Maybe it's the sleep deprivation effecting my brain power.

Pixy!!!! Help!!!!!!

Hey...does this thing have spell check?

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Remedial Geek

See, this is what I was afraid of...I am trying to read the online instructions for moveable type, and I can't find anything that tells me how to do what I want to do.

For example, while the fonts are perfect, I would like to change the font colors. I would also like to change the background color. But I cannot figure out WHERE this is supposed to be done. I'm assuming one of the templates, but which one? and where do make my alterations? and where do I find the color codes?

The manual also doesn't say where the links go. IP banning is very useful, I am sure, but I am technologically impaired!!!! I need that little button to put the italics tags in for me!!!!

On the other hand, it is WAY cool to have titles to the entries, and if I could just figure out how to do the basic stuff (like where to paste the site meter code etc) I think I could like this ....

But they need to get me a book...Moveable Type for Dummies would be just fine.....

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Trial and Tribute

Thanks, Pixy! I have no idea what the heck I am doing, as I just got home from another 12 hour day at the movies. So I am just typing in an attempt to see if I can make a coherent sentence. Now I think I will post this and see what it looks like.

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June 09, 2003

Starter Post

First post!!!

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June 08, 2003

Just your typical Saturday night.....

I don't know why I am blogging when I should be sleeping---has anyone told the Surgeon General about this blogging phenomenon?
It could be a health hazard or something.....

Anyway, second day of hell down, 8 to go. As they seem to be getting more hellish, I am not sure I'm going to survive. Tonight, for example, a trainee spilled pop on one of our (two) cash registers and killed it. Dead. Well, first it rang up a lot of merchandise when no one had pushed any buttons, and then it began this banshee-like "error" tone that rivaled the tornado alert sirens, and nothing would make it stop--I even turned it "off" and it kept wailing. So finally we unplugged it. And turned it on its side to let the pop drain out of it. And later when we plugged it back it in, it didn't screech---because all the programming was gone. So one cash register was brain dead on a Saturday night just before the highly popular 7pm shows---things just couldn't be any worse could they?

Yeah, right. Ever tried to manage a movie theater on a Saturday night with only one concession register open and one of your employees stuck on the roof?

Didn't think so.

See, there was this little girl who threw her shoe up on the roof of the theater. Or somebody else threw the shoe--I never did get that part straight. All I know is I had just come down stairs from threading the 7 and 7:15 movies with what I hoped was a workable plan to have the more experienced concession person and the back up person alternate ringing up customers on the one working register while the trainee got the popcorn and sodas (and was to keep them FAR from the working register), when the cashier breezed past me saying that she and Matt (the more experienced concession person) were going to get a little girl's shoe off the roof and would be right back. Since the projection booth has a trap door to the roof, that seemed to make sense to me at the time, so I went to cover the ticket booth for a minute. Five minutes. Ten minutes. I was selling tickets like crazy. The concession line was backed out the door and starting to be indistinguishable from the ticket line. Where was my cashier?

Then I heard her voice. She was talking to the trainee, trying to explain to him where we keep the ladder. I called her over.

Apparently our roof has two levels, and the little girl's shoe was on the lower one. Matt jumped down to it, tossed the little girl her shoe, and then couldn't get back up the seven foot wall to the level where the trap door is. So the cashier wanted the trainee to take our ladder upstairs, up a ladder to the trap door, through to the roof, and lower the ladder to the lower roof so Matt could climb up....while we had customers lined up to the street. Nope. No way, Jose.

I sent the cashier back to the concession stand to help the back-up person and the trainee wait on the customers as quickly as possible while I kept selling tickets. I couldn't even spare anyone to tell Matt what was going on. The poor guy spent 45 minutes stuck on the roof of the theater! When the crowd finally started thinning, the cashier and the trainee went to get the ladder, and a customer came up to the concessions and said "Did you know there's a guy on your roof?"

I can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store for me....

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June 01, 2003

Old Stuff

This is my old stuff that I copied and pasted from blogger, and am too lazy to go back and insert the links and italics and stuff, so if you want to read it in situ got to the original Practical Penumbra and good luck with the archives......

[6/12/2003 7:42:20 AM | Susie K]
I am in love with a younger man (again)!!!!!! John, at Collinization is both brilliant and funny. Look out, Frank J!

[6/12/2003 7:28:05 AM | Susie K]
Having enjoyed Romulus's Web showcase entry, I strolled through a few others and really enjoyed several of them. This one made me LOL. Therefore Judicious Asininity will be on my links shortly.

[6/12/2003 7:07:06 AM | Susie K]
One of the little things that can make life seem too unfair sometimes is having to make coffee before you've had coffee.

Another is waking up early on your day off, just because your body is used to getting up early.

A third is a chilly drizzle too early on your day off before the coffee is brewed.

I could go on, but I think the coffee is done.....

[6/11/2003 10:45:28 AM | Susie K]
Here is my vote for this week's new blog contest: Judicious Assininity because it's right on the money....NY is talking about a Fat tax now.

[6/11/2003 10:26:21 AM | Susie K]
LOL!!!! New Rumsfeld press conference at IMAO!!

NOT the funniest line (so as not to spoil it for you): "Rarr!" Rumsfeld yelled, picking up the reporter and throwing him out the window. "Next question."

[6/11/2003 10:06:26 AM | Susie K]
Thanks to Pixy, I am playing with Moveable Type instead of blogging. It's fun! But I still am trying to get it to look right, and thus cannot actually blog because I'm playing. So, Loyal Readers, please excuse the mess....

Anyway, I did the payroll last night and I had 76.25 hours this work week. Happy Happy, Joy Joy.... The good news is: tomorrow I get the day off!!!!! Hurray!!!! The bad news is: I have to use it to write the 15 page paper I have due by Sunday midnight, since my Assistant won't be back until Monday, and thus Friday, Saturday and Sunday are also going to be 12 hour days.

Today will be exciting--I have both the clueless new employee and the klutzy new employee (the one who killed the register) working tonight. I'm yawning and still in my jammies and the two cups of coffee I've had seem to be having little effect on my alertness.

Time to tiptoe through the tulips.... I mean, cruise the blogosphere...

[6/10/2003 10:43:40 AM | Susie K]
The winner this week at Truth Laid Bear is Mac-a-ro-nies. I went to check it out to see what won, and stumbled into a rant about how the VRWC is trying to unfairly influence the voting in the New Blog Showcase.... Hmmm...what is that June 6th entry, recommending left-leaning entries, Mac? Bloggers are only allowed to recommend blogs by standards that you approve?
I agree that his entry was NOT Tiger's best....even he only rated it a 3.5 himself. But just because someone else linked to it rather than to a blog you deemed more worthy, it's all suddenly about ideology now? Pleeeeaaaase........
You won already, enough!

[6/10/2003 10:16:33 AM | Susie K]
This is a site that a found a little while back (via Tiger? Victor? maybe Jaboobie?) and I bookmarked it. Pixy's post today reminded me today that I forgot to link to it!

I like it, and not just because I like the way it looks......

[6/10/2003 8:10:44 AM | Susie K]
Frank answered another one of my questions! Cool!

The inventory turned out pretty well: there was only a $8.75 difference between what we took in and what we were supposed to have. Considering the week I've had, I'll take it.

I turned in one of my papers. It's not up to my usual standards, but, then again, very little about this week has been....sometimes you just gotta do the best you can do under the circumstances. Kinda like using blogger! ;)

Are the comments down again? I noticed that none of my loyal readers left any.....My horrible week hasn't been contagious, has it?

Now for the good news...the exceedingly thoughtful Pixy Misa of Ambient Irony has arranged for me to play around with Moveable Type. It's currently happening in a secret undisclosed location, known only to the two of us...... I'll keep you posted on my progress in attempting to learn its arcane secrets (if there is any progress, that is!)

[6/9/2003 9:37:22 AM | Susie K]
I should be doing my homework, but.....last night's day from hell wasn't quite as hellish, thank goodness. We were actually busier than Saturday, but despite being down a register, not carrying nachos, and the (unsuccessful) attempt by two of my veteran employees to kill the newest one (and he's not even the one who spilled the pop!) who seems pretty clueless (and taught me not to hire boys just because they are cute), the day went fairly well. I finished typing my first paper last night after I got home, but have been afraid to proof-read it so far.

Today is inventory day, just like every Monday morning, so an early arrival at the theater is mandated to get all the bags and cups and candy counted before we open. If you ever wonder why, when you go to the movies and ask them for a cup or bag or something, they give you this ridiculous little styro foam thing instead of the cool ones they sell stuff in, it's because they count the bags and the cups to keep track of sales. You can't actually count the popcorn and soda itself. We keep track of how many gallons of pop syrup we use and how many 50 lb bags of corn we go through in a week, but that doesn't tell you what was actually sold. So every week we have to count what's on hand, subtract what we had last week, add any new stock we received, calculate the difference and multipy by the price. Then we compare it to the week's concession revenues and try and figure out which clerk is giving free popcorn to friends or sneaking a bag of skittles when no one is looking. It's way fun. Luckily I have all day to do the math once the stock is counted, because I usually have to use my fingers and toes for the more complex calculations.

The GM has promised me a computer. I think he's just toying with me.

[6/9/2003 8:58:52 AM | Susie K]
So, since I am up so incredibly early AND blogger is working, I wandered around trying to stumble across the stuff I found yesterday that I wanted to post and comment on and muse about...I found some cool things, but nothing strikes a bell.

So here is the new cool stuff: Jaboobie makes an excellent analogy regarding intelligence-gathering.

Jay Solo's comments are gone....I think maybe he packed them already for his move...

And Frank has a new In My World!
Go read it now!

[6/9/2003 8:09:48 AM | Susie K]
Okay, I'm missing some archives. So I went to blogger help and it's down. So I tried to remember what I did last time this happened and tried it, but either I didn't remember correctly or it's not working.

They need to finish this upgrade soon or they won't have anyone left to worry about.

Meanwhile, reminder to self: you get what you pay for....you get what you pay for....

[6/9/2003 7:58:26 AM | Susie K]
It's that brain/body thing again. See June 2.

[6/9/2003 7:55:34 AM | Susie K]
FRANK IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!

[6/9/2003 1:25:20 AM | Susie K]
Well, now I know why I was up so late blogging last night--because I must have intuitively been aware that blogger was going to be down again this morning before I went to work. So I had to wander the ecosystem, flitting from blog to blog, leaving comments where I could, in a pitiful attempt to satisfy my compulsion to blog. I even tried starting a new blog at a place called blogeasy, but it sucked. (Sorry for those offended by my language, but it did. blogger may not be very reliable, but it is way easy and cool-looking compared to that place. Remember, I am the woman who can't figure out Word without a written manual).)

So here it is, 1am again, and as tired as I am, I am afraid if I wait til tomorrow's coffee-time to blog that I will be once again locked out of my own little corner of cyberspace.

So...some of the links I have been wanting to post but unable to:

Hi I'm Black
Ravenwood's Universe

So thanks to whoever's blog it was where I found the link to any of the above. If blogger had been working when I found them I would have given you the credit, but ......

Oh! Pixy has a new home: Ambient Irony! (same name, new address, cool look, and even the kitties!) You can still get there from my link on the side thingee, just click on the picture of Mystery Science Theater 2000 (?) when you get to blogspot.

[6/8/2003 1:08:57 AM | Susie K]
I don't know why I am blogging when I should be sleeping---has anyone told the Surgeon General about this blogging phenomenon?
It could be a health hazard or something.....

Anyway, second day of hell down, 8 to go. As they seem to be getting more hellish, I am not sure I'm going to survive. Tonight, for example, a trainee spilled pop on one of our (two) cash registers and killed it. Dead. Well, first it rang up a lot of merchandise when no one had pushed any buttons, and then it began this banshee-like "error" tone that rivaled the tornado alert sirens, and nothing would make it stop--I even turned it "off" and it kept wailing. So finally we unplugged it. And turned it on its side to let the pop drain out of it. And later when we plugged it back it in, it didn't screech---because all the programming was gone. So one cash register was brain dead on a Saturday night just before the highly popular 7pm shows---things just couldn't be any worse could they?

Yeah, right. Ever tried to manage a movie theater on a Saturday night with only one concession register open and one of your employees stuck on the roof?

Didn't think so.

See, there was this little girl who threw her shoe up on the roof of the theater. Or somebody else threw the shoe--I never did get that part straight. All I know is I had just come down stairs from threading the 7 and 7:15 movies with what I hoped was a workable plan to have the more experienced concession person and the back up person alternate ringing up customers on the one working register while the trainee got the popcorn and sodas (and was to keep them FAR from the working register), when the cashier breezed past me saying that she and Matt (the more experienced concession person) were going to get a little girl's shoe off the roof and would be right back. Since the projection booth has a trap door to the roof, that seemed to make sense to me at the time, so I went to cover the ticket booth for a minute. Five minutes. Ten minutes. I was selling tickets like crazy. The concession line was backed out the door and starting to be indistinguishable from the ticket line. Where was my cashier?

Then I heard her voice. She was talking to the trainee, trying to explain to him where we keep the ladder. I called her over.

Apparently our roof has two levels, and the little girl's shoe was on the lower one. Matt jumped down to it, tossed the little girl her shoe, and then couldn't get back up the seven foot wall to the level where the trap door is. So the cashier wanted the trainee to take our ladder upstairs, up a ladder to the trap door, through to the roof, and lower the ladder to the lower roof so Matt could climb up....while we had customers lined up to the street. Nope. No way, Jose.

I sent the cashier back to the concession stand to help the back-up person and the trainee wait on the customers as quickly as possible while I kept selling tickets. I couldn't even spare anyone to tell Matt what was going on. The poor guy spent 45 minutes stuck on the roof of the theater! When the crowd finally started thinning, the cashier and the trainee went to get the ladder, and a customer came up to the concessions and said "Did you know there's a guy on your roof?"

I can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store for me....

[6/7/2003 10:47:04 AM | Susie K]
Ok, blogger is back up, just in time (since I have to go to work in a few minutes). I had to use the comments to post a little earlier, LOL. So check out the comments to yesterday's post.

One day of hell down, 9 to go. The first of my two papers is written and about half typed. I use Word, and since I have spent my entire life learning from books, I have trouble working things that don't come with an instruction manual. I KNOW there are ways to get it to do what I want, but I have to use trial and error and then I end up un-doing something I didn't want un-done. That little paper clip guy is NOT helpful. I HATE icons. I want English words, in sentences, with the occasional illustration or picture. I want to be able to flip back and forth through pages, finding what I need. Aaaaauuuuugghhhhh!!!!!!!!!

I do love the spell check though.

This diatribe has been brought to you by a sleep-deprived grad student working 12 hour days. Now go look at this. (thanks to the Emperor for the link).

[6/6/2003 9:30:42 AM | Susie K]
Oh--one last post before I head over to my class before I get ready to go to work---
Kevin at Wizbang pointed me to Dean's offer to move blogspotters to a "real" blog site.

Loyal Reader(s), should I do this? Please comment or email me.

[6/6/2003 9:02:27 AM | Susie K]
Just a little "heads up" to my loyal reader--please forgive me if my blogging becomes (more) erratic over the next ten days while my Assistant Manager is gone; between the twelve hours days, the two papers due during this time, and (as I have just realized but should have figured) the fact that next week is my turn to lead the discussions in one of my classes, I may opt to sleep rather than blog in my copious spare time.

[6/5/2003 9:20:44 AM | Susie K]
Holy Moly!!!!! Frank linked to me!!!! Give me a few minutes for the palpitations to subside......


Yes, I am up surprisingly early again . This is because the Health Inspector mandated repairs to our concession stand counter tops and the cabinetmaker needed access to the theater at 7am!!!!! I am not a person who functions well on five hours sleep....I'm just not. But there was really no point in going back to bed when I got home, since I have to be back there at 11:30 anyway. Plus, tomorrow starts my 10 day stretch of noon-to-midnight at work because my Assistant Manager is going on vacation. Actually, the GM is supposed to come over from Ohio next Thursday to give me one day off, but by then I expect I will be a babbling idiot who must be carted off in a strait jacket for "treatment".

Because I was in a masochistic mood, I figured out that for the next pay period (which runs Wednesday through Tuesday--while the business week runs Friday through Thursday and the rest of the world operates on Monday through Sunday) I will have put in 78 hours. Being salaried, I still get paid for 40.

I hope my Assistant has a lousy vacation.

As long as I am whining about how terrible my life is, let me add that, of course, BOTH of my classes have papers due during the time that my Assissant will be gone.

[6/4/2003 9:34:59 AM | Susie K]
Today happens to be the birthday of our beloved Frank J. The King of Blog Humor is 24 years old today! It is truly a day to give thanks for the creator of the Fox News Reporter, Buck the Marine and the Unnamed Mexican. Consider how much the poorer the Blogosphere would be without Frank's wit, satire, and generally bizarre sense of humor:
Without Frank's unceasing vigilance, ninjas and monkeys would have taken over the world as we know it.
Without Frank, the Moon would continue its parasitic existance without fear of being sacrificed for World Peace.
Without Frank, the threat to humankind from the evil Optimus Prime would still lurk unrecognized.....
For all these reasons and more, please send a Thank You card to Frank's parents, and buy his mother a gift.

[6/4/2003 9:07:12 AM | Susie K]
Number one priority---go read the exciting conclusion to Black Insano Project!

[6/3/2003 1:33:17 PM | Susie K]
OMG!! LOL!!! go here ASAP. (Thanks to Kirk over at the Emperor's).

[6/3/2003 12:21:14 PM | Susie K]
Anyway, as I was writing and then lost because I happened to read Pete's comment and neglected to post what I had already written before I changed my settings to appease my loyal reader [see how much trouble readers are! sheesh! :)], I did not win the New Blog Showcase at Truth Laid Bear. However, the winner, The Smallest Minority is very worthy. Congrats, Kevin!

[6/3/2003 12:12:17 PM | Susie K]
Just for you, Pete.

[6/3/2003 10:59:36 AM | Susie K]
I am learning my way around this blogging thing....scroll down and you'll find a new "about me" section on the lower left. And adding links has become less onerous too. So maybe there is hope that I will learn to spell. You see, I read too fast. When I read, I recognize a word in its entirety, rather than by its component parts; so when I write, I type it phoneticly, and when I edit, I recognize that the word is misspelled but cannot figure out the correct spelling without resorting to a) spell check if I am using Word or b) my handy paperback copy of the American Heritage Dictionary that I have had since 1975 or so. So although I am a fast reader, and moderately speedy writer, the editing process is very slow.
I suppose I could type everything in Word, spell check it and then copy-and-paste it, but where is the blogging in that?

[6/3/2003 10:19:13 AM | Susie K]
Loyal Citizen Victor provided this link to an article that is a must read. Thanks, Victor!

[6/3/2003 9:59:59 AM | Susie K]
So I wandered around the blogosphere in search of inspiration this morning, and following a long series of links starting at Tiger's, which took me through Jay Solo's to Dean's World and thence to Bloginality I discovered I am a ISTJ blog personality. Interestingly, like Dean, I normally fall into the INTJ type on the Myers-Briggs test. Unlike Dean, I re-took the Myers-Briggs just before the Bloginality instead of just after. Still, it's awfully close!

[6/2/2003 7:49:40 AM | Susie K]
"So, Susie, what are you doing up so early in the morning?" I imagine my loyal readers asking......
The choices are:
a) I couldn't sleep anticipating Part II of Black Insano Project
b) I woke up early anticipating Part II of Black Insano Project
c) What makes you think I'm awake? Haven't you ever heard of sleeptyping?
d) What was the question?

Actually, it was one of those cases where you roll over and kind of wake up a little and then your brain starts that darn "oh my gosh I have so much to do" while your body is screeching "shut up! I'm exhausted!" and then the bickering finally gets to you and you say "the hell with this, I can't sleep with all this noise" and get up. So the correct answer is "d".

[6/2/2003 7:24:59 AM | Susie K]
I started to quote my favorite laugh out loud lines, but seemed to be copying and pasting about half the article......so just my #1 favorite laugh out loud line:
"And they sure get the stains out," Laura commented.

[6/2/2003 7:13:25 AM | Susie K]
"Black Insano Project Part II" is up at IMAO! Go there at once!!!!!! (but then come back in case I have posted more..)

[6/1/2003 10:32:23 AM | Susie K]
Goodness, it's June already. Time sure flies when you're working full time and every spare minute goes to the two grad school classes you were insane to sign up for.

Another Sunday, another 12 hour day. Oh joy.

The first of the three new employees started last night and I think he is going to do very well. He even survived working the 7pm Saturday rush. I just hope he is as reliable as he seems....

So, not much seems to be going on in the blogosphere, except over at The Emperor's where he has proposed a bounty on terrorists that he suggests be called "Pop a Pali for Pizza." I like it. And the site where you order also sends ice cream and burgers if you so desire. (There is even a link to GIpizza.com, which sends pizza to US troops in the Gulf.)

I also found another new blog I enjoyed, Loyal Citizen Victor. Check it out (if you can get it to load....it's blogspot...).

Somehow I wandered off through various links and wound up at Calpundit where there was a diatribe against the greedy rich who whine about their high taxes. More proof I am one of the greedy rich! It is such a relief to know that! I was thinking that the fact that I can't afford a new muffler for my 1988 Mercury Tracer might indicate that I am in the lower end of the socio-economic spectrum; thankfully, I was wrong. Whew!
I also learned that conservative Republican=compassionless, non-empathetic sociopath. Wow! I am a sociopath and didn't even know it!!!!! This is what I get for skipping the field trip to the Democrat's Federal Re-Education Camp---I have to learn all this stuff about myself from the internet! Thank goodness Algore invented it.......

[5/31/2003 12:15:20 PM | Susie K]
Mmm kay, I read the comments to yesterday's post and then checked my archives. They actually WORKED for once! LOL! So whatever it was that I did got fixed, I think (hope).

Anyway, Tiger has added me to his blogroll, which is SO COOL! So, along with Pixy Misa and jaboobie I now have THREE blogs that link to me! I am now a "Crunchy Crustacean" in the Blogosphere, which is most excellent, since I am a huge fan of most seafood, crab and lobster in particular. Thanks guys!

The good news....Kevin collected just over $2600 for the fire victims! Hurray!!!!
The bad news....no new posts from Frank today. (pout). Who told Frank he could take the weekend off, that's what I want to know. Does he think he's Bill Whittle?


[5/30/2003 9:43:46 AM | Susie K]
Well, today begins "the grind": the summer months when the theater runs noon to midnight every day (instead of just on the weekend). Oh, joy.....all those extra works hours, with no extra pay! How I love being salaried!
Sorry, the sarcasm switch seems stuck in the "on" position. I think it's lack of sleep.

I wish Blogger had spell check. I just noticed some typos/spelling errors in yesterday's post. I spelled "routine" wrong twice. Where the heck did that extra "n" come from? Sheesh. Perhaps I can fix it. Hold on.

Well, I changed it here, but since my webpage won't load for me to check.....sigh.

Anyway, Frank offers some advice to the Prez for his upcoming meeting with Chirac. LOL advice. Hurry over if you haven't been there already. I have to start scurrying around to get ready to go into work. Maybe more from me tonight. Maybe not.

[5/29/2003 11:46:08 AM | Susie K]
Good Morning, Sports Fans! It was another day from hell at the movies yesterday. I used to like Wednesdays. A nice, slow, plenty of routine tasks to keep me from getting bored kind of day. Not yesterday.

First we had the second grade field trip. Actually, that went pretty well since I took care of the Popcorn Crisis on Tuesday. (Don't ask.) But because Monday was a "holiday" I had all my routine business calls to take care of (like getting hold of the plumber to fix the leaking U-bend in the ladies' restroom sink) and it was very glitch-ridden. Every call I made seemed to necessitate two other calls. Yep, one of those days. The Pepsi delivery arrived short of two items I had ordered, requiring more calls. The supply delivery brought six bags of popcorn (yay!). Finally 4 o'clock rolled around, and I noticed the message light on the fax was blinking.

(Insert ominous music here).

It seems my concession person was sick and would not be coming in.

Have I mentioned that almost all of my employees are High School students? And yesterday was full of Softball Banquets and assorted other end of the year activities for which most of them had asked off for weeks in advance, leaving only two people available to work, both of whom I had scheduled and one of whom was now not coming in. I tried to get someone anyway. (Insert mirthless laugh). So the cashier and I spent the night doing double work. When she was selling tickets, I ran concessions. When I was threading or starting movies she ran back and forth between the ticket booth and the concessions stand. It was NOT pretty. And Susie was NOT a happy camper. Somewhere in the middle of her 15 hour day she devised revenge.......

BRB----need more coffee!

Nothing like a cliff-hanger to keep reader interest, huh? First off, the concession peron is going to be made aware that having someone else call you in sick less than an hour before you are due at work in not proper business etiquette, and if it happens again, something dire is going to happen to the concessions person. Next, because there was no one else available to take that shift, I am going to hire THREE new employees. Of course, that means fewer hours available for the current employees..... (buwhaa haa haa......). And lastly, I am going to enforce the policy requiring all employees to find their own substitutes for shifts that they cannot cover, so that even if they get someone to call in for them, only a doctor's note will excuse them from not covering their scheduled shift.

Moral of this story.....don't tick off the manager!!!!!

[5/28/2003 5:40:27 AM | Susie K]
Kevin says he has collected about $1500 so far. Pretty good, but only around $36 per serviceman affected, according to my calculations. So any of my readers who haven't donated, please take a minute to head on over to Chinpokomon.com and drop some money in the kitty. Thanks!!!!

[5/27/2003 10:02:50 AM | Susie K]
Ok, Frank has another must read this morning. If any country needs destabilizing, it's Iran.
Peter sent me a link to Tiny Little Lies, which has bit today on what Saddam and Sons are up to. Very funny stuff. Thanks Peter.
I have massive amounts of homework to do since we were incredibly busy at the theater all weekend and I actually had to work. Man, I hate having to work at work...

[5/27/2003 12:36:58 AM | Susie K]
Thanks to Frank I leaned that Kevin's Undisclosed Middle Eastern Country(TM) Location had a fire which destroyed three tents. He is asking for donations to help the Marines and soldiers replace their stuff.
I am a great believer in stuff, particularly books, and so I donated.
If you can, please help them out. Thanks!

[5/27/2003 12:10:58 AM | Susie K]
I found an interesting blog over at Truth Laid Bare. It's Tiger: Raggin' & Rantin' . I particularly enjoyed his May 21st entry.

[5/26/2003 11:57:36 AM | Susie K]
Pre-coffee blogging is sort of like stream-of-consciousness writing, only without the consciousness. Stream-of-semi-comatose is probably a better description.
Retail bites. It really does. Why is it I keep going to work for places that are open on holidays? Is it some sub-conscious (or even sub-comatose) attempt to avoid family get-togethers? I love my family very much. I love family cook-outs. I love birthday parties and confirmation parties and piano recitals. But my most recent two jobs have both been for companies that are open 365 days a year, businesses that are at their busiest on the weekend and holidays.
The weekend, and holidays, are when the rest of my Monday-through-Friday-Nine-to-Five family members can congregate. No one ever has a bar-b-que at two o'clock on a Tuesday afternoon, when I could attend. It is SO not fair!
Ok, I'm done kvetching. For now.
Since today is Memorial Day, I am reminded of my beloved Aunt Letty, who always called it "Decoration Day." Aunt Letty did not die in the service of our country, but serve it she did. During World War II she volunteered as a nurse's aid and helped make bandages. After the war she went to college (the first member of my family ever to do so) and became a teacher. She taught 1st grade in the ghetto (is there a PC word for that these days?) for most of her 25 year career. When I was little and for long-forgotten reasons had no school but she did, she used to take me with her. It was my first exposure to poverty. My first exposure to "coloreds". My first exposure to being a minority.
Aunt Letty taught the children to read. Sometimes I helped, sitting in the circle with them as they sounded out the words in the primers. At home, Aunt Letty would lament her lack of time with the children of the migrant workers, hoping the next school they landed in would continue to build on what she was teaching them.
One story Aunt Letty told me sticks with me. One of her students came to class very angry. He told Aunt Letty that when he grew up, he was going to kill every white person he saw. She said, "But Javon, I'm white. Do you want to kill me?" She said that he looked at her, shocked. He hadn't realized that she was white.
Many years later, after Aunt Letty had retired and I was grown, we would "do lunch" or go shopping together, and occasionally a young black man or woman would approach us and greet her in delight. She ALWAYS recognized them and remembered their names (amazing to me since she must have taught thousands of children), and asked after the brothers and sisters that she also taught.
Aunt Letty taught me that people are individuals. That skin color is just an attribute like height or weight or hair color. That is why I was completely flabbergasted at something that happened at the theater last night.
The newspaper had a misprint regarding our showtimes. A family of four arrived an hour early for the movie they wanted to see. Rather than drive home and come back, they bought their tickets and decided to wait in the lobby. After about half an hour, the mother sought me out to ask if we had given her husband any kind of receipt when he bought the tickets, because he couldn't find the stubs, and they wanted to walk over to a nearby store but be able to get back in. I assured her that we knew they had purchased tickets and would let them in again. "Are you sure?" she asked. "We all look alike to you."
I was shocked speechless. I finally managed to assure her that her family was eminently memorable, and they would have no problem getting back in, even without a ticket. But that bothered me the rest of the night. It's still bothering me. I wasn't even wearing my "Proud Member of the VRWC" armband......:).
I guess my point is, society seems to be becoming less colorblind rather than more. Aunt Letty's students had no idea she was "white". Forty years later, the fact that I am "white" convinces an black woman that her family looks just like every black family I see. I would blame Maxine Waters and Al Sharpton, but I can't tell which is which....

[5/25/2003 10:01:22 AM | Susie K]
Oh dear...Admin says that the Soviet Union was a capitalist system. He also said Communism and democracy are about the same, and quite compatible in theory, with the exception that one is an economic system and one is a political system. I don't have time for this, this morning, since it's my noon-to-midnight day. Maybe he was just trying to push my buttons?
He also said If my taxes were to go up to 50% or 60% I wouldn't care, as long as I had what I need.
Wow! he must make an awful lot of money! And he works for the government.....sounds like the government is over-paying its employees to me.
I figure that by the time I get done paying my bills I have about 25% left per month as it is. Mmmmm, Admin, you could just send the government a check for that 25% every month, since they are under-taxing you. Just a suggestion.

[5/24/2003 11:46:40 AM | Susie K]
My brain is overloaded this a.m. So much to rant about, so little time. Why is it that the Lefties think that Socialism=Compassion and Capitalism=Heartlessness? Are they really that deluded? Or is it just a great sound bite? It's so much work debating them without aid of a "Cluebat," I can see why some folks get frustrated.

"LBJ's Great Society has been an abysmal failure, and has only succeeded in perpetuating and encouraging the very problems he sought to fix. The idea that welfare (socialism) will work if we give it enough money is delusion personified. There is not enough money in the world to make the welfare system work." Who said that? I did, over at Any Which Way.

Now, ideally, what I need is the statistics to back this up. They are out there in the www. But I really don't have the time or the energy to research this just to to hear "thank you for your opinion" again; and they probably wouldn't make "Admin" think anyway. My brother P.K. points out that the fact that Admin is a government employee may have something to do with his bias toward welfare. P.K. may be right. I work in the "private sector" myself, and don't think socialism is a good idea at all.
P.K. works in the "public sector," and he's a capitalist, but perhaps he's in a minority....I'll have to ask him.

[5/23/2003 1:20:36 PM | Susie K]
Since the comments aren't working, Peter had to email his comment to me!

He said: "So it was Bush on the grassy knoll, not someone hiding behing a bush.
Now it all becomes clear. Someone tell Oliver Stone."

LOL. thanks Pete!

[5/23/2003 8:37:57 AM | Susie K]
I guess I need to apologize for my "comments" system---I've been trying to reply to a comment and it just won't take! But, remember the old saying, "you get what you pay for" and since it was free.....
Anyway, LOL MUMIA!!!!!!!! You really crack me up. The comment you left here is not as ROFLMAO as some that you have left at the Emperor's, but even so, I feel honored to be trolled by such an expert in the art as yourself.

[5/22/2003 7:11:07 PM | Susie K]
Okay, Pete, I'll tell you about yesterday in a minute...first I have to tell you all what I have been doing today. I finished my paper!!!!! Hurray!!!!!! Then as a reward, I wandered through the blogosphere. A link at the Emperor's sent me to a blog called Any Which Way; this blog had listed the Emperor as one of the "scary" conservative blogs it was attempting to combat. Well, I started to read the drivel there, and I just had to troll them. However, being a good conservative, I am not very good at trolling. No name calling, no babbled invective...sigh.....
Anyway, here is the link to his post with my comment (scroll down through his "statistics") and "Admin's" response (not very nice to me, telling me to leave the country, but I have lived through the Carter administration so I can take it) and my response to his response. I will be checking back to see if he responds to my response to his response.....

Now, Pete: yesterday was VERY exciting......100 third graders for a class trip to see Piglet's Big Movie. 100 small popcorns and 100 small pops. Lots of sweeping and vacuuming afterward. Luckily I didn't have to mop. The Pepsi man delivered our fountain syrup. The supply company delivered our paper products and raw popcorn and candy order. All invoices had to be checked and the stuff entered into inventory and then carted off to various storerooms. A crisis in the ladies' restroom...a leak in the u-bend necessitated mopping and a bucket under the drip til a plumber can be summoned (during his regular business hours, not ours). By the time the last shows of the day rolled around,I was so tired that I started the wrong movie at 9 pm. Once I realized it, it was too late, because there is NO rewind button on a movie projector..... So the 9pm show started at 9:05, but the 9:15 show started at 9--and wouldn't you know it, about twenty people showed up around 9:10. Figures. Nobody complained or demanded their money back, but I felt badly nonetheless....

[5/22/2003 7:36:13 AM | Susie K]
Don't you just hate it when you wake up five hours before you have to get up and can't get back to sleep? Just cuz I had to get up early yesterday, my body thinks it had to do it again today. sheesh.
Speaking of Frank, I love this line from his "press conference" yesterday, where the terrorist says:
We hate Jews, America, and all American officials - except for a few of the Democrats - for reasons of varying levels of coherency...
Plus Buck the Marine was there! Buck entered the room. "There was a bunch of evil foreigners outside," he explained to Rumsfeld, "So I killed them good and then shouted, 'Ooh-rah.'"
P.K., if you read this, follow the link to the press conference immediately! You deserve a laugh today.

[5/21/2003 8:05:07 AM | Susie K]
We have a special showing this morning for a school field trip, so I will be heading into the theater soon and probably won't get home til 11 tonight, so this is probably it for today's posts. Oh--my paper is half done! Hurray! Now go read Frank.......

[5/20/2003 11:32:30 AM | Susie K]
Oh--this is the best statement of what American foreign policy should be that I ever read. I'm voting for Frank for President (as soon as he's old enough).

[5/20/2003 11:08:04 AM | Susie K]
I should be writing a paper due Monday and participating in discussions at my touchie-feelie class, but a post over at the Emperor's and its comment thread has gotten me all riled up (again) about the taxes on cigarettes. First link to a map of state taxes on cigarettes. No date on it though, so I'm not sure how current it is.


Because it has the potential to influence production and demand, taxation is a powerful, albeit indirect, form of regulation. No other consumer product is as heavily taxed as tobacco. In fiscal year 1999, tobacco products generated nearly $14 billion in federal, state and local excise taxes – a figure representing $50 for every man, woman and child in the United States. Cigarette taxes were levied in FY 1999 by 50 states and the District of Columbia, along with 450 cities, towns and counties across the nation. Federal and state excise taxes accounted for 22.1 percent of the retail price of cigarettes in FY 1999 – not including the payments required by the Master Settlement Agreement. (from here). Those figures are 4 years old, though, and lots of taxes have increased since then.

Here is another good one. And if you click on the colorful icon you will see that the government gets 51% of the revenue from every pack of cigarettes sold in Illinois.

It really gets my goat that we are taxed sales tax on excise tax. They also do it on gasoline and liquor.

There is something out of kilter when the government taxes taxes. I once asked my dad if there was a name for that. He said it was called "sodomy".

[5/19/2003 11:32:21 PM | Susie K]
One of the reasons I love my little brother is he makes me laugh. I dragged myself home from a hard day at the theater to discover this email from him:


I just returned from my Microeconomics class.

On the first day, I learned many amazing things that I had no idea would be
of economic interest. Three of my new enlightenments include:

1) Walmart is a hugely successful company because they don't give paychecks
to their employees and they also screw all their customers. Hmmm...what a
great business plan.

2) General Motors builds the majority of US weapons (in an accusatory,
suspicious tone).
As opposed to ... Tyco ... I suppose...

3) O. J. Simpson was, in fact, innocent of that double murder thing, because
Mark Furman did it. You see, Furman used to be in the military, and only a
person with military training could have possibly used a knife in a deadly
way. I suppose if the murders were committed with a football, a cereal box,
or a golf club, my professor might weigh the possibility it was O. J.

I might have had to drop the class if my professor was slightly less insane.
But, his harangue is just wacky enough to be marginally entertaining, while
his soapbox oration is only slightly more phantasmagorical than a Stephen
King book. This could be fun.

He made me laugh and the day's woes dropped away.
Thanks, P.K.

[5/19/2003 12:12:47 PM | Susie K]
Frank had me laughing out loud again. The only way the new In My World would have been funnier is if Buck the Marine had been in it......

[5/19/2003 11:41:19 AM | Susie K]
I am on my second pot of coffee. Only because the first batch somehow seemed to miss the beans and I ended up with a pot of pale tan water. And in my stuperous pre-coffee state, I couldn't figure out an efficient way to get the tan water back through the grounds without making a big mess, so I poured out the tan water, pitched the grounds and started over.
As I have frequently lamented, having to make coffee before you've had any coffee is a herculean chore requiring intense concentration and a strong reliance on that physical-memory thing (coffee hasn't reached all parts of the brain yet). So if something interferes with that routine process, creative solutions are impossible. All you can do is start over from the memorized part and hope it works this time.

[5/19/2003 11:15:34 AM | Susie K]
Attention, Readers: Please read Bill Whittle's Magic immediately. (There will be a quiz later).

[5/18/2003 10:59:09 AM | Susie K]
Almost forgot to link to Frank!

[5/18/2003 10:48:43 AM | Susie K]
The responsibility of having two readers is being to wear on me.....after all, I'm not writing just for myself anymore. There are at least half a dozen topics I could rant or ramble on about, but I forget what they are....cohesive ideas just keep skittering back behind my brain cells mere seconds after popping into my conscious thought. Wow! that was a great idea...what was it again?
OH my goodness!!!! Listen to me blame my readers for my own shortcomings!!!! Is liberalism contagious????
That reminds me: my text book for the touchie feelie class was talking about the rapid changes in technology and their effect on managers. One sentence had a profound effect on me:
"Hence, we face a real danger of perpetuating technological apartheid both in the United States and through the world." {Whetten, D. & Cameron, K. Developing Management Skills, 5th ed. (2002). p.75.}
O.M.G. "Technological apartheid"!!!!!!!!!!! Because a lot of people in the world don't have computers!!!!!!
This is an outrage! Dell must immediately ship 100,000 units to the Congo!!!
Oh, wait. the text points out that po' folks in the U.S. don't have 'puters neither: ".....and even a majority of the U.S. population cannot afford a computer." (loc. cit.).
A majority. Wow.
See, I had absolutely no way of knowing an interesting "fact" like that because everyone in my immediate family between the ages of 18 and 50 has their own computer. Granted, the three households in the higher end of the economic spectrum have 2 or more computers each, but even those of us in the lower end (my "rich" pre-school teacher sister, my physically-disabled, part-time employed and receiving-medicaid sister, and myself) all have computers. We also all have internet access!!!! Our local library provides a free isp to anyone who cannot afford ten bucks a month for ad-drenched dial-up service.
Now I must admit that perhaps not everyone is so fortunate as to have a wonderful, caring baby brother who is a computer geek in his spare time and for twenty bucks can pick up discarded computer carcasses at auction and whiz-bang turn them into operating, albeit slightly outdated, machines.
This computer I am using started life as a 486. For a few bucks here and there for memory and ports and other mystical computer thingees, I have a pretty good computer. (Now that I think of it, the only original remaining part from the 486 is probably the 2x CD drive, which is slated for replacement as soon as I can save enough).
But even if I am more fortunate in my siblings than many people, my personal opinion is that most people who don't have a computer (in the U.S. at least) either don't want one or have a lot of bigger problems than "technological apartheid".

[5/17/2003 12:03:16 PM | Susie K]
Hurray!!!! I think I have comments now!!!! Now both my readers can instantaneously respond!

[5/17/2003 10:59:27 AM | Susie K]
I'm so excited! (sung to the tune of the Pointer Sisters...) Ambient Irony has named me Blog of the Day! This means my readership has doubled!!!! Whoo hoo!!! Thank you Pixy Misa!!!

[5/17/2003 8:47:57 AM | Susie K]
My Reader graciously took the time to email me again. One of the interesting points he made was:
By the way, watch out for Frank. Monkey headed children would be scary.
Yikes! I never thought of that! Thanks! (And it just gave me an idea for Frank's caption contest)

[5/16/2003 11:54:06 AM | Susie K]
I usually make the Emperor my second stop of the day (after Frank). This morning he directed our attention to some islamofascist ravings, and after reading the article I went on to the next news story where I read this:

Meanwhile, the human rights group Amnesty International said it had found 20 Iraqi prisoners of war who alleged they had been tortured by US and British troops in the country.
Amnesty said that the torture methods described by the 20 people -- half of whom were civilians -- included beatings, electric shocks and the breaking of teeth.

I have a couple of questions. Gosh, where do I start?

Did the American and British conduct this torture in a joint operation, or were they separate incidents?
Under what circumstances did the torture occur? For example, were the prisoners being questioned, or were they agitating and got smacked in the mouth with the butt of an M-16, zapped by a taser, or whacked with a truncheon so they would behave?
Why is it pointed out that half of the prisoners were civilians, as if implying that had they all been soldiers torture would have been ok?
What percentage of prisoners are reporting this behavior? I seem to recall there were at least 2000 POWs in Iraq--but I recall that number from the early days of the war, so I really have no idea. So if there were 30 prisoners and 20 of them reported being tortured I would say we've got a problem. But if there are 3000 prisoners, and 20 are reporting torture, well, I really have to wonder how much of this is wishful thinking on A.I.'s part.

Scenario #1: A.I. : "So, what happened to your teeth, prisoner of war?"
P.O.W: "I was tortured and they broke my teeth ".
(A.I. wanders off to accuse the U.S. without asking who "they" are.)
Scenario #2: A.I. : " Prisoner of war, I see you have no teeth--were you tortured by the Imperialistic Western Aggressors?"
P.O.W.: "Umm, yeah, sure....."
A.I.: "What other heinous crimes did they commit against you when they tortured you?"
P.O.W.: "Well, they, uh, fed me oreos..."
A.I.: "Oh Sweet Jesus....the inhuman monsters....."

Torture is bad. Let me restate that: Torture is appalling, atrocious, and unforgivable. If any American or British troops used torture to extract information from prisoners of war they should be court-martialed and imprisoned. But how can we know that from this news report?

[5/16/2003 10:09:26 AM | Susie K]
I got an email from my brother; he knows I enjoy language and its nuances, and he sent me a definition of the word (phrase?) "hugger-mugger" with this preface:

"This is from my "Dictionary.com Word of the Day" subscription...
I thought it was very interesting because it has a myriad of
meanings but no known source of origin (kind of like when liberals
try to use statistics to support their ideas)".

I laughed out loud.

[5/15/2003 11:58:40 AM | Susie K]
Many people have asked me why I called my blog "Practical Penumbra." (Actually, that's a blatant lie; no one has asked. But I'm sure a lot of people are wondering........ok, maybe not a lot. But I digress......).
I have always enjoyed saying the word "penumbra". It is, however, a difficult word to slip into daily conversation. I have therefore always wanted to name something "Penumbra" for that very reason, but having no offspring (unless Frank decides to take me up on my offer to bear his children), and an adopted kitty who came with his own perfectly good name already, I have never had the opportunity to name anything "Penumbra". But just "Penumbra" seemed a little lacking, so, having long been a great fan of alliteration, "Practical" sounded like an excellent adjective.
Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

[5/15/2003 9:40:51 AM | Susie K]
Poor blogspot takes a lot of grief. I would provide links, but I'm too lazy this morning. Okay, here's one.
People---it's free!!!!!! Whaddaya expect for nothin'? Rubbbber bisssssquit........??? (Okay, my Jake Blues impression is not very good, but you get the idea). How often in this world do you actually get something for nothing? Even when the grocery has a "buy one get one free" promotion you still have to buy one!
Ok, so there are archive problems. I just noticed that some of mine have disappeared. And if I was actually paying for this service I would be really ticked off. But it's FREE. And that means that it fits my budget for entertainment expenses to the penny!
Maybe sometime I will decide that I really want to get serious about blogging--serious enough to actually pay somebody to let me do it. But in the meantime, I'm just happy to have my own little corner of cyberspace in which to spout off.
Thank you, blogspot.

[5/15/2003 9:16:51 AM | Susie K]
The Emperor once again shows admirable restraint in posting his opinion of the New York Times fiasco. I tremble at the thought of ever seeing His Imperial Highness truly angry.....

[5/14/2003 10:04:07 AM | Susie K]
Nobody in my management class wants to fire anybody. Except for one other person, they all wanted make HR do it, or transfer the dead weight to another department. Sheesh. What weenies. A couple of them wanted HR to do it so they wouldn't get sued, or have union problems, but most just seemed to think that compassion, understanding, and human dignity were the main concerns, and these could best be accomplished by passing along the problem to someone else. I wonder if this explains the Enron scandal--that those bozos were guys somebody was too compassionate to fire, and just kept promoting them to get rid of the problem. I wouldn't be at all surprised.

[5/14/2003 9:49:00 AM | Susie K]
Frank didn't answer my question today, so I still don't know how stupid that is.

[5/13/2003 2:53:54 PM | Susie K]
More proof there are too many lawyers in the world.


SAN FRANCISCO, May 13 — A lawyer who says he has spent much of his life enjoying Oreo cookies has sued Kraft Foods Inc., seeking to ban the much-loved cookies in California because they contain trans fat, an ingredient he says is inedible and dangerous.

How stupid is this?

Hmm....I think I will ask Frank.

[5/13/2003 12:27:18 PM | Susie K]
This is my day off this week, and instead of doing my homework like a good little Grad Student I am playing in the blogosphere. Reading chapter 2 for Business Reaserch Methods can probably be done between movies tomorrow. But answering another Stupid Discussion Question for the class on Managerial Communications...I tried to work on it last night but I just could not get my mind to bend to this "touchie-feelie" school of management thought.

Here is the question: "Based on Chapter 1, what areas of developing self-awareness in management (personal values, learning style, orientation toward change and interpersonal orientation) can you identify as strengths to assist you in dealing with this difficult situation?" The situation has to do with a "very tenured employee" whose work over the course of six months has deteriorated to the point that "unit customer service and unit morale" have been effected, and my "efforts toward counseling have no effect and termination is the only alternative."

So what is the big deal here? I have to fire someone who is not only NOT pulling their own weight, but also is dragging the rest of the company down. Sheesh!
Me: "Bob, you're fired."
Apparently not the correct touchie-feelie way to do it.
Like Bob didn't see this coming after all the "counseling" I did?
And why the heck did it take me six months to get rid of this dead weight?
Should I answer the question honestly? or shoot for the good touchie-feelie grade?
Ah! I've got it! I will answer honestly using the touchie-feelie reasons to explain why it took me six months to jettison the dead weight. Good grades often require compromise.

[5/13/2003 11:53:38 AM | Susie K]
I thought I would give a boost to one of the Multicellular Microorganisms in the Blogosphere Ecosystem, but it took me awhile to find one that a)had an interesting name and b) wasn't stupid. So without further ado, please visit Opinionated Jerks. I enjoyed it and I hope you do too.

[5/13/2003 10:57:04 AM | Susie K]
Pardon me if I babble---the hot water is still gurgling its way through the ground-up beans and until some of it is ingested and re-inflates my brain cells, sentence composition is a challenge.
I am excited to announce: I have a reader! I know this because he sent me an email! This is SO cool!
But all of a sudden, I am now self-conscious.....someone other than myself has read my muddled musings (hey--cool title for a blog--why didn't I think of that one?) and I have an audience; the weight of this gives me pause.....
Ok, I'm over it.

I haven't read Frank yet today, but I am providing a link anyway. Even on his worst day he is funnier than most humans and all other primates. And even though he is much too young for me, I asked him to have my children. Wait--should I have asked, "can I have your children?" Although actually I think it should be "may I have your children?" No, it should be "may I bear your children?" Nevermind......cybersex is not my forte.

[5/12/2003 10:17:25 AM | Susie K]
Frank posted the transcript of Buck the Marine's interview on Fox and Friends! You can read it here. I wonder if Buck has a girlfriend.....

[5/12/2003 10:03:12 AM | Susie K]
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: The movie theater is NOT your babysitter.
When you drop off your 8 and 11 year olds to see a movie, and some pervert sits down behind them in the theater and makes crude remarks to them, it is not the fault of the theater, its owner, manager or employees. It is your own fault for not supervising your children. When you come to pick up your 10 and 12 year olds at 11:30 pm on a school night and cannot find them in the theater, it could be because the manager found them asleep in the lobby, took pity on them and let them use the office phone to call their parents for a ride. It is not the manager's fault you weren't home and grandma came to get them. (At least, the manager hopes that's whose car the sleepy children seemed to recognize and climb into......). But there are other, more sinister possibilities of why you cannot find the children you dropped off alone, in a public place, three hours earlier, and as a parent it is your RESPONSIBILITY (yes, damn it, the "R" word) to consider all possible outcomes of leaving your children unsupervised.
Let me reiterate: the movie theater is not your babysitter! This has been a Public Service Announcement.......

[5/10/2003 11:52:15 PM | Susie K]
I saw a city vehicle with the sign VOLUNTEER ENFORCEMENT SPECIALIST. This phrase puzzles me. Is this person a volunteer specializing in enforcement? or a specialist who enforces volunteering? and isn't it an oxymoron either way?
Anyway, here is a link to Frank.

[5/10/2003 11:02:54 AM | Susie K]
I must link to Frank. Must raise Frank's rating in the Blogoshere Ecosystem. Must link to Frank's discussion with GWB. Must link to Frank's essay on violence.
Hope that helps, Frank!

[5/9/2003 11:51:20 AM | Susie K]
Coffee... I need coffee.....

Ahh....better now.

Once again it is pay day, and once again 25% of my salary has been syphoned off before I even get it. Only 10% of that is federal income tax; the rest is (thank you FDR and LBJ and all the other great liberals of history--you know who you are) Social Security, Medicare, State and county income tax.

And now that I have a check for 75% of what I worked for, it will be used to pay sales tax, excise tax, sin tax, and, in the form of higher prices, corporate and inventory and unemployment taxes.

Yet there are people (mostly Democrats) who think that I do not deserve a tax cut (remember my post of 5/6--I am one of the rich, because my sister, who makes less than I do, is rich according to the anti-cut crowd). I really think that all candidates for public office should be required to study basic economics and pass a quiz on it before being allowed to run.
Except that might not help since Democrats seem to
a) want the economy to go bad so they will be elected and
b) think that they have the right to decide what to do with MY money.
Well, I want my money to go for a pay raise for our armed forces, not members of Congress.
I also would like my money to go to charities I used to be able to afford to support, insteads of another pork barrel project named after Robert Byrd.
Since Congress is not behaving responsibly with MY money, is it any wonder I want them to have less of it?

[5/8/2003 8:38:48 PM | Susie K]
Just wrote a long letter to my best friend from college and told her everything that was interesting going on in my life.......which means I am now bored with the subject and have nothing to post. Better check out what Frank J is up to.

[5/6/2003 11:59:32 AM | Susie K]
There are a lot of "which character are you?" kind of quizzes out there in the web, but the Dante's Inferno quiz was great. I'm going to Purgatory, nahner, nahner nahner....

[5/6/2003 2:19:41 AM | Susie K]
Wait...if I'm rich, how come I don't have a laptop?

[5/6/2003 2:17:12 AM | Susie K]
Hmmm....just read that 57% percent of Americans think the President's proposal to cut taxes favors the rich. Why would they think that? It couldn't be because that's what the news keeps telling us....
Come to think of it, when has a proposed tax cut ever NOT been stigmatized as "favoring the rich"???? Certainly any tax cut ever proposed by Reagan or Bush was denounced from the Democratic rooftops, and the Liberal viewpoint was broadcast as fact by the networks.
Except, consider this: One of my sisters is a pre-school teacher. She earns less than $13,000 a year. She owns a few shares of stock she inherited from one of our aunts. She is therefore one of the "rich" who would benefit from the elimination of the capital gains tax should she ever need to sell her shares.
I make more than she does, so I must be "rich" too.
I feel so much better now, knowing I am rich.

[5/4/2003 11:08:06 AM | Susie K]
Today is my noon-to-midnight day at work, so I have less time than usual to be witty and entertaining. Not that it matters, since I haven't gotten any mail, fan- or hate-, indicating that anyone reads this other than moi. I just wish I could blog from the theater....I think of lots of cool stuff while waiting around to thread the next show. Things like...
I really gotta do a load of laundry when I get home
I wonder if there's a can of tuna left?
I need to find a calender so I can write down my class assignments and make sure there's nothing huge due the week Steve will be on vacation. If there is, I need to get a head start.
I wonder when the last day to withdraw is?
I wonder if I will lose my loans if I withdraw?
I wonder if I should withdraw from BOTH classes and say to hell with it?
I have to remember to call that supply place about the soap thingee.
I have to remember to call that other place about the dented oil.

You see how exciting it is? How having web access at the theater would make my blogging so much more compelling? Please email me and I will let you know where to send me money.

[5/3/2003 11:04:58 AM | Susie K]
I have to thank Frank for his link to Glenn Reynolds, and Glenn for his link to this story. While I have always suspected a "slight" bias in the post-combat media reports from Baghdad, this story by an embedded reporter confirms that it is a little more than slight.

[5/3/2003 10:43:01 AM | Susie K]
Don't you hate it when you wake up in the morning and all the clocks are flashing at you? That means that not only do you have to re-set the VCR, but that at some point during the night the power went out and you slept right through it! I HATE it when I miss all the excitement!

[5/2/2003 1:36:06 PM | Susie K]
I spent all my time before work reading other blogs...I love Frank J! He makes me laugh. I am also outraged by the attempt to shut down the boycott-hollywood blog, and overjoyed at the widespread support the blog is receiving as a result.
Gotta run...time to go work for 4 hours (and sit around for 5 --if only I had a laptop!!!!).

[5/1/2003 3:40:32 PM | Susie K]
Omg...I don't like one of my teachers! The fact he is
a) a University Professor and
b) in Hawaii
almost certainly means he is a (shudder) Liberal, but that's not why I dislike him. He seems to be humorless and dogmatic and incapable of following a logical train of thought.
Yep, he's a (shudder) Liberal.

[5/1/2003 2:15:10 AM | Susie K]
Ok, I am starting to figure how to do cool blog stuff, like add links, and I decided to add an email address just in case someone other than me reads this and might have a comment (since I haven't gotten to the lesson on adding comments yet). But I warn you, if I get a lot of Spam I will be making sandwiches......with tons of mayo. On toast.

[4/30/2003 1:37:04 PM | Susie K]
Another beautiful, albeit overcast, Spring day. April showers bring May flowers.....goodness, I'm babbling. If I didn't have to go to work, the day would be near perfect.
It's not that I dislike my job---the pay is low, but the hours are long---it's just that all there is to do there is work! Ok, so I get to see a few minutes of different movies here and there from up in the booth; big whoop--there's not even any sound. I must have seen Maid in Manhattan 15 times (in random, 5 to 10 minutes segments)....I just never heard it. The real problem is there is no internet access. Even worse, there are no computers! See, what makes the low pay essentially tolerable is the fact that, between movies, there isn't really anything to do. Unfortunately, that's the same thing that makes the long hours intolerable. Pretty much I am getting paid for working fours hours out of every day, and that would figure out as pretty good money. But I have to stay there for 9 hours, which kindda defeats the good money argument, since I have all this time on my hands and can't be doing anything constructive with it, at least not anything high-techish. I read a lot. Sometimes I do my homework. But since my classes are via the internet, I can't do much more than the reading assignments, and one of my teachers scolded me for reading too far ahead! So I can't win. Hmmm....maybe if I got one of those paypal things, I could use donations to buy myself a laptop which I could take to work!

[4/29/2003 5:55:35 PM | Susie K]
Well, through the amazing versatility of the internet, I was able to discover a list of the countries in Cuba's grouping. I think the racial profiling thing is probably true, except that Spain and Portugal are in the Westen Europe grouping. Turkey is in the Western Europe grouping, too. I would have put them in either the Eastern Europe or Asian grouping. But then, I'm pretty good at geography. :P

[4/29/2003 3:03:19 PM | Susie K]
Cuba was reelected to the U.N.'s Human Rights Commission today. Hurray!! We will now all be safe from.....oh, wait.

Kinda makes you really wonder about the U.N., especially since Cuba ran unopposed in its "regional grouping".

'How can that be?' you ask. 'It's in the region of North America, isn't it?'

Au contrair .....the U.S. and Canada are in the "Western Europe and Others" grouping (along with Austrailia and New Zealand).
Huh????? Either the UN is REALLY bad at geography, or we got some racial profilin' goin' on here, Lucy. Of course, I don't know what other countries are in Cuba's "regional grouping," but it sure makes me curious.

Hmm, I seem to remember that Iraq was on the Human Rights Commission, too. Maybe that says it all about the U.N.

[4/28/2003 12:48:11 PM | Susie K]
Classes start today. oh joy. Why did I sign up for two? I must be nuts! especially since this inertia thing is lingering...Maybe I ought to start eating energy bars or something, for when the coffee wears off.....
I think I shall have to write a paean to ellipses.....

Oh versatile ellipsis!
I sing thy praises.....
The unappreciated punctuation mark,
I salute thee;
The caesura personified:

( I warned you the first day about the poetry....)

[4/28/2003 11:56:21 AM | Susie K]
THIS is a must read.

[4/27/2003 12:17:49 PM | Susie K]
Oh my goodness, it is a beautiful Spring day today! The sun is shining, the temperature is moderate, there is a delicate suggestion of a breeze...if every day were like this, I would never go to work. That's because the theater would close for lack of business. Honestly, who is going to plunk down $$$$ to be inside on a day like today? It's going to be hard enough to keep the employees inside, and we are being paid to be there.
I can't think...the weather is just too nice!

[4/26/2003 12:41:52 PM | Susie K]
Musings on the perniciousness of inertia: Inertia is bad. Inertia prevents one from initiating tasks that are necessary in modern society, like laundry. I have no clean clothes to wear to work, yet I cannot command the self-discipline to gather the darks and head to the washer. Instead I will probably plunge d

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