September 30, 2003


I usually post when I get home from work, but I was suffering from separation anxiety yesterday--yes, my car is in the shop. Fortunately for me I have nieces with drivers' licenses who, for a pack of cigarettes and two bucks for gas, will ferry Aunt Susie home from the theater at midnight. (Well, it actually only took one niece, but I had a second one in reserve for emergencies.)

I love being an aunt. It's kind of like being a mom, only you get to send them home to their real mom when they get cranky. Plus, when they get their own cars you have tons of great blackmail material left over from all those times you didn't tell their dad about the tattoo, etc.

People are sending me linky love, and I've read many a blog post I want to link to, but I plead insanity indolence time constraints. I have to walk to the garage where my car is being held hostage and pay them vast sums of money for its return. (I suspect the costs of repair are going to exceed its blue book value by quite a bit; plus, the mechanic also told me my car needed new boots. Now, I haven't gotten new boots in about 5 years, and I don't think its fair that my car should be more fashionable than I am, but I suppose with winter coming it might be a good idea to get us both some. I will probably have to sell one of my kidneys to afford it....)

*Thank God It's Tuesday--tomorrow is my weekend! Yay!

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September 29, 2003

God Still Hates Me

Well, apparently my charming manner has not yet worked its magic on the Lord, and He still is visiting me with a plague of car troubles. (Hmm...idea for a post--what would the ten plagues of Egypt be in modern times? I'm sure porn spam would be one of them...). In addition, the wonderful folks at the U.S. Postal Service seem to have routed last week's paychecks via Venezuela so I didn't get paid until Saturday, when my bank is closed. So I am posting because I need to avoid trying to start my car until the coffee has worked its wonders on my brain, which might enable me to think of alternatives if that bronchitis-like coughing doesn't resolve itself into automotive ignition. Of course, the catch-22 is I need my car to start so I can go to the bank and get money in case my car won't start and I have to pay someone to make it start, which I can't do unless I get money from the bank.

I found a chicken bone when I was cleaning the theater Saturday night. It was a drumstick for anyone who's keeping score. You know, they have theaters where you can eat dinner while you watch a movie. But if you do have to sneak your KFC into my theater, could you at least have the courtesy to put the bones in the trash can after the movie? Thanks.

Why is it that software doesn't have a "downgrade" feature? Really. Many times when I upgrade something it crashes my computer. Then I have to go through all of the hassle of uninstalling it and trying to re-install an old version that's off in some musty backup file or on an original installation disc that got used as a coaster in 1997. There needs to be an "undo upgrade". Geeks--get on this, you'll make a fortune!

Ok--time to see if the car will start...

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September 28, 2003

Lame post #672b

It seems like all I post lately is apologies for not posting! Well, here's another one...
Today is my "long" day, meaning I work open to close, and on the weekend that's noon to midnight. So it will be tomorrow before I get home tonight, and I have no gratutious linkage! The Linkmistress of Chaos™ cannot post from the Technology Free Zone™, remember....

However, I do have a short rant I need to vent--What the heck is wrong with people? Last night we had customers coming to see Freddy vs. Jason with their toddlers in tow! I even had one lady argue that she shouldn't have to pay for her 2-year-old, because the child was going to sit on mom's lap! Hello! They rate these movies "R" for a reason!
Another woman was going to buy two tickets for a couple of pre-teen girls. When I explained that under 17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, she argued that her kids see worse on cable. Hello? If you can't stand to sit through a hack-em-up yourself, why in God's name are you willing to let your 11-year-old see it?
What is wrong with people?

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You look like a monkey, and smell like one too!

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Victor
Happy Birthday to you !


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September 27, 2003


I am on my way in to work (Saturday night at the movies--oh, joy!) so I cannot be as effusive as I would like. However, I must once again proclaim to the world:


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Sing along, won't you?

A new assignment from HQ!
Music to whack terrorists by: No question, "Bodies" by Drowning Pool
(let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor.....)

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September 26, 2003

Good Medicine

The disappearance of John Collins is starting to make waves across the blogosphere. How are we going to survive without his particular brand of humor?

As a public service, I have decided to make a list of some of my favorite funny bloggers. None of these gentlemen (oddly, they are all male) has quite the command of invective that John Collins possessedes, but some come close. All of them make me laugh, usually out loud, and abruptly enough to startle the cat....

In random disorder:

Bill of Bloviating Inanities
Don Watkins of Anger Management (his blogspot is not behaving--what a surprise!)
Frank J of IMAO
Harvey of Bad Money
Mr. Green
Paul of Sanity's Edge
Pixy Misa of Ambient Irony
Tim the Michigander (now with added Strangeness!)

Thanks, guys! You make me laugh...and sometimes, it's not at you.....

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Wherefore art thou, Collins?

Attention John Collins, wherever you are--
Your disappearance has now become slang, e.g. "He's done a Collins."

We miss you.
Even Bill misses you.

Come back...all is ice cream...

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September 25, 2003

and machines hate me, too....

So I just went out to drive up to the grocey to get a few things, and my car will not start. It could be worse....I could have been on my way to work. Luckily (?) it's my day off, but I have absolutely no idea what is the matter. I called PK, and let him listen to the noise on the phone, and he thinks it might be the battery, but he can't come over to try and give me a jump 'til he gets out of class at 9 tonight, at which point all automotive stores will be closed.
I called the only honest mechanic I know, and I got his voice mail. Sigh. The danged thing was perfectly fine yesterday!
I am very upset. In Indiana, our idea of public transportation is United Airlines to Detroit...and although we have taxis, it's not really worth coughing up an entire day's pay to get to work (plus I would have to walk home anyway because they stop running around 9 pm except on New Year's Eve....)

This crisis is too big for sherbet...I'm going to have to break out the Ben & Jerry's.

UPDATE: One of my brothers-in-law took mercy on me and brought over his battery recharger. It is to be hoped that the morning will bring a restored battery. Still no explanation of why this happened, except that God hates me. I'll win Him over, though--I can be really charming if I put my mind to it....

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More Viking Kitties!!!!!!

Thanks, Victor!!!!

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Yes, Daniel?

Gosh, Daniel really seems to want to win that Silent Running thong! So, how long have you been wearing ladies' undergarments, Dan? I think everyone needs to go vote for him, and maybe we can persuade him to model it for us when he wins.....

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Vote for me!

I made it into the swimsuit competition portion of Windrider's contest!
Vote for me here.
Go on!

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September 24, 2003

Lame Excuse #37

Yes, Loyal Readers, it was my day off today, but you sure couldn't tell by the amount of posting I've done, can you?

It's all Frank's fault. He has to go and get a brilliant idea and make tons of work for the Hostess of the Alliance, fielding email meant for him. Sigh.

Of course, I'm in for the new project. Frank says "Jump!" and I say "Do you want fries with that?"

We also had thunderstorms rumbling through on and off most of the day, so internet surfing was spotty at best. I am way behind on my blog reading, commenting and linking. I still love you all, even if I haven't visited lately.

There's always tomorrow (knock on wood!).

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Three Words

Rottweiler of Damocles.

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September 23, 2003


Gosh, it's only Tuesday and I've already found a new blog to vote for:
Tom's Nap Room. In fact, there are two; the King of Fools proves that his blog title is a misnomer with this post.

As usual, Frank gets to the heart of the matter:
* Wesley Clark reportedly said he would have been a Republican if Karl Rove had only returned his phone call. That's pretty whiny sounding, which makes him a Democrat. Rove should call Clark now and say, "Here's your callback, bitch," and then hang up.

If you haven't stumbled across Debbye yet, stop by her blog. She said today:"One can never heap too much snarkiness on the French." Amen.

The evil Technology Free Zone™ has been somewhat stressful lately, and homework is piling up as the semester hurdles toward October, so I am behind on my blog reading and linking. I do want to thank Cherry for ghost-writing Tiger's Night Navel Gazing Report....perhaps he should consider having Guest Gazers on a regular basis.....

Well I am off tomorrow, so perhaps I will have something more blogworthy then (Seinfeld<--Elaine<--"sponge-worthy"-LOL).

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Literary Lies

Well, I have been exceedingly remiss in completing my most recent assignment from Harvey. I would plead pressing Alliance business, but the Membership Director is a real biotch and I don't want to get on her bad side, so here goes:

New super-secret stealth technology available only to movie theater managers has revealed that Evil Puppy-Blending Hobo-Worshiping Robot-Dancing Frank-Punching White Glenn spends hours every day reading and re-reading of one of the classic children's stories, The Pokey Little Puppy. Apparently the slow ones are easier to catch.....

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September 22, 2003

Monday Mornin'

Lots of stuff swirlin' in my brain, hope I can get it all out before I have to head into the salt mines...

In no particular order:

Yay!!! Silver Blue is alive!!!! Clean up, however, may take awhile....

Bonfire entries are due by midnight tonight!

The UN in Baghdad got bombed again. Loved this quote via Reuters:

Paradela said U.N. staff did not know why they were being targeted. "It's not really for lack of security that this happens," she said. "If people are willing to kill themselves there's not a lot we can do."

Don't get me started.

A lot of people who voted in the New Blog Showcase aren't getting their votes counted. I'm not sure if things would have turned out any differently, but there is a bug there somewhere.....

The Patriette has gone on vacation, but she left us with a great picture: Dad vs. the Hurricane.

Thanks to Ted for sending me over to Mookie's for my much-needed dose of Viking Kitties.....

Heather is always a great read...if you haven't stopped by her blog, go check her out.

The Beloved Overlord of Munuvia speaks Geek again excerpt:

"So I bought 6 Maxtor 120GB drives to replace the 6 45GB Deathstars."
It took me a little while to figure out he wasn't talking about Star Wars.....

Mr. Green has posted his picture. He's dead sexy.....

A new In My World! Yay! (IMAO seems to have been disappeared in Mozilla....use your IE to get there....) Unfortunately, the mayhem and cursing were edited for television.....

Harvey has too much good stuff for me to pick just one to link. Go read.

So this joke chain thing from Daniel, Victor, Da Goddess and LeeAnn? My brother made this one up over a decade ago, but it's still a family classic:
Two guys walk into a trash compactor. One guy says to the other "You think we can squeeze another guy in here?" (thank you, thank you, he's got a million of 'em)

I want to help Serenity out with this question, but all I can think of is
How do I despise thee? Let me count the ways.
I despise thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach...

Blackfive has some more great stories from the annals of his military career....

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September 21, 2003


Not much time before I head in for my long day, and I spent too much quality blogging time doing my homework. I hate it when that happens! Anyway, thanks to Jen for reminding me to use Kevin's blogtrick. I had tried his "show comments here" and was so flustered trying to UNdo it that I forgot I wanted to try trackbacks til Jennifer reminded me.

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Drink up!

Yay! Bill and Alice are alive! Yay! Still no word from Silver Blue, Roxette Bunny or Tink, though...hope they're ok!

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September 20, 2003


I'm shocked, shocked I tell you! Jennifer has discovered a long-buried secret from Frank's past...

It explains a lot, though...(I've been missing that necklace since 1972....)

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In case you missed it...

Ith, of Absinthe & Cookies, offers Ways to Guarantee You'll Never Have An Instalanche. I particularly enjoyed #13....

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Happy Birthday Pixy Misa!

Pixy is 11 years old today, although his inner child has turned 7. For anyone who is new here, he is the Keeper of the Templates and Lord High Poo Bah of the land of Munuvia (pictured here). Munuvia is the first country to have its own blog, where all citizens have access (should they choose to use it-- Collins, you slacker!).

All Hail the bestestness of Pixy Misa! Yay!

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September 19, 2003

Some good stuff, Maynard!

One of the worst things about waking up in the middle of the night with a panic attack is you're just wrung out the rest of the day. Luckily, although I have to open the theater my assistant will be closing it, so I don't have to stay til midnight.

But that's not the point of this post. Daniel, LeeAnn, Tunking Spork, go read this. Heck, everybody go read it. Everybody link to it!
Frank, link to it!
You too, Misha! We need to show this new blogger a warm welcome!

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Arr, me hearties! That's the extend of my piratese pre-coffee. but it's the thought that counts, right?

Kevin the Wiz is sure doing a lot of posting for a man with no power.

Ted, Mookie, Nic and Victor survived. Victor even has pictures! No word yet from the more coastal bloggers....

*Oh, no! Another work week starts

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Blame it on Rio

I think it's natural for humans to try and place blame for a certain event. For example, when I am having a panic attack, such as at this moment, I always try and assess what could be to blame for it. I can't seem to accept that there doesn't have to be a reason for it to happen. Even though I know it, I don't really believe that nothing "caused" it. It seems so unlikely. Didn't they teach us cause-and-effect in school? Surely there must be some "cause" causing this effect? But that's the trap that resulted in my being agorophobic and housebound for so many years--blaming the situation I was in for causing the attack, and so avoiding the situation, until the point I couldn't leave the house. So while I know there was nothing I could have done differently to prevent this attack, I still am trying to assess blame. I shouldn't have eaten fried chicken for dinner. I shouldn't have worried so much about Hurricane Isabel. I shouldn't have smoked so much while I was blogging. It is extremely difficult to accept that I have no control over panic disorder. That I have eaten fried chicken before without having a panic attack. That other hurricanes have arrived in America without my having a panic attack. That I have smoked too much on a particular day without having a panic attack. I want there to be an identifiable cause, so that I can avoid that cause and never have another panic attack ever again.
I'm calming down a little. I have learned that distraction works wonders, and checking for typos is a good distraction.
But I still want there to be a "cause" so there can be a "cure." Or at least, prevention...

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September 18, 2003

Note to Tiger


One of my most favorite movie quotes of all time:

Cher to Nicholas Cage in Moonstruck: "Snap outa it!"

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Storm Surge

Once again my weekend is almost over and I haven't accomplished anything of note. I did finally go see Daddy Day Care yesterday, which was a cute movie. I may go watch Matrix:Reloaded tonight, if I can bring myself to actually get dressed today....
I don't know if there's not enough hours in the day, or too many workdays in the week, but there is definitely a dearth of playtime in my life. I've also had a heck of a time trying to follow Isabel, since I don't have cable TV and the local stations are more concerned about the memorial for our late Governor than some weather on the east coast. I learned more from Bill C.., Silver Blue and Windrider than the news.

I have done quite a bit of blog reading today, in an effort (successful, I might add) to avoid doing my homework, so here's some link-love for y'all....

Frank is soliciting tee shirt ideas. He also has the scoop on what a certain ex-dictator has been up to.

Axis Of Isabel bloggers managed to get a few posts up before she made landfall...
Kevin offers his hurricane menu.
Ted has some thoughts on survival of the stupid.
Mookie reports on the first tree down.
Victor, ever foresightful, is taking "before" pictures.
Roxette Bunny assures us she intends to stay inside and keep her fur dry.
Bill & Alice have a nice stockpile of Tequila to keep them cozy.
Silver Blue hasn't posted since this morning, and neither has Tink...I think that means someone's power is out....
Windrider has been wandering his neighborhood checking damage. One hopes his name is not prophetic.

In non-hurricane news, Pixy Misa has started to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day. Arrgh, maties, pass the grog!
Jennifer does the link thing with her usual panache. There was no linky-love for Susie, though. Good thing I don't hold a grudge!
Harvey got a Mishalanche by proxy! Cool!
Blackfive had me rolling on the floor with his photoshopographic masterpiece.
Tuning Spork did the 50 things thing.

Well, that's enough linkage for one go read Munuviana!

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A Prodigal Returns

Yay! Tim is alive!

Now if we could just find that slacker Collins....

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September 17, 2003

Wednesday Wanderings

Frank has a hysterical new In My World. He's getting better. He also posted a list of his all-time top 10--check them out if you haven't read them.

This is too adorable for words.

Serenity has made it safely to God's Country (aka Texas) and is settling in.

Bill interviews Hurricane Isabel. She seems a little antisocial.....

James has a must read Special News Report! (I think he's trying to make my list of the funniest writers in the Blogosphere).

The Evil Minion posts tips on how to gain the Puppy Blender's attention. Or you can do what I did--just email him asking an innocent question.

Glenn is opting out of the Alliance. Does this mean I have to change his blogroll link back to Glenn (Not Reynolds)?

Rob's got a cool link to cameras facing Isabel's path.

Here's a great idea.

Howard has a joke for the Texan in all of us...

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Workplace Woes

I am not very alert today--sleep deprivation no doubt has a lot to do with it. It's not easy to operate in a world that runs on an entirely different schedule than one's own. For example, I get off work at midnight. I have been asked why I don't go to bed until 4am. I have responded with the question, "You get off work at 5pm--do you go to bed at 5:30?".
The problem with going to bed at 4 am is that sometimes it takes until 4:30 or 5am to fall asleep. And then at 9:30am when one gets a phone call that one must go to work at 10 am to unlock the doors for various and sundry parties who wish access to said workplace, one is screwed in the sleep department. Even massive infusions of caffiene cannot counter the fog that one operates in the rest of the day.
This is why I have an enormous burn on my left arm. It looks like a dueling scar. Here is a picture of the injury-causing device in happier times:

Injury-causing device in happier times

It looks so innocent, doesn't it? Well, after a half a dozen batches of popcorn it's hot as bejeezes...and when a semi-comotose person is hurridly transferring popped corn to the glass-fronted warmer from which the corn is served, it's fairly easy to vere slightly off course with the required scooping motion and glance off the popper's surface with nearby body parts.

The resulting large reddened area has contracted to a narrow line this morning. If it leaves a scar I will tell people that I got it in a knife fight. That sounds so much more interesting than the story I just related...

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50 things you'll probably wish you didn't know about Susie

Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery blah blah blah

a. I manage a movie theater.
b. Before that I managed a video store.
c. I love movies.
d. I love to read, particularly mysteries and historical romances.
e. I double majored in History and English, but could only get my degree in one so I picked English.
f. My favorite classes were English History and the History of English.
g. I'm a cat person.
h. My cat's real name is Midnight, but I address him as "Your Majesty".
i. I'm single-never-been-married.
j. I'd rather be married so there would be somebody to kill spiders for me.
k. I am the eldest of 7 siblings.
l. My parents were married for 5 years before they had me.
m. I have 4 younger sisters and 2 younger brothers. They've all been married.
n. I have 5 nieces and 3 nephews, 2 step nieces and 1 step nephew; none of them are yet married.
o. My Dad was the youngest of 6; he was the only surviving boy, and the only one to have children.
p. My Mom was the youngest of 14, only 3 of whom were boys.
q. My Mom's Grandfather, who fought for the Confederacy in the Civil War, survived Pickett's charge and named my Grandfather after his commander, General Garnett.
r. My Dad's maternal Great Grandfather was born in Alsace-Lorraine and fought for the Union in the Civil War.
s. Neither of them ever fought in any of the same battles.
t. They are the only War Veterans in my family tree.
u. My Dad's Grandfather was born in Germany and fled to the U.S. to avoid the Franco-Prussian War.
v.My Dad's other Grandfather was born in East Prussia and fled to the U.S. to avoid the Franco-Prussian War.
w. The women in my Dad's family tree seemed to marry a lot of immigrants.
x. Both my paternal grandparents grew up bilingual.
y. My maternal Grandmother died in childbirth when my mom was 2. Her dad never remarried.
z. He was a farmer. My mom can kill chickens and shoot deer.
aa. I've never done either of those things.
bb. I was born in Illinois.
cc. My youngest brother was born in Wisconsin.
dd. We've lived in Indiana for 30 years.
ee. All my younger sisters are going gray.
ff. I'm not.
gg. Did I mention that I have no children?
hh. My parents met in Rohoboth Beach, Delaware.
ii. Dad was in the army, and mom was waitressing in Ocean City, MD.
jj. Dad's not a War Veteran because he was stationed in Germany during the Korean War.
kk.He was with the Army Corps of Engineers and was their company clerk; Radar O'Reilly is his favorite character on M*A*S*H.
ll. I have a lot of hobbies; a few of them are: needlepoint, crochet, oil painting, geneology, and baking.
mm. I don't have time to do any of them anymore.
nn. I have Panic Disorder.
oo. I used to be agoraphobic, but medicine fixed it.
pp. I'm studying for my Masters of Science in Management.
qq. I wish I would win the lottery.
rr. Someday I'll have to think about actually buying tickets.
ss. I think Frank is the funniest writer in the Blogosphere.
tt. Harvey is a close second.
uu. Someday I'd like to buy Pixy Misa lunch.
vv. My Aunt Marie was a nun. I look quite a lot like her, but not as much as my sister Mary does. Here's a picture of her: This is a picture I replaced the picture of my aunt with because some sleeze on a music forum was hot linking to her picture with a really disgusting nickname.
ww.This is a lot harder than I thought it would be.
xx. I don't know how Jen managed 100.

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September 16, 2003

Frank report

Frank has the lowdown on his brother's wedding, and promises pictures. He also reminds those in Isabel's path to check out his hurricane tips.

Frank, I really laughed to see your link to "Earl's Lies about Frank J", but the really good lies are at the correct address!

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Bonfire redux a la Windrider's Contest

Harvey goes chicago-style in his Bonfire Entry this week over at whats-his-face's blog. Wonder what Santa is going to bring Harv for christohannukahmas this year? He'll probably start to bibble if you suggest a nice kilt....
I needed all my leg fingers tonight to keep track of Elliot's bad jokes...but Kevin was having a bubble when he gave this post that label....
I thought I would need a bar wallet to tip the guy Tiger pictured in his entry--boy, was I wrong! Tiger really dropped the ball on that one!
Owen's entry showed he has a grandma metric sense of humor. (The humorousness was known only to him!)

Thanks for the terrific terribly kron posts, Kevin! They're enough to turn a person to phillumeny!

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September 15, 2003

A Splatter of Pingage

Well, I need to check in at school before I go in to work, but I think I have enough time to reward a few hardy blog-friends for posting over the weekend...

Victor shameless angles for a ping with this post...(was it good for you, sweetie? there's more where that came from...)

The Keeper of the Templates of Munuviana is pinging another woman! (at least it's a fellow Munuvian, or my response would be even more lachrymose...)

Speaking of his pingee, she's posted 50 things about herself. I think I might steal that someday....

Tiger seems to have gotten his new template looks great!

Well, off to class and then ten hours in the Technology Free Zone™....

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Ooooh, Scary, kids!

I recently learned that, like me, fellow Alliance member White Glenn is a Billy Idol fan. But I was shocked to find out that his other personality, the Puppy Blender, sings a particular Billy Idol song when firing up the cuisinart...yes, you guessed it: Flesh for Fantasy....

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Yay! It's Monday!

And that means a new In My World!

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It's only Monday and already I've found two blogs to vote for in the New Blog Showcase!

Snooze Button Dreams had a great post last week, but wasn't counted properly because of a messed up link. Here's this week's gem.

Fellow Munuvian DF Moore also has an entry, and since I was his inspiration, of course I am going to plug it. Read it even if you don't want to cast a vote for one of the True And Original Axis of Naughty members...

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September 14, 2003

New Blogs

I thought I was done blogging for today, but 2 last-minute entries at the New Blog Showcase deserve links:

Mudville Gazette

and Q and O

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to you,
HappyBirthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Jennifer,
Happy Birthday to you!

Just for you, Jen..a little beefcake for your big day....
View image

But let's not forget Harvey, who is also having a birthday!

Harvey, cheesecake just for you!
View image

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The fallacy of moral relativism

Anybody with half a brain and the will to use it want to see something that will tick you off?

It's this comment posted on Frank's 9-11 piece:

I'm sorry, but you reap what you sow. And even if it was planned and carried out by Islamic terrorists all the way (in case of which i don't condone it, but of which I'm not at all sure), it should make the american people rethink their role in the world. Already you are facing a difficult situation in Iraq in terms of casualties and limited amount of troops available and therefore asking the help of basically the French pricks, communist China and corrupt Russia. Now, of course they love the present situation where the US has to clean up the mess they themselves created. And they are going to come along eventually, when they've squeezed enough concessions out of you.

And if you look closely, at present in Iraq, the only "allies" the US has are nations that stand to gain something from the campaign. The brits are pushing this "special relations" thing, Poland is basically sucking up tp you - hoping to shift the power epicenter of europe a little to the north-east, with your help and support of course and they are also a new NATO member so they need to show themselves. And Australia - I'm sorry to say but Australia with it's 15 million people just DESPERATELY needs you against those 200 million rather unstable Indonesians right next to them. I myself am coming from a country that also has troops in Iraq and supports the government, but popular support for this is meek. As it is all over the world, including among other major allied nations. Fulfillment of Brzezinskis plan (of US domination in the long run) is looking mighty questionable right about now.

Posted by: Dinah Might on September 11, 2003 10:07 PM

Miss Dinah, my first impulse is to tell you to get your head out of your ass, but I am a lady, and don't use language like that. So, I'm sorry but you are a complete idiot. No, that's not very polite, even if it is true, so I will start again.

Ms. Might, your thinly disguised pleasure that close to three thousand people were killed and billions of dollars worth of property damaged by a group of fanatics who would just as willingly have killed you and all your loved ones and danced in the street to celebrate it is exceedingly distasteful to citizens of a country that has spent the last century coming to tha aid of billions of people around the world with gifts of food, medicine, money and in some cases the lives of our brothers, sons and husbands. You are denegrating a nation that helps its enemies rebuild after they have been destroyed by war of the enemy's making. I pity you for your narrow-minded smugness and remind you that the United States has been cleaning up other countries' messes since before your grandparents were born in whichever education-deprived, media-brainwashed country you now reside.
In the future, please keep your mindless parroting of Hollywood airheads and blowhards to youself. Thank you.


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September 13, 2003

Stuff, etc.

I finally remembered why I started to blog last night. I was going to answer this call to arms. But Heather has already done a far better job that I ever could.
So I'm going to have to work a little to get my post up to her standards, and that won't be happening til I get some free time--probably Monday or Tuesday. (This is not free time. This is drinking my coffe before I go to work time. Big difference.)

Jennifer has a picture of Ethel's trip. I wonder when she is going to realize that Ethel is really Frank's evil twin, escaped from the attic again....

Not really interesting question to any geeks (or Geek Gods): why is it when I try to search my site using Mozilla it takes me to Munuviana, but I can search using IE?

A couple of quick plugs for my non-munu friends--

Tiger is working on his blog design in a super secret location. Shh! Don't tell that I told!

Bill has some common sense tips for Office Retards

John Collins is STILL among the missing. Somebody go to his house and see if he's ok!

Harvey waxes philosophical even while in the throes of a Mishalanche

And finally, Kevin reminds us to send in our Bonfire entries. (He also has a caption contest going--I came in third last week, but still haven't gotten my limited edition, one of a kind, Wizbang! designer combination hula hoop and back scrubber....)

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Inane Post #432

I'm too tired to be blogging, but I have to say before I forget, I had a lot of fun today. Not at work. Before I went to work. In the blogosphere.
Ok, now I forget why I was going to blog.
Dang. Bonfire entry.

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September 12, 2003

A little ping between friends....

Another weekend gone by in a flash....I'll try to find the odd moment here and there to post, but I've noticed that as my reading list grows, my pingage is dropping...what's a Link Madam to do? The non-Munuvians on my blogroll seem to be getting the short shift here--Glenn, Tiger, Paul, Bill, annika, James, Harvey, Kevin the Wiz, Silver Blue, Blackfive, I'm going to try to do better but no promises!

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September 11, 2003

September 11th

Over the last few days I have seen many bloggers' memorials to the victims and tributes to the heros of 9-11-01. I really can't match them for eloquence, relevance or reverence. Like December 7th, 1941, it is " a date which will live in infamy."
It is also a reminder that those who do not learn from History are destined to repeat it. Osama Bin Laden apparently never learned that it's not prudent to prod a sleeping giant--that the giant is going to roll over and crush the prodder. Saddam Hussein also never learned that lesson. And there are still a few areas of the world where the ill-educated or the deluded cling to the notion that targeting the United States of America is an act that will bring no significant consequences...

Having not studied History, they don't realize that the giant has not yet truly woken up. I wouldn't want to be them if it does.....

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What we're feeling today...

I recommend this story over at VRWC, Inc, where James also has an excellent 9/11 post. Bloodthirsty? You betcha.

Misha also provides his reflections on Black Tuesday. Yes, he makes James sound like a pacifist.

Bill expresses it simply: Rage.

Paul says it with the very appropriate words of a great songwriting team.

Tiger contemplates the effect that the loss of loved ones has...

annika has pictures, as does Jennifer....

A list of links to Munuvians' posts on 9/11 is here.

Even Frank has an uncharacteristicly serious post today.

Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. Remember.

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Thanks to Ted for these images

flags and allies.gif



He has more here

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September 10, 2003

Ping Pong, Susie Calling...

Here it is my day off, I'm rarin' to go with full-throttle linkage, and three of my favorite victims bloggers haven't posted in days! And a fourth one has only posted a pathetic yet transparent bid for sympathy (no, not Bill).

Glenn is even giving odds that John Collins is going to give up blogging.

This link Kevin posted is hysterical! Go have fun!

Tiger thinks he's outgrown his blog title. Have Jennifer set up a poll for you, Tiger. Try "Pepperoni Pizzazz" if you want Victor to read you more often....

Frank is heading off to Idaho for his brother's wedding, but he left us with his predictions for the Democratic Presidential Primary Debate, some Links of the Day and his latest In My World.

Tuning Spork and Harvey are both giving Frank a run for his money in the humor department.

I've been spending so much time at Munuviana lately trying to keep up with my compatriots in the comments that I've been neglecting my homework. Sigh.

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Invective alert

Well, I was going to spend the morning catching up on my blog reading, but these two posts over at Silver Blue's got me ranting, and rather that fill his comments with invective I figured I'd let loose over here in my well-appointed, Pixy Misa-provided space.

I never really paid much attention to stories about Napster or MP3's because I don't download music, and I hardly ever buy CDs because my car radio is tuned to the Oldies station and I already have Emerson Lake and Palmer and Billy Idol on CD. But if by some bizarre chance I should decide I needed to buy a new CD, there is NO WAY IN HELL I would pay 19.99 for it! Heck, I won't even pay that much for a DVD! If a movie I want costs more than $20 on DVD, I buy it on VHS.

The problem, you see, is disposable income. I don't have very much of it, and so what I do have is spent mostly on those regressive cigarettes taxes that are supposedly intended to stop teenagers from smoking.

CLUE alert: Teenagers are the only ones who can afford to pay $5.00 for a pack of cigarettes! Mommy and Daddy pay for their housing, clothes, utilities, and usually car and car insurance too. Teenagers probably have more discretionary income than Bill Gates, who no doubt has most of his funds tied up in a few business ventures. So anybody who wants to get a "sluggish" economy going again needs to get serious about repealing federal and state excise taxes on cigarettes. And before some idiotarian jumps in to comment that the money goes to repay the state for medical expenses for lung cancer victims, let me pre-emptively say "Bullshit!".

If smoking "causes" cancer, why hasn't every smoker who ever lived gotten it? My mom's dad smoked camel straits til the day he died of stroke at age 83. My beloved Aunt Letty who started smoking in the 1950s was 82 when she passed away from complications from a stroke a few years ago. Both my parents, who are 75 and 73, have smoked all of their adult lives. (Dad was actually 13 when he started smoking, so he has been a smoker for 62 years--and if he should happened to develop lung cancer anytime soon I suspect that the fact that as a child he had annual chest x-rays for TB might have something to do with it). Several of mom's sisters, who are currently in their late 80's, are smokers.
Two of my Dad's other sisters also died of stroke, at ages 76 and 81--but neither of them ever smoked (and one joined the convent in 1943, so "second-hand" smoke cannot be blamed for her death!). Geneticly speaking, I am far more likely to die of "natural causes" or accident than smoking-induced cancer.
On the other hand, people whose families have a genetic propensity toward cancer would probably be wise to not smoke, just to be on the safe side. But making me pay more because they have defective genes is not fair or reasonable!

Frigging's all that socialist Howard Dean's fault....

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New Blog Showcase vote

Virtuepure, because it was an interesting post on role playing, and Elliot recommended it.

Also Pardon My English because they belong to the Alliance.

And brainstorming cuz it's a cute post.

Snooze Button Dreams was very funny, but probably won't get its votes tallied since the link at the Ecosystem is messed up.

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September 09, 2003

Score Sheet

Bloggers who have not linked to Jen: Instapundit.

Bloggers who have not updated their link to Jen:
John Collins,
Kin's Kouch,
David's Great Adventure,
A Single Guy in the South,
Bad State of Gruntledness,
High Desert Skeptic,

Bloggers who Jen has declared war on, even though they have linked to her on numerous occasions, just because her link has not been updated: Frank J.

One cannot help but wonder if there is something else going on here.....unrequited adoration, perhaps?

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Today's Headline

"Avant garde Film maker and insignificant blogger Susie has just released a new movie, which unfortunately appears to require several sequels to resolve the highly simplistic plot."
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Thanks, Tiger

43.75 %

My weblog owns 43.75 % of me.
Does your weblog own you?

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September 08, 2003

Not for Coulrophobics....

One of my sisters with her two daughters.....

View image

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Well, Munuviana is up to Large Mammal in the Ecosystem, largely due to the fact that any links from yours truly are being double-counted. I have emailed NZ bear twice about this, but he's probably busy brokering New Blog Showcase links....

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Rejection and Hyperbole

I struck out with the plumber. Bummer. I suspect I am not at my flirtatious best after only 6 hours of sleep and only 2 cups of coffee. Or maybe this is why:

My inner child is six years old today

My inner child is six years old!

Look what I can do! I can walk, I can run, I can
read! I like to do stuff, and there's a whole
big world out there to do it in. Just so long
as I can take my blankie and my Mommy and my
three best friends with me, of course.

How Old is Your Inner Child?
brought to you by Quizilla

(Thanks to Pixy and Cherry)

Anyway, there are about a gazillion emails I need to answer, so if you wrote me one, I read it, I'm just too tired to reply...

However, since I 'm here and sleep-typing, I may as well say, That's fine Heather; You're welcome Mr. Green; Thanks NZ Bear; it's almost on its way, Kevin; Thanks Matt; Welcome to Munivia Daniel and I like Pizzazz! with 4 "z"s; only Sundays Jen; and Bob, it's a commercial commode circa 1970...the kind with the handle you can flush with your foot. It needed a whole new metal thingee. If I missed somebody, I'll be answering my email tomorrow....

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September 07, 2003

Sweet Dreams....

Well, today is my 13 hour day, and I have to go in an hour early so the plumber can come back and finish fixing another leaky toilet. I noticed it creating a lovely pond in the east ladies' restroom around 8pm, and since I couldn't get ahold of our usual plumber I called Roto Rooter.

Be still my heart!!! Had I known plumbers could look like Shaun does, I would have been calling about every minor drip in the place! We're talking drop-dead gorgeous with nice hands, broad shoulders, and a George Clooney glint in his eyes....and I never even got a chance to flirt a little, because I had a projector to thread and a crisis in the ticket booth... but--he didn't have the right part to repair it, so he's coming back in the morning....

I need to get my beauty sleep!

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September 06, 2003

I am the "Linkmistress of Chaos"! Yay!

Well, since I seem to have posted every single day since I moved to munu, I am going to have to post something now, even though I have very little to say (which, now that I think of it, has never stopped me before), because it will be tomorrow when I get home from work tonight...

So, it seems like Ted broke Technorati.

And we have to add LeeAnn and Pixy to the list of birthdays to celebrate...

(Bonfire, here I come....)

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September 05, 2003

So who is making the cake?

Ted's bithday is Monday, Bill's is Tuesday, Jen's is the 14th and I think I vaguely recall someone else (Victor?) mentioning he has a September birthday, too...

What I find interesting about that is that 5 of my 11 employees also have September birthdays, and yet in my enormous [24 not counting step-children(4) and step-grandchildren (2)] immediate family we have birthdays every month of the year EXCEPT September....

Ok, I guess it wasn't all that interesting after all...

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The Keeper of the Templates Speaks, and I obey....

Over at Munuviana

Where all the cool kids play,

A True Blue Bunny hopped right in

To begin her blogging day.

Welcome to Munuvia, Roxette Bunny!

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Hurray! I don't have to go into work at 11! Hurray! And I actually got a couple of things accomplished yesterday, like getting my car an oil change, and making an appointment for the cat to get his shots, so my "weekend" wasn't a total waste...

So I guess the Jets lost last night and Rob gets to insult John Collins all day. So far there's nothing in the Bill C/Paul/Glenn model of quality insults, but I'll be checking back....

Tiger did all his posting late last night, after I had collapsed into slumber--which is good, because his Nightly Navel Gazing Report™ was fraught with danger and would have given me nightmares....

Tuning Spork is in terrific form with his parody of Fox News. If you need a good laugh, head on over...

Kevin the Wiz has some new "skins" to play with. He also has a caption contest that offers terrific possibilities for libel and slander...

Jennifer is casting aspersions on my loyalty to the True and Original Axis Of Naughty! Jen, you're the one who sold our cool name and logo to the the Enemy Camp!
And you will notice I link to Axis members (and the occasional declared neutral) far more that Alliance members! I mean, that's the Axis Motto, isn't it? "It's all about the links" (or something to that effect...)

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September 04, 2003

Inane post #793

The boys are all like "oh, football is so cooool!" and I'm all like "whaaat-ev-er".

Harvey (who only started watching football in a channel surfing accident) has another great grafitti money exhibit.

Bill is dreaming about me now... (sorry, Alice--I must have taken a wrong turn at the water park!)

And I really started to blog because I wanted to share what I think is the world's stupidest bumper sticker. I saw it on a Emerald-colored Yuppie SUV which also had the world's second stupidest bumper sticker. The world's second-stupidest bumper sticker said "Green" in big letters, and I think, gee she must really like the color green. Then at the next stop light I am close enough to read the subscript: "Save the Earth." What an arrogant bint! The Earth is much more likely to destroy us with earthquakes and typhoons and ice ages than we anything could ever do would permanently damage it. So that bumper sticker is really pretty stupid.

But the stupidest bumpersticker, the world's stupidest ever, said: "War is Terrorism." Gotta be a misprint, right? They meant to say "Terrorism is War." ...except there is that environmentalist wacko bumper sticker next to it...

Yuppie Liberals. God spare us....

UPDATE: Frank's got a troll infestation!
I think the uneducated brain-oxygen-deprived IQ-challenged individual mistook Frank for the Emperor....

If anyone would like to fisk its droppings, here you go:

Ah the smell of a republican in the morning air. The only thing better is a pile of dead republicans. Dont u retards realize u are evil when the same people u r voting for are also being elected by neo nazis. Im going to devote my whole live to fucking over republicans. Why do u believe that its a good thing to not help poor people? My only other question is why i havent killed u yet. I would rather enjoy chopping u in half and then carving 666 in ur forehead and then show ur dead body to all republicans until they start helping people in need. Ignorance isnt bliss because i will end up making u go through a excruciating and painfull death u dumb fuck. Posted by at September 4, 2003 09:02 PM
Sorry i couldnt find a place to comment on ur nuke the moon essay but here will do fine. When u say people would rather pick on the person who avoids conflict you are speaking from the republican view. Republicans are sissys and homosexuals who disrespect women. Picking on the little "whennie" is just another way that u use to lie to urself about the fact that u r a homosexual. FUck REPUBLICANS. YOU ARE ALL TRASH. Posted by at September 4, 2003 09:09 PM

UPDATE: It wasn't done...

When i think of Republicans there are too many things that would make me want to kill them. Hence the three posts today. The reason you guys are pro guns is because u are wankers and trash. Only sissys need guns to protect their insecurities. Real men and women fight without weapons.

Women are beautiful so you republican pieces of shit need to start direspecting them. Danm you guys are just trash.
Posted by at September 4, 2003 09:30 PM

[What kind of moron uses the term "hence" but doesn't know that a complete sentence requires a subject and a predicate? (I also love that it makes that freudian slip when it says it wants Republicans to start "disrespecting" women...) Ed.]

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Whining, Wondering, Wandering

Geez Louise, my weekend is half over and I haven't gotten anything done (except sending a little link-love to some of my friends). Why do work days seem to drag so, and days off fly by? Or is that an imponderable?

And as long as I'm complaining, how come so few people leave comments? Yes, I know, that sounds like Tiger, but it's a fair question, I think. I've been reading a lot of blogs today (and linking to many) and with a few exceptions it's almost like visiting an art exhibit in a ghost town...there's all this beautiful prose just hanging in the blogosphere, waiting to be admired, but the art gallery is deserted.

I think I'm mixing my metaphors. I must be tired. See what accomplishing nothing all day does for a person? Yep. Brain rot.

Anyway, some late night linky love...

Go read Tiger's Wicked Willie won't regret it...

James linked to me, even though I hadn't linked to him--now that's link love!

Bill is going to be 39 next week....I think he thinks I'm stalking him, which is why he won't answer my Dear Scabby questions...Don't worry Bill! It's Paul I'm stalking!

"Enjoying" isn't exactly the right word to describe my appreciation of Ted's countdown to 9/11, but this picture did bring a smile to my face (yes, I am a heartless member of the wanna make something of it?)

The Alliance Limerick Laureate is freelancing with non-Alliance poetry (I'm going to have to check his contract to see if that's allowed....)

Tuning Spork eviscerates some media noodle-brain. I don't watch tv, so I have to take his word for it (though his description of the soup he had made me laugh out loud...)

Okay, that's tonight's linkage, folks....

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September 03, 2003


Hurray!!!!!!!!!! We're not showing matinees during the week anymore!!!!! This means I can go back to 9 hour days instead of 13 hour days at work! Yay!!!

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Munu Maundering....

Pixy Misa links to the same post of annika's that I did....
Tuning Spork confesses to an addiction...
John Collins is going to be working harder and posting less, dammit!!!!!
Tim hasn't posted...hopefully he's getting settled in at school and will be back with us shortly...
Cherry needs to define "murkely" for those of us in the northern hemisphere....
Victor fisks some Yuppie grocery shopping...
Jennifer clues us in on women's voting rights the world-round...
Ted recommends a comedy he enjoys...
Mookie, our youngest Munuvian, is apparently still traumatized by some icky things her dad uncovered....(eeeewwww.....)
And for anyone wondering about Munuvians, the Lambent Landlord of Munuviana gives us a little munu etymology....

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Carnival of the Inanities

It's my weekend! Yay! Time to see what good stuff I have missed while I was slaving over a hot projector and flinging popcorn at annoying urchins...

The Everlasting Phelps eloquently fisks an article that decries the "franchising" of President Bush's War on Terror...

A over at the Meatriarchy serves up a little protein to round out some journalists' empty-carbohydrate-intenstive "reportage". More proof that most reporters are either lazy or biased (or could it be both...?)

Rand reminded me to stop by Allah's blog. Don't you hate it when you have to explain satire to some people?

Deb sweetly points out a little Franco-hypocrisy...

His Most August and Mighty Imperialness, The Emperor Misha I , commands his Loyal Citizenry (and being an obedient LC myself, I anticipated His Awesomeness's edict and pre-obeyed)...

Ninjababe reveals another aspect of the Evil One's plan for World Domination (and she didn't even recognize it!)....

annika fisks California in what may be a truly cautionary tale for the rest of the country....

I noticed that Serenity still hasn't blogrolled me, in spite of the fact that we are both fighting the good fight...maybe once she is out of the city that worships Cyber-Lenin and is no longer being attacked by paooki...

Victor of the Apes appeals to Allah (who seems to have one of the most popular blogs in the Ecosphere)....

The Bonfire of the Vanities is up at the Evil Minion's and the Carnival of the Vanities is up at Rhetorica...

Perry informs us where to find the salient commentary of one of the country's foremost political pundits....

Pietro links to the bizarre so I don't have to...

Thanks to Tiger, I laughed out loud at this joke at Silver Blue's....

Frank has a new In My World! Yay! I'll be back later to let you know what's going on around Munuvia....

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September 02, 2003

New Kid on the block

was begging for links in Frank's comments, and since I have met some excellent folk there I thought I would give him a plug.

My flamethrower is out of juice, so I can't blogroll him (yet) but if he were to join the Alliance he would definately get blogrolled there....

UPDATE: Oops! My bad! He declared for the Alliance on Saturday! (Jon--where's your banner? where's your filthy lie? Did you get the memo....?)

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Ok, here is the incredibly brave thing I did before coffee this morning...I downloaded the Mozilla browser. I'm typing in it right now.

Being as non-geek as I am, any new program is fraught with danger...what if it's too big to fit in the space I want to put it? Why didn't I measure the space before I decided to bring it home? How liberal is the return policy if it blocks the doorway to the dining area? What if it clashes with the decor in a way I just never foresaw? You see the difficulties....

So far so good, scary beeps, alarms or klaxons and the menu bar is reassuringly familiar since I used to use Netscape long ago....

However, I really haven't noticed that much difference in display except on one or two sites, which I was just about to link to when I realized there are no shortcut html buttons on this page....

Tres bizarre...

Looks like I won't be doing too much composing in Mozilla, since it seems like I'm going to have to save this draft, open IE to add the links, and then publish.

Because Susie cannot blog without pinging...which I why this is being typed in IE...

Another 13 hour day today. Happy happy, joy joy.

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September 01, 2003

I am so easily amused....

Some link lead me someplace where there was a link to Glenn's link to the Slogan generator...

So, the top 10 12 slogans for Practical Penumbra:

#12 Why Have Cotton When You Can Have Practical Penumbra?

# 11 Make Every Practical Penumbra Count

# 10 Whatever You're Into, Get Into Practical Penumbra

# 9 Only Practical Penumbra Can Prevent Forest Fires

# 8 Smart. Beautiful. Practical Penumbra.

#7 Happiness is Practical Penumbra-Shaped.

#6 Practical Penumbra - It Does a Body Good

#5 You deserve a Practical Penumbra today

#4 Fall Into The Practical Penumbra

#3 Sometimes You Feel Like a Practical Penumbra, Sometimes You Don't.

#2 Practical Penumbra - Now with extra cleaning power!!

And the #1 slogan for Practical Penumbra:

Practical Penumbra: Not run by a fat Texan.

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New math

Well, after the 24+ hours of torrential rain we have had, the leaking roof on one of the theaters decided it had had enough, and began to shed ceiling tiles in protest. Most of the worst of it was over the aisles, but there is one bad spot near the front center of the theater where you can see that the area of fallout is spreading, and more could come down at any time...

So, before every showing in that theater, I had to shoo patrons out of the danger zone. (Surprisingly, many of them did not even notice that the seats they were sitting in were a little... damp). So upstairs I go to start the movie; I look out the window and lo! more people have come in and seated themselves in the avalanche area. Down the stairs...please move...up the stairs...more potential victims...down the stairs...rinse... repeat...

My legs hurt today. Must be all the rain....

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Someday I hope to get a job that pays time and a half for holidays....

Rain. It's good for business! (Just trying to think positively before I head out to run up and down stairs all day).

I got my own mini-ping tsunami over night. Many people seem to like that phrase. Thank you, thankyouvery much.... I must give credit where credit is due, however, since Beloved Benefactor and Marvelous Mentor Pixy Misa originally dubbed my excessive gratuitious linkage as a "ping storm" and I just cranked up the weather imagery to indicate an increase in pingage....

From Kelly's Cul-de-Sac I found this list at e-Claire which made me feel very old, and Fritz's new blog on Trolls. There's lots of other neat stuff, including a mention of moi....

Yay! The Alliance won Kevin's permaroll spot! Yay! (Bonfire entries due by midnight Tuesday).

NZ Bear is charting the Great Blog War. Cool!
In a related matter, something is amiss in the ecoworld of Practical Penumbra... it seems as if my alternate URL (since I can be found at both and different addresses for the same blog) has taken on a life of its own....while it's nice to find myself at #43, it is not a true reflection (unfortunately) of my place in the Ecosystem....

Well, time to catch up on my blog reading before having to labor today....

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A little whine before bedtime...

I love my job she said sarcasticly as she arrived home from a 13-and-a-half hour day...

11 shows.
Up and down the stairs 11 times to thread...
Up and down 11 times to turn on the house lights...
5 times up and down because one of the movies has a bad splice in the last reel and jumps out of frame...
2 times up and down to adjust the sound for a little old lady who came out to complain that the movie was too loud--twice... (and then she left after the first hour...)
5 or 6 times up and down for interruptions in mid-threading, like getting change for one of the clerks who ran out of quarters, or when two rambunctious boys knocked down the masking across the bottom of the screen in one of the theaters and it took three of us to lift the dang frame to try and put it back up...
(it fell off again immediately, and we had to lean it against the wall underneath the screen, so the rest of the day's movie-goers got to see what the bottom of a huge stretched canvas looks like without a nice black felt covered panel to hide all the eyelets and cords....)...

2 flights times 11, times 2, plus twice 5 and 2 and 6... equals too freaking many stairs....

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