December 31, 2003

On my way out the door, but...

I have to share this, which I found via Discount Blogger

Iowahawk on Why I am a Democrat.

A choice example:

I am a Democrat because I believe in the environment and conservation. For instance, we must raise the price of gasoline, like they do in Europe, to increase conservation. If we don't, there will soon be a big gas shortage, and this will mean higher gasoline prices for you and me.

Go read the rest after you have swallowed all beverages....

UPDATE: I got the impression from the comments left that folks aren't clicking through to read the whole post, so let me add another excerpt:

I am a Democrat because I fervently believe in tolerance. Tolerance is critical in our diverse society, and if you have a problem with that, mister, then I will inform the authorities and I bet that after a few hours in their "special room" you too will agree that tolerance is critical.

I hope that helped clarify that it's satire....if not, here's one more:

I am a Democrat because I believe in the rule of law. Or, at least, lawyers. Because hey, according to my attorney, I could have been on the Number 7 bus when it crashed yesterday. As far as you know.

Now go read the whole thing....

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Check the sitemeter on your way out...

Looks like I'm going to hit 20K today! I guess that's a respectable number of readers for six months' time...

In other news, the Bonfire is out of control this week, just before it goes on the road...

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Disjointed Babbling*

I can't sleep. I doze for a little, then wake up coughing. Sassafrassenrassen....If I were the kind of person who swore, you would be getting some pretty colorful language right now. I feel a little better intermittantly, thank goodness. But I need to feel a lot better by 6pm tomorrow. I mean, tonight.

It's New Year's Eve! Time flies when you're sick...

I made myself a cup of vanilla de-caf, and pulled out the piece of my sister-in-law's birthday cake I saved from Christmas, and I'm going to see if I can get a sugar rush followed by a sugar crash... [yes, my poor sister-in-law has a Christmas birthday...I always try to get her two presents, and wrap one in balloons-type birthday paper.]

Which reminds me that my birthday is in a few weeks...I take petty pleasure in the fact that my sister-in-law is older than I while my brother is much younger....

The frosting on this cake is too sweet. It makes my coffee taste funny. Or maybe it's the cold.

Did I mention that my DVD player was broken? The repair place called with an estimate today--$211. WTF?????? I can buy a new one for a third of that!

I still haven't gotten into the template to add the stuff I was going to. Sorry, CD--you may have to wait until next year.... Of course, I'll still be doing better than that grouch Bill C.--did you know he still has Tiger's OLD url on his blogroll?

I think the worst part about being sick is I'm home, I have 10 books to read, and I can't concentrate...

*Thanks to Mookie for the word babbling--my brain was stuck

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December 30, 2003

If I wasn't at death's door I would be outraged

CD of Semi-Intelligent Thoughts is one of the two newest Munuvians (Linda of Civilization Calls is the other). I need to add them to my blogroll, so I headed over to CD's for his url. By the time I got there, I had forgotten why I went, and soon I was again wandering the blogosphere in a delirium, where I found two items that, if I weren't sick, would have me seething. The first is this[bold emphasis mine]:

I made a comment about how, yeah, extreme views on either side of the spectrum are bad when taken overboard - what is needed is real discussion considering all the sides of the issue.

I was given an odd look and told that liberals are never wrong and their views are appropriate for class, since liberals are open-minded and tolerant and that's what higher education is about: liberalizing the students.

which I found at Conservative English Major (I clicked the link at S-I Thoughts because I thought it was about a Tory British Military Officer). That's not the only post that disturbed me....
...the English department doesn't get enough funding because the administration (and the legislature - this is a public University) is afraid we are all a bunch of "pinko commies." Another student asked "Well, aren't we?" And the professor replied, without a trace of irony or humor: "I certainly hope so."

From there I wandered here and learned that the President of William & Mary is an idiot, and thence to this blog which had a link to the other story that frosted my muffins--Food Fight.
Anyone with a modicum of sense and fairly low blood pressure needs to read that article.

Busybodies are looking to control one of the most basic of human functions—eating. Presidential candidate Joe Lieberman wants the Federal Trade Commission to investigate snack-food and soft-drink marketing. New York state assemblyman Felix Ortiz promotes a draconian "Twinkie tax." At least one person who's had the Bush Administration's ear has bought into the idea that Americans are not accountable for their own weights. "Many people believe that dealing with overweight and obesity is a personal responsibility," former Surgeon General David Satcher recently said. "To some degree they are right, but it is also a community responsibility." It takes a Samoan village.

Now the Left devotes entire "conferences" to undermining and out-lawing the dreaded "R" word...
In a session titled "The Politics of Food," Skip Spitzer of the radical Pesticide Action Network added that "the idea of 'personal responsibility'" is merely "a cultural construct," ready to be superseded for our own good.

As angry as these examples of "only we commies know what's good for you" ordinarily make me, I can't even work up a good rant in my weakened condition. Which brings me to the point of this post:

Beware the Evil Liberal Conspiracy-Created Virus!!! It causes loss of outrage and inability to give them a good what-for!

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General alert...

I'm zigging when I should be zagging--I think I'm back down to 6 or fewer functional little gray cells...probably not a good day to be operating complicated machinery, like movie projectors... so I think I'll play in my template and see what kind of havoc I am able to wreak in my weakened condition....
or maybe that's not such a good idea...I think I'll drive the car instead...

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I Love Harvey...

...even though he broke his vow of celibacy silence and told the whole story of the Barkeep's disappearance and subsequent rescue....

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Diary of Disease, Day 3

I actually managed to sleep for six straight hours in a row last night! I must be getting better....I don't feel any better, but I think I am up to 12 functioning brain cells now, so there must be some improvement (although that could be the coffee talking...). I am going to have to bundle up and make a run to the drugstore (this is a euphemism for crawl out to my car and drive there) for more cough medicine, tissues, decongestants and hand sanitizer. If the do-it-yourself-home-euthanasia kit is cheaper, I may opt for that instead....

Both the Ass. Man. and my head cashier offered to cover for me today and I think I may have to take them up on it even if my paycheck gets docked.

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December 29, 2003

Sorry if I sneezed on you

My Ass. Man. is generously pulling a 12 today so I can wallow in my misery at home. I would "yay" but I don't have that much energy. I'm only out of bed to have a nice hot cup of tea to try and loosen things up, but since just listening to the kitty crunch his kibble while I sip is is not enough of a distraction, I decided to inflict my presence on my Gentle Readers...

While wandering the ecosphere in a delirium earlier I note that the Bestofme Symphony is up, and Jennifer is requesting questions for Jeff of, Dana of Note-it-Posts and His Graciousness Pixy Misa, Lord of Munuvia, Keeper of the Templates, and author of Ambient Irony. She needs the questions by tomorrow, so stop procastinating!

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...perchance to cough...

I'm feeling yucky. Now if I were Bill, I would pour out details of nasal discharge texture and color, as well as frequency of extrusion and the reactions of witnesses. I'd probably also complain about the inability to breathe, various body aches, and insomnia, no doubt adding a few gratuitous references to boobies to keep Windrider interested.

Since I am not as graphic frank as Bill in my descriptions of personal bodily functions, we won't go there. Suffice it to say I am feeling yucky, and use your imaginations....

The elusive Tiger has returned!!!!! Yay!! It's a relief to know his navel is in good condition, despite its harrowing experience. [aside: the man has a better imagination than I do! In conjuring up my worries about his absence, that scenario never entered my mind!]

I feel like I need to compose the most brilliant post the blogosphere has ever read to make up for my recent lack of depth and pingage, but the eight brain cells that are still functioning are operating in the more mundane areas of my noggin, and all I can think to write about is I decided to go with only one class this semester.

Tune in later--I'm not scheduled to work until 6 tonight, and I may get a few more synapses firing later...

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December 28, 2003

Grumble grumble...

It seems I got another Christmas present--a miserable cold. All the lovely symptoms of a NyQuil commercial wrapped up in one movie theater manager who is condemned to a 12 hour workday....
Well, one good thing--I can't legally serve any popcorn! And if any customers start to complain about something I'll sneeze on them. Of course, one of these days people are going to start suing other people for giving them colds.

That swine Frank J hasn't posted in 10 days! I'll learn him--I won't buy his next tee shirt until he votes in the New Blog Showcase every week!

Guess I should've called this post Grumpy Grumble (isn't that one of the Teletubbies?) Well, misery loves company, right?

Gosh, I need to fire this post off to the Bonfire....and see if I have anything to send Jim this week...

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December 27, 2003

It's a do-over

at the New Blog Showcase. If you voted last week, make sure your post is still on your front page Sunday night, or repost it. If there was nothing that grabbed your fancy, here's your chance because there are a lot of new entries... I recommend this post for foresight....

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Here, Kitty, Kitty...

I'm a worrier. I don't know if it's a nature or nurture trait, but I think it's related to the fact that I have a lot of imagination. So when a blogger I read regularly is in the habit of posting five to ten times a day, and then posts nothing for four days without a see-you-later-I'm-going-to-Guam-for-Groundhog Day, I start to worry about him. And when he doesn't answer my emails I worry more.

Now, the odds are pretty good he's just out of town. But that doesn't reassure my imagination, which has conjured up a spectrum of explanations ranging from his having been hit by a bus to abducted by aliens for genetic experimentation...

So, if anyone knows the whereabouts of my friend Tiger, please let me know...


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December 26, 2003

Lame post #14

I hope everyone had as an enjoyable Christmas as I did! We gathered at one of my sisters', stuffed ourselves with ham and scalloped potaotes and several thousand side dishes, and then descended on the presents like a pack of wolves on a lame fawn. Afterward, there was card playing--a game called Apples to Apples, I think, that one of the nieces and/or nephews got. I was in the group that watched The Waterboy, since that's my favorite Adam Sandler movie.

Now to work....

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December 25, 2003

Irony 101

Thanks to Jaboobie I can listen to my favorite radio ads over and over!!

Yes, the world's worst beer has the world's best commercials, and you can hear them all here.

I have to go listen to Mr. Tiny Thong Bikini Wearer again...

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A slice of....

Merry Christmas, Everyone!!! And if you are offended by those three words, tough beans!!! Go read somebody else's blog....

In fact, not only do I celebrate Christmas, I like fruitcake. Not all fruitcakes are delicious, of course, just as not every bowl of chili is; I'm sure I have tasted as many unpalatable bowls of chili as I have slices of fruitcake. Even so, this made me laugh:

be afraid.jpg

Even though I like fruitcake, I realize that there are some people who don't, just as there are probably people who don't like chili (which is un-american, if you ask me, but since you didn't we won't go into that...). However, if you are one of those people who, unbeknown to me, dislikes fruitcake, and I offer you a slice, is that offensive behavior on my part? Or is it rather common courtesy? After all, what if fruitcake is your favorite food in the whole wide world, and I plop down in front of you with a delicious golden fruity/nutty just the right hint of brandy (or rum) slice of cake and scarf it down without offering to get you any? That would be grounds for taking offense I think.

So, Merry Christmas to Everyone! Can I offer you a slice of fruitcake?

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December 24, 2003

Hopefully Santa's running late....

Don't you hate it when you are so tired you can't see straight but you still can't fall asleep? I do too....

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Happy Christmas!!!

xmas kitty.gif

Sorry for the light posting--I've been franticly cleaning so Santa doesn't trip over the piles of unread books and break his neck (although if he did, would I get to keep all the presents he hadn't delivered yet? ...hmmmm...).

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December 23, 2003

To all my blog friends...


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December 22, 2003

What are you doing home, young woman,

when you should be at work right now? Well, at the moment I'm posting. Then I will be going in to work 6 to midnight tonight, and noon to midnight tomorrow. This would be because the children are out of school, and parents need somewhere to dump them entertainment for the little darlings, so we are open for matinees daily through January 4th.

Yay!!!!! Dear blogbro Victor made a Dfilm starring me!!! This link to the film will open in a new window so you can find your way back eventually after you have made four or five movies of your own...Coincidently, the above film was based on a true life story.....

The Bestofme Symphony is up and has two of my posts! One I sent, and one Victor submitted (see above).

Well, I need to catch up on my blog reading....

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Just dessert

You are a sugar cookie.
What Kind of Cookie Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

via (who else?) LeeAnn

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December 21, 2003

Of minimal interest

I managed to find my "50 things about me" post and put a link to it in my sidebar for any new readers who may be curious (or established readers who have poor memories...). Click on the cool mini banner that Jennifer made for me... (hint: it says "About me" under it ;)

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Various and Assorted

For those of you wondering if the exciter lamp was the correct one for our projector, the answer is yes! Yay! Unfortunately, my Assistant Manager, henceforth known as Ass. Man., managed to destroy the socket into which the lamp must be placed while he was attempting to remove the remains of the lamp he broke off yesterday....Expensive Projector Technician therefore had to be called to repair the damage that Ass. Man. wrought. Fortunately, we were up and running again by the 5 o'clock show. Of course, we lost the Saturday matinees...

This is a picture of one of my nephews. He just earned a colored belt of some kind....


I think it was orange and Tae Kwan Do, but don't quote me one it....He looks a lot like me and his mom, my sister (except we're girls, we're older, and we never wear white after Labor Day...)

Tomorrow--or rather, today--is my noon-to-midnight, so of course there will be all kinds of excitement in the blogosphere that I will miss while trapped in the Technology Free Zone™...

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December 20, 2003

I think I'll go eat some worms

is what I felt like when I got home from work last night--no email, no comments, and a fresh new disaster at the theater! (I didn't wish for it, honest!). I was too stressed out to post, so I saved that lovely title for today.

Before I launch into the story of Friday Night Hell at the Movies, I want to point out a couple of new entries over at the New Blog Showcase...

First, another blogger weighs in on John Rhys-Davies with Someone in Hollywood is FOR Western Civilization? It makes a great companion read to Justin's The Politics of The Lord of the Rings.

I also got a chuckle out of Spam of the Week...

Anyway, business was pretty slow last night, either due to Christmas shopping or the fact it was spitting snow, making the roads slippery. Which, it turned out, was a good thing, since that meant we only had 81 angry customers when we lost the sound in the small theater...

This time, the malfunction was the work of a human agent, not a supernatural one--yes, my lovely and talented Assistant Manager BROKE THE FREAKING EXCITER LAMP. The exciter lamp is a little light bulb that enables the projecter to read the sound strip on 35mm film.

Why is it that men (yes, I'm generalizing, get over it!) seem to think that brute force is the universal answer to mechanical malfunction? Especially when there was no mechanical malfuntion until they got involved? To wit: most movie projectors are "programmed" by the use of "cue tape" (little strips of sticky-backed aluminium-like tape that are attached to the film and trip various functions of a projection system, such as turning on the lights in the theater at the end of a movie). Cue tape can turn on the lights halfway, and later turn them on the rest of the way. Needless to say, cue tape does not work properly on our projectors, relicts of the early seventies when reel switch-overs were done manually, and since jerry-rigged to work with the more modern platter system.

So, as the five o'clock show was ending, my Ass. Manager noticed that there was no sound over the end credits. He rushed upstairs, not realizing that there was cue tape he had failed to remove when he made up* the movie (and one of the things cue tape can do is turn the sound off on a film) and started poking and prodding and wiggling projector parts, and broke off the exciter lamp. No exciter lamp, no sound. No sound, no movie. Did he tell me? No. Not until we had been selling tickets for half an hour. So, five minutes before show time, we are tearing the projection booth apart looking for a spare exciter lamp. No dice. I call our Projector Technician. All theaters keep a spare exciter lamp, he says. Look more. We look more. None to be found. I call the owner. ALL THEATERS HAVE A SPARE EXCITER LAMP, he says. LOOK MORE. Auugghhhhhh!!!! We don't have a spare freakin exciter lamp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Show cancelled. Nine o'clock show cancelled. The owner finds a spare bulb at one of his other theaters. Ass. Manager must drive to Ohio early this morning to pick it up (serves him right, too! Sassafrassenrassen...).

In a little while I will call the theater and find out if the new lamp fits. If it doesn't, we're out one whole theater (of two!!!) until Monday at least. Oh, joy.

*movies still arrive at the theater on 5 to 10 reels (depending on the length of the film), which are spliced together to make one big reel for exhibiting, and then taken apart again for shipping back to the studios.

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December 19, 2003

Countdown to terror....

My work week begins shortly. Happy, happy! Joy, joy! My next day off will be Christmas Day, and then the next one after that sometime next year. My next semester's classes start January 5th, and I signed up for two--I think I must be nuts. I still have time to drop one, and since I haven't ponyed up the hundred plus bucks per textbook yet, I may...although that does drag out the educational experience. Tough call. I need to decide soon because of the book thing...

I still haven't gotten around to re-doing my blogroll, and I've been toying with the idea of an "about me" page. (No, Harvey, there will not be pictures of braless blogging!).

I accidently read some news yesterday; I have to be more careful in the future (that sounds like a New Year's Resolution if I ever heard one).

Have a great day, Gentle Readers! I may be back much later....

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Fruitcake Follies

Thanks to the Gray Monk I found Holiday Eating Tips from Cynical Cyn. Now this is advice I can take to heart! For example:

1. About those carrot sticks. Avoid them. Anyone who puts carrots on a holiday buffet table knows nothing of the Christmas spirit. In fact, if you see carrots, leave immediately. Go next door, where they're serving rum balls.

Read the rest here...

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Watch out for the raccoons...

Usually when I add someone to the blogroll I don't make too big a deal out of it. After all, dragging out the flamethrower, suiting up in the critter-proof hazmat ensemble and heading into the murky depths of the template to add a link is enough of a chore without blogging about it. However, today I am announcing an addition to my blogroll: The Gray Monk. I don't know how the monk stumbled upon my blog (obviously he took a wrong turn somewhere) but he posted some kind words and a trackback and naturally I had to check him out.
Ladies and Gentlemen, this post is hilarious! Who knew Science could be so drink-alertish? Read. Enjoy. You can all thank me later...

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December 18, 2003


Silver Blue has the BEST pictures!!!! Drink Alert!!

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Sick Of Sickened by SOB

In a tragic web-surfing accident, I unfortunately ended up at a blog o' dreck called Sick of Bush. I had clicked though from a teaser link at the LoL's blog, proporting to take one to heinous Republican campaign hijinks: " In a truely [sic] nasty ad, the Bush administration through what will surely be one of many ugly surrogates, has released the 2004 campaign's first major negative campaign message. " I eventually found the post, which says

A truly ugly TV ad directed against Howard Dean has a voice-over behind a picture of the Time magazine cover of Osama bin Laden, proclaiming that there are "those" who want to destroy America, but that Howard Dean has "no military or foreign policy experience. It's time for Democrats to think about Dean's inexperience."
Funny how the truth is an "ugly" "negative" campaign ad! Of course, none of the Democratic candidates or their supporters have said a single unflattering, untruthful thing about the President, now have they? All their campaign rhetoric and advertisements (see Crap Weasel) have been positive iterations of their positions on important issues...
But I digress..
What truly appalled me was this SOB's contention that the REAL reason that there was no "real" investigation of the assassination attempt against President Reagan by John Hinkley jr was because--wait for it--Hinkley was a "family friend" of the Bushes, "(which was NOT widely publicized even though widely known by newsmen)" SOB says.

Good gracious! What is SOB implying here???? That the Bush family was complicit in the assassination attempt? I must be making inferences he never intended, by taking his words out of context!!! So let's look at the whole post, shall we? [bold emphases mine]

Bush vs Presidential Safety
Today Bush family friend John Hinckley was granted the right to unsupervised visits with family outside St. Elizabeth's hospital where he has been confined ever since attempting to assassinate President Reagan more than two decades ago. The real story here is that no one in the mainstream press has ever tried to tell the "real story" here.

Amazing, isn't it? We see so little of what is right in front of our faces because it just doesn't fit the story the mainstream wants to hear. Consider this - there was never a real investigation of the attempted assassination of Reagan. It was stopped by Bush Senior - because there was no need. After all, it was clear that it was just the work of one lonely, demented individual - who just happened to be a friend of the Bush family (which was NOT widely publicized even though widely known by newsmen).
# posted by SOB @ 8:50 PM

Huh. Somebody help me out--was there ever a "real" investigation of Squeaky Fromme? Was she a family friend of Nelson Rockefeller perhaps? Could SOB provide me with some links, or even references to some documentation, backing up his allegations that John Hinkley was a Bush "family friend"? Or did the men in black helicopters perhaps shred all the evidence and silence the reporters? (I can certainly see how Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward would have sat on this kind of journalistic common knowledge--they were just Republican puppets, after all!) Journalists are so easily intimidated by the government, you know...

I suspect that SOB has been off his meds for just a little too long, because, even if there was any "evidence" of this connection that survived the massive government and major news media (who all love the President so much!) conspiracy to suppress it, it would likely fall into the realm of Hinkley-once-toured-the-White House-while-Vice President George Bush-was-in-a-Cabinet Meeting anecdotes....

But even though I have pity for under-medicated mentally challenged bloggers such as SOB (his condition being NOT widely publicized even though widely known by members of the VRWC), I am very sickened by his innuendos, and hope he soon resumes his regular course of treatment....

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A kitten amongst the sparrows

Because it's Wednesday (or was, just a bit ago) I stopped over at the New Blog Showcase to check out this week's offerings to the Gods of Suck (oh, wait--that's Bonfire of the Vanities, my bad)--er, this week's entrants, and there are only four so far. Interestingly enough, all three entries in the political category are newbie Alliance members (the ink's still wet on the loyalty oath for two of them!).

First up we have the adorable (gives Daniel a run for his money in the cutie-pie department) Dan K O'Leary with Bush, Saddam and Howard Dean. Apparently the mention of the Amazing Howard in the title caused an influx of lefties, two of whom left comments attempting to edjumicate poor Dan...
[Update: Dan fires back! Nice barrage!]

Next is Justin with The Politics of the Lord of the Rings. This was a very good post! Nice job, Justin!

The third is Son Shade's entry, not a political entry at all, and overloaded with language that makes the Emperor look mealy-mouthed...I really didn't "get" this post, except as an illustration that taking drugs makes you stupid, and blogging about it makes you look even stupider. I suspect this post will appeal strongly to the hippies of the LoL and PC Coalition (Muhahaha...). However, because I think Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is one of the funniest movies ever made (and because he joined the Alliance) I gave him a pity link....

Aside: As you may recall, one of the leading vote-getters in last week's Showcase was disqualified for not linking to three other posts. I suspect that, because of the way their blogs are set up, both Dan and Son Shade are going to have problems with their votes registering. I recommend to both of these two that they post their New Blog Showcase votes in their blogroll to make sure they get counted...

Update: There is now a political entry from the PC Coalition! I'll let you find "In Praise of Taxes" on your own...

Update part deux: Another political entry Howard Dean's Point. You must read this, even if you only look at the pictures! The man looks like he could really use some ex-lax....

I couldn't easily find the post in the non-political category, the permalinks being bogsplotted, but the blub was pretty long. It was kind of boring...

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December 17, 2003

Well, I survived... foray into the craziness of Christmas shopping, and the checkbook actually succumbed before the back did. Yay! I think a short nap, followed by a marathon gift-wrapping session (requisite Mannheim Steamroller Christmas CDs played just slightly louder than really necessary and a steaming mug of hot cocoa to hand) is on tonight's program.

I'll probably be typing more to myself later....

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Saturday Morning Musings

Another day of nothing to blog about--well, plenty of things to talk about, but nothing of interest to anyone other than myself. However (whine alert!!!), judging by the comments (read comments, lack of, page 42, paragraph 3, of the Blogger's Emergency Manual) I'm the only one who reads this anyway, so what the heck...

I'm going to be an aunt again!!! Yay!!!! I had been firmly convinced that my next opportunity to shop for adorable little newborn gowns and cute stuffed plush elephant rattles was going to be when the honorific of "Great Aunt Susie" was bestowed upon me by one of my (hopefully already post-high school) nieces or nephew. Imagine my surprise and delight to discover yesterday that one of my sisters has decided she's tired of waiting for said nieces (or nephew) to provide the requisite baby-shopping excuse and take care of it herself. Yay! I forsee a Discovery Toys© Party in the future...

Scrooge The owner of the theater has decided that the last show on Christmas Eve will start at 3pm, and the first show on Christmas Day will start at 7pm. "Yay!" again! Of course, since I won't get another day off until sometime next year because school is out until after New Year's, I'll probably crawl back under the covers after I have checked out Santa's offerings on Christmas morning and sleep until I have to go to work on the first day of Christmas.

Now the toilet in the other men's rest room is possessed! Last night (after "normal" business hours, of course) it decided to go into permanent flush mode. The employees had fun dropping things into it and watching them disappear. I put a stop to it when they got to wadded-up paper-towel balls the size of a snowglobe--we have enough plumbing problems without blocking up the sewer....I left my Assistant a note to call a plumber (Muh ha ha ha !)

As Pixy Misa said about the most recent oil shortage, this was a "repeat". Lately all my work disasters seem to be replays of prior disasters (we had two brain-wraps in three days' time last week, the first in months) which is why I haven't blogged about them. But there's a sort of Catch-22 here--as tedious as it is to keep having to deal with the same problems over and over, it would be foolhardy to wish for new and more exciting disasters just for blogfodder.

I have to finish up my Christmas shopping today (or tomorrow) since these are my last two days off until Christmas. It'll be a race to see which gives out first--my back or my checking account!

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December 16, 2003

A Little Link Love Note

Yay! It's Friday! Yay! And, because here in Indiana we have psychotic weather (state motto: if you don't like the weather, wait a minute) it's 40° and raining...

I want to thank all the Alliance members who voted in the New Blog Showcase this week, particularly those who haven't been regular voters up 'til now. Also I want to thank my blog buddies, Matt, Harvey, Frank and the Emperor...(although the latter two have added some gray to my lusterous dark brown hair with their tendency to wait until the last minute!!)

Here's a list of the good guys and gals:

Anti-Idiotarian Rotweiler (537 links) - 4135 visits/day V
Flying Chair (174 links) - 3332 visits/day V
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Thanks, all!

Posted by Susie at 09:23 AM | Comments (2)

December 15, 2003

Kvetching up

It's just not fair!!!! It's really not. Everything happens in the blogosphere as soon as I leave for work Sunday morning, and by the time I get home Sunday night (or rather, Monday morning) there's so much to catch up on reading-wise, I don't even get to blog about it--or even finish reading all the links I want to explore--before I'm nodding off...

And now I've got you Monday morning early birds to deal with, too! Like Jim's Bestofme Symphony.

What do I recall from yesterday? Consent of the Governed is open for business. The King of the Blogs has its three finalists. They are Blather Review, Clarity Amidst Chaos and Vigilance Matters.
Madfish Willie has the next Tales from the Champagne Room up. Silver Blue's interview is up at Jennifer's.

So far I'm the only one who has hit Simon's tip jar for the "Buy Pixy Misa a Beer Because He's the Greatest Landlord in the Blogosphere Fund". Anyone who enjoys any of the munu blogs should kick in a couple of bucks out of gratitude that your favorite reads aren't still on bogsplot! The paypal button is on Simon's main page here.

Harvey must have nothing better to do on Sundays than post...and post...and post some more....

Well, there was more I stumbled across last night, including something about Saddam Hussien being in the news for some reason, but I have to email Jennifer my questions for Trey Given's interview. I think I'll ask him if he's really a lesbian, or if he just plays one on TV....

Bad news this morning--crap won the new blog showcase, and Liberal Crap won the sponsorship. I'm really really tired of playing this game. I do and I do and I do for you kids, and this is the thanks I get???

Posted by Susie at 10:08 AM | Comments (4)

December 14, 2003

Sort of stream of consciousness

Only 10 days til Christmas--I think. I lose track of these things sometimes. Probably almost too late to do any Christmas shopping online unless you can afford express or overnight shipping. I am running a little behind this year. At least the tree is up and decorated, and the lights up outside. I paid one of my nieces to help me (she would've helped for free, but I used it as an excuse to give her money). Unfortunately I did something to my back while stretching to get the angel on top of the tree and I'm walking a little crooked this morning....
We got a dusting of powdery snow last night, and as I was driving home from work on slippery roads around midnight I wondered what humans were thinking of when they settled north of the Tropic of Cancer (or South of the Tropic of Capricorn for that matter). It was 19° (that's around -7° for you, Pixy) with some horribly cold wind chill factor. And to think I loved winter when I was a kid....
It's my long day at work again, noon to midnight. Work really cuts into a person's free time! In years past I have found time to bake cookies, paint ceramic Christmas ornaments as gifts and even attend the annual family gingerbread-house-making-party. This year I've been lucky to get the tree up!

I need more coffee now.....

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December 13, 2003

Just my speed about now....

Thanks, Pixy!

Posted by Susie at 05:20 AM | Comments (2)

Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye!

My long-time blog friend Norbizness is having a caption contest!

(What's the big deal, I hear you muttering, everybody has caption contests! Ah, but--this one has real prizes!!!!)

Go here and be witty!

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December 12, 2003

Apropos of not much

There seems to be a common misconception that the 12 Days of Christmas lead up to Christmas. Actually, December 26th is the First Day of Christmas, and the 12th Day of Christmas is January 6th, the Feast of the Three Kings.

Jim's begging for soliciting entries for the next Bestofme Symphony. If you can't find an old post of your own that you like, dig around in a friend's archives (that's what I did...)

LeeAnn's interview is up at Jen's! Hurray!

One meets the best people in the comments! I'm going to blogroll Robert as soon as I finish this post and wiggle into my template-spelunking gear...


Gotta love Bill. Even when he's got something, he's got nothing:

Well, that was me blogging about Tiger blogging about Buzz blogging about toilet paper. I hope you've enjoyed it. Stay tuned for my next post where Alice interviews my penis about the current economic "growth" and other sexual innuendos.

Tiger, founder of USURP, asks that all members link to this post.

The Bartender needs suggestive dirty adult-oriented posts for this week's Tales from the Champagne Room... Help him out, folks--I'm getting tired of seeing 40 posts from Harvey every week....

As a reminder, this is my Monday and I have an adventure-filled workweekend ahead. Pray for me. Thanks.

Posted by Susie at 11:14 AM | Comments (4)

December 11, 2003

From the email-jokes file....

Why Men Are Just Happier People:

Your last name stays put.

The garage is all yours.

Wedding plans take care of themselves.

Chocolate is just another snack.

You can be president.

You can wear a white T-shirt to a water park.

Car mechanics tell you the truth.

The world is your urinal.

Same work, more pay.

Wrinkles add character.

Wedding dress - $5000; tux rental - $100.

People never stare at your chest when you're talking to them.

The occasional well-rendered belch is practically expected.

One mood, ALL the time.

Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat.

You know stuff about tanks.

A five-day vacation requires only one suitcase.

You get extra credit for the slightest act of thoughtfulness.

Your underwear is $8.95 for a three-pack.

Three pairs of shoes are more than enough.

You almost never have strap problems in public.

You are unable to see wrinkles in your clothes.

The same hairstyle lasts for years, maybe decades.

You don't have to shave below your neck.

One wallet and one pair of shoes, one color, all seasons.

You can "do" your nails with a pocketknife.

You have freedom of choice concerning growing a mustache.

You can do Christmas shopping for 25 relatives, on December 24, in 45

So next time you wonder why the woman in your life is grumpy, review this list....

Posted by Susie at 09:02 PM | Comments (9)

Helping the Democrats

with Campaign Slogans... (although these are all so obvious I'm surprised they haven't thought of them themselves....)

Joe Lieberman: "It's not his fault he's a Joo..."
Dick Gephardt: "Our country needs a Dick like this."
John Kerry: "F*ck yes, he was in f*cking Vietnam! So f*cking vote for him!"
Carol Mosley Braun: "She's a woman. Honest."
Wesley Clark: "He may have been in the military, but he never really liked it."
Dennis Kucinich:"It's time we had a Crap Weasel in office..."
Al Sharpton:"He's taking us to the party!!!!"
Howard Dean:""Al Gore loves me! He really loves me!"
John Edwards:"No, he didn't used to host a game show."

And least but last, Hilary Clinton:"She's a woman (we think...)".

Posted by Susie at 12:52 PM | Comments (5)

More good stuff...

...over at the New Blog Showcase today! First recommendation is "The Iraq war will be a success" at anti anti-war, and the next is Iraq contracts at Locke, or Demosthenes?. The latter doesn't seem to have permalinks, so it's the December 11th post.

Posted by Susie at 12:42 PM | Comments (1)

A little known filthy lie fact

Back in the day, when he first started blogging, the Puppy Blender allowed comments on his blog. Then came the comment that changed him forever, a response to this post...

u r such a windbag u gassbag u make me sick the way u go on an on the hole time about shut u dont no nothin about anyways whoo cares what u think u just yammer n yammmer mister no-itall

Appalled and embarrassed that anyone with such poor grammatical skills was actually reading his blog, and desperate to conceal the fact, he disabled comments on all future posts....which, oddly enough, became much shorter and to the point....

Posted by Susie at 10:06 AM | Comments (1)

Attempted pongage

Hmmm... whom do I owe? Daniel? The Barkeep? Those ought to be sufficient for my experiment.....


Well, this experiment is not going to work, because it thinks the pings didn't go through, when they actually did!

Sorry guys--you're getting pongged after all!!!


Curious--Daniel was pongged, The Barkeep wasn't!!! (the trackbacks are still showing as not having gone through, so there is no way I can manually prevent them--let's see what happens on the next attempt....)

A hush falls over the crowd


Failure!!!!!! Pongs everywhere!!!! Drat and double drat!!!!

Ah hah! A ping went through!!! Let's see if it pongs......

Yes, it pongged.... Now I will click previous pings sent, and it shouldn't send another trackback (although it's too late for Daniel and the Barkeep...Muh ha ha ha.....)

Experiments have proved conclusively that installation of the Anti-pong is 100% as effective as not having installed it!!!

Science is hard.

Okay, rumor has it the problem is sol-ved.... We'll see....

Posted by Susie at 12:47 AM | Comments (3)

December 10, 2003

Banned!, whose email address is, you have been found guilty of comment spamming and are hereby sentenced to roast in a Hell designed especially for you by J Fielek of Quibbles and Bits. There will be no appeal.

P.S. Dennis Kucinich is a crap weasel.

Posted by Susie at 08:10 PM | Comments (11)

More New Blog Showcase votes and other stuff that fell out of my head and onto the keyboard

Thanks to the hunky scrumptious brilliant DF Moore, I found another New Blog Showcase entry that is well worth reading: Cheating and the Academic Transaction at In the Shadow of Mt. Hollywood(bogsplot--December 8th post). It's in the non-political category, as is another entry from MOZHET BEET. Unfortunately, the latter blogger picked a poor post to enter...had the author chosen November 24th or November 25th's post, I certain would have voted for it....

In other news, Ted's interview is up at Jennifer's, The Bonfire is roaring mightily, and Silver Blue posted one of the most terrifying pictures I've ever seen (that was not of Hillary Clinton).

Meanwhile, James over at VRWC has an essay that gave me shivers.

The ideal that all men are created equal. The ideal that we are all free to our own lives. I don't dwell on past wrongs; instead I focus on future rights. I know that it was the American flag that flew over the slave ships. I know the American flag was the one carried by the mounted cavalry on their quest to slaughter Indians who interfered with the building of railroads.

But I also know that it was the American flag that stood defiantly on the ridge overlooking Yorktown. The American flag was the one that was raised over the Jewish concentration camps after we'd pushed the Germans back and began to give medical attention and funerals to the slaughtered. And in case you forgot, it was also the American flag that was stitched to each soldiers arm as they took Baghdad.

Superlatives elude me. Go read it and you'll see what I mean...

Posted by Susie at 07:43 PM | Comments (2)

If I ran the UN....

there are several resolutions I would force through.

The first and most paramount would be the requirement that all male delegates wear a kilt to the General Assembly. (Togas may be worn in lieu of kilts for extra special votes).

I would also realign the "regional groupings," taking The U.S., Canada, Turkey and Australia out of the "Western European" grouping. Then I would appoint mapchic to teach the U.N. some geography....

I would also kick Cuba and China and Saudi Arabia off the Human Rights Kommission until their governments could say "Human" and "Rights" together without giggling uncontrollably.

Oh, and any country with the words "Democratic People's Republic of" in its name would be nuked given a time out to consider the inaccuracy of their nomenclature...

Posted by Susie at 01:14 PM | Comments (4)

A blogger's work is never done

Fifteen more pongs deleted...I wish there was a market for these things--I'd clean up!

UPDATE: I have a new friend that wants to make me rich!!!!! You can email him here:

and don't forget my other friends:

I'm sure they would love to hear from you.....

Another Update: This one says he's Nigerian, and the pot is $25 million:

Yet another--everyone wants to make me a millionaire!!!

Posted by Susie at 12:34 PM | Comments (1)

Assorted Odds and No Ends

So much to ramble on about, so much time to do it in...except I need to fling lights and decorations on my Saturnalia Festival tree (Burger King is selling Holiday ornaments. Holiday!!!!! Is the very word Christmas so offensive to people these days? Sheesh...) and scamper up a ladder to drape lights off my gutters at some point, as well as festoon the living room with bows and banners and tealight houses. Most of the neighbors have had their lights up since Thanksgiving, so I look rather Scroogie.

In other news, Nigerian spam has finally come to my blog email addy.


Mr. Daniel Makoni
P. O. Box 32, Shaka,
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

Dear Sir/Madam
You may be surprised to receive this letter from me
since you do not know me personally. For the purpose
of introduction, I am Mr. Daniel Makoni, the son of
Dr. Kabilo Makoni, a wealthy farmer/politician in
Zimbabwe who was recently murdered in the land dispute
in my country.

It sounds like a terrific deal, so if you want to take him up on it his email addres is

And exhibit 2:

Mr. Creek Banjul
Contract Award Monitoring Committee
Offshore Payment Office.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

I am interested in your partnership in a business transaction. This business
proposal I wish to intimate you of will be of mutual benefit to the both of us
and its success is entirely based on mutual trust, cooperation and a high level
of confidentiality.

I am representing the board of the contract award and monitoring committee of
the Zambian Ministry of Mining and Resources, Offshore Payment Office
Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I am seeking your assistance to enable me transfer
the sum of US$30,500,000.00 (Thirty Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States
Dollars) into your private/company account.

If you think this one's a better deal, write to him at

I know, it would be a darn shame if spambots picked up those email addresses, wouldn't it? But these offers are just too great to keep to myself....

You got those addresses, right?
Don't want any of my friends to miss a chance to be millionaires....

Posted by Susie at 10:25 AM | Comments (11)

Lacking a Good Post Title

A few more Showcase entries this morning. The one I found most interesting was "Sigh" from ECHIDNE OF THE SNAKES....It's the December 4th entry (bogsplot--nuff said). I think it was mis-categorized, though. I would have put it in the non-political category.

Not to worry, Rod. Staying at home isn't all that you cracked it up to be. For one thing, household chores consist of vastly more stuff than taking out the garbage/rubbish; the only chore you mentioned. Especially when small children are involved. ( I have a personal plea to insert here: If any woman in the U.K. is actually doing Rod's chores for him, could she please stop for six months? Just completely stop? Thank you. Then ask him to rewrite this article.) For another, staying at home with small children can be mind-dumbingly boring for some personalities.

Go read. Good stuff.

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December 09, 2003

It's early, but....

There are two entires to the New Blog Showcase so far for this week. One is from the aptly named "It's Craptastic!" Don't bother reading the entry unless you have really low blood pressure.
The other one, "Israel's Sammy Davis Jr?" was an interesting and enjoyable post that I recommend.

Posted by Susie at 12:44 PM | Comments (2)

Most Egregious Blog...

Has to be Pixy Misa of Ambient Irony!!!!! (Sorry, Jen, sorry Jim, sorry Heather, sorry Daniel and Captain Ed and Jon...)

Please all vote for Ambient Irony in the Most Egregious Omission category at the Weblog Awards! Tell 'em Susie sent you!

Posted by Susie at 11:06 AM | Comments (5)

If only....

I had a really horrible day at work today. I call do-over.

Posted by Susie at 01:29 AM | Comments (5)

December 08, 2003

Is God punishing me for prior pongage?

Six more duplicate pings just came in--after I just deleted 12. AUUUUUGH!!!!!!!! I am on my way out the door to go to work, so clean up will have to wait 'til I get home.....


Posted by Susie at 01:46 PM | Comments (2)

Night of a Thousand Pongs....

Not only was yesterday an exceedingly long day at work, it was an exceedingly annoying one as well. It wasn't a Day from Hell, precisely, but it was full of enough little annoyances that I'd really rather have had just one big one--like Nuclear Winter.

The kids were bickering like Santa had brought one a bike and another a pogo stick. The owner dropped in unexpectedly. And for dessert, I caught one of my employees stealing. Happy happy, joy joy.

By the time I got home last night I was too tired to do anything more than a little blog surfing, and left until today the pong cleanup and link love...
Speaking of pongs--is it an MT thing, or just that munu is slow acknowledging pings? Or is it operator error (forgetting to look at "previous pings sent" before republishing)? I think I deleted 12 duplicate pings today. Not that I haven't been guilty of ponging myself! I just need to kvetch a little....

Link love to my blog buddies for voting in the New Blog Showcase--thanks Frank, Misha, Blackfive and Harvey! Thanks also to my blog-sib Tuning Spork, and to Silver Blue (because I can, and because he's looking for a witty new tagline. Not that any of your suggestions could possibly be better than mine! )....

Ok, time to go read all the stuff you guys wrote while I was working and sleeping.....

Posted by Susie at 10:57 AM | Comments (0)

December 07, 2003

A Special Request from the Hostess

OK, it's my long day at work, so I'll be leaving shortly and won't be back until midnight. Thus, I have a favor to ask of any Alliance members reading this today.
#1 post your new blog showcase vote
#2 go here and find yourself on the Alliance roster. Check to see if the two blogs above you and the the two listed below you have voted. If they haven't, please leave them a comment or email them a reminder to vote.
#3 if your team's not playing today, you can check out this list and harrass remind Alliance members who don't have a red "V" behind their names to vote in the New Blog Showcase.
I'm really really tired of losing to the liberal lamos ....

Posted by Susie at 10:10 AM | Comments (0)

I'd like to thank the Academy

Hurray!!!! I just found out that I'm nominated in the Large Mammary Mammal category over at Wizbang's Weblog Awards! Yay!

Now, y'all go vote, you hear? (But if you vote for Ith or Tiger or glenn or Norbizness or Nick or somebody else, I'll understand...I may never forgive you, but I'll understand ;)

Posted by Susie at 01:03 AM | Comments (7)

December 06, 2003

Season's Greetings

Like most of the Eastern part of the country, we got snow. Well, actually it was "snow." The temperature seemed to careen back and forth between 31° and 33° so what we got was more of a snush--heavy, wet snow that became slush the minute it hit the ground. There would have been 4" of snush on my car when I left for work yesterday, but most of it slid off (so there was an 8" ring of snush encircling it).

The artificial plastic evergreen has been dragged out of the shed and de-spidered, and the boxes of decorations retreived from the attic, so Christmas is a "go" this year--at least, it will be if I manage to find the time to get the two together in the same place.....

Posted by Susie at 10:36 AM | Comments (2)

December 05, 2003

Better Late than Never

I happened to check the New Blog Showcase and there are a several new entries. Although a couple blurbs caught my eye, the posts themselves weren't compelling enough to get me to post--until I stumbled across this one...
Go visit dogtulosba, it was interesting!

Posted by Susie at 10:05 PM | Comments (3)

Except for the mustache....

Thanks to LeeAnn (still the queen of cool quizzes):

Which John Cusack Are You?

Posted by Susie at 09:09 PM | Comments (0)

Make Google our Friend

Miserable Failure

An Englishman's Castle <--- Blackfive

Update: From Nathan via Ith we have a competing Miserable Failure!

Posted by Susie at 12:47 PM | Comments (4)

In the Christmas Mood...

Thanks to King of Fools I found this quiz:

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
You are 'Hark! The Herald Angels Sing'. You take
Christmas very seriously. For you, it is a
religious festival, celebrating the birth of
the Saviour, and its current secularisation
really irritates you. You enjoy the period of
Advent leading up to Christmas, and attend any
local carol services you can find, as well as
the more contemplative Advent church services
each Sunday. You may be involved in Christmas
food collections or similar charity work. The
midnight service at your church, with candles
and carols, is one you look forward to all
year, and you also look forward to the family
get together on Christmas Day.

What Christmas Carol are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

This is actually my second favorite Christmas Carol, but my favorite, Angels We Have Heard On High, wasn't one of the answers....

Posted by Susie at 01:52 AM | Comments (1)


Now that I have your attention, I want to promote Dana's new organization, Bloggers with Boobies. Membership is open to any blogger of the female gender; all you have to do is put the logo on your site and email Dana that you are proud of your assets!


Since boobies are also of interest to the male gender, Harvey has founded an auxiliary called Supporters of Bloggers with Boobies. They have a logo, too:


Support the Boobies!!!!

Posted by Susie at 01:18 AM | Comments (5)

Now what's going on here?

Seems the boys at BigStick are playing with their blog decor....can't say I like the new look, fellas....the blue is much prettier....

Posted by Susie at 01:00 AM | Comments (1)

December 04, 2003


Evil Commie Thoughtful Fellow Blogger The Commissar has honed his cartography skills even further with this map of Munuvia...

As Spiritual Leader of Munuviana, I formally thank the repulsive generous Commissar for his efforts at chronicling our Glorious Revolution....

Posted by Susie at 10:40 AM | Comments (2)

December 03, 2003

If I were a South Park character....

southpark susie.jpg

Created here, thanks to Blown Fuse.

Posted by Susie at 09:15 PM | Comments (10)

New Blog Showcase Vote Time

This deconstruction of Al Franken was interesting. Also interesting is the fact that this week is chock-full of non-political entries, and only two political ones, in stark contrast to the last couple of weeks. I enjoyed this one and this one.

Posted by Susie at 08:43 PM | Comments (2)

At long last!!!!!

Everyone's favorite commentor, Mike the Marine, finally has his own blog!!!! Everyone stop by there and tell him "Yay!" (the traditional Munuvian welcome).

Posted by Susie at 08:04 PM | Comments (1)

Five is right out!

Well, I had hoped to have finished my homework by this time, but (surprise, surprise!) I took a nap instead. When I woke up I went to the grocery for coffee and ended up spending a gazillion dollars because I was hungry. Never step foot in a grocery store hungry. Honest to Pete, did I really need a box of Stove Top Stuffing just because it was only 99 cents? No, of course not. But it was on sale!!!! And now next time I need a box of Stove Top Stuffing (next Thanksgiving?) I won't have to pay $1.49 for it.... Had I not been hungry that logic wouldn't have persuaded me to part with a dollar for something that will sit in my cabinet until the next Post Office food drive for the soup kitchen or I need something to crush to make bread crumbs, whichever comes first....

I missed the deadline for the current Alliance Assignment, but I just wasn't feeling creative, especially having read some of the other offerings... In fact, I can't even think of a lame excuse to offer if the muse whacks me upside the head in the next couple days....

I'm seriously considering entering the Dead Pool. It seems like nice, morbid fun. Only do I pick 15 celebs I think might die, or I would like to die? Tough choice. Plus I have to find out the birthdates for all my picks, which means research! I already have un-researched research hanging over my head for school! Maybe I could just make up some birthdates and hope nobody checks.....

Posted by Susie at 06:42 PM | Comments (2)

...three shall be the number...

I'm playing catch up again, since the Blogosphere continues on without me whilst I am trapped in the dreaded Technology Free Zone™...

The Bonfire is here to warm us as the weather turns colder...

Jim of Snoozebutton Dreams has started a Carnival/Showcase Thingie...It's called The Bestofme Symphony, and all you have to do is dig through your archives to find an old post (minimum age two months) you think was really good and email the url to him by midnight Sunday (Eastern time). You can also email other people's old goodies, too!

Kevin is sorting out the nominations for his Weblog Awards... So far, a few of the categories have official nominees.

There was more stuff I wanted to post, but I ran out of coffee and only had enough to brew one cup this morning! Therefore my brain is not functioning properly, as well as being all cloudy....luckily this is the start of my weekend, so--to be continued....

Posted by Susie at 11:54 AM | Comments (5)

December 02, 2003

Assorted remarks

The Brain Cloud continues. I suspect it is the harbinger of a cold or sinus infection. Lovely.

I read a lot of interesting stuff this morning. Frank was funny. Bill was funny. Paul was funny. Pixy Misa was funny. Paul pointed me to Ted's 100 interesting things. Harvey hasn't posted yet today. Silver Blue has posted a lot. I need to do my Alliance assignment. I need to do my real-life school assignments. I read Atilla Girl. I followed a link to Instapundit. I checked out the Commissar's map and Pixy's correct--Munuvia isn't on it.

As soon as I finish my coffee I have to go to the hospital and visit my dad, who fell and "sustained multiple rib fractures" and had to have 9 stitches in a gash on his head. I'm still traumatized from the last time he was in the hospital (for a skin transplant for burns) when I was a teenager. It's unnerving for a daughter to see her daddy--historical champion, storied righter-of-wrongs and expert boo-boo bandager--brought low by the dehumanizing machinery of the health care industry...

I'll try and add the links to this when I get back.

UPDATE: Dad's got lots of good drugs being pumped through his system, but he looks like Mike Tyson used him for sparring practice. Remind me to do a post on why I hate hospitals....

Posted by Susie at 11:29 AM | Comments (7)

Mea Maxima Culpa

So many things to appologize for!

I forgot to link to The Bubble, the latest great story over at Quibbles and Bits. And as long as you're there, check out what happens to Michael Moore in Hell...

I also ruffled a few feathers with my observations about voting in the New Blog Showcase. Sigh... I'm sorry if I made things more difficult for you, Dear NZ Bear... Please forgive me!

And I must apologize to my readers thank the Commissar for the great honor he has done me by including me on his map! It's with true abhorance affection I say to him, "Die, commie scum, die!!!" "That's so sweet!".

And in case anyone missed it, Kevin's Blog Awards are rolling right along. I nominated a lot of my friends--I hope some of them make the cut! (and in case they don't I apologize in advance for getting their hopes up...). I also apologize for not nominating others I should have--it's all the fault of the Brain Cloud....

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December 01, 2003

Lame Post #12

I can't seem to wake up today. I had enough sleep, and two-and-a-half of my normal three cups of the Elixir of Life, but I'm still all foggy. I have Brain Cloud. Looking for the link to that I stumbled across the fact that there's a movie version of Battlestar Gallactica. They have a woman playing Starbuck! There goes any reason for me to make an effort to see it--I only watched it for Richard Hatch and Dirk Benedict....

It seems as if the LoL blogger who I said had 5 blogs actually had 10... and now this morning I noticed that several LoL blogs are getting their votes for the New Blog Showcase counted twice... I pointed this out to Bear in his comments so I hope he takes action before the contest is finalized...

Off to another fun day of irritating customers, angst-ridden teenaged employees, crotchety old bosses and on-its-last-legs-but-held-together-by-duct-tape-and-paperclips machinery...Oh, joy....

UPDATE: Lest anyone accuse me of accusing the LoL of cheating, the duplicate votes could well be the result of domain name changes not being handled expeditiously at the Ecosystem...

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Ping Tsunamette

Time to send your worst post of the week to Kevin (bonfire at wizbangblog dot com). I hope he has time to work on it with the 2003 Weblog Awards he's starting. There's already a controversary brewing and the nominations haven't even opened yet! It seems some bloggers are upset with the category "Best Looking Female Authored Large Mammals Blog". I suspect Harvey thought up this category, as he is a dedicated afficinado of Large Mammals. To be fair, though, I really think there needs to be a "Best Looking Male Maurading Marsupials Blog" category, just for balance.

Speaking of Harvey, I loved this graffitti currency caption....

From Jennifer I learned that there is a new controversy brewing with those guys at General Douchebaggery...One LoL member has five blogs and cross-wired his site meters to track every hit as counting toward all the blogs. He doesn't think he's done anything wrong, that makes it ok!

LeeAnn has come over to the dark side and installed Mozilla. Yay!

Silver Blue is always thinking of me!!!! (Harvey, I think you'll want to see this!)

Since everyone seems to be having blog contests, I've decided to start one of my own--The Grouchy Old Blogger contest. So far, the only contestants are Paul and Bill. Now I just have to decide which one of them is Walter Matthieu and which is Jack Lemon....

Here's a joke for both Tiger and the Commisar.

I haven't given Victor any link love lately, but that's partly because he hasn't been posting much. The Barkeep, on the other hand, always seems to have something new to read, like the latest issue of Tales from the Champagne Room...

And last but not least, a litlle link-love for my Alliance Blog Buddies who voted in the New Blog Showcase this week:

Thanks, Frank, Harvey and Blackfive! Sadly, The Emperor has ignored my humble pleas, so his link-love goes to Tuning Spork instead....

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