January 31, 2005

Pretty Is as Pretty Does

I really don't understand why people don't teach their children manners anymore. Last night two children came up to concessions for refills on their popcorn and soda, and tried to cut in front of some other customers who were waiting in line. The clerk told them he would be with them in a minute, as soon as he'd taken care of the people he was already waiting on. When he finished that order, the children were gone.

Fast forward: a woman came up to concessions and started yelling at the clerk for refusing to give her children refills. He explained they he hadn't refused, he'd just asked them to wait while he finished with the people who had been there ahead of them, and he would gladly give her their refills now. When she told him she had thrown away the bag and cup, he offered to get her some courtesy bags of popcorn. "I don't want anything from you!" she declared before stalking out.

What bothers me about this whole thing is that my clerk did nothing wrong here, and yet doubtless this woman is going to be proclaiming far and wide how we cheated her children out of their "free refills." And if she didn't want anything from him, who did she want something from?

This reminds me of another time when we were really busy and selling popcorn faster than we could pop it. A woman came out of one of the theaters with an empty popcorn bag and leaned against the side counter with it instead of getting in line behind the twenty or so people waiting for service. Since she was not wearing this tee-shirt we had no way of knowing that we were supposed to immediately drop everything and prioritize her need for seconds over everyone else's need for firsts. She was exceedingly annoyed that none of the clerks (who couldn't even see her back there behind them in the corner) rushed to serve her, and that I (who could see her from my vantage point) didn't clamber over the intervening bodies to wait on her.

I have to wonder if this is part and parcel of the tendency of certain people to believe that the service industry is some kind of lower class that doesn't deserve the common courtesy one would offer to someone of one's "own kind." Only if they are so accustomed to obsequious fawning and reverential fore-lock tugging, then what are they doing "slumming" at the dollar movies?

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January 30, 2005

Mouse flambé

The house my family lived in when we moved to Indiana was built in 1932, a brick Tudor with a lot of character and very few closets or electrical outlets. Every winter, the mice would come to frolic, and one particularly cold year we kept a tally on the fridge of how many had been caught by the cat, the dogs (two terriers--excellent mousers!), and the traps--and one by a neighbor boy who dropped the firplace screen on it.

The most successful trapping place was underneath the gas stove, on either side of the broiler drawer. One evening I recall my mom setting both those traps, and before she could sit down next to me at the kitchen table we heard "Snap!" ... "Snap!".

I was always afraid that a mouse that eluded the trap would catch fire when we were baking something and run back into the walls while still aflame, perhaps setting the house on fire.

Sometimes, imagination is not a good thing.

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January 29, 2005

Life in the fast lane

My DSL is back--Yay! I got my tax refund--Yay! I can pay for the new brake shoes on my car--Yay!

I have to go to work shortly--Not Yay.

Some days it's difficult to let the Yay!s outweigh the Not Yay!s...but since those are pretty good Yay!s, I'm going to give it a shot today.

As a reward for those of you who have read this far, let me direct you to someone who always has something interesting to say: Esther Wilberforce-Packard at Topic Drift. Strong Drink Alert in effect...

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Random Oddities

Ever been on hold waiting for a service tech because your DSL went out, and hear the message that you can report your outage online?

If I could get online, I wouldn't have anything to report. Sheesh.

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January 28, 2005

I could have used a herring

Thanks to Jim I had hours of fun here. To wit:



for you folks with the latest stuff....

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January 27, 2005

Circular Meandering Part Deux

(Part One here)

The essence of good communication is not only clarity on the part of the person attempting to make a point, but a willingness to try to understand on the part of the listener. Everyone is unclear in their communications at times. Everyone also misunderstands another at times as well.

Mis-communication is easier in the written format because there are no facial or verbal clues to aid comprehension--is this person angry? Being ironic? Pulling your leg? When reading, it is often best just to take the words at face value until you can determine if there is some nuance that you are missing.

Problems arise when one party to the communication is either unwilling or unable to attempt to understand what the other party means. It is sometimes difficult to determine which--unwillingness or inability--is at fault.

For example, imagine I said "Linda got really drunk at Joe's house last night, so I asked Ken to drive her home." If Joe said to me "Don't accuse me of having wild orgies!" is it because he is deliberately mis-characterizing my statement about Linda for whatever reason--paranoia, low self-esteem, the need to be the center of attention, whatever--or because he never diagrammed sentences in grade school to learn that the subject of the sentence is Linda? The actual location of Linda's overindulgence is not really that important, except if someone needs to know where the behavior took place (to go look for Linda's missing purse at Joe's house or in Ken's car, for instance).

When one is writing about a statement that someone else made, it is common to cite the location where the quote was found. This enables a reader to find the quote in context should they so desire. When blogging, citing another blog automatically sends a trackback to that blog (at least with MT anyway).

This brings me (finally) to my point. When I innocently followed the rambling trail of blog-reading reconstructed here it was merely out of curiousity to see why someone would call this blogger a S*#% Head. After reading what he wrote--a rambling, incoherent diatribe against imagined slights against him (see the trackback to that post)--in response to my post, I understand completely why he would be linked that way.

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January 26, 2005

Circular Maneuvering

While I want to respond to the response to this post (follow the trackback there if you need to, it's probably better if I don't ping him again) I'm not really sure which parts are directed at me and which at others in the trail that took me there. I think the following were directed at me:

You know, if you people want to be partisan hacks and support your buddies, that is all good. But try to get your facts right.
...call me a terrorist, accuse me of being ignorant of history (I read Shirer's the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, before I was 12 years old....) Whatever...
but I may be mistaken because the whole post rambled a bit. [Granted, blogging is not the pinnacle of literary composition, but back in the days when I was teaching college freshmen Comp 101 that particular essay would not have earned high marks for either clarity or style. But I was a tough grader.]

In my post I was remarking on the comments by an individual calling herself "Rogue," apparently short for "Rogue Angel." Rogue is the one I referred to as "an apologist for Islamofascism" because she said:

I think if people will read their history books, they will find that more have died in the name of Christianity than have died in the name of Islam.[Note: I suspect she is correct in that more Christians have been martyred for their religion over the centuries than Muslims have, but I also suspect that what she said is not what she meant, judging by the rest of the paragraph] Also, Christians were famous for conquering other lands and forcing the natural citizens to adhere to Christianity, whereas Islam did not do that. Christians have not only killed in the name of religion, they have tortured in the name of it as well. History well documents these facts. Christianity has even beheaded those that were found to be heretics.

The implication here, I think, is that she is saying that we can't condemn Muslim terrorists for beheading innocent civilians because of the Crusades or the Spanish Inquisition. But then she goes on

There is no religion that is sinless when it comes to these things. To judge all on the basis of some, and back in the ole days ... a whole hell of a lot, is ridiculous.
Hmmm...undermining her own argument....

But--back to responding to the response. There seems to be a basic lack of reading comprehension ability on the part of the site owner. How am I to take his referring to me as "you people"? His accusation that I am a "partisan hack"? And where in heaven's name did he come up with the notion that I was "supporting my buddies"? I do, of course, support my buddies (especially Pixy Misa, Our Munuvian Overlord!) but I don't recall any buddy-supporting in that post.

Dang! I have to go to work! Come back later for the Exciting Conclusion....

Later that night.....Auuugh!!!!!! Run! Run and hide! JadeGold has suddenly popped up in the comments of the post I was about to discuss!
I need to find my body armor before I continue....

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January 25, 2005

Long Live Revisionist History!

Following a trail of links which I may or may not reconstruct* I found this comment by an apologist for Islamofascim:

I think if people will read their history books... Christians were famous for conquering other lands and forcing the natural citizens to adhere to Christianity, whereas Islam did not do that.

I was going to point out to this individual that followers of Islam did indeed conquer other nations and convert the populace at sword-point, and if people would just watch movies, like El Cid, they would know that.**

But then I realized that someone who says things like "Pardon me, dickhead ... but I am a Centrist" and "...you have a bunch of ignorant, racist, intolerant, homophobic, warmongering, bigots over there who are proud to be Republican. :P" and "One day, maybe you people will quit being such shitheads" and "And, the last time I checked ... Bush is not Muslim yet he fits the definition of a terrorist" would not be interested in learning that their education had failed them in the area of historical accuracy.

However, I believe that the person in question has proved once and for all the veracity of my belief that the biggest flaw in liberals is their tendency to believe that they are moderates....

*may won...

last <← fourth <← third <←second <← first

**I was going to explain this for the humor-impaired, but to heck with 'em!

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If Munu were a movie

Pixy would have to be played by Bill Pullman....



Can't tell which is which, can you?

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January 24, 2005

Disclosure of Non-G(enerally) A(ccepted) A(ccounting) P(rinciples) Accounting Principles

The List has only been out two days, and already controversy swirls about. Charges of kickbacks, fraud and pandering to special interest groups abound. Dude. Sweet!

In the interests of assuaging bruised egos, it should be noted that the "favorite" twenty includes several that were included merely out of pity* rather than because they sent bribes I read them regularly. Of course, that meant I had to skip a few of the bigger blogging names [you know who you are] to toss those fellows a bone.

Next quarter I think I'll compose the list based less on who posts the most beefcake pictures for me how often I visit checking for fresh content and more on which blogs I actually enjoy reading...

*#13 and #20 are rather obvious, I'm afraid. But I bet you're surprised that #15 and #18 are pity links as well.

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January 23, 2005

Day of Restlessness

Linky Love for the Snubbed! Not that they were really snubbed, just that I didn't have time to do a Top 40 rather than Top 20 reading list. So, in support of the thesis that the squeaky wheel gets the oil:

Hold the Stephen and
Who Cares? Roger

Now I must go out into the elements and wend my way to the salt mines.

One nice thing about working at the salt mines---we miners get all we can eat at no charge. Too bad the water is $2 a bottle.....

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January 22, 2005

Stolen Meme

Via the Frankenmeister, I am stealing John Hawkins' idea of posting my top favorite blogs of the last three months. (Hey, I'm desperate for content! Pretend you care!)

Honorable Mention:
Matty O'Blackfive
Blathering Bob
Ramblings' Michael

20 Little Green Footballs
19 Ace of Spades HQ
18 INDC Journal
17 Llama Butchers
16 My Pet Jawa
15 Powerline
14 Rathergate
13 Evil "Instapundit" Glenn
12 Read My Tiger
11 Publius & Victor
10 Bloviating Bill
9 Sanity's Paul
8 Munuivana
7 Snooze Button Jim
6 History & Stuff's Jennifer
5 The Cheese Stands LeeAnn
4 Rocket Ted
3 Frank the Merciless
2 Ambient Pixy
1 Bad Harvey

I've tossed in a little gratitious linky-love for my true favs....

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Weather oddity

It's pouring snow here--and we have a flood warning.

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January 21, 2005

Nothing to Say: Day 3

Susie looked out upon the pristine white landscape and wondered if winter was ever going to end. It was pretty, yes--but only because the tools of civilization had not yet left their mark upon its unbroken expanse. And only if one did not have to venture out in it to avoid starvation, or worse: loss of DSL due to non-payment.

There had been a time in her life when she had loved winter. Fresh snowfall had meant no school: a day of constructing snow forts and snow families and hot cocoa with marshmallows shared with equally exhausted but equally exhilarated siblings. Those carefree days, however, had been slowly dying, ever since she regretfully passed along her last snowsuit to the younger ones.

She couldn't quite pinpoint the moment when winter stopped being an adventure and started being a chore. Perhaps it was the day she skidded into a snowbank next to an icy bridge shortly after obtaining her drivers' license. More likely it was the day she realized that even though school might be cancelled, work never was.

Susie sighed. It was the start of her work week. The car wasn't going to clear itself. The forecasters were predicting six to eight more inches by tomorrow.

There was only one thing to do.

Scream "Life sucks and then you die!"

And look for her boots.

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January 20, 2005

Does this post make me look fat?

Topic-less two days running--I hope it's not a precursor to beal! That would be bad...

I had actually planned to do homework today, but life makes lemonade when you're not looking, or something like that. Here it is afternoon and all I've accomplished is throwing together a marinade for some cheap beef I bought. I used pineapple juice, lemon juice, garlic, ginger, and soy sauce, so it looks like it's going to end up Oriental eventually. I may have to go to the store for rice--the cupboards are pretty bare.

Have I mentioned that grocery shopping is a love/hate thing with me? Maybe like/loathe is a better description. I like finding foods I enjoy on sale. I loathe doing it at a store the size of the Atlanta airport. Usually I just run into Walgreens on the way home from work and grab whatever soup they have on sale, partly because it's quick and partly because my day off is the day before payday. (Hint: there's too much week left at the end of the money).

If I do decide I need rice for whatever I end up cooking, I have to dig my car out to go get it. Oh, joy.

Beef and potatoes, that's the ticket!

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January 19, 2005

Does this make me a Quizling?

It's the dreaded blogger's block again. I'm ready to blog, but no topic is floating my boat. Even the Cheesemistress didn't have any quizzes I could crib. Dang! However, I managed to find a fairly uninteresting one on my own....

Your Element Is Air

You dislike conflict, and you've been able to rise above the angst of the world.
And when things don't go your way, you know they'll blow over quickly.

Easygoing, you tend to find joy from the simple things in life.
You roll with the punches, and as a result, your life is light and cheerful.

You find it easy to adapt to most situations, and you're an open person.
With you, what you see is what you get... and people love that!

What's Your Element?

Boring! And not really me, anyway. How about this one?


?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??
brought to you by Quizilla

I like that--I am a Love Goddess, after all!

Or here's another:

You're Catch-22!

by Joseph Heller

Incredibly witty and funny, you have a taste for irony in all that you see. It seems that life has put you in perpetually untenable situations, and your sense of humor is all that gets you through them. These experiences have also made you an ardent pacifist, though you present your message with tongue sewn into cheek. You could coin a phrase that replaces the word "paradox" for millions of people.

Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

They got the ardent pacifist part wrong, though....

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January 18, 2005

It could be worse--it could be Minnesota

Although I suppose if you live in a place where 28° below zero is no big deal, -54° is just a hiccup. But zero is way too cold for Indiana, even in January, so I don't want to hear any whining from you Floridians about how it got down to 40°, ok? Because I'm grumpy already. Not only is it so cold that the squirrels have gotten their mink coats out of storage, but I woke up hours too early. I'm also grumpy because I just finished trying to sort through a couple dozen Alliance application emails, and only about one in five could actually be added to the membership roster because the others hadn't done the basic requirements. It takes about five minutes to go through all the steps to add a "good" application. It takes about twice that to handle the ones that aren't ready to go. Grumble grumble sassa frassa raggin fraggin...

I still have a ton of accounting homework to do. Gotta love a discipline where a liability is considered an "asset".....If my student loans are any indication, I have large assets--and that's without even considering my fonts!

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January 17, 2005

Happy the-banks-are-closed-but-I-still-have-to-work Day

Well, I had a pretty good birth-anniversary yesterday, even though I had to work. One of my employees made me a birthday cake! And of course they all had to tease me about how old and decrepit I'm getting. There were the usual stupid customers to provide comic relief, and nothing exploded or flooded or spit parts at me, so overall I'd say it was a decent birthday.

Unfortunately, no one sent me a strip-o-gram. Sigh.

Oh well, at least I have Harvey's present stored on my hard drive for emergencies...

Confidential to Frank J: Psst...munu! andrew-at-pixymisa-dot-net.
Don't forget the secret passwords:"Susie loves you bestest, but she likes me pretty well too." ;)

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January 16, 2005

On This Day in History...

    Peter Benchley's "Jaws" was published (1974)

    Comic strip "Superman" debuted (1939)

    The British Museum opened in London (1759)

    Peter Frampton released his platinum live album "Frampton Comes Alive" (1976)

    Actress Carole Lombard was killed in plane crash (1942)

    The Shah fled Iran (1979)

    General Eisenhower took command of the Allied Invasion Force in London (1944)

    The last episode of Bonanza aired (1973)

    Director John Carpenter was born (1948)

    Ivan the Terrible was crowned tsar of Russia (1547)

    Prohibition went into effect (1919)

Oh, and one more event of note...

Your Hostess again celebrates the anniversary of her 23rd Birthday, so break open the champagne!

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January 15, 2005

I may as well be living in Alaska

It's back into the freezer again, after a warm spell just long enough to cause massive flooding. I suspect that the older I get, the less tolerant of the cold I become. It was 19° last night and one of my clerks ran out to her car without even a sweater, while I was wearing my long wool coat, scarf, hat, gloves, and still shivering! In a little bit I'm going to bundle up and attach my brother-in-law's battery charger to my car so it'll start. Something is draining the battery overnight, and I couldn't get an appointment with my mechanic until next Thursday. Sigh. It's always sumthin'....

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January 14, 2005

Further proof that I'm such a girl

Can any of my non-automotively-challenged readers answer a question for me?

Does a car battery recharge whenever the engine is running, or does the vehicle have to be driving for the alternator to do its job?

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Cents and Cents Ability

Well, I thought I was going to be The Pokey Little Puppy in my accounting class, but since in our first assignment one of the students didn't count labor as an expense and determined profit only by the cost of the goods, and another added labor as a resource instead of subtracting it as an expense, I think I may do okay....

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January 13, 2005

Tax Break

Taking a break from doing my taxes and I just had to share this piece of governmental wisdom with my loyal readers:

If line 11 is equal to or more than line 12, enter the amount from line 8 on line 14 and go to line 15. If line 11 is less than line 12, divide line 11 by line 12. Enter the result as a decimal (rounded to at least three places).

Do you get the feeling that the person who wrote that was doing mescaline? Or maybe it's one of those Buddhist enlightenment exercises....

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Moon-battery abounds

So I'm innocently reading a "novel of suspense" and all of a sudden out of nowhere comes--yep, you guessed it--a loony-left political rant that has no bearing on the plot and adds nothing to character development (which was minimal in this book anyway). Deja vu!

Now, I'll admit the book was a little out there to begin with, being about a medium who gets kidnapped by a psycho who wants revenge on her FBI boyfriend, and the medium not only sees dead people, but talks to them too. Actually, the ghost helps her escape. But anyway, in the middle of this scene where the medium's psychic grandmother is blaming the FBI boyfriend for everything, he says

... we have a president who stole the election, we're now a colonial power that invades sovereign nations for oil profits and lies about what they're actually doing, and we have a nation still so traumatized by nine/eleven that they're terrified of speaking out. The Bill of Rights has gone south, three million people have lost their jobs, we have racial profiling, and every neighbor has become a suspect.

Now just what does that collection of non sequiturs have to do with anything in the story? And if I were an FBI agent I would be highly offended to see my profession represented by the kind of idiot that can only regurgitate MoveOn talking points instead of actually thinking.

I'm really getting tired of novels becoming the new attempt at subliminal lefty brainwashing. They think if they repeat this crap often enough, people will start to believe it.

Anyway, the book is called Total Silence by T.J. MacGregor, and if you can ignore the superfluous political claptrap (and forget I gave away the fact that the ghost rescues the heroine), it's an ok read if you need a book you can put down without regret when you need to go turn the lights on in a theater. Only get it from the library. No point in encouraging T.J. to continue writing....

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January 12, 2005

Some days the Snappy Title just eludes me

It's the dreaded 50¢ day and since, for a change, we're not having a blizzard or an ice storm, it'll probably be a little hectic at work today.

Tomorrow will be the last day for Seed of Chucky. That's good news because I am tired of dragging 10 year-olds out of the theater by their ears before I start the movie. I only wish I could remove the children who are with their parents, as well. Of course, when mom & pop have to explain to the kiddies what Chucky was doing that made him make such funny noises, and exactly what was in the turkey baster, they might think twice about bringing the children to an "R" rated movie again. Dream on, right?

[Insert usual diatribe against irresponsible parents here.]

We do card at the box office, of course, but it amazes me how many parents are willing to buy their kids tickets yet reluctant to watch the movie with them. Just the other day a family of four came up and bought two tickets for Chucky and two for another movie--only when they left concessions and split up, the kids headed for Chucky. Not on my watch, Buddy! I had to explain to the parents that they all watched the R rated movie, or they all watched the PG-13 one, but their 6 and 8 year-olds were not watching Chucky unless the folks were there to cover their eyes when Chucky started jerking off. I really hate being the morality police, but I'm doing it For the Children™...

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January 11, 2005

God hates me

My car won't start and my bank account is over-drawn. The latter is due to my inability to remember what day it is, and forgetting a regularly scheduled automatic payment (multiplied by the domino effect of unanticipated overdraft charges). The reason for the former is a mystery, since both my battery and alternator are new(ish). I suspect aliens have been using my Tracer to power their mind-mushing devices, which is why I forgot the automatic debit.

I need mass quantities of chocolate and somebody to jump me.

Help starting my car would be nice, too...

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January 10, 2005

Non-entry #33

I'm doin' stuff before I go into work, so I don't really have the inclination to blog. Perhaps when I get home tonight...

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January 09, 2005

Better Late Than Sorry

I have no idea why I didn't blog before I went into work this morning...oh, yes--because I went in this morning! Silly me. So my long day is behind me and nothing blew up, burned down, fell over, or sank into the swamp, which means I'm marking a check in the Good Day column. I expect Karma will catch up to me soon enough, and I'll have a great disaster story for all my loyal readers, but in the meantime let me bask in the wonderfulness of mundanity. *Bask, bask*

Pointless Post Script: I wonder why there is no typing key for checkmark? Neither is there a name code that I could find to create one....you'd think since there's a code for ™ and ° there would be an ✓. ...


Yay!!!! Thanks, Harv! You would be the bestest if there were no Pixy Misa--so that makes you the next bestest! ;)

I'm putting a √ in the Good Day column! Hurray!

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January 08, 2005

I've learned something in my class already

I didn't know Excel could do math...I thought it was just for making schedule and time sheet forms!

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January 07, 2005


I got my text book for my class and not only do you have to already be a CPA to be able to read the darned thing, but it weighs about 80 lbs. and it came all banged up with torn shrink wrap (the very same shrink wrap that says "no refund if opened") sans the card with the website access codes. They had the gall to charge me the $130 for a new book when it's in a lot worse shape than any used book I've ever gotten from them. Someone is getting a phone call....

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January 06, 2005

Now is the Discontent of our Winter

Well, I managed to make it into the theater yesterday, despite the rain, sleet, snow and freezing rain we had alternately in a few hours time. The employees made it safely too, and we opened for business just about the time all the banks and other stores were closing early due to the weather. We had a grand total of 14 hearty souls for 6 movies, and because it was 50¢ day raked in an awesome $7 at the box office. But wait! There's more! Concessions sold almost $20 worth of popcorn, soda and candy! Whoo Hoo! That's about half what we need to pay the employees for working, not including me.

Winter. Oh, joy.

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January 05, 2005

Have I mentioned how much I hate it when I can't sleep?

I thought so.

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January 04, 2005

Or I could just win the Lottery

School starts for me on Monday, and since it's my last class for my Master's I'm having mixed feelings. On the one hand, it'll be nice to finally have that sheepskin. On the other, I'm going to have to start paying off my loans once I've been graduated.

I wonder if I start on a Ph D if I could get a loan deferment?

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January 03, 2005

It was either laugh or gouge my eyes out

I now know what people mean when they say a house looks like Christmas threw up on it.

I'm not talking about that house where every available eave, awning, tree and shrub is festooned with blinking multi-colored lights. Nope, the house I saw tonight that clarified that statement for me only had one string of tasteful white lights across the front gutter. Unfortunately, that was not sufficiently festive for this homeowner. The lights were augmented by a least a dozen brightly lit inflated Holiday figures, all crowded into a front lawn about the size of a king-sized comforter. There was an eight-foot tall snowman, giant candy canes, a few reindeer, Santa Claus and at least one elf.

"Oh my God!" I exclaimed aloud to myself, before slowing down to rubber neck and then driving on. Of course, once I started laughing I couldn't stop, and I suspect other drivers who encountered me at traffic lights gave me wide berth. I wish I'd had a camera....

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Milestones and Millstones

Well, my goodness--this is MT entry number twelve hundred! It's amazing that one woman with so little to say could write so much...especially since I'm not much of a talker. Not that I'm a wallflower or anything, but in casual conversation I'd much rather listen than speak. Unless, of course, the subject is movies or History--then I have a tendency to pontificate. I do chime in with the occasional amusing work anecdote, if the situation warrants it.

The kids are finally back in school (hurray!) so there should be less mayhem and vandalism around the workplace; but, never fear! We still have the aging infrastructure and stupid customers to keep us on our toes. As an example of the former, one side of the east men's restroom stall is attached by only one bolt and so has a tendency to sway if touched, and one of the sinks in the west men's restroom is coming loose from the wall. We really need to keep a handyman on retainer.

For those of my readers who may be keeping score, here is a list of some of the movies that customers have requested tickets for this weekend:

Ladder 52
Ladder 82
She Can Dance
Let's Dance
That's Dancing

We're actually showing Ladder 49 and Shall We Dance....

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January 02, 2005

Just for Harvey...

    I don't resolve to not post naked pictures of myself...
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January 01, 2005


I'm not much of one for "resolving." Usually I either do something or I don't. And I can't recall any New Year's Resolutions that I made in my misspent youth that I ever kept, so I've decided to make a list of things I don't resolve to do in 2005.

    I don't resolve to go on a fad diet.
    I don't resolve to join a health club so as to exercise excessively.
    I don't resolve to quit smoking.
    I don't resolve to stop procrastinating on my homework.
    I don't resolve to stop flirting with married men.
    I don't resolve to stop flirting with single men either.
    I don't resolve to spend less money on books.
    I don't resolve to spend less time working.
    I don't resolve to join Greenpeace.
    I don't resolve to contribute to the World Wildlife Fund.
    I don't resolve to eat more spinach.

Hmmm...I need one more for an even dozen...

    I don't resolve to give up posting stupid quizzes when I have nothing to blog about.

OK! I feel much better now...

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