December 31, 2005

Maybe I'll smuggle a bottle of champagne into work with me....

Happy New Year's Eve! See you next year!

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December 30, 2005

Today's Cookie Fortune

You are going to have a very comfortable old age.

In the meantime, get used to bras that don't fit quite right....

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December 28, 2005

Not to mention that my back is trying to go out...

I hate Wednesdays. Not only is it 50¢ day, but the kids are out of schools and I have a group of interviews set up for today. To add icing, my assistant manager somehow broke her safe key off in the lock of the safe after close last night. Today's also the day I submit last week's payroll (payroll runs from Wednesday to Tuesday, and the business week runs from Friday to Thursday, just to keep everyone confused) and finalize and post next week's work schedule.

I should actually be going in early to start taking care of some of this, but since I idiotically scheduled myself for a 12 hour day today, screw it!

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December 26, 2005

Toys are Good

I had a terrific Christmas. My sixteen-month-old niece Megan was the entertainment portion of the event--one of my sisters gave her a doll stroller, and we all watched her push her "baby" around the house in it.

I guess you had to be there.

Driving was hairy on the way home and later to work, with an alternating mix of rain, snow and sleet making the trips stressful, but I just mentally replayed Megan's delight in her new toy, and and was full of Christmas Spirit. Even the fact that I had to stay until midnight for only six customers didn't make me as grumpy as it usually did.

One of my gifts was the PC game "Icewind Dale," so if you don't hear from me for awhile I'm probably role-playing!

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December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!

I'm headed out of town to one of my sisters' for our family gathering, and then afterward to work. I hope Santa brought you all great presents (except Harvey, of course--he's so naughty he probably has a collection of coal dating back to 1982....)

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December 24, 2005

Today's Cookie Fortune

Although it feels like a roller coaster now, life will calm down. long as it's not the Tilt-A-Whirl next, I probably won't throw up.....

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December 23, 2005

Today's Cookie Fortune

Prudence keeps life safe, but does not often make it happy.

That's why my bodyguard's name is Jack...

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December 22, 2005

First in a new series....*

Today's Cookie Fortune:

What you forgive today will be your compensation tomorrow.

Thinks it's trying to tell me that tomorrow's paycheck is gonna bounce, too?

*Actual fortunes from actual cookies that accompanied actual Chinese food

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December 21, 2005


The internet news headlines today say that "Saddam Claims Americans Beat, Tortured him".


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December 20, 2005

Too bad I'm afraid of heights

My test blog over here got hit with 50 spam comments last night, so I had to turn the comments off.

Minx, where are you?

I'm looking for a new job, but the problem is while I want to get out of retail, that's all I know. There should be a master list of every job there is, with descriptions, so I would know what a Plant Production Facilitation Specialist or a Senior Business Information Analyst does. Hey, I could be perfect for either one of those (if I knew what they meant)!

The jobs whose titles I DO understand (Waitstaff, Professional Pest Control Service Technician) aren't what I'm looking for.

Hmmm...A Tower Climber earns $17/hour.....

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December 19, 2005

Not to mention that it's 4° and my street has been an ice rink all weekend

There has been a sad lack of bloggy goodness around here lately. I have been extremely grumpy and short-tempered, and it's not the customers this time, it's the employees. That, and the fact that my paycheck bounced. Have you ever had that happen? You go to check your bank balance and instead of enough to buy a pack of smokes you find your account in the negative numbers? And not just -$1.27 or something. Minus several hundred? Minus more than the current paycheck you just got which is obviously not worth the paper it's printed on? Yes, they're going to make good on it--but that's not the point. The point is I had to go the entire weekend without a penny to my name, and only a credit card between me and vagrancy charges. To say I have been a little stressed would be putting it mildly. One of my cashiers gave her notice after I went off on her, even though I apologized later. And she wasn't even the one I was annoyed with! One of the newbies is far whinier than an interview could ever reveal, and after using all my self-restraint not killing her just to get a few seconds of peace and quiet, I blew up with the next employee to get my goat. It's enough to drive a body to drink!

I need to watch White Christmas or something. I love Danny Kaye, and maybe it'll help get my Christmas Spirit back....

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December 16, 2005

Glad Tidings--Not

Here it is, the start of another work week, and the schools are out the next two weeks for "Winter Break"--oh, joy. We'll be running shows from noon to 10pm, which means we'll be working 11am to 12:30 am. Business has been crappy lately--I think because the economy is so good that 1) people can afford to go to the first-runs, and 2) everybody's shopping. With school out, business should pick up as parents seek low-cost day care. I just hope it picks up enough to compensate for the extra aggravation, headaches and vandalism that unsupervised teenagers create.

I need to get out of retail--it's ruining my Christmas Spirit!

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December 13, 2005

How I spent my day off

Having recently discovered and thoroughly enjoyed Matthew Reilly's novels, I was delighted when UPS brought my copy of 7 Deadly Wonders--I set aside the book I was already reading to dive in.

It's good--the action is as non-stop and implausible as any of the Scarecrow stories, and the hero, Jack West, Jr., is somebody I enjoyed rooting for. It's about time that Australia got a cool action hero (Crocodile Dundee aside).

The problem, however, is that I was really, really, really disturbed by Jack West's enemies, the bad guys of the book: the Catholic Church and The United States of America. See, it wasn't that the bad guy happened to be a clergyman (like Cardinal Richelieu) or happened to be an American (like Al Capone). The entire institution of the Catholic Church and the entire nation of America were painted as irredeemably evil, without conscience, mercy or compassion. So while I could suspend disbelief long enough to grudgingly forgive the absurd notion that a single man could escape an underground fortress in an abandoned WWII submarine--which he piloted by himself--for the sake of the story, I had a hard time not throwing the book across the room in disgust a couple of times at the way the United States was depicted. Even the Nazis were portrayed in a better light!

I know there is a lot of anti-American sentiment in the world, especially in places like the Middle East, Europe, and California, but I was upset and saddened to find it has spread to Australia, too. The worst part is, my willingness to buy a future book of Reilly's has been seriously undermined by this latest effort of his. That's unfortunate, because--despite his excessive use of exclamation marks and the (literally) unbelievable action sequences, his books have been fun to read.

Hmmm... Matthew Reilly lives in Sydney---maybe Pixy knows him and can straighten him out....

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Busy as a winged critter that collects pollen

I haven't blogged because it would just be more of the same--complaining about the weather. That must be getting old.

I'm listening to Cruxshadows. "Winter Born" always makes me think of our troops overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I get all verklempt.

I finished up my Christmas shopping online, although I can't remember if I got anything for my sister-in-law so I have to dig though everything that's wrapped and waiting to be wrapped and see if I still need to get something for her. That's the problem with having twenty-some people in your immediate family--you always forget someone. I know I got her a birthday present (which is on Christmas Eve).

One of my Uncles passed away and my Mom is heading to Virginia for the funeral. I need to go loan her a suitcase....

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December 10, 2005

Heigh Ho!

Congratulations to Patriot Xeno, my 5000th commenter! There might even be a prize, who knows?

How dumb are people? I got a spam email telling me that I had won a million dollars from Microsoft--and to claim it I had to email Dr. Roy Hans at an addy at You would think that anyone stupid enough to fall for that wouldn't be able to figure out how to use email anyway!

I'm about 1/3 of the way through my Christmas shopping, and I'm already exhausted--and I never even came within a mile of the mall. My big problem is going to be disguising all those Dollar General price "tags".....

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December 09, 2005

It's not fair!

The schools closed today because we got around 7 inches of snow--why do I have to go to work?!?

(Please note: This is not a an actual question. This is whining and venting. Apart from my getting fired if I don't go to work, I'm sure the poles would shift and the earth spin off its axis if the Dollar Movies didn't open today. Never mind that our gross income on Wednesday would have handily purchased a tank of gasoline for a medium-sized car, but was insufficient to pay both the cashier and the concessions clerk--let alone me. The Show Must Go On!)

It's gonna be a long winter.....

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December 08, 2005

Harvey Made Me Do It

I'm supposed to blog about 5 weird habits that I may have, or the meme gods'll get me.

There's a problem here--I'm completely normal! Good Lord, doesn't everyone fall asleep to a Disney DVD playing on the TV?* And I'm sure it's quite common for people to sing "I'm just a little black rain cloud" when driving in bad road conditions. I know it isn't at all unusual for people who enjoy Chinese food to eat the entrée using chopsticks, but the fired rice with a spoon--not that I've ever seen anyone else doing that, but it's so logical it must be quite common!

Furthermore, I would be very upset if anyone were to suggest there was anything weird about my tendency to eat my french fries with tarter sauce (or mayo or ranch salad dressing). Granted, there are some folks who use ketchup as a dipping sauce for their potatoes, but those are probably the same ones who grew up eating ketchup on [*shudder*] scrambled eggs! (And we won't even start on people who spell it "catsup"....)

Ok, I will admit that I do have one habit that might be considered unusual--but weird? pshaw! However, in the interests of satisfying Harv's tag I suppose I must reveal it: When I set my alarm clock, the minute time must be an odd number, preferably ending in a 3 or a 7 (7:03, 8:27) but absolutely NEVER a 5....

These things always require more victims, although usually my tagees manage to ignore the tag and still sleep at night. Now THAT'S weird...
Anyway, I curse nominate Bob, Pixy, Jim, Victor and Ted. And if they do happen to have any weird habits and aren't afraid of blackmail, perhaps they will play along....

* and by this I don't mean that I fall asleep when watching Disney movies. I mean that in order to fall asleep I need to watch a Disney movie...

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December 07, 2005

I need hot cocoa--to soak my toes in...

Not to harp on the same old theme, but it's still freaking cold here. The low was 6° or something horrible. Again, not unexpected for January, but way too cold for December. It's still allegedly Autumn, after all! I pretty much just snuggled under the blankets all day yesterday (unfortunately without anyone to light a fire, in my lawn or elsewhere) reading Terry Pratchett. I hope my car will start when it's time to bundle up and head to work. The new projector bulb is supposed to be delivered today. It would be nice to get it installed before the first set starts, since it's 50¢ Day. And you all know how much I love 50¢ Day!

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December 05, 2005

Guess it's time to buy long johns....

I know that there are places a lot colder than here, but in Indiana we aren't used to snow that stays on the ground longer than 24 hours until mid-January. The fact that it's early December and 12 degrees (near today's expected high) and we have a couple days' worth of the white stuff out there is most annoying.

Where's this global warming, huh?

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December 03, 2005


Man, who dumped us into the freezer? It feels like February out there, not December. Some of the kids came into work last night without coats, and I told them I'd write them up if they did that again--it was freakin' 20 degrees!

Of course, we had the usual weekend disaster: the bulb in theater two's projector went out during the first show. This stuff never happens on a Tuesday. The DM might have a spare, he wasn't sure. Otherwise number 2 is down until Monday, and we will have to listen to unreasonable customers (oops! that's redundant!) complaining that we should have informed them that we were going to have unexpected mechanical difficulties. Hey, the Soothsayer is on vacation, ok?

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December 01, 2005

December 1

So it's December 1. Now I have to flip my calender. Man, I hate it when I have to do stuff on my day off...

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