April 30, 2006

Lame Post #262

I broke down and read Matthew Reilly's Contest yesterday. It's kind of a cross between The Relic and The Running Man so it would probably make a good movie. The best thing about, though, was it didn't have that annoying over-use of exclamation marks that his other books seem to suffer.

Now I have to go to work. Oh, joy...

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April 27, 2006

Doting Auntie brags....

Two of my nieces will be earning their bachelor's degrees this year. The lovely and brilliant Mary has been accepted to law school, and the lovely and brilliant Kristina will be a middle school teacher. I am so proud of these girls! It seems like just the other day I was reading Berenstein Bears to them, and teaching them to paint Christmas ornaments and plant tulip bulbs...

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April 25, 2006

One, Two, Five!

3 candles.jpg

Today is my blog's 3rd birthday! Hurray!

Who'd a thunk I'd stick with it this long?

Oh, sure, there have been occasional lapses when beal or brain cloud or just plain ole laziness have left calendar days unhighlighted, but by-and-large the blog is still breathing (and occasionally hyperventilating).

So, this is the time to thank all the not-so-little people who have supported me, inspired me, and let me steal their quizzes...

Thank you Pixy Misa, for reminding me that the big day was at hand...

Thank you, Harvey, for letting me vent when the Alliance membership gig makes me insane...

3 balloons.jpgThank you Jim and Victor and Tuning Spork and Paul and Josh and Ted and Tiger and Patriot Xeno and Citizen Grim and a bunch more bloggers that I am too lazy to link to right now, for stopping by occasionally, whether you left a comment or not...

And Thank You--yes, you--who are reading this at this very second...

Here's hoping that my 4th year of blogging is better than the previous ones (hey, I like having low expectations!)...

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April 24, 2006

At length**

Usually I am disappointed when they make a movie from a book. It doesn't matter whether I see the movie before or after the book; usually I think the book was better. Sometimes I think they did a good job on the movie (Airport and Jurassic Park come to mind) considering all the sub-plots they always have to cut out, but I still prefer the book.

That's not the case with Sahara. The movie was so much fun that I decided to give the book a try, despite the fact that I had read other Clive Cussler books and wondered what drugs he was on (what's with the always setting the book a few years in the future? The US did not switch to the metric system in 1997!)

It took me a couple of days to finish it, which is unusual in that I can usually read a book in a day--but I had to keep putting it down and do something else for awhile before I could continue reading it.

I am in awe at the screenwriters. It must have taken them months to make some kind of sense out of the plot. They had to twist it, edit it, run it back-wards, add characters and turn it upside down, but they got it to work as a movie--and as a better story than what they started out with.

Here are just a few of the things they changed:

In the book, the search for the Texas was accidental and the real reason the NUMA boys went up the Niger was to find the cause for the red tide.

In the book, Eva and her fellow scientists (not doctors) are sent to work as slaves in a secret gold mine, and Dirk and Al escape from the gold mine in order to ensure their rescue.

In the book, people who drink the toxic water go insane and become cannibals.

In the book, there are no rebel fighters, so the climatic battle scene takes place at an abandoned French Foreign Legion fort between thousands of Malian soldiers and a handful of elite United Nations Special Forces (who rescued the slaves from the gold mine) who barely manage to hold out until Al brings Delta Force to save the day.

In the book, the poor of Mali got the gold mine profits, because the Texas had already been looted when it was found.

Overall, the movie just made more sense (in an action-movie-suspend-disbelief kind of way), especially in some little things they changed, like making Dirk and Al former SEALS (instead of former Air Force pilots) and Dirk first meeting Eva in Nigeria (instead of Egypt). And I'm really grateful they deleted the part where boys met an old American prospector in the Sahara desert--a prospector named Clive Cussler! How stupid was that?!?

For me, though, the best thing about the movie was that Matthew McConaughey made Dirk Pitt a likeable action hero. If I imagine Matt's voice when Dirk talks in the books, I can just about stand to read them...

**an elaboration on my previous post

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April 22, 2006

In brief*

I read Clive Cussler's Sahara. The movie was so much better!

* I may elaborate some time, if I feel chatty....

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April 19, 2006

Time flies when you're not having fun

It doesn't seem like it's been over a week since I posted. A lot of that "spare" time was taken up with pruning the Alliance roster and compiling a new, all inclusive* blogroll. Sometimes I got bogged down reading the blogs I was checking for compliance. Since everybody already stated their opinions about things I have opinions about, and I pretty much agreed with them, there didn't seem any point in reiterating--especially since stopping to blog that I agreed with what was being blogged would have slowed down the whole updating-the-blogroll thing, and that was taking enough time as it was. Adding compliant blogs was simpler (thanks to Blogrolling's one-click add feature) than dumping (no thanks to Typepad's awkward "typelists" that won't alphabetize) the blank or revamped blogs, so I erred on the side of leniency. As it was, I dumped over 100 blogs. What fun!

Anyway, I guess I have a sort of mental writer's cramp. Only, it's the opposite. I mean that I haven't been writing because I don't have anything to write about--most all the work disasters are reruns of previous disasters (although the poltergeist activity seems to be getting worse), and nothing interesting is going on in my personal life (although that's nothing new). Nothing I've read has been thrilling enough to share, and I haven't seen a movie in ages (I just hate going into work on my day off, you know? And rentals are so darned expensive! Especially when I could have seen the movie for free if I'd gone into work on my day off.) I don't watch TV (the budgetary choice being between cable and DSL, and high speed internet access wins) so I don't get this "Bauer" obsession I see all over the blogosphere.

Too bad the Bonfire is kaput...

* I have since discovered at least one blog that was listed at HQ but not on the Blogrolling.com blogroll, which I then had to add, so at some point I am going to have to triple-check my work.

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April 10, 2006

Java Jones


I need this picture on a posters, tee shirts and coffee mugs!

Harvey knew immediately it would speak to me, and my gratitude to him for dedicating it to me is tempered only by my annoyance that he's decided to make a meme of it!

So, I will dedicate it to my blogless brother PK who, like me, is incapable of social interaction of any kind prior to that first cup of dark elixir, and to my niece Mary Elizabeth (who was introduced to the delightful beverage at the age of three--albeit in a ratio of one tablespoon of coffee to half a cup of milk and two teaspoons sugar--by her Aunt Susie).

Wow! I wonder how many other memes I can kill in the future by tagging non-bloggers?

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April 09, 2006

Journalists' Geography Lesson

SHEDDEN, Ontario (AP) - The bodies of eight men were found inside four vehicles abandoned in a remote wooded area on a farmer's property in rural southwestern Canada.

Hmmm...I would've thought southwestern Canada would be over by Washington state....

Silly me. Guess all my maps are wrong....

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April 06, 2006

Robinson Crusoe had it good

Well, Spring Break is halfway over, thank God. It always seems like the busier we are, the more disasters happen. Yesterday, one of the cash registers decided it was tired of opening its drawer during the matinĂ©e rush on 50¢ Day, effectively killing half of our ability to wait on concessions customers. So I'm standing there with a screwdriver trying to force the drawer open so we can at least get the money out of it, and people proceed to give me their orders. I tell them, I'm sorry but this register is out of order and they'll have to go to the other one, and the people behind them try to give me their order. Hello!?! This register is broken!!!! Not that they care--I'm sure they expected us to just give them stuff without ringing it up and making them pay for it.

The longer I work in retail, the lower my opinion of the human race goes. It's probably not as bad a being a cop, but I bet it's close. Between the graffiti on the restroom stalls, the stolen movie posters and straw dispensers, the frustrating rudeness of customers (did I mention the man who threw his empty pop cup at the head of one of my concessions clerks when he found out that he was too late get a refill?) and the downright stupidity of the customers' questions ("What time does the 7:20 show start?") I am seriously considering embracing Misanthropism as my new religion. I'll find myself a nice cave somewhere (with internet access so I can order groceries) and live peacefully in the blissful knowledge I will never have to explain to another septuagenarian why we don't give Senior Discounts on 50¢ Day...

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April 04, 2006

My kingdom for a Lee Child

I've read everything I haven't read that I feel like reading, so I'm re-reading books I have read already. You loose something in the suspense department that way, but at least you know ahead of time that you'll enjoy it....

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April 01, 2006

You Grow

My dear friend Harvey has decided to be a little more "honest" in his blogging. It's about time, pal!

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