July 27, 2006


Well, one of my two job applications is a bust. That was the one I was most hopeful for, too--only they decided to go with a re-hire of a former employee who already knows the job.
I think I'll go eat some worms....

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July 25, 2006

The camel needs a back brace

I really hate my job. I'm actually looking for a different one. I'm so tired of trying to put out fires with an eyedropper, while the owner is yelling that I'm using too much water.

I'm tired of cranky, unreasonable, and just plain stupid customers.

I'm tired of employees who seem to be listening, but then wander off and do whatever they want rather than what they've been told.

I'm tired of trying to protect company property from thieves, vandals, and concessions clerks who seem to think that office supplies are there for them to build toys.

I'm tired of cashiers who think that the work schedule is a suggestion.

I'm tired of working 55-60 hours weeks while getting paid for 40. (Yeah, it's nice to be on salary when things are slow and you only put in 38 hours, but it bites big frosty big ones when you hate every moment of it and can't even say to yourself "Well, at least I'm making the big bucks," especially when you're never making the big bucks.)

I'm tired of being tired all the time. After about hour 45 or 46 of my workweek, I just don't give a hoot any more, especially if that hour falls near the end of a 13-and-a-half hour workday. Lobby a wreck? Clerks goofing off? Books not balancing? Screw it...I'm too freaking tired to care anymore.

I've got two resumes out there, neither of which position is in retail. Please help me out by prayers, good wishes, or doing the naked chicken dance (as your religious persuasion allows....)

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July 11, 2006

In God we trust...

I'm not dead yet...though I'm almost tired enough that it's hard to tell the difference. Last week I worked 62 hours, and this week 57--and summer's only half over. My "short" day is 9 hours. I suppose if I got a lunch or dinner break I wouldn't be so tired, but I can't leave for more than a few minutes to go pick up food to eat at my desk, since it's just I and assorted teenagers running the place and God forbid that I be found over at the Mexican restaurant sucking down margaritas if there were a crisis...and there's usually a crisis.

At least there is the occasional comic relief, usually in the form of the Stupid Customer of the Day. Yesterday's winner had me chuckling intermittently throughout the day. When informed by my cashier that we don't take credit cards, a woman responded "What DO you take?"

Hmmm.....beads and trinkets? Gold bullion? Small polished sea shells? Maybe cash is a concept alien to some people these days...

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July 02, 2006

Death of a 1000 paper cuts....

Work has been one problem after another these last few days. Nothing major has gone wrong, but it seems like once an hour something breaks or otherwise goes awry, and I have to play McGuyver or mediate or scramble to find an alternative. Yes, part of a Manager's job is trouble-shooting...but lately that's all I seem to do!

As an aside, did you know that First Aid tape can replace a missing nut on the connector piece of a cash drawer?

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