August 17, 2006

The future's so bright I need shades

I'm listening to a pre-release copy of Chaotica's new album, Prison of Decay. Every song that starts, I think this is my favorite...'til the next one starts, and that one's my favorite. (If you like Industrial Metal, you'll probably love Chaotica. Buy Turbocharger!)

I have a gazillion aps out, and no luck so far. I'm either over-qualified or don't have the right experience. Meanwhile, summer is winding down and we'll be going back to opening at 5pm on weekdays starting on Monday (Thank God!). The 13-hour days were killing me.

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August 05, 2006

The Well, Duh Award

One of today's news headlines on my homepage is "Why do prisoners keep breaking out?"

Um...could it be because they don't like prison?

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