May 29, 2007

Um, yes, I am the boss of you...

Parents need to teach their kids that life isn't fair. I've got enough to deal with at work without whiny teenagers expecting to always get their own way.

I'm the boss--I get my own way. You get to find a new job....

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May 26, 2007

I must sacrifice a chicken in gratitude...luckily KFC is on the way to work

Well, I've been tessed the last few days (tense and stressed) but yesterday I persuaded a friend of mine to take my Assistant Manager position, and, with a little arm-twisting, she agreed. Luckily, she has a husband with a good job, so she doesn't need work that pays an actual living wage; she's doing it mostly to get away from her kids for a couple days a week, which is about the only reason I'd find anyone halfway capable anyway (except for college students, but I've had two of those move on to better-paying jobs as it is). My friend, pre-momhood, has managed a gas station, been a retail clerk, a bookkeeper and an office manager, so the only real hurdle will be with the mechanical stuff, like threading projectors and making up movies, and if I could learn that, she certainly can.

I slept great last night...

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May 21, 2007

Drunk Blogging

My assistant manager got a full time job as a software writer person so I came home and am on the last glass of a lovely bottle of Oliver soft white wine. I am still capable of fixing typos, so I guess that I'm still sober enough to type. I'm putting the ansers (how the freak DO you spell that???:?) to the movie quiz thing in the extended part, in case you want to know. (The quiz is the next post down and the clues are STUPID!)

Damn, that bottle's gone and I know better than to drive somewhere for more...

Yes, I drank a whole bottle. Myself. I needed to work on my tolerance anyway, since I hardly ever drink. Sometimes beer. With pizza.

Um, Rachel Lucas is back. Go there now...

1 The Big Lebowski I love this movie it has the BEST lines That rug really pulled the room together, Donny you're out of your element!
2 What About Bob somebody guessed this
3 My Blue Heaven This is a hilarious movie that's really hard to describe. I always say that Steve Martin and Rick Moranis could have switched rolls and it would be just as good ( cuz they are such goo actors)
4Saraha Matthew McConagy (sp?) is hot!!!!!
5 Lilo and Stitch
6 Dog Soldiers This was a really hard one but one of the best werewolf movies ever made
7 1776
8 Office Space
9 Noises Off One of my favorite all-time comedies. Too bad most of the cast is dead now (John Ritter, Christopher Reeve, Denholm Elliot)
10 3000 Miles to Graceland I love Kurt Russel and Kevin Costner

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May 17, 2007

And I couldn't find room for Underworld or Down Periscope *Updated*

The Evil Harvey of Bad Example tagged me with a movie-related quiz-thing. The deal is, I'm supposed to pick ten of my favorite movies (only 10!) and look them up at imdb, find the plot key words, and give my readers those as their only clue as to which movies I've picked as my favorites today.

For example, if I listed

/Wilhelm Scream
/Good versus Evil
/Generation X

you would quickly recognize that as a description for "Sin City", right? (Hey, I didn't make up this game or the stupid key words, I'm just a random tagging victim here, ok?)

#1/Performance Artist
/Head in Toilet (that's the giveaway, folks!)
/ Foot Fetish
/Female Nudity

/Mental Illness
/Dysfunctional Family
/Doctor Patient Relationship (this one's a tiny bit of help)

#3/Witness Protection
/FBI Agent (sheesh--I can think of five movies these would fit!)

#4/Wristwatch (what? ignore this one and you might get it)
/Solar Power
/Vintage Car
/Cave Painting

#5/Alien Fugitive (with clue #4, a piece of cake!)
/Teenage Girl
/Little Girl
/Disney Animated Feature
/Alien Contact

/British Army (this is the only one that might help--but considering the other clues, probably not much)

#7/Pennsylvania (finally! an easy one!)
/Broadway Musical
/Fourth Of July
/Benjamin Franklin
/American Revolution

#8/Post It (I think they meant "memo"!)
/Cult Comedy
/Kung Fu

/Des Moines Iowa (useless!)
/Iowa (ditto!)

Drum roll, please---the worst key words of all for
#10/Shot In The Face
/Gagged And Bound
/Hit By Car
/Mass Murder
/Bow And Arrow

Whoever came up with these key words probably never even saw most of these movies...

So, I'll give you a couple of days to mull them over--or, you can beg for mercy in the comments and I'll cave....

Oh, and I'm not tagging anybody! So there!

UPDATE: I've decided to add key words of my own, to help with the more obscure ones. Check the extended entry for more clues...

#1 Bowling / Ferret / Nihilists / Severed Toe / Pornography
#2 Baby Steps / Goldfish / Freud / Symptoms / Death Therapy
#3 Buddy Comedy / Crime Wave / Little League / Hijacking
#4 Desert / Epidemic / Confederate Coins
#6 Highlands/ Forest / Remote Community / Werewolves
#9 Doors and Sardines / Tax Demand / Burglar / Mistaken Identity
#10 Las Vegas / Robbery / Elvis / Double-Cross

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May 16, 2007

Murder and Mayhem...just what I needed

I just finished the newest Jack Reacher novel, Bad Luck and Trouble by Lee Child.
More! I want more!

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May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

I'm headed out to a Mother's Day cookout to celebrate my Mom and my three sisters who have provided me with adorable nieces and nephews...

I hope all you mothers have a nice day! :D

UPDATE: Well, I had fun today! After the cookout, a group of us went shooting! I fired a twelve-gauge shotgun (and missed the clay frisbee) and a 22 caliber target pistol (and hit the Pepsi can)! Woo hoo! The shotgun was heavy, and packed a jolt, but the pistol was fun and I fired about a dozen rounds. My nephew brought the guns and ammo, and he did the most shooting, but his 13 year-old sister was the best marksman with the pistol. He says she's a natural. He also shot with two rifles, one of which had 7.62mm (I think he said they were hollow points) ammunition, and it was loud! I may have to take up a new hobby, because I really enjoyed shooting...

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May 10, 2007

Phishers of Morons

They got the logos and appearance right, but as soon as I started reading I knew this was a scam:

We apologize if u had any trouble accessing our services. In the last month we have worked day and night, for the improvement of our services. We want to do our best, and make it as simple as possible for us, but especially for you, our valued customer. From the beginning of this year we have had a big number of solicitations and because of this it was necessary to replace the old database server with a new one, which has the information about our new clients, and where some of our clients are going to get moved. Please verify your information until May 15, 2007 and help us avoid the lock-out of your services. We require all old accounts to verify their information on file with us. To verify your billing now, please visit our secure server webform by clicking the hyperlink below:

I would parse this, correcting the grammer and punctuation errors, but Sir/Madam it is in the future likely that some persons having seach engines want to find right answers that are more correct than they have now. Nope, not gonna help 'em...

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May 05, 2007

I am doing the happy dance in spandex and high heels

Just in case
a) there's anyone who still doesn't know, and
b) one of them happens to drop by here...

Bill Whittle is back!

You can find the new, improved Eject, Eject, Eject here. (See, you don't even have to change your bookmarks!)

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May 01, 2007

Memory Lane...

Well, the nice thing about having a blog is that when the comments are down due to a spam-attack, you can post what you were going to say somewhere else on your own blog, and send a trackback (if they worked, which they don't, also due to sassafrassa fricking spammers).

My comment, on Harvey's post, would have been

Ah, memories! My beautiful pink Schwinn, customized with handle streamers and a front knees still have gravel scars...
but since I can post pictures at my own place, here's one of a model similar to my beloved bike
schwinn.jpg--only without that goofy rack in the back.
But mine was pink, and had streamers and a basket.

I don't have any pictures of the gravel scars....

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