July 29, 2007

There'd better be cake...

Wow! This is my 1751st post! cool!

Anyway, today is a bridal shower for the first of my nieces planning to wed. I'm getting all verklempt...

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July 24, 2007

Can you say "Recession"?

Minimum wage goes up today, but since I don't make minimum wage, I don't get a raise. Meanwhile, prices are going up all over to make up for the wage increase, cutting my disposable income. I will be shopping less, making it more difficult for some places to pay their employees the new, higher rate. Prices will have to go up even more to make payroll, and employee hours will be cut. Customer service will suffer, and more sales will be lost. Some businesses will close, and others won't be hiring.

In the meantime, millionaires who have been elected to Congress for one term get pensions and health care for the rest of their lives.

What's wrong with this picture?

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July 19, 2007

Vigilante Justice

There seems to be a plethora of folks who, having been granted a license to drive by the great state of Indiana, have decided that parking their vehicle is the last bastion of creativity left on the planet.

They park wherever they freaking want to.

My cashiers used to politely point out to ticket-purchasers that the exact center of the lot, the area other cars need to actually drive, was probably not a good choice, and it would be better for everyone involved if they were to find somewhere marked by those handy painted lines called "parking spaces."

When the amount of verbal abuse the kids were taking began to exceed the allotment recommended for the $5.50 an hour they were earning, we desisted further attempts at constraining the chaos.

But it ticks me off. And I have plotted revenge.

I am considering having bumper stickers proclaiming

I iz a moron
printed up, and slapping them on the bumpers of the cars, trucks and minivans that regularly intrude into the allotted driving lanes of our lot.

The employees, while sympathetic, think that's "harsh."

So maybe I need subtle.

I had a thought...but it got lonely and died...

Got any better ones?

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July 17, 2007

Mid-summer and counting

I'm alive--just working 12-and-a-half-hour days and operating on autopilot. Speaking of which, I recently discovered Stephen Coonts naval aviation thrillers and am enjoying them very much (although to be honest some of the detailed how-to-fly an F14-D or A6 Intruder passages make my eyes glaze over). Reading about life on an aircraft carrier is interesting. I keep wondering which of the sailors is Harvey...

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July 08, 2007

I wonder when they will run out of colors?

They think I haven't noticed, but I'm on to them. One or two could be a coincidence, but five at a time? Up to eight in one day? You're going to have to get up a lot earlier in the morning to fool me....

First, it was the metallic pumpkin. Not only parked in front of the theater, but throughout the mall's parking lot. When I pointed it out to the employees, they quickly spray-painted all their surveillance vehicles a metallic olive drab. But they caught on quickly that I wasn't fooled, and so yesterday the champagne-gold brigade replaced the olive drab cars.

They made a big mistake, using three minivans at once. What are the odds of three champagne-gold minivan owners all coming to see a movie at the same time? Particularly telling was the fact that there wasn't a single orange or green vehicle in sight...

I still haven't figured out who they are, or why they seem obsessed with painting their cars the colors of '70s kitchen appliances, but when I do, I'll publish the answer here for the world to read...

In the meantime, I expect to be seeing a lot of shiny banana yellow vans and trucks...

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July 06, 2007

I wish there really was Mountain Tiger beer

John Ringo's A Deeper Blue was linked at Instapundit! I hope it helps sales, which in turn might encourage his publisher to exert a little pressure in regard to another sequel. This is the (counting on fingers) 5th book about my favorite terrorist-killin' ex-Navy SEAL, and they are all about as politically incorrect as you can get--no hand-wringing about "root causes," just target acquired...bang!

I would advise, however, that if you are at all prudish, you avoid reading the first four books in the series, since the Kildar .....um, likes women. A lot. He likes a lot of women, too. Sometimes explicitly.

Of course, if you're one of Harvey's readers, none of that kinky stuff will bother you...

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July 03, 2007

No tiaras for my Shoyru

I think I've mentioned a couple of times that I play Neopets. I have been for almost seven years now. A couple years back they sold out to Viacom, and things have changed a bit.

Now it's getting really weird. I can now, if I choose, use real money to purchase fake money, and then use that fake money to buy clothes for my Neopets. Ok, I suppose I can see that, in a warped kind of way. But the kicker is, the clothes and accessories you buy with the fake money (that you purchased with real money) expire. So if I spend $10 hard cash to get 1000 NeoCash, which I then use to buy dresses and shoes and tiaras for my pets, in 90 days all that stuff just goes *poof!* and my pet is naked again (and I'm out 3 gallons of gas, or 10 McDonald's double cheeseburgers, or a six-pack of good beer).

Ok, I guess it can be compared to edible underwear--but at least the latter has slightly greater recreational value, and doesn't disappear automatically...

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