August 31, 2007

I've Played Shakespeare...

Well, I'm still poor, but now I'm re-watching movies in addition to re-reading favorite books. I popped Galaxy Quest into the VCR last night and re-lived many Star Trek favorite moments. There are some seriously great lines in Quest. I love when Sigourney Weaver says she only has one job, and it's stupid (repeating everthing the computer says), but she's going to do it!

Alan Rickman has to be one of the best actors who has ever lived (his Sheriff of Nottingham and Hans Gruber are still two of my favorite movie performances of all time).

I still can't get over how young Justin Long was, either...

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August 25, 2007

I'll probably just post this again next week...

So I haven't posted in awhile because it would pretty much be summed up by "Woe is me! I'm so poor!" if I did post.

Of course, "poor" is relative. To me it means that I can't afford to buy any new books, so I have to re-read old favorites. This is okay, sort of, except my favorite authors are all coming out with new stuff and it's killing me to not be able to snap them up. (Don't mention the Public Library to me. One of my phobias is germs. I don't know where those books have been...).

Anyway, Woe is me!

Nope. Don't feel any better, drat it!

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August 15, 2007

I need to stock up on Krylon

I can't decide if this is more annoying than it is stupid or more stupid than it is annoying.

" one should have to have contact with people whose views they find hurtful."

So emotional pain is now a benchmark for commercial transactions? What if the customers aren't wearing their opinions on their tee shirts? Does that mean I get to quiz them about their beliefs before I decide whether or not to sell them tickets or concessions?

"Excuse me, what's your stance on abortion? Really? No popcorn for you!"

What happens if, say, I disagree with one of my employees on whether a particular customer's views are hurtful? Do I get to quiz them on their "views" and fire the ones who don't find the same things "hurtful" that I do?

"So, Tammy, you would be willing to sell Goobers to someone who admits to voting for Kerry? I'm afraid you can't work here anymore..."

And what about this whole "contact" thing? Does another car's offensive bumper sticker fall into that category when I am forced to wait behind their vehicle in a traffic jam? Since I can't refuse to sell them anything, what is my recourse here? A can of black spray paint?

"No, your honor, it wasn't vandalism...I found the view expressed to be hurtful and I shouldn't have to have contact with it..."

...found here

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August 09, 2007


You know, there are a lot of words to describe laughter. We've got

just to list a few. But, although I have read all these designations for the sounds people make when they laugh, I'm not sure I could really tell the difference between, say, a chuckle and a chortle just by hearing them.

Anyone know of an audio dictionary?

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