October 31, 2007

Here's a little whine to go with that...

OK, I can't sleep. Part of it is all the drugs have messed with my biorhythms. But mostly I'm depressed/freaking out over the hospital bill for my emergency appendectomy. It came to $13,265.86. Hell, that's what my car cost! Unfortunately, they don't let you take out second mortgages on your car. So I called the hospital to make payment arrangements.

They want $2,000 a month.

I take home $1,482 a month.

If I earned $2000/month take-home, I would have been able to afford health insurance, and this would be moot. As it is, I can't sleep trying to figure out how the heck I'm going to pay these folks for saving my life (my doctor told me that if I had delayed only a few hours before going to the ER that my appendix would have ruptured).

There's also the radiologist and anesthesiologist (whose bills total over a grand) and there are probably a few more "ists" with bills still on the way.

The hospital recommended that I take out a loan. I have no choice but to try that, but since my car loan and my student loans already take almost half my income, I doubt a bank is going to loan me 14K on my good looks.


Maybe I should answer some Nigerian emails...

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October 29, 2007

Words Mean Things II

I've always been disturbed to note that when the MSM reports on fanatical communists in China, Islamocentric regimes in Iran, or longing-for-the- Glory-Days-of-Stalin politicians in Russia, they refer to these extremists as "right wing." Now, here in America, Commies and Pinkos and ultra-religious environmental whack-jobs are the left-wing. Doesn't that just make your head spin in a whole "Linda Blair in the Exorcist" kind of way? That a "conservative" American politician and a "conservative" Iranian politician are polar opposites?

That's why I've decided to stop calling myself a Conservative Republican. From now on, I am a stalwart member of the Sensible Party (as opposed to the Silly Party).

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming...

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October 26, 2007

All fired up

So I still hurt, and I still have trouble concentrating, and I'm still hanging out at the PuppyBlender's. But, Harvey got another Instalanche, although it was at IMAO again. After you read what he wrote, make sure you read the comments--they're frickin' hilarious!

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October 22, 2007

Words Mean Things

I remember now why I cut back on the blog-surfing. It makes me mad that there is so much stupidity in the world! (I get enough of that at work on a daily basis).

This (found here) really annoys me:

I hate conservatives
Posted by Dee on Oct 04, 2007
Conservatives are all of the mentally ill people in society. It's not what they claim to believe that makes them so bad, it's the fact that they believe the same things, like in lock step, that makes them so bad. They love to perseverate about black people, ad nauseum and point fingers, endlessly. While the rest of us are trying to make a living, dealing with real life and putting up with daily hassles, conservatives are narcissist who have answers for everyone, on everything at every level. They really need to get over themselves. I am not a liberal but definitely not mentally ill enough to be a conservative.

Oh, "Dee," where do I begin? It's blatantly obvious that not only has the American education system failed you abysmally, but your spell-checker is on the blink as well. What the deuce is "perseverate" anyway? But I get ahead of myself.

"Conservatives are all of the mentally ill people in society." This first statement alone is amazing to me. Not "I think conservatives are mentally ill" or "I think you have to be mentally ill to be a Conservative." Nope. Declarative statement: Conservatives are all of the mentally ill people in society. All of the mentally ill (in society--as opposed to locked-up, I guess) are Conservatives. There is not a single Progressive, Libertarian, Socialist, Liberal or Vegan suffering from neurosis, psychosis, depression or anxiety wandering around at large. If you have a mental illness, as opposed to a physical one, you are a Conservative. Think of the Hollywood elite, with their eating disorders, kleptomania, OCD and social phobias--all Conservatives!

"It's not what they claim to believe that makes them so bad, it's the fact that they believe the same things, like in lock step, that makes them so bad."
Wow! Who knew it was so terrible to believe that freedom and democracy are a good thing? And who knew it was so terrible to believe the same thing as someone else? I guess it's time to stop believing that if I knock a pencil on the floor it will fall, since apparently it's "bad" for Conservatives to all believe in gravity.

"They love to perseverate about black people, ad nauseum and point fingers, endlessly." ????????
Let me reiterate: ????????

"While the rest of us are trying to make a living, dealing with real life and putting up with daily hassles, conservatives are narcissist who have answers for everyone, on everything at every level. They really need to get over themselves." Conservatives apparently (like Ted Kennedy and John Kerry) don't have to earn a living because they were all born or married into money. They don't have a "real" life, and (like Ted Kennedy and John Kerry) pay someone else to handle their hassles. They also, it seems, want to run everyone else's life for them, telling them how much of their own money they can keep, what attitudes they are allowed to have, what beliefs they are allowed to hold, and what is the "correct" orthodoxy for women and minorities to espouse.

Silly me. For a minute there I thought I was describing liberal Democrats...

"I am not a liberal but definitely not mentally ill enough to be a conservative."

Honey, you sound exactly like a liberal to me...

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October 21, 2007

Now I'm backwards

The good news is I managed to sleep for eight hours (if you don't count getting up once to use the bathroom). The bad news is it was between 11am and 7pm.

If you'd told me I'd be bored out out my mind while off work for a week, I'd have called you crazy. But I still can't concentrate enough to read, and being house-bound when you can't lift anything or clean or drive anywhere is very cabin-fever inducing.

I've been reading blogs, but, unfortunately, the technology of blog ads has outpaced the capability of my computer to deal with it and about the only web site that doesn't lock up my browser is the PuppyBlender's. Forget about following most of the stuff he links, though. CTRL ALT DEL, baby!

I think I'm caught up on about half of every story in the blogosphere. I've started to just make up the rest on my own.

When all else fails, there's Neopets....

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October 20, 2007

This makes me think of Ted



Found here

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Ouch II

Well, I slept for four hours! Whoo-hoo! I think that may be because my family doctor got into the act and prescribed me antibiotics, a decongestant and an inhaler for the bronchitis, and I was coughing less and breathing more. I may have slept even longer except I'd already slept through both my pain med dose times, and when I rolled over in my sleep....ouch! But I think I must be getting better because it was merely painful, not agonizing.

My sisters have been wonderful! I'm not allowed to drive as long as I'm taking the heavy stuff, and they've been great about running around to pick up my prescriptions or a few groceries.

Now, I need to work on a ploy to get one of them to come over and do my laundry for me....

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October 19, 2007


That pretty much sums up my conversation of late. I'm taking advil and vicodin (every 8 hours and every 4 hours, respectively) for pain, and it seems like maybe three times a day for an hour or so there's a harmonic convergence that results in no pain--unless I cough. And I'm still coughing. I'm planning on calling the doctor today to see if he can do anything about the cough thing, because it's been a week now since I first started getting sick and there must be something that can treat it, right?

Another annoyance is that I can't sleep more than two hours in a row. Yep, I'm on the hospital schedule--my body thinks it's time for them to take my blood pressure and temperature and all that stuff so it's courteously pre-waking me. I tried not napping during the day and still woke up after 2 hours. So I'm going to sleep in 4 two-hour increments, I guess, and see how that goes.

My assistant manager brought me a pile of books, but I don't feel like reading! I read at red lights, for goodness' sake, and always take a book to parties for the conversational lulls, so this is unprecedented. You don't think the compulsion to read is stored in the appendix, do you?

This is going to be a long recovery...

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October 17, 2007

Waiting for Vicodin, OR I Miss my Morphine!

For some reason I got kind of selective about what I blog. For example, my Dad died last December and this is the first I've posted about it. I miss him, but he was kind of already gone when the Alzheimer's finally did in his body. Hospitals have that kind of association for me--you know, death. But I came home from the hospital today*, sans one appendix, and I didn't die, which is a good thing.

Of course, I don't know how close, if at all, death may have been, because in real life they don't tell you that stuff. They just give you morphine for the sudden agonizing pain, stick you in some machinery that tells them what might be causing it, and give you the opportunity to compare the various ceiling fixtures in different areas of the hospital as they wheel your personal trolley around.

I had my tonsils out when I was 6, and the pre-op memories are surprisingly similar to this Sunday's. The post-op memories are quite different. When I was six, I woke up in a crib in a room full of dead-looking people and a nurse yelled at me to stop throwing up blood because she was sick of cleaning me up. This time I was the only one in a large, brightly-lit room, except for a very nice nurse who spoke my name in a friendly, conversational tone before I got another long tour of ceiling fixtures and elevator ceilings. I suspect a lot of my psychological problems would have been reversed if I'd had this nurse back then.

I think they would have shoved me out the door on Monday except for the fact I had come down with bronchitis on Friday night. It's really hard to cough when you have three holes in your lower abdomen. Hint: DO NOT get bronchitis before your appendix becomes inflamed. In fact, just stay away from your brother-in-law altogether because he's always got something. Also, you should eat some chili before-hand, because they won't let you go home until you "pass gas" and it's hard to fart when you haven't eaten anything in two days.

My assistant manger brought me flowers when she came to see me. That was very sweet, considering I know what we pay her! All of my sisters stopped in at various times, and at one point three of them took turns shampooing my hair. But my best visitor was my niece, the new bride, who brought me real coffee! She made it her own self, at her home, and put milk and sugar in it and brought it to me in a travel mug. That young woman is an angel!


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October 09, 2007

Indecisions, indecisions...

So I have the opportunity to move to Minx, but it scares me... After all, I've got the place looking like I like it, and there are probably wombats in the new template, so it's a big deal. But, on the other hand, Minx is very shiny...

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October 07, 2007

Proper language begins at home

Overheard in the grocery store: "Go ax your mom if we need it."

Is this verbal dyslexia? Pronouncing the word a-k-s instead of a-s-k?

Can we do anything about it before this man's kids pass it on to their kids?

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October 02, 2007

Isn't she beautiful?

bride profile.jpg

The first of my nieces to wed did so this past weekend. Megan (my 3-year-old niece) caught the bouquet, so it may be awhile before the next niece-wedding...

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