November 08, 2007

It's a Crisis!

A while back I donated to Mercy Corps for their disaster relief efforts. I had heard on the interwebs that they were a reliable charity which got most of the funds they raised to the needy. I haven't been able to afford to "give" lately, but I tolerated their email and mail requests for donations on the chance that I might be able to help out again sometime.

Today I received an email entitled "Confronting a Changing Climate" which included the lefty religious buzzwords "global warming" "carbon footprint" and "sustainable ways" that set off all my alarm bells.

Among the questions they seek to answer: how people in Niger are adapting to desertification, how deforestation affects families in Liberia, and how rising sea levels will impact Indonesia's 12-million-person capital. Their forthcoming reports will inform Mercy Corps' work as we help communities adapt to the predicted effects of global warming.

Run! Run! We're all going to die!

I can't believe that they are not aware that the earth's climate has been changing for millions of years. (Hey, maybe for billions--I wasn't here) Only two decades ago the hysterics were screaming about global cooling--Run! Run! We're all going to die!

I emailed Mercy Corps asking if humans had created the Great Lakes, the Sahara Desert , the Mojave Desert...and to take me off their mailing list because they were never getting another penny from me (especially when I get some pennies) ever again.

So, this has been a public service announcement, in case any of my readers believed, as I did, that Mercy Corps was a reputable charity with its feet firmly on the ground. Bzzzzt! Wrong! Religious whackos, folks. You heard it here first...

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November 05, 2007

Grumpy Old Middle-Aged Woman Speaks

I start back to work today. I'm pretty well recovered from the surgery, but I still get random pains on occasion, and there's a lump around my biggest incision site that the surgeon said will go away in time. I'm paranoid that it will get bumped into, though, because that area is still sensitive.

Why did I have to buck the odds? If I had gotten appendicitis when I was 20, not only would I have recovered quicker, but I would have been covered by my dad's insurance as well! Only, when I was in college there were no laparoscopic surgeries, so I guess it balances out. Except for the insurance thing.

I was thinking today about illegal immigration. We need to make it cheaper and easier for legal immigrants, and a nightmare for illegal ones. Plus, stop with all this bi-lingual crap. If you want to come to America, you learn English, just like my grandparents and great-grandparents! And if you don't like our culture, and want to keep your own, stay home! The name of the game is assimilation. </rant>

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November 01, 2007


Megan dressed as a "Backyardigan" this year. Meet Uniqua:


Don't ask me why her tongue is blue...maybe it's part of the costume?

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