December 19, 2007

Shopping fiascoes and other irritants

I've stopped reading the news because it ticks me off so much (the latest was the story linked* from Instapundit about the identity theft victims who were on the hook to the IRS for money the identity thieves had earned, although what really ticked me off was the aside about the judge who ruled that it's not illegal to assume someone else's identity in order to get a job) but now I'm getting ticked off by Christmas shopping as well. Case in point:

I ordered a gift card from them as a Christmas Gift, particularly because it stated right on the description "ships within 24 hours" (even though it was still two weeks 'til Christmas) because I needed it in time for an early Christmas party. FOUR DAYS after I ordered it--three days after it was supposed to be shipped--I got an email from them saying that it was going to be delayed, although they didn't know for how long, but that maybe it had already been shipped. WTF?????

They also thoughtfully mentioned that there was no way for me to cancel the order, but if I got the item too late I could always return it for a refund. And this helps me how? My money is tied up with an item that I may or may not get in time, so even if I KNEW it was going to be late, I don't have the money to buy something else.

Now I have to make up some cheesy homemade gift certificate saying it represents the real gift certificate which they might get by Easter. Grrrr...I should have known better, after what happened with the Bridal Registry item I had ordered from them for my niece's wedding shower--I ended up giving it to her as a wedding present two months later...

Moral: Do not shop at They just don't get the whole internet retailer thing...

*Unfortunately, Glen's link was to a blogger whose link to the actual news story is now defunct, and nobody copied the article in its entirety...

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December 12, 2007

Need some Christmas Spirit?


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December 11, 2007

Everything Old is New Again

Judging by the ice storms in the Midwest, I think it's time for the professional alarmists to start up again with the whole "Global Cooling" thing that was so big in the 70's...

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December 03, 2007

Update at 11...or maybe on the 11th...

My nephew loaned me his copy of Glen Beck's An Inconvenient Book. I'm only up to chapter 9, but that's because I have to rest up between chapters. A woman can only laugh so hard without stopping to breathe...

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