June 21, 2008

Today's observation

There's nothing like roving bands of feral pre-teens lobbing fireworks throughout the mall parking lot to make one long for a curfew...or maybe a fireworks ban...

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June 06, 2008

Hell starts today

Now that school's out we're back to showing matinées every day, which means 12-hour workdays for yours truly. So here is a joke about Hell:

A man died and went to Hell. The Devil was giving him a tour, and they passed three sweet-looking little old ladies sitting on a bench.
"Whoa!" the man said. "What did those nice women do to end up here?"
"Well, said the Devil, "That first woman is Jewish, and she ate pork. The second one is Catholic, and she ate meat on Friday. The third one...."
"Yes?" ask the man.
"The third one is Episcopalian, and she used her dessert fork to eat her entrée."

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June 01, 2008

I may have to take up knitting

Maybe I just have a low annoyance threshold or something, but lately it seems that nobody edits books anymore. And it's not just grammatical errors or awkward sentence structure. All of a sudden, a character's name changes with no explanation. It's not a typo, because it goes on for chapters. Or somebody says, "Gino, you stay and guard the spaceship," but then Gino's with them on the mission--only, when they get back to the ship, Gino lets them back on board and tells them everything was quiet while they were gone. Or the characters make reference to previous events that never occurred (and I've gone back and looked, thinking maybe I skimmed over the part where Belinda told Dwayne that Horace was the baby's real father) or suddenly don't have a vital piece of equipment that they had up until the moment it was needed, but its disappearance is never explained.

Doesn't anybody read these things before I do?

My God! It's getting so that reading a book is as bad as watching a movie!

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