November 24, 2008


Got an email from my brother....

Our dept. ordered the new version of "Adobe Acrobat Pro" because the old version we have been using since 2001 won't open .pdf documents saved with the new version. Fine. Except, Adobe sent us an electronic order-receipt to "verify the order before processing", but we couldn't open it because they saved it as the .pdf format of [the] newest version...and we are still using (surprise!) the old version.

The stupids they are taking over, I tell you! Taking over!

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November 15, 2008


Okay, I don't seem to be doing very well at this "go back to blogging every day" thing, do I? I blame temporal displacement. And President Bush (because I can).

*just 'cuz it's such a cool-sounding word

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November 04, 2008

I wish the rest were silence...

Well, my civic duty is done, and now I just have to see if the Socialist Party is the winner, or if McCain came out on top. The country survived Carter and it survived Clinton (albeit a little worse for wear) so if Obama (whom my brother calls Obama bin Laden) wins, I'm sure we'll survive that, too--'though maybe a lot worse for wear in that case. Anyway, all that's left now is the gloating or keening from the vociferous left...

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November 02, 2008


The other day I bumped into a high school classmate of mine who told me that another classmate had died suddenly a few weeks ago. That really blew me away, because he was not only a guy I took a lot of classes with, but also one with whom I had made out in the back seat of a car...the odd thing is, even though I hadn't thought about him in years, I had a dream about him a couple weeks back. There must be some unconscious psychic veil I tapped into.

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