August 30, 2009

Up to bat again

So yesterday I had an interview with a theater for an Assistant Manager position. It's full time and salaried. I'm torn about whether I should hope to get the job or not. On the one hand, it's my field, and I need a job. On the other, a dozen years of retail have made me hate the public. I've always hated meeting people I don't know, but my acting skills were good enough to fake it. Now, it's almost like I can't be bothered anymore. That will not do in a customer service job.

I'll just try and remember how much I like having minions...and a paycheck.

Posted by Susie at August 30, 2009 05:24 PM | TrackBack

Minions and paycheck? What hot coals, I don't see any hot coals.

Posted by: Stephen Macklin at August 30, 2009 06:38 PM

Embrace the inner Movie Nazi.

You don't like the popcorn? NO MOVIE FOR YOU!

Posted by: Phelps at August 30, 2009 06:45 PM

Thumbscrews, rack, cat o' nine tails should keep the minions in line and caltrops will take care of the paying customers. An Iron Maiden perhaps for the odd one's that get through? Go for it, you know you'll enjhoy the pay cheque anyway!

Posted by: The Gray Monk at September 2, 2009 03:18 PM

For so long, you fought against the Ass Man, now you will become one :-)

Posted by: Harvey at September 6, 2009 03:33 PM