July 02, 2009

Sufferin' Succotash

This is SO annoying--there aren't very many jobs to begin with, and the ones I am more than qualified for require a credit check, which, because I have been out of work for 6 months, I am NOT going to pass. Plus, I seem to recall hearing somewhere that having people check your credit counts against you for your credit rating.

I am so screwed.

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September 13, 2008

I am sad.

I'm a capitalist and all that, but when a blog's ads and ad-cookies assault my browser to the point that it not only hangs but locks up altogether, so that I'm forced to reboot my computer and then wait for the auto scan disk to run just to get back online, doesn't that defeat the purpose of the ads, which is getting someone to read them? How can one read the ads if one is avoiding the site completely?

What's worse is that the blog I am now going to have to avoid is the Divine Rachel Lucas!

Sigh. If it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all.

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June 21, 2008

Today's observation

There's nothing like roving bands of feral pre-teens lobbing fireworks throughout the mall parking lot to make one long for a curfew...or maybe a fireworks ban...

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June 01, 2008

I may have to take up knitting

Maybe I just have a low annoyance threshold or something, but lately it seems that nobody edits books anymore. And it's not just grammatical errors or awkward sentence structure. All of a sudden, a character's name changes with no explanation. It's not a typo, because it goes on for chapters. Or somebody says, "Gino, you stay and guard the spaceship," but then Gino's with them on the mission--only, when they get back to the ship, Gino lets them back on board and tells them everything was quiet while they were gone. Or the characters make reference to previous events that never occurred (and I've gone back and looked, thinking maybe I skimmed over the part where Belinda told Dwayne that Horace was the baby's real father) or suddenly don't have a vital piece of equipment that they had up until the moment it was needed, but its disappearance is never explained.

Doesn't anybody read these things before I do?

My God! It's getting so that reading a book is as bad as watching a movie!

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December 19, 2007

Shopping fiascoes and other irritants

I've stopped reading the news because it ticks me off so much (the latest was the story linked* from Instapundit about the identity theft victims who were on the hook to the IRS for money the identity thieves had earned, although what really ticked me off was the aside about the judge who ruled that it's not illegal to assume someone else's identity in order to get a job) but now I'm getting ticked off by Christmas shopping as well. Case in point: Target.com.

I ordered a gift card from them as a Christmas Gift, particularly because it stated right on the description "ships within 24 hours" (even though it was still two weeks 'til Christmas) because I needed it in time for an early Christmas party. FOUR DAYS after I ordered it--three days after it was supposed to be shipped--I got an email from them saying that it was going to be delayed, although they didn't know for how long, but that maybe it had already been shipped. WTF?????

They also thoughtfully mentioned that there was no way for me to cancel the order, but if I got the item too late I could always return it for a refund. And this helps me how? My money is tied up with an item that I may or may not get in time, so even if I KNEW it was going to be late, I don't have the money to buy something else.

Now I have to make up some cheesy homemade gift certificate saying it represents the real gift certificate which they might get by Easter. Grrrr...I should have known better, after what happened with the Bridal Registry item I had ordered from them for my niece's wedding shower--I ended up giving it to her as a wedding present two months later...

Moral: Do not shop at Target.com. They just don't get the whole internet retailer thing...

*Unfortunately, Glen's link was to a blogger whose link to the actual news story is now defunct, and nobody copied the article in its entirety...

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October 19, 2007


That pretty much sums up my conversation of late. I'm taking advil and vicodin (every 8 hours and every 4 hours, respectively) for pain, and it seems like maybe three times a day for an hour or so there's a harmonic convergence that results in no pain--unless I cough. And I'm still coughing. I'm planning on calling the doctor today to see if he can do anything about the cough thing, because it's been a week now since I first started getting sick and there must be something that can treat it, right?

Another annoyance is that I can't sleep more than two hours in a row. Yep, I'm on the hospital schedule--my body thinks it's time for them to take my blood pressure and temperature and all that stuff so it's courteously pre-waking me. I tried not napping during the day and still woke up after 2 hours. So I'm going to sleep in 4 two-hour increments, I guess, and see how that goes.

My assistant manager brought me a pile of books, but I don't feel like reading! I read at red lights, for goodness' sake, and always take a book to parties for the conversational lulls, so this is unprecedented. You don't think the compulsion to read is stored in the appendix, do you?

This is going to be a long recovery...

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April 22, 2007

I have issues....

My optical mouse seems to be clicking randomly (and double-clicking on occasion as well) and ads and cookie-bombardments keep locking up my browser when I'm web-surfing.

Sigh. I think the poltergeist followed me home....

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March 14, 2007


On Monday I found the best salad I have ever gotten at a fast food restaurant--Wendy's new Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad with Berry Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing.

I went back on Tuesday for another one, and they had stopped carrying it.


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February 13, 2007

Piled Higher and Deeper

The Blizzard of Aught Seven is in progress here at the moment, and, unfortunately, I will need to venture out in it to go to work. As stupid as it sounds, there will probably be people lining up to see a movie tonight--or worse, dropping off their kids (since school was cancelled today and probably will be tomorrow, too).

The most annoying thing? The owner is in Florida right now....

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February 11, 2007

It's relative

Here's another example of the kind of stupidity that annoys the heck out of me--fast food restaurants where the smallest size is called a "medium." Hellllooo! "Medium" means in the middle! If it's not in the middle, and there are sizes that are bigger, it's a small! Sheesh...

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July 27, 2006


Well, one of my two job applications is a bust. That was the one I was most hopeful for, too--only they decided to go with a re-hire of a former employee who already knows the job.
I think I'll go eat some worms....

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May 26, 2006

I need a shark with a frickin' laser beam attached to its head

...to kill comment spammers! I just spent most of my blogging time closing the comments on every post on my old Typepad blog...

I hate frickin' comment spammers. I really do.

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May 21, 2006

I can't see clearly now

I'm either getting very clutzy or am having another round of bad luck. In the past couple of days I've burned my hand (while taking the filter out of my coffee pot, it burped a cloud of hot steam at me) and broken my glasses. The latter is the more frustrating of the two since I can't get the arm put back on until tomorrow, so I am wearing my old pair. The problem with the old pair is that they are really old, so that while they work fine for my distance vision for things like driving, they don't have the bifocal feature of my new pair that allows me clear middle vision...so every time I need to see something about a foot away clearly, I have to take my glasses OFF.

I guess I need one of those neck chains--do they still make those?

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May 06, 2006

Fragmentally Yours

Well, I don't have time to blog today because I got the sudden urge to defrag my hard drive, and it took over an hour because something kept writing to the disk and it kept having to start over at the beginning. *Sigh.* I suspect it was my anti-virus program. Anyone know if it's safe to turn off your anti-virus when defragging?

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February 02, 2006

If you don't have any superstitions, what are you going to blame stuff on?

Well, yesterday's strangeness is continuing into today... my paycheck bounced again. Did I crash into a mirror factory while sleep-driving?

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December 20, 2005

Too bad I'm afraid of heights

My test blog over here got hit with 50 spam comments last night, so I had to turn the comments off.

Minx, where are you?

I'm looking for a new job, but the problem is while I want to get out of retail, that's all I know. There should be a master list of every job there is, with descriptions, so I would know what a Plant Production Facilitation Specialist or a Senior Business Information Analyst does. Hey, I could be perfect for either one of those (if I knew what they meant)!

The jobs whose titles I DO understand (Waitstaff, Professional Pest Control Service Technician) aren't what I'm looking for.

Hmmm...A Tower Climber earns $17/hour.....

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August 12, 2005

Today I'll at least post a quiz

I think I have a slight touch of beal. Usually I succumb to the compulsion to at least try and post something every day, but yesterday I didn't even make the attempt.

So, found at Pixy's Place:

Take the quiz: "Which Holy Grail Character Are You?"

Sir Bedevere
Well, now, uh, Launcelot, Galahad, and I, uh, wait until nightfall, and then leap out of the rabbit, taking the French, uh, by surprise. Not only by surprise, but totally unarmed!

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July 06, 2005

OK, I lied--Tom Cruise's idiocy is back on the table

I really, really hate it when I wake up in the middle of the night convinced that I'm dying. Logically I know that it's "just" a panic attack, but logic isn't really a lot of help at 3am when your body is acting like you're a cave woman who just noticed a saber-toothed tiger blocking the cave entrance. The good thing is, this no longer happens to me several times a day, several days a week, for several (ok, ten) consecutive years. Why? Because I take medicine to correct my imbalanced brain chemicals. Exercise and a positive mental attitude just don't cut it, Tom, despite your "expert" opinion to the contrary. I know this through personal experience, having tried just about every treatment out there--and while some of them help, none of them helps enough for me to go about a "normal" daily life without including medication.

Tom Cruise is an idiot--he might as well be condemning diabetics for taking insulin.

Ok, I'm done (for now).

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July 05, 2005

Well, That was Interesting...

There is some sort of flaw in the CPanel/MT continuum that keeps creating server errors and prevents Munuvians from posting, readers from commenting, or even our blogs from loading. Since I don't really understand all that geek speak, I'm just going to pray to St. Jude and St. Anthony that Pixy finds a solution to an apparently unsolvable problem...

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June 23, 2005


Things that are currently annoying me:

Typepad--I finally got the time to add new Alliance members and I can't get in to add them to their typelist.

Rove apology demand--what idiots!

Nightmares--werewolves and zombies and demons, oh my!

I guess I can blame them all on the full moon. Or two out of three, anyway. I think the nightmares were caused by the Chinese food....

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May 29, 2005

Grumpy in Indiana

It's getting to the point where I hate the weekends. I especially hate it when I have to be back to work on Sunday less than twelve hours after I left it on Saturday. Well, actually I guess it was really Sunday already when I left, and I have to go back again on the same day.

You know, it's beginning to tick me off that everything is bilingual these days. I sort of get that some packaging has both English and French, or English and Spanish, if the company is trying to save some money on the costs of products it exports. But things like phone centers or ATMs that make you choose either Spanish or English before you go any farther are a double annoyance. When my paternal ancestors arrived in this country they didn't speak a word of English. Granted, they hung around with other German-speaking immigrants and patronized German-speaking shopkeepers, but their kids learned English! Imagine if every immigrant group to hit our shores forced their language into the mainstream--it would take an hour just to read the street signs in French, German, Polish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese...
Maybe we need to go to war with Spain. World War I made the German immigrants mainstream themselves fairly quickly. I'm just sayin'....

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April 30, 2005


Movie ratings are screwy. Tonight we had an employee movie night for the movie Constantine, which is rated R. There was no nudity, sex, or language, and it wasn't particularly scary. Heck, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom had grosser special effects. So why on earth was this film rated R? According to the MPAA, it's "Rated R for violence and demonic images." Huh. Well, we are also showing Boogeyman, which has a PG-13 rating: "Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of horror and terror/violence, and some partial nudity."

"Intense" horror and terror/violence gets a PG-13, but violence (and not even any partial nudity) gets an R. You know what I think? I think what the ratings board found offensive was that Constantine took a moral/religious position: sinners go to hell. Mustn't let our impressionable children hear about good and evil, when they can be watching partial nudity and "intense" horror instead....

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April 23, 2005

2005: A Retail Odyssey

I hate having to email "Customer Service" when I have a problem.

Dear Company, the thing I ordered from you on Feb 2 (invoice #123456) didn't work, so I returned it and your website shows you shipped a replacement on Mar 1 (order #abcdefg). I have not yet received it. Could you trace the shipment?

Dear Customer, we value your business very much and thank you for contacting us. To place an order on our website, simply click on the item you wish to purchase and when it appears in a new window choose "add to cart." When you have finished shopping, click on the button that says "check out." Thank you for letting us be of service to you.

I suspect that no humans actually work in any "Customer Service" department anywhere; like help desks, email support is operated by a computer named Hal....

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April 19, 2005

Academia vs. the Government: The Runaround Race

I'm stuck in that endless bureaucratic loop where A tells me I have to talk to B but B tells me I have to talk to A and when I talk to A to tell them that B sent me back, they say I need to talk to C. Of course, C was at lunch and would get back to me...
Still waiting.

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March 30, 2005

Just my luck

The weather was absolutely gorgeous here today, so business was lousy. I can't blame the customers--I didn't want to be inside either! Naturally, since I am off tomorrow, it's supposed to rain. Looks like homework in my future....

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January 27, 2005

Circular Meandering Part Deux

(Part One here)

The essence of good communication is not only clarity on the part of the person attempting to make a point, but a willingness to try to understand on the part of the listener. Everyone is unclear in their communications at times. Everyone also misunderstands another at times as well.

Mis-communication is easier in the written format because there are no facial or verbal clues to aid comprehension--is this person angry? Being ironic? Pulling your leg? When reading, it is often best just to take the words at face value until you can determine if there is some nuance that you are missing.

Problems arise when one party to the communication is either unwilling or unable to attempt to understand what the other party means. It is sometimes difficult to determine which--unwillingness or inability--is at fault.

For example, imagine I said "Linda got really drunk at Joe's house last night, so I asked Ken to drive her home." If Joe said to me "Don't accuse me of having wild orgies!" is it because he is deliberately mis-characterizing my statement about Linda for whatever reason--paranoia, low self-esteem, the need to be the center of attention, whatever--or because he never diagrammed sentences in grade school to learn that the subject of the sentence is Linda? The actual location of Linda's overindulgence is not really that important, except if someone needs to know where the behavior took place (to go look for Linda's missing purse at Joe's house or in Ken's car, for instance).

When one is writing about a statement that someone else made, it is common to cite the location where the quote was found. This enables a reader to find the quote in context should they so desire. When blogging, citing another blog automatically sends a trackback to that blog (at least with MT anyway).

This brings me (finally) to my point. When I innocently followed the rambling trail of blog-reading reconstructed here it was merely out of curiousity to see why someone would call this blogger a S*#% Head. After reading what he wrote--a rambling, incoherent diatribe against imagined slights against him (see the trackback to that post)--in response to my post, I understand completely why he would be linked that way.

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January 26, 2005

Circular Maneuvering

While I want to respond to the response to this post (follow the trackback there if you need to, it's probably better if I don't ping him again) I'm not really sure which parts are directed at me and which at others in the trail that took me there. I think the following were directed at me:

You know, if you people want to be partisan hacks and support your buddies, that is all good. But try to get your facts right.
...call me a terrorist, accuse me of being ignorant of history (I read Shirer's the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, before I was 12 years old....) Whatever...
but I may be mistaken because the whole post rambled a bit. [Granted, blogging is not the pinnacle of literary composition, but back in the days when I was teaching college freshmen Comp 101 that particular essay would not have earned high marks for either clarity or style. But I was a tough grader.]

In my post I was remarking on the comments by an individual calling herself "Rogue," apparently short for "Rogue Angel." Rogue is the one I referred to as "an apologist for Islamofascism" because she said:

I think if people will read their history books, they will find that more have died in the name of Christianity than have died in the name of Islam.[Note: I suspect she is correct in that more Christians have been martyred for their religion over the centuries than Muslims have, but I also suspect that what she said is not what she meant, judging by the rest of the paragraph] Also, Christians were famous for conquering other lands and forcing the natural citizens to adhere to Christianity, whereas Islam did not do that. Christians have not only killed in the name of religion, they have tortured in the name of it as well. History well documents these facts. Christianity has even beheaded those that were found to be heretics.

The implication here, I think, is that she is saying that we can't condemn Muslim terrorists for beheading innocent civilians because of the Crusades or the Spanish Inquisition. But then she goes on

There is no religion that is sinless when it comes to these things. To judge all on the basis of some, and back in the ole days ... a whole hell of a lot, is ridiculous.
Hmmm...undermining her own argument....

But--back to responding to the response. There seems to be a basic lack of reading comprehension ability on the part of the site owner. How am I to take his referring to me as "you people"? His accusation that I am a "partisan hack"? And where in heaven's name did he come up with the notion that I was "supporting my buddies"? I do, of course, support my buddies (especially Pixy Misa, Our Munuvian Overlord!) but I don't recall any buddy-supporting in that post.

Dang! I have to go to work! Come back later for the Exciting Conclusion....

Later that night.....Auuugh!!!!!! Run! Run and hide! JadeGold has suddenly popped up in the comments of the post I was about to discuss!
I need to find my body armor before I continue....

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January 13, 2005

Moon-battery abounds

So I'm innocently reading a "novel of suspense" and all of a sudden out of nowhere comes--yep, you guessed it--a loony-left political rant that has no bearing on the plot and adds nothing to character development (which was minimal in this book anyway). Deja vu!

Now, I'll admit the book was a little out there to begin with, being about a medium who gets kidnapped by a psycho who wants revenge on her FBI boyfriend, and the medium not only sees dead people, but talks to them too. Actually, the ghost helps her escape. But anyway, in the middle of this scene where the medium's psychic grandmother is blaming the FBI boyfriend for everything, he says

... we have a president who stole the election, we're now a colonial power that invades sovereign nations for oil profits and lies about what they're actually doing, and we have a nation still so traumatized by nine/eleven that they're terrified of speaking out. The Bill of Rights has gone south, three million people have lost their jobs, we have racial profiling, and every neighbor has become a suspect.

Now just what does that collection of non sequiturs have to do with anything in the story? And if I were an FBI agent I would be highly offended to see my profession represented by the kind of idiot that can only regurgitate MoveOn talking points instead of actually thinking.

I'm really getting tired of novels becoming the new attempt at subliminal lefty brainwashing. They think if they repeat this crap often enough, people will start to believe it.

Anyway, the book is called Total Silence by T.J. MacGregor, and if you can ignore the superfluous political claptrap (and forget I gave away the fact that the ghost rescues the heroine), it's an ok read if you need a book you can put down without regret when you need to go turn the lights on in a theater. Only get it from the library. No point in encouraging T.J. to continue writing....

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January 05, 2005

Have I mentioned how much I hate it when I can't sleep?

I thought so.

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December 20, 2004

Waiting for Godot the Mailman person carrier

The countdown to Christmas is getting shorter, and I'm still waiting for some of my internet Christmas present purchases to get here. Remind me not to take everybody up on "super saver shipping" next year, because I'm getting too old to wait for the USPS to get around to delivering my packages. Then, of course, I have the worry of our paychecks being in those same reliable hands--I usually get the checks on Thursdays to hand out on Fridays; only, on at least four occasions in the past (it may even have been five) the Post Office didn't get the letter with the paychecks to me until Saturday. And guess what? Christmas is on Saturday! So that means we won't get our paychecks until Monday if the mail is slow....

What's that saying? The beatings will continue until morale improves? I never quite got that one--the beater's morale, or the beatee's? I should probably ask Harvey...only he's probably too busy writing more Christmas song lyrics to answer...

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December 06, 2004

Another effort goes awry

I hate it when I can't sleep. St. Nicholas probably won't stop to fill my shoe with candy, just because I'm awake. On the other hand, coal is probably pretty difficult to get out of the toe area, and I hate gambling....

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November 28, 2004

Unclaimed children will be served as paté

Tonight there were eleven children waiting for rides when it was time to turn off the lights and lock up. One group had been waiting 45 minutes since their movie let out.

What is wrong with people???

Yes, that was a rhetorical question.

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November 24, 2004

Over Unger and under Dunn

So Dan Rather is out--sort of. Talk about CBS being a day late and a dollar short. They really are arrogant s.o.b.s there, aren't they? They'll can somebody for interrupting a fictional show, but when their news department conspires to present fiction as fact in a deliberate partisan political smear, they act like it was no more of a transgression than belching in public--slightly embarrassing, but certainly nothing to prevent them from being invited back again. I wonder what it's going to take for these people to "get it"?

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October 31, 2004

I hate imposters!!!!

Attention, everyone: A comment ostensibly from Bill Whittle was posted in my comments here from IP address That would be a Korean address. I don't think Bill's in Korea, do you?

So--should I delete it? Alter it? Use it to line the cat box? All reasonable suggetions considered....

UPDATE: Since the real Bill Whittle does not like his name to be taken in vain I have deleted the offending comment at his request. (I did, however, first remove his name and then print it to line the cat box...)

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October 24, 2004


Twelve-and-a-half hours in the salt mines ahead of me, and I have nothing to read! Auuugh!!!! Oh, I have plenty of books ordered, but, being the skinflint I am, I chose "budget" shipping and that means pony express, I think. At any rate, I am currently bookless--so between shows I will be nagging my clerks to "clean, don't lean" instead of minding my own business, absorbed in a murder mystery. They hate that.
I think today I'll make them take all the candy out of the display cases and dust the shelves.....muhahahah! Yes, I am evil! Evil to the core!

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October 19, 2004

The Dreaded Beal Strikes Again

At least I think that's what it is. Maybe I just don't have anything to say.

Nah. I just don't feel like saying it. It's beal.

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October 03, 2004


My wall clock is broken. It's shown 8:21 for two days now. At first I thought it just needed a fresh battery, which I supplied before setting it to the correct time. But the hour and minute hands stopped again. The second hand works great, by the way.

I know--it's right twice a day.

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September 27, 2004

I think I'm becoming a partisan political operative--oh, wait, I already am!

I haven't had my coffee yet, so I'm probably less that coherent, but I don't get this:

_A British soldier charged with allegedly murdering a civilian Iraqi was freed on bail by a London court. Police said trooper Kevin Williams is being investigated for his alleged role in the death of Hassan Said, who was killed near the city of Basra in southern Iraq, on Aug. 3, 2003. The next hearing is slated for Oct. 25.

_ In the Netherlands, a Dutch officer pleaded innocent Monday to charges of negligence and excessive use of force in the fatal shooting of an Iraqi civilian. Sgt. Maj. Eric Jan Overvoorde, 43, said he fired two warning shots toward a group of Iraqis when he believed the lives of his men were in danger. One of his shots is believed to have killed an Iraqi man.

That's from an AP story linked on my homepage (the title of which, by the way, was "U.S. Jets Pound Militant Positions in Iraq ").

Solidiers are being accused of murder in civilian courts for actions that took place in wartime? And, pardon me if I sound cynical, but aren't the Iraqi "insurgents" who are setting off car bombs and kidnapping foreigners technically "civilians"? Of course, being AP, they don't really provide you enough information to draw an informed conclusion--which I suppose is their point. We are supposed to conclude that all soldiers are murderers.

I need more coffee...

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August 26, 2004

It was bad enough when it was just movies....

I'm very annoyed, and what's a blog for if not venting?

I was killing time at work (waiting for the last movie to get out so I could turn off the lights, lock up and go home) reading a mystery novel, and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, with absolutely no connection to the storyline whatsoever, comes this diatribe against "entire countries being laid to waste" overseas, the "once robust economy in the tanks", "tax cuts for the rich," and "foundering health care and education." Then, back to the story.


A similar thing happened once before--right in the middle of a perfectly decent mystery novel was a strident endorsement for abortion. I don't remember who the author was, because I never read any of her books again.

Authors, please--when trying to shove your unpalatable leftist views down your readers' throats, please be a little more subtle. Or, better yet, keep them to yourself! I had a much higher opinion of you before I found out you were an idiotarian....

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August 10, 2004

Linguistic quibble

I hate the way the news keeps calling terrorists in Iraq "insurgents" and "militants," especially when the verb following those descriptives is usually "kidnapped" "blew up" or "attacked." If the press can't bring themselves to use the "T" word, then they should call 'em islamofascists or radical islamists or bin Ladenists. It's not like these guys are going to sue them for defamation (although "alleged" "dictator" Sadaam Hussein might have a case).

Besides, the word "insurgents" reminds me I need to do my laundry again, and I'm out of Cheer™....

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August 07, 2004

Hurry! Don't Delay!

IP:, using the fake email addy of shannyn3@bmaster-c.com, pushing pharmaceuticals. Ban this IP now, friends!

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July 30, 2004

Now go away, or I will taunt you a second time

I was reading something that pointed me somewhere that sent me to Michelle Malkin's blog, and once again I am appalled by the deliberate and belligerent stupidity of certain members of the human race; in this case, "Surge" and "the Liberal Avenger" who were lurking in Michele's comments, armed with self-righteous arrogance and the conviction that feeling is more important than thinking.

Lord, spare me from the babbling of these idiots, however useful they may be to the Socialist cause. Their tinfoil hats deflect logic at the speed of sound, and when given a smack-down by more sensible commenters they quickly change the subject rather than let a little fresh thought into their tightly closed minds.

I suppose I should be grateful to them, however--without their obtuse wrongheadedness I never would have gotten to read this response from cousin vinnie:

Try this model for thinking about profiling.

You are given a large jar of assorted jelly beans. In a small number of jelly beans, a valuable diamond is hidden. You don't have time to search all the jelly beans, but you know that the green jelly beans are 1,000 times more likely to contain a diamond than all the rest.

Logically, you would search ONLY the green jelly beans until they had been exhausted.

Profiling? You bet. And completely logical and mathematically sound.

Naturally, "Surge" and "The Liberal Avenger" had no reply to that, since thinking is hard work--or maybe their moms made them get off the computer and go outside to play...

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July 12, 2004

A Modest Proposal

I was out driving (to the store to buy milk, if you must know) and I saw an actual bumper sticker that said "Bush lied People died" and my first thought was "Why don't you just have a bumper sticker that says 'I'm Stupid'?" because it would save the slander. Which got me to thinking about bumper stickers I'd like to see. For example "I'm gullible and easily misled, which is why I loved Fahrenheit 9/11" or "Moore lied, Twinkies died" or even "Caution: Blind Driver". Which gives me an idea for an Alliance assignment, Harv-- a fill in the blank bumper sticker slogan: "Moore Lied, ______ Died". What do you think?

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June 28, 2004


I hate IE. I'll tell you why. I posted a quiz the day before yesterday and it made my sidebar go away. But I didn't know that until a little while ago when the Music Plasma link I got from Harvey wouldn't display right in Mozilla so I pulled up my site in IE to go to Harvey's to follow the link again. And my sidebar was somewhere underneath the posts. I have no idea what's in (or not in) the quiz script to make it so it looks fine in Mozilla but fubars my site completely in IE, so I changed it back to draft until I can figure out what's up.

I don't have time for this excrement.

Oh--and it's not Mozilla at Music Plasma after all--the site doesn't have scroll bars in IE either...

UPDATE: I think I got it--I had to add and remove "center" and "end center" tags all over the place. I probably should have fixed their spelling of "ingredients" while I was at it...Oh, well....

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June 21, 2004

Self-censoring leaves tooth marks in my tongue

Things I've wanted to say this week but didn't:

To my classmates: Our discussion this week would've gone a lot better if the rest of you had read the freakin' chapter!

To the theater owner: This piece of crap projector wouldn't keep breaking down if you'd ponied up for a model built since the Second World War! Oh, and your son creeps me out. Keep him away from here.

To my teacher: Your "Course Content" chapters are a week behind--buy the same text edition you made us buy!

To a customer on the phone: It's obvious you have our newspaper ad in front of you--why are you asking me to verify the movie schedule item by item?

To my Assistant Manager: You are either incredibly stupid or trying your hand at sabotage. And I don't think you're stupid.

So, I'm sure I'm not the only one who has refrained from saying something rude because I was too well brought-up to speak to my mind. Anybody else want to get it off their chest? That's what the comments are for....

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June 09, 2004

Spam, sausage, bacon and spam

Dear and,

Get a life!



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May 28, 2004

From both sides of the horse's mouth...

I had to get up at a ridiculously early (for me) hour to let some workers into the theater, and thus had set my clock radio. For reasons unknown (doubtless operator error), it was set to radio instead of alarm, and so I woke to the soothing tones of NPR. Since I'm never up this early, I didn't know they played anything other than soporific bedtime classical or jazz; I was surprised to hear "news". Apparently Kerry gave a speech somewhere last night and they interviewed two people about it. The Independent said she was going to vote for Kerry because he would get us out of Iraq. The Democrat said he would vote for Kerry because he would take things slowly and not rush us out of Iraq like Bush is doing.


I guess the reason that Kerry is getting away with taking both sides on every issue is that people only listen until they hear what they want to hear, then stop listening.

And the press is letting the contradictions slide. What a surprise!

I need more coffee....

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May 23, 2004

Spam, spam, sausage and spam is the IP address of some knuckle-dragger apparently from Milan, Italy.

16 spam comments from the same IP, all for the same product, but all with different email addys. Dork.

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May 22, 2004

But I thought since I got a tax cut that makes me one of the evil rich...

So I'm supposed to be working on a 4 page (minimum) paper that's due tomorrow, which is why I'm blogging instead. Because I am annoyed. I haven't shared with you, my faithful readers, my frustration and annoyance with this current class. This is the worst class (with the worst textbook) I have ever had in my life. It's worse than my high school American Government class that was taught by the track coach (at least in that class I could amuse myself by correcting his spelling and grammatical errors on handouts and tests).

For this class, we have to write six 4-6 pages papers and one 10-14 page paper. The big paper, ok. It's these little ones that are killing me because the assignment makes no sense. It's like the instruction is to analyze Freud's representation of the conflict between the ego and the id as indicated by this statement: Marcia drives a Volkswagen.

It's kind of hard to get "Whaaaaat? to stretch to four pages.

To top it off, the completely useless, $130, gibberish-ridden text came with a "free" subscription to Business Week magazine. Oh. My. God. You know the left is entrenched in the media as well as academia when you crack open an issue of Business Week. The Cover Story this week is on the working poor. Cool! I consider myself to be "working poor"--and hey, they do too! But you would think that a magazine about "business" could at least do math, because their poster child (er, womyn) for working poverty got a job making $10/hr--"bringing her salary to $14,400 a year."

Now, it just so happens that I make $10/hour salary--when I work only 45 hours a week. Some weeks I work 50 hours, and in summer as many as 60 hours, but since I am on salary, I still get the same pay, bringing my earnings down to as little as $7.50/hour. So if their example is actually salaried, AND making $10/hour AND taking home $14,400, she is only working 28 hours per week! She's a part-time worker on salary! How COOL is that? Of course, they never SAY she works part-time, and that might be why she has no insurance or pension...but hey, I work full time, with no insurance, pension, sick days or vacation, so doesn't that make ME twice as bad off?

What they fail to mention in their loverly tribute to those of us poverty-stricken folks who make only $10/hour is that by the time the various government entities get done taking their cut of my earnings, I'm only making $7.82 an hour ($5.87/hour in summer)... That should be the cover story...

And don't forget, it's all President Bush's fault, because before his tax cuts I was taking home $7.37 an hour! Why, in summer, my take home was a whopping $5.53! How dare he let me keep more of my money!

Sigh....I'm preaching to the choir, aren't I?

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May 05, 2004

Insert Title Later

Time to vent! The owner has some remodeling planned for the theater. Yesterday his secretary called me to tell me I needed to go into the theater at 9am this morning to let in a carpenter to look around. Yes, today is my day off. Yes, I don't get home from work 'til around midnight, and to sleep around two am. Yes, I would have to get up early to let this guy in. But, I'm the manager. That's one of the downsides of all that power--responsibility comes with it. So I get up at 8am, manage to make coffee without killing myself, and I get a message--the carpenter won't be there until 10.

I have an appointment at 10.

Luckily, it's not a doctor, or lawyer, or cable repairman--one that would take me weeks to reschedule. But what if it was? I can't not make appointments for my day off just because I might be needed to do something for work.

Someone is going to get the sharp edge of my tongue today. (And NO, Harvey, that's NOT dirty!)

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April 19, 2004

Sign of impending old age #42

Don't you just hate it when you leave a comment on an interesting post, and then the next day you wonder if anyone responded so you decide to go see and you can't remember what blog it was? I do too.

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April 11, 2004

Another reasoned argument from the left...

Roxanne's friend "sam" has ridden in on his white charger to rescue her from the clutches of the evil VRWC (in the person of yours truly).

Let's see what sam, IP address, with the wonderfully creative fake email address of eatmebitch@yahoo.com, has to say in the comments to this post:

Zieg Hiel you goose-steppin' Nazis. As far I as I know, we still live in America and have the right to question the authority of our leaders (and no thanks to people like you who blindly follow, unless it's Bill Clinton --- and by the way, it's soooooooo passe to spell Clinton with a "K"). If you don't understand this, perhaps you could read some John Mill.

sam apparently didn't read this post, where I tried to help him understand the difference between disagreement and trolling, otherwise he'd realize that he's the troll here...

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March 31, 2004

SPAM Witches

I'm getting ready for a marathon paper-writing session (despite my sore throat, headache, cough, fever, chills, and body aches) but before I start I feel compelled to warn everyone about a new and pernicious comment spam--this particular lowlife scum calls itself "Kevin Ford" with a URL of kevinford.t35.

If you have MT blacklist, add this sucker asap!!! And DO NOT venture there, especially if you are using IE!!!! I made the mistake of checking out that innocuous-looking url while using my IE browser, and the assault of pop-ups, cookie and downloads rivaled D-Day. There were at least three attempts to get me to download gator.

Grrr...off to run my AdAware now....

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March 21, 2004

Grrrr, she muttered

I'm getting ready to head out for work, and decided to check my email for Symphony submissions (we're almost to twenty so far! cool!). Auuugh!!! My webmail page won't load. Sigh. The good news is, it's "a known issue." The bad news is, they don't have a time frame for fixing the problem. Luckily I have a draft post of the submissions so far. Everybody keep your fingers crossed that I can get my email again when I get home at midnight tonight, otherwise we may have to have a Symphony in Two Parts....

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March 09, 2004

Squash this cockroach

Comment spammer alert!

email aliases: o@l.com

MT blacklist kills bugs dead!!!!!

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February 27, 2004

Communication 101

Am I the only one who thinks written language has taken a step backward in the computer age? Yes, I'm talking about "icons". Back before humans had alphabets we had pictographs, and it seems we are going back to that. Only the icons are not self-explanatory--usually you need the actual words to explain what the icon means, that the circle with the x in it means "stop" (for IE anyway--Netscape uses the traffic signal for "stop": everybody makes up their own icons!) or the cupcake with the strange decorations means "search" (I guess it's supposed to be a picture of earth with a magnifying glass on it, but it sure looks like an overhead view of a cupcake decorated to look like a tank...). To add to the confusion, not only do different companies use different icons to mean the same thing, they also use the same icon to mean different things! For example, in MT a piece of paper with a pencil means "edit entries," while in CPanel it means "error pages." It makes you wonder how the pictographs ever got interpreted by our ancestors...

"Look, Bob killed a moose!"
"Nah, that's an antelope!"
"Are you sure--those horns look awful big."
"Bob doesn't draw very well..."

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February 20, 2004

Sheesh, learn to spell!

Due to distortions in the space/time/blog continium, you have entered the Twiblog Zone....to find current postings, click here...

Bad spammer, bad! can't even spell--what kind of comment is "Thee best bloggg"?

UPDATE: Guess English isn't a first language here...

Final results obtained from whois.ripe.net.
% This is the RIPE Whois server.
% The objects are in RPSL format.
% Rights restricted by copyright.
% See http://www.ripe.net/ripencc/pub-services/db/copyright.html

inetnum: -
netname: RU-ELTEL-20020123
descr: ELTEL.NET
country: RU
admin-c: DS544-RIPE
tech-c: OS1157-RIPE
tech-c: AG12797-RIPE
mnt-lower: ELTEL-RIPE-MNT
mnt-routes: ELTEL-RIPE-MNT
changed: hostmaster@ripe.net 20020123
source: RIPE

descr: ELTEL.net
origin: AS20597
changed: registry@eltel.net 20021001
source: RIPE

person: Dmitry Samarin
address: 10N, 65-67,
address: Chaykovskogo st.
address: 191123 Saint-Petersburg
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phone: +7 812 4381100
fax-no: +7 812 4381101
e-mail: sam@eltel.net
nic-hdl: DS544-RIPE
changed: registry@eltel.net 20021110
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person: Alexandr Goussev
address: 10N, 65-67,
address: Chaykovskogo st.
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fax-no: +7 812 4381101
e-mail: alex@eltel.net
nic-hdl: AG12797-RIPE
changed: sam@eltel.net 20021110
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person: Olga Sherstneva
address: 10N, 65-67,
address: Chaykovskogo st.
address: 191123 Saint-Petersburg
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phone: +7 812 4381100
fax-no: +7 812 4381101
e-mail: olga@eltel.net
nic-hdl: OS1157-RIPE
changed: registry@eltel.net 20021110
source: RIPE

Results brought to you by the GeekTools Whois Proxy
Server results may be copyrighted and are used with permission.
Proxy © 1999-2004 CenterGate Research Group LLC

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February 17, 2004

Salvation (not)

Well, I had a lovely stream-of-consciousness post going on the difference between the old five-and-dimes and today's current "dollar" stores, but for some reason we had a power outage or surge or something--anyway, a blip in the electricity just long enough to make the computer reboot. Yep, lost the post. Sigh.

More of my brilliance lost to posterity...

Auto-save: an idea thats time has come....

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February 12, 2004

Mini rant

People! Let me firmly state that I am against links that open in a new browser window. Let me tell you why. If I want to keep your site available I open the link in a new tab. If I just click on the link, that means I want to leave, not find out later that I have fourteen open windows!

Thank you for your attention.

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February 06, 2004

Get the fire ready...

New comment spammer--everyone say hello to "Debby" from
Debby is pimping smileys and clip art, so your porn filters may not work.

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January 25, 2004

Grrrr and other expressions of irritation

I just lost my entry for today--because Mozilla locked up. Auuugh!
My head is stuffed up from the head cold, and I can't hear out of my left ear.
I have to go to work in half an hour and don't have time to attempt to reconstruct my lost post.
It's my own fault for not saving after every paragraph as I usually do.
It's 9° and supposed to snow six inches while I am enslaved in the Technology Free Zone™, meaning I probably will get stuck trying to get into my driveway at midnight when I get home from work.
Did I mention I hate 13-hour workdays?
Did you know that Mozilla has never given me that "the page can not be displayed" garbage that IE seems to pull constantly, including just now when I was saving this entry? The freakin' page is there, stupid IE! You are just too freakin' lazy or incompetent to display it!
I have to go put on 18 layers of clothing and thread projectors. Before I go, I must share these words of wisdom from the federal government:

If line 11 is equal to or more than line 12, enter the amount from line 8 on line 14 and go to line 15. If line 11 is less than line 12, divide line 11 by line 12. Enter the result as a decimal (rounded to at least three places).

That is an actual quote from my tax forms. God help us all.

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January 20, 2004


Designation: either an extremely poor typist or without opposable thumbs
Crime: wasting Pixy's bandwidth and my time

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January 19, 2004

The Continued Saga of Crashy Badness

Well, my Mozilla browser is still locking up, even though I have
#1 created a new Mozilla profile
#2 deleted the "xul.mfl" file as recommended on a Mozilla help page
#3 uninstalled Netscape 6

Since all three of my browsers (IE, Mozilla and Netscape) co-existed peacefully prior to the "upgrade," I can only assume that the problem is being cause by one of the new thingies that were installed.

It is a sad fact that a nine year old operating system and 3 year old-ish browser worked much more satisfactorily than this "new" stuff.

Anybody got any ideas? In English, rather than geekish, if possible...

UPDATE: tried the Firebird. Didn't last as long as Mozilla before locking up. Drat!

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January 14, 2004

Crashy badness*

After sleeping most of the day I decided I would do a little surfing. Only Mozilla keeps locking up on me! Grrr... I know it's Bill Gates' fault, since he can't stand the idea of any other products being superior to his and has deliberately made it so Mozilla crashes in hopes people will blame Mozilla. But I KNOW Mozilla is a better browser and the problems are from the new Microsoft programs, not Mozilla, since it worked spectacularly prior to the "upgrade"....

I just don't know how to fix it!

It's good I don't have a web cam so Harvey can look at my bralessness since I've been crying in frustration and my eyes are all red and plouffy...not that he'd be looking at my eyes, anyway...

UPDATE: wandering through some Mozilla help pages I saw a thing about it locking up if your profile has gone bad and how to fix it. Well, I couldn't find the place where I was supposed to delete some thingie, so I just made myself a new profile (since the old one got overwritten by a netscape profile when I zigged instead of zagged and so I'd already lost my bookmarks and preferences and that's probably what was causing the trouble) and so far (knock on wood) I haven't locked up. I tried to install mozilla 1.5 (after uninstalling 1.4 as instructed at the download place) but it kept having network problems. Since I don't know what that means I just re-installed 1.4. It's times like this I wish I knew what the heck I was doing....

*title shamelessly stolen from Pixy Misa because I'm too sick to be creative and even when I'm not sick he still has better titles than I do...

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January 12, 2004

Coming attractions

I have all sort of bloggy delights in store for my readers, including excerpts from my 19th century version of blogging (a journal written on paper!), and a listing of all the upgrades my computer received (for my geek readers). However, first, a vintage whine:

I don't like Windows ME!!!!!! I don't like IE 6!!!!! The tool bar now looks like Netscape, all my Mozilla bookmarks are gone, and the IE bookmarks, which survived, now open in a drop down instead of a sidebar like I like them too...

Plus, the MOST annoying of all--comments don't remember me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Auuuugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Burn in H-E-double toothpicks!!!!!

the IP address of a low-life, bottom-feeding, scum-sucking, waste-of-freaking-oxygen.

All my readers need to add this IP to their banned list, or they may find their comments cluttered with pseudo-comments that are really ads for viagra, diet pills, et al.

UPDATE: Add this one, too:

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January 06, 2004

That explains it!

Since this is MT entry #666, I guess it's appropriate to the topic at hand:

I am stupid.

I never would have known if not for the insightful (or perhaps I mean inciteful--we stupid folks get our homophones confused) words of a man by the name of Neil Starkman. Despite my 140 IQ, despite my BA magna cum laude, despite the fact that I'm over half way to a Master's Degree, despite the fact that I have a fairly large vocabulary and I'm not afraid to use it, despite the fact that I only have to take my shoes off to calculate really big numbers, according to Mr. Starkman I am stupid. This is because, he asserts, only stupid people approve of President Bush.

Thanks to CD of Semi-Intelligent Thoughts for pointing me to John Hawkins' excerpt of Starkman's column in a Seattle newspaper. Otherwise I would have continued in ignorance of my stupidity....

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December 18, 2003

Sick Of Sickened by SOB

In a tragic web-surfing accident, I unfortunately ended up at a blog o' dreck called Sick of Bush. I had clicked though from a teaser link at the LoL's blog, proporting to take one to heinous Republican campaign hijinks: " In a truely [sic] nasty ad, the Bush administration through what will surely be one of many ugly surrogates, has released the 2004 campaign's first major negative campaign message. " I eventually found the post, which says

A truly ugly TV ad directed against Howard Dean has a voice-over behind a picture of the Time magazine cover of Osama bin Laden, proclaiming that there are "those" who want to destroy America, but that Howard Dean has "no military or foreign policy experience. It's time for Democrats to think about Dean's inexperience."
Funny how the truth is an "ugly" "negative" campaign ad! Of course, none of the Democratic candidates or their supporters have said a single unflattering, untruthful thing about the President, now have they? All their campaign rhetoric and advertisements (see Crap Weasel) have been positive iterations of their positions on important issues...
But I digress..
What truly appalled me was this SOB's contention that the REAL reason that there was no "real" investigation of the assassination attempt against President Reagan by John Hinkley jr was because--wait for it--Hinkley was a "family friend" of the Bushes, "(which was NOT widely publicized even though widely known by newsmen)" SOB says.

Good gracious! What is SOB implying here???? That the Bush family was complicit in the assassination attempt? I must be making inferences he never intended, by taking his words out of context!!! So let's look at the whole post, shall we? [bold emphases mine]

Bush vs Presidential Safety
Today Bush family friend John Hinckley was granted the right to unsupervised visits with family outside St. Elizabeth's hospital where he has been confined ever since attempting to assassinate President Reagan more than two decades ago. The real story here is that no one in the mainstream press has ever tried to tell the "real story" here.

Amazing, isn't it? We see so little of what is right in front of our faces because it just doesn't fit the story the mainstream wants to hear. Consider this - there was never a real investigation of the attempted assassination of Reagan. It was stopped by Bush Senior - because there was no need. After all, it was clear that it was just the work of one lonely, demented individual - who just happened to be a friend of the Bush family (which was NOT widely publicized even though widely known by newsmen).
# posted by SOB @ 8:50 PM

Huh. Somebody help me out--was there ever a "real" investigation of Squeaky Fromme? Was she a family friend of Nelson Rockefeller perhaps? Could SOB provide me with some links, or even references to some documentation, backing up his allegations that John Hinkley was a Bush "family friend"? Or did the men in black helicopters perhaps shred all the evidence and silence the reporters? (I can certainly see how Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward would have sat on this kind of journalistic common knowledge--they were just Republican puppets, after all!) Journalists are so easily intimidated by the government, you know...

I suspect that SOB has been off his meds for just a little too long, because, even if there was any "evidence" of this connection that survived the massive government and major news media (who all love the President so much!) conspiracy to suppress it, it would likely fall into the realm of Hinkley-once-toured-the-White House-while-Vice President George Bush-was-in-a-Cabinet Meeting anecdotes....

But even though I have pity for under-medicated mentally challenged bloggers such as SOB (his condition being NOT widely publicized even though widely known by members of the VRWC), I am very sickened by his innuendos, and hope he soon resumes his regular course of treatment....

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December 10, 2003

Banned!, whose email address is krokodilgena1@yahoo.com, you have been found guilty of comment spamming and are hereby sentenced to roast in a Hell designed especially for you by J Fielek of Quibbles and Bits. There will be no appeal.

P.S. Dennis Kucinich is a crap weasel.

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December 08, 2003

Is God punishing me for prior pongage?

Six more duplicate pings just came in--after I just deleted 12. AUUUUUGH!!!!!!!! I am on my way out the door to go to work, so clean up will have to wait 'til I get home.....


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Night of a Thousand Pongs....

Not only was yesterday an exceedingly long day at work, it was an exceedingly annoying one as well. It wasn't a Day from Hell, precisely, but it was full of enough little annoyances that I'd really rather have had just one big one--like Nuclear Winter.

The kids were bickering like Santa had brought one a bike and another a pogo stick. The owner dropped in unexpectedly. And for dessert, I caught one of my employees stealing. Happy happy, joy joy.

By the time I got home last night I was too tired to do anything more than a little blog surfing, and left until today the pong cleanup and link love...
Speaking of pongs--is it an MT thing, or just that munu is slow acknowledging pings? Or is it operator error (forgetting to look at "previous pings sent" before republishing)? I think I deleted 12 duplicate pings today. Not that I haven't been guilty of ponging myself! I just need to kvetch a little....

Link love to my blog buddies for voting in the New Blog Showcase--thanks Frank, Misha, Blackfive and Harvey! Thanks also to my blog-sib Tuning Spork, and to Silver Blue (because I can, and because he's looking for a witty new tagline. Not that any of your suggestions could possibly be better than mine! )....

Ok, time to go read all the stuff you guys wrote while I was working and sleeping.....

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November 28, 2003

Barking Moonbats yapping...

I see that General Douchebaggery has piled on the "global warming" post. No big surprise.

John Cole has a good roundup of what the "wingnuts" are saying about President Bush's visit to Iraq. (Thanks to Kevin for the pointer). What is wrong with these idiots???? If the President gave a kidney to his mother, they'd find a way to suggest that Haliburton was making money off the surgery....

My detestation for Hilary Clinton runs deep, but I'm not going to make up stupid paranoid stories about why she went to Afghanistan for Thanksgiving with the troops, nor use her visit as another excuse for mindless rambling on why I hate her so much...

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