September 04, 2008

If there were a saddle I would be back in it

So I thought that once school was back in session and I wasn't working 13-hour days anymore that I would jump right back into blogging. Ha!

Well, watch me crawl. This is more an effort at filling blank space on my blog than actually communicating any salient ideas that might have drifted to the surface of my brain--but hey, I have to start somewhere.

Anyway, my last post was actually my 1,800th and would have been occasion to throw a party, except I didn't notice until weeks later. So, belated congrats to myself. Not that 1800 is a mystical number or anything, but it's round and sounds good.

Do you believe the unjustifiable attacks on Sarah Palin? Some of them are pretty funny, especially the talking heads that suggest that being a governor is not adequate preparation for the Vice Presidency. Jimmy Carter. Ronald Reagan. Bill Clinton. George W. Bush. They must mean she should be running for President...

Joe Biden gives me the creeps. Always has. There's something very smarmy about him that bothers me (aside from the fact I think he's an idiot). The match up is Newbie Senator and Creepy Guy vs. Veteran Senator and Governor. Hmmm. I don't even have to take into account Michael Moore's endorsement of Newbie Senator to decide to go with The Least Repulsive Democrat Running and Sarah Barracuda.

I think Jim Treacher sums it up the best.

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November 05, 2007

Grumpy Old Middle-Aged Woman Speaks

I start back to work today. I'm pretty well recovered from the surgery, but I still get random pains on occasion, and there's a lump around my biggest incision site that the surgeon said will go away in time. I'm paranoid that it will get bumped into, though, because that area is still sensitive.

Why did I have to buck the odds? If I had gotten appendicitis when I was 20, not only would I have recovered quicker, but I would have been covered by my dad's insurance as well! Only, when I was in college there were no laparoscopic surgeries, so I guess it balances out. Except for the insurance thing.

I was thinking today about illegal immigration. We need to make it cheaper and easier for legal immigrants, and a nightmare for illegal ones. Plus, stop with all this bi-lingual crap. If you want to come to America, you learn English, just like my grandparents and great-grandparents! And if you don't like our culture, and want to keep your own, stay home! The name of the game is assimilation. </rant>

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March 12, 2007


I hate doing laundry so much that I bought new clothes in order to put it off. Is that procrastination, or what?

My sister-in-law turned me onto Ted Bell, and I've read Hawke and Assassin and am working on Pirate. My only complaint is with the way he structures his books. He alternates chapters between various sub-plots, which is fine, but the time-lines are all off--one story occurs over the course of several hours, while the next happens over a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, the characters occasionally interact. That gets irritating.

I saw Happy Feet, and apart from the humans-are-bad-and-destroying-the-planet theme, it was very enjoyable. I liked the music, and the penguins have a high cuteness factor (although Mumble's appearance of perennial adolescence seemed creepy after awhile).

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December 25, 2006

Yes, Virginia, Susie remembers how to type

Merry Christmas! Of course I have to work today, but I am not resentful--otherwise, dozens of people would be forced to speak to their relatives instead of eating popcorn in the dark!

Borat. Hilarious. Sometimes disgusting, frequently offensive, occasionally mystifying, but overall good for many belly laughs. My favorite line: "Lets go back to New York--at least there are no Jews there." I will probably be buying this when it comes out on DVD.

That's enough typing for today.

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August 17, 2006

The future's so bright I need shades

I'm listening to a pre-release copy of Chaotica's new album, Prison of Decay. Every song that starts, I think this is my favorite...'til the next one starts, and that one's my favorite. (If you like Industrial Metal, you'll probably love Chaotica. Buy Turbocharger!)

I have a gazillion aps out, and no luck so far. I'm either over-qualified or don't have the right experience. Meanwhile, summer is winding down and we'll be going back to opening at 5pm on weekdays starting on Monday (Thank God!). The 13-hour days were killing me.

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July 11, 2006

In God we trust...

I'm not dead yet...though I'm almost tired enough that it's hard to tell the difference. Last week I worked 62 hours, and this week 57--and summer's only half over. My "short" day is 9 hours. I suppose if I got a lunch or dinner break I wouldn't be so tired, but I can't leave for more than a few minutes to go pick up food to eat at my desk, since it's just I and assorted teenagers running the place and God forbid that I be found over at the Mexican restaurant sucking down margaritas if there were a crisis...and there's usually a crisis.

At least there is the occasional comic relief, usually in the form of the Stupid Customer of the Day. Yesterday's winner had me chuckling intermittently throughout the day. When informed by my cashier that we don't take credit cards, a woman responded "What DO you take?"

Hmmm.....beads and trinkets? Gold bullion? Small polished sea shells? Maybe cash is a concept alien to some people these days...

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December 13, 2005

Busy as a winged critter that collects pollen

I haven't blogged because it would just be more of the same--complaining about the weather. That must be getting old.

I'm listening to Cruxshadows. "Winter Born" always makes me think of our troops overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I get all verklempt.

I finished up my Christmas shopping online, although I can't remember if I got anything for my sister-in-law so I have to dig though everything that's wrapped and waiting to be wrapped and see if I still need to get something for her. That's the problem with having twenty-some people in your immediate family--you always forget someone. I know I got her a birthday present (which is on Christmas Eve).

One of my Uncles passed away and my Mom is heading to Virginia for the funeral. I need to go loan her a suitcase....

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December 10, 2005

Heigh Ho!

Congratulations to Patriot Xeno, my 5000th commenter! There might even be a prize, who knows?

How dumb are people? I got a spam email telling me that I had won a million dollars from Microsoft--and to claim it I had to email Dr. Roy Hans at an addy at You would think that anyone stupid enough to fall for that wouldn't be able to figure out how to use email anyway!

I'm about 1/3 of the way through my Christmas shopping, and I'm already exhausted--and I never even came within a mile of the mall. My big problem is going to be disguising all those Dollar General price "tags".....

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November 09, 2005

Collected randomness

I saw Transporter 2 yesterday. It's been a long time since I've seen a mindless, don't-think-too-much-about-the-plot-just-enjoy-the-car-chases movie. I think Sahara was the last one I delighted in as much. Of course, some of my enjoyment stems from the scenery--Jason Statham has been a favorite of mine since Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

Because Friday is a holiday and the kids are out of school, we're opening for shows starting at noon, so I'm going to have a long day (since I have to go in two hours before we open to do inventory). With the banks being closed, I have to do the change order today (since I'm off Thursday).

Everyone should read my fellow Munuvian Tuning Spork's brilliant response to Barbra Streisand's latest idiocy.

Apparently it's write a novel month or something. I keep seeing word count meters (like at Ted's) around the blogosphere. Are they counting the prepositions? Because I was taught that you don't count the prepositions when you do a word count. Just wondering, you know.

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October 12, 2005

I should have just posted a quiz....

Wednesday. Oh, joy. Although, to be honest, 50¢ Day hasn't been as bad since school started.

I had planned on going to see either the remake of War of the Worlds or the Willie Wonka remake yesterday, but I took a nap instead. Doesn't it seem like everything from Hollywood is a remake these days?

Man, this is a lame post. Sorry....

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August 27, 2005


Okay, it's Saturday, so all those folks who blog and read blogs at their bosses' expense won't be reading this until Monday (if it all). That makes me want to take the weekend off, but I don't want to get out of the habit of posting something (almost) every day, even if I have nothing to say. I used to do a links-thing when I had nothing, but now I'm too lazy for that, even (sorry!). So the course of least resistance here (my favorite path at all times) is to just keep typing a stream of consciousness type post and see what shakes out (if anything).

I did find a new quiz over at Stephen's, but I'm not going to post it because the second Doctor is pretty homely looking, and since I'm having one of those days when I already don't feel pretty (probably because I'm still drinking my coffee and haven't combed my hair or dived into the makeup cupboard yet) I can't bear to be associated with him right now. (If I'd gotten #5 I would have posted it, because I think Peter Davison is a hottie). Not that I don't like the second Doctor--in fact, one of my favorite episodes is when he turns into an Androgum--I just don't want to be staring at his ugly mug on my front page.

Harv posted a link to Steve the Pirate, who's starting a "Get us out of the UN" blogroll. I think we should stay in the UN, but cut all their funding and make them pay current New York rental rates on the building.

Well, I finished my coffee and now I have to get beautiful for work (not that I hold out much hope for that being worth the effort, but, like blogging, it's a habit I try not to break--unless it's my day off and then I have been known to go to the Dollar Store without lipstick; oh, the humanity!).

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August 24, 2005

Double the fun...

Posted at my backup blog yesterday, while munu was in its death throes (luckily Pixy Misa is a necromancer as well as Renaissance Man):

Alack and Alas!

It's not that I had anything particular to blog about--it's that my blogroll is my reading list, dadgummit! Unfortunately, most of my reading list share the same server as I do, and the munu server is pining for the fjords at the moment.

Of course, those of us truly addicted to blogging have other, lesser, outlets for our muse, which is why it took me several minutes to decide upon the venue I now use (since I have about five back-up blogs).

I need to heap praise upon the Great and Powerful Pixy Misa. He's awesome. In the past, when there have been minor hiccups in the space/time continum of the munuiverse, one or two ingrates have grumbled about the problems and threatened to take their blogs elsewhere. Unfortunately, like liberals threatening to move to Canada, that has never happened. I hope it does now. Because those silly folk don't seem to understand that unlike blogger, or typepad, or hosting matters, munu is the responsibility of one single, amazing man who does not earn a penny from those whose blogs he hosts, and actually pays for us to be able to blog!

In his spare time from single-handedly trying to keep munu up and running, he has a life, too--like a job so he can pay for our bandwidth, and the need to actually sleep occasionally.

So Pixy Misa, please ignore the few bad apples and accept my undying gratitute for your marvelous gift to me and many of my favorite bloggers. I'll be back when you get everything sorted out. And I will send you M&Ms if you would let me!

Alas and alack!

Inability to post at the regular place has suddenly inspired me to blog. Figures.

So this post is to complain about typepad. Their trackback set up sucks. I mean, honestly, I had to manually enter the trackback url to ping basil (who is accepting trackbacks to munuvian backup sites) but even though it went through, the post thinks it didn't--so if I change or update that post, it's going to ping him again!

That means in order to ping Beth, who is also doing that, without re-pinging basil, I have to write a new post.

What really puzzles me is that the same folks make MT and typepad...

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August 15, 2005

Recommended reading

I've been reading Glen Cook's Garrett stories. His books make me laugh out loud. One of my favorite lines is his reference to muggers as practitioners of "free-lance socialism". That made my day....

If you don't like your reading matter in the form of ink on wood pulp, there's always the Karnival of Kids or the BestofMe Symphony...

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August 01, 2005

Shoo! Go read something else! I'm too busy to bother with you today!

In case you missed it, my long-promised contest prize--or part of it, anyway--for bullwinkle is the next entry down. Since I am being tortured by my inability to write any more on it right now, I figured I would torture everyone else with a "to be continued" (unless I get hit by a bus, in which case you'll have to use your imagination).

The BestofMe Symphony is up over at The Owner's Manual; head over to check out some good older posts you may not have seen.

This week's Karnival of Kidz is at Bad Example (where I would expect my kids, if I had any, to hang out). Harv has some great trips for doting aunts and uncles who never want to get stuck watching their siblings' demon-spawn again need help educating the nieces and nephews....

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July 16, 2005

Every silver lining has a dark cloud

The Good News is my Harry Potter 6 just was delivered. The Bad News is my car won't start and I have to find a ride to and from work until it's fixed (my mechanic says he can look at it Monday or Tuesday).

I need a job that pays enough to afford a new car. Maybe I'll run for U.S. Senate--those guys make at least 50K, don't they?

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July 02, 2005


I really didn't have much of an opinion one way or the other about Sandra Day O'Connor's resignation until I read that she thought the Supreme Court was an instrument for social justice. [There was actually more to that statement, but naturally the news story where I read it has been replaced by bombings in Kosovo or maybe the March Against Poverty story, which is disappointing because I wanted to be able to quote it.]
Excuse me? The job of the Supreme Court is to interpret the Constitution as it relates to governmental legislation, NOT crusade for "social justice." We need a little more strict construction-ism among the Big Nine.

My brother gave my mom one of these (probably not safe for work) towels. In case you can't read the words, it says "Everyone Loves a Happy Penis." This could be a philosophical truth--words to live by, even. Meditate on it, you'll see what I mean.

I ordered Tiger's book. I may even review it some time.

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April 04, 2005

Is it May yet?

I'm working on my final project for my class and it's making me crazy. It comprises an eight page paper, a Power Point presentation and numerous spreadsheets. Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi!

In other news, yesterday's Customer of the Day Award goes to the woman who asked "If I don't like the popcorn, can I come back and get more?"

Of course you can! And if you want us to spit in your pop we can do that, too! Anything to please our customers....

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February 28, 2005

Progress Report

Another hellacious work week is almost behind me, and I now have two paragraphs composed on bullwinkle's story--at this rate, I should probably give it a Christmas theme so it will be appropriately seasonal by the time it's done.

I am terribly behind on my blog reading, since I collapsed in from of the TV to watch the Oscars when I got home from work last night. What was with the broadcasting some awards from the audience? Odd.

Of all the nominees I had pretty much only seen Ray and The Incredibles, although I was rooting for Lemony Snicket to win the score award since I really like the music (which is loud enough to carry through the entire lobby during the end credits when the house doors are open).

Since I now know that Finding Neverland is not about Michael Jackson I'll probably rent it.

Tomorrow is shaping up to be homework catchup day. Oh joy. I think I'll go slay some monsters for stress relief....(Neoquest II at Neopets, in case you were wondering...Hey, it keeps me from smacking the customers!)

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January 18, 2005

It could be worse--it could be Minnesota

Although I suppose if you live in a place where 28° below zero is no big deal, -54° is just a hiccup. But zero is way too cold for Indiana, even in January, so I don't want to hear any whining from you Floridians about how it got down to 40°, ok? Because I'm grumpy already. Not only is it so cold that the squirrels have gotten their mink coats out of storage, but I woke up hours too early. I'm also grumpy because I just finished trying to sort through a couple dozen Alliance application emails, and only about one in five could actually be added to the membership roster because the others hadn't done the basic requirements. It takes about five minutes to go through all the steps to add a "good" application. It takes about twice that to handle the ones that aren't ready to go. Grumble grumble sassa frassa raggin fraggin...

I still have a ton of accounting homework to do. Gotta love a discipline where a liability is considered an "asset".....If my student loans are any indication, I have large assets--and that's without even considering my fonts!

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January 03, 2005

Milestones and Millstones

Well, my goodness--this is MT entry number twelve hundred! It's amazing that one woman with so little to say could write so much...especially since I'm not much of a talker. Not that I'm a wallflower or anything, but in casual conversation I'd much rather listen than speak. Unless, of course, the subject is movies or History--then I have a tendency to pontificate. I do chime in with the occasional amusing work anecdote, if the situation warrants it.

The kids are finally back in school (hurray!) so there should be less mayhem and vandalism around the workplace; but, never fear! We still have the aging infrastructure and stupid customers to keep us on our toes. As an example of the former, one side of the east men's restroom stall is attached by only one bolt and so has a tendency to sway if touched, and one of the sinks in the west men's restroom is coming loose from the wall. We really need to keep a handyman on retainer.

For those of my readers who may be keeping score, here is a list of some of the movies that customers have requested tickets for this weekend:

Ladder 52
Ladder 82
She Can Dance
Let's Dance
That's Dancing

We're actually showing Ladder 49 and Shall We Dance....

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December 26, 2004

Happy Boxing Day!

I keep thinking today's Monday. Well, it's Monday in Australia, so maybe that's it. What I don't get is why I feel like I have a hang-over today when I didn't drink anything yesterday because I had to work 8pm to midnight. I hope I'm not getting sick....

We had Christmas at one of my sisters' and it was great. I love watching the kids open their presents. Of course, the kids range from 5 months to 26 years old so some of their "toys" included zippo lighters and texts on teaching kids with learning disabilities, but there were enough Cabbage Patch dolls and X-Box games to induce childish squeals of delight (although now that I think of it, it was my sister who squealed in delight over the Cabbage Patch doll, not baby Megan...).

One of my presents was a pound bag of M&Ms, so I'm set for the stressful week ahead. We need a boatload of business to make up for Christmas being on a weekend...

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December 22, 2004

Tonight's forecast: Dark*

Since yesterday was a 12-hour workday, most of it has blurred together so that all of the various "incidents" have melded into one large problem, the memory of which I have suppressed. In other news, the Post Office has finally decided to deliver some of my packages, so as of this moment I am only short three Christmas presents. If it weren't for that arctic front headed our way, I might be a happy camper....

* Gotta love George Carlin....

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November 08, 2004


*Thank God it's Monday

The space bar on my keyboard is responding only intermittently. Probably one too many mouthfuls of coffee hitting it after reading one of David's comments. Tomorrow (my day off! Yay!) I'll have to pry it off and see what kind of gunk is under there...

I'm not going to come right out and say that things have been a little stressful between work and school lately; however, I will admit that my chocolate consumption has tripled in the last few weeks and let you draw your own conclusions.

Now off to class and then to work I go. (Heigh ho Heigh ho!)

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October 14, 2004

So tell me again why Milwaukee needs three ballots for every voter?

I've been working on a term paper that's due tomorrow, so I'm kind of written-out. But I need the discipline (yes, Harvey, I know what that makes you think of) of blogging every day or I'll get out of the habit and that would be bad. I'm also behind on signing up the new Alliance applicants, because it's too much like work and I'm tired of work.

I don't know what's scarier--the prospect of Kerry winning, or the prospect of what the lefties might do if he loses. Vodkapundit got me thinking about it. Seriously--if you listen to the hysterical tone they take in their ravings, if you consider that they are willing to lie, cheat and steal to win the election, just imagine what they're going to be like if they lose, especially if it's close again.

I really think the only way to keep them from destroying our electoral system for President Bush to win by a landslide. Then maybe the Dems will start to divorce themselves from the wackos who have hijacked their party. I can hope, anyway...

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October 08, 2004

Adventures in MoonbatLand

This is my 1100th MT that a real milestone, or just an even number?

Anyway, I won't get to watch the debate live tonight since I have to work, but if I managed to remember how to program the VCR correctly I should be able to watch a tape of it when I get home.

There are a couple of people's posts I want to direct my readers to, (yes, I know it should be to which I want to direct my readers, but that's so awkward!) but I'm just not feeling linky today.

Despite several requests, my pet Moonbat still hasn't taken me off of his mailing list, so I have been replying with links to Spirit of America and Toys for Iraq (those links are on my sidebar if you must have them) and the like. The link to Bill Whittle's "Deterrence" (a couple of posts down) that I emailed him really sent him round the bend! I know--it's unkind to torment the mentally challenged* with intellectual reading material beyond their comprehension. I guess I must have a sadistic streak.

What I find most interesting is the patronizing tone he takes with me. In his first email (I had responded to a comment he made on my blog and that started the whole thing) he concluded his incoherent ramblings with "USE YOUR BRAIN NOT JUST YOUR MOUTH , OR TYPEWRITER, LITTLE GIRL.." When I replied that I was closer to 50 than to 20 he responded

Sorry I thought you were a little girl, it's just you demonstrate both the intellectual grasp of a twelve year old, combined with more imagination.

So rare in one of fifty, to be following a carefully deduced yellow brick road fantasy, with Bush as the " pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" guy,,, but, only the real mental giants like you are stupid enough to believe it,!!!

After I emailed the Bill Whittle link he replied

Read some history think , please don't forward mindless tripe written by someone that doest actually realize how stupid and brainwashed his article is , Hell if that article was written on paper I would look for drool marks!!!

that's how stupid that M.F. was !!
and I responded that I had double-majored in History and English in college. He wrote back:

I have a patent on a superconductive pulsed, electromagneticly assisted regeneration turbine!!
But, I have a rudimentary grasp, and am autodidactic in some ways. ...Being as you are such an intellect.
Having a degree in history should tell you that Hitler's third Reich is quite similar to Bush's regime in many way's. ...So, to say you managed to get ANY degree, much less History, with your total ignorance of this subject is a feat for you!!
Or, ya bought your history degree online for three bucks!

The sad thing is, it's very possible that this moonbat is intelligent; but his poor command of basic language skills and tendency to rant incoherently undermine any chance he may have of demonstrating it by lucid argument.

*Re-reading this I noticed I referred to my pet Moonbat as "mentally challenged." That was patronizing and unkind of me. I think it should really have been "emotionally unstable."

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September 06, 2004

The "sunset goin' down" for John Kerry

I woke up all snuffly and sneezing, which means I'm probably getting a cold, galldarnit!

Frank made me splatter coffee over my monitor with this line: "I just hope there isn't any rednecks with shotguns inside who don't like anyone coming near their homes, because then that'll be annoying every time I head for the coffee pot."

Via the Puppyblender I found this post which has a few quotes from Kerry's midnight Ohio speech. It's telling that every misspeak of the President's is trumpeted from the rafters, but Kerry's saying something like "the sunset goin' down" is ignored as it deserves....

Anyway, everybody except the DU knows that the media have a liberal bias and are doing everything they can to get Kerry elected. This means that anyone who accuses the media of being "too conservative" or too biased toward "the right" is showing their true colors (Lenin Red, mostly)--ever notice how the more lefty-wacko a person is, the more likely they are to consider themselves to be "moderate"? To them, true moderates are "staunch conservatives" and actual conservatives=fascists. Some days I suspect this is a side-effect from the media treatment of the Cold War, when Kruschev, Brezhnev et. al. were characterized as the Right Wing of the Commie Party. As a young Republican, that always confused me. In America, Conservatives endorsed less intrusive government, but in the USSR, conservatives wanted more, bigger, all-powerful government [just like today's liberal Democrats!], and were willing to "disappear" people to achieve it. In the US, the communists and socialists are Left Wing--why wasn't that the case in the once most powerful communist country in the world? I guess this is one to ask the Commissar....(and I will, naturally, believe the opposite of whatever he answers....

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August 28, 2004

Questions for the Guru

Every once in awhile I run a virus scan on my computer, just to be on the safe side. I have 48,012 virus-free files on my hard drives. Ten years of computing...carry the 6...that's about 4,801 files per year. Don't ask me why I need so many files. I just play here.

Another thing to make me go "Huh?"--I have my home page set to, and when it loaded today, the top post was from February 20th. I had to go to to get the current page...what's up with that, oh Great and Powerful Pixy Misa????

Update: Well--I tried editing that Feb 20 entry and although it posted and even pinged the update sites, there was no effect on what one views at the shortcut addy....also, although one can comment, the number never changes. It's like that page is stuck in a time warp thingee! It's the Dorian Gray page! Aaauugh!!!!!

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July 28, 2004

Stream of Comatoseness

One reason my schedule has been so hellacious is I fired Ass. Man. not too long ago. It's a long story, fraught with adventure, emotion, and brain-wraps, and I'm not going to tell it today because I have to be at work in one hour and won't be home until the witching hour is upon us--meaning you all have another 12 hour stint to play in the comments if you haven't gotten it out of your system yet.

I did spend some time cruising my old hang-outs to see what you all have been up to, but I had comment beal. I didn't even leave any comment-graffiti because the last time I uninstalled and re-installed Mozilla in an (unsuccessful) attempt to fix the locking-up thing, all my cookies went bye-bye and I didn't feel like typing all that info back in just to leave a ~!~ or a :)....

I was seriously annoyed by David Letterman the other night; he had a Convention bit about What the Democrats Say/What the Republicans say. I can't remember what they all were, I just remember thinking that Dave used to make fun of both parties equally, but that bit was definitely slanted Anti-Republican/Pro-Democrat. If he does the same bit for the Republican convention, without making fun of the Republicans, I may forgive him. Even so, he passed up some good jokes at the Democrats' expense just to take cheap shots at the President and it irritated me.

Then I read online that Kerry is slipping in the polls.

There's also the optimism factor. Just 47 percent of registered voters are satisfied with the way things are going in this country, but many more — 67 percent —are optimistic about the year ahead. And more see Bush as an optimist (72 percent) than Kerry (55 percent). That makes it a tricky path for Kerry — delineating the nation's problems, economic and otherwise, without sounding more negative than the public itself.

Attributes are as important as issues, and here Kerry has work to do as well. His advantage over Bush as the candidate who better "understands your problems" has shrunk to a virtually insignificant four points; it was 18 points last month. Last month it was Kerry +12 as more honest; now it's Bush +6. And it was Bush +5 on leadership; it's Bush +19 now. The Bush campaign seems to have been effective at drawing Kerry in a more negative personal light. The convention is his chance to build it back.

Also critical has been the Bush campaign's success driving up Kerry's overall "unfavorable" rating, by criticizing his policies and personality alike. Favorability is a basic measure of popularity. Since March, at the height of his primary victories, favorable views of Kerry have declined by six points — and unfavorable views are up by 11 points. Bush's favorability rating, meanwhile, has gained six points, while his "unfavorable" score — which still slightly exceeds Kerry's — is little changed (+4).

I didn't even know that Bush had started campaigning.

And now off the The Technology Free Zone™ with me... rumor has it I may get tomorrow off....we'll see...

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July 09, 2004

Short Stack--now with extra irony!

Congratulations to Simon for being commentor number 3000 to my blog! Sorry, no prize, Simon--just the envy of tens of other readers...

Why is it that comment spammers frequently use the phrase "no spam" in their email addresses? Are they trying to be ironic?

My trial subscription to that socialist rag Business Week is winding down, but there were two articles that caught my attention this issue. There was an editorial promoting Mozilla over IE for browser safety, and "article" about the Fat One's attempt to "play kingmaker in the 2004 election." I certainly hope the Fat One's record runs true to form and he's backed the losing horse again--his ego is already the size of Kansas; can you image what we'll be hearing from his pie hole if President Bush loses? Shudder...

This week's movie schedule starts an hour earlier than last week, but the last show still runs until midnight, so with a few 13 hour work days in my future blogging may be lighter than it has been.

One more instance of irony: I signed up for Business Technology as my class this fall. It was that or some touchy-feelie garbage class, and who knows? Some day my workplace may graduate from the 19th century into the 20th. A girl can dream, right?

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July 05, 2004

We interrupt these doldrums....

Hope everyone had a good Barbeque and Fireworks Day! I even got to participate myself. One of the cashiers went home between shows and grilled burgers and brought them back to the rest of us, so we had a little cook-out after all. Once it got dark, the neighborhoods across the street were filled with scofflaws setting off illegal bottle rockets and we had a nice firworks display to enjoy. Plus, there was the added bonus of no mosquitos since I was inside, meaning my chances of contracting West Nile virus anytime soon are lowish. So I had a pretty good 4th despite being stuck at work the whole day.

In unrelated news, Tuning Spork is having computer troubles, so stop by and leave him some words of encouragement.


Harvey, inspired by the ever-idiotic Mac Diva, has started a new club! I'll be adding the logo to my sidebar as soon as I can find room...

Kevin the Wiz needs victims volunteers to host the Bonfire! Do your blogtriotic duty and sign up!

And, last but best, Windrider again has succeeded in making Bill's blog less sucky...

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June 06, 2004

Don't look, Ethel!

I tried to watch Starsky & Hutch. I felt like someone who had gone to see The Passion and stumbled into Life of Brian instead. The clothes and setting looked right, but the film just didn't quite seem as if the authors had read any of the original source material... I walked out about halfway. If you have any affection at all for the old TV series, avoid this movie at all costs.

Today is the 60th Anniversary of D-Day. When I mentioned that fact at work, one of the clerks asked "What's D-Day?" Before I could bemoan the sad failings of our educational system, one of the others said "He's a character in Animal House." Thank god there's some semblance of cultural literacy among today's youth!

I didn't find out that President Reagan had passed away until I got home from work after midnight last night. There are some fine tributes around the blogosphere. The news stories are getting shriller, though--today most of the AP stories are about how much the Libyans and Syrians and "Palestinians" hate him. Just goes to show, you can judge the worth of a man by who his enemies are--and President Ronald Reagan was one of the greatest men and Presidents our country and the world has ever seen.

My age is showing today--pretend you didn't notice...

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May 31, 2004

Traffic and Parrots

Sometime overnight I broke the 50K mark on site meter. Judging by past milestones, the lucky visitor was probably Silver Blue...

Elderbear took exception to my statement that

I'm so tired of the idiotarians parrotting the same nonsense we have heard from day one that my brain hurts.
calling it an a ad hominem attack. Hmmm. Well, since his second point was "Bush lied", which IS the same nonsense that has been parroted by the left from day one, and which is actually the real ad hominem attack (being an attack on the President's character without any basis in fact), I guess he must be offended by the term "idiotarian." But since idiotarians are those who parrot the left's nonsense without thought, what I am actually guilty of here is redundancy, and therefore I apologize to all of my readers. (I also apologize for the spelling errors--mea culpa!)

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May 14, 2004

Could be worse...could be raining...

My work week starts today. Happy, happy! Joy, joy!

I am actually looking forward to going in today, just to see the progress on the construction. I only had one day off this week, because Ass. Man. had something he had to do on Wednesday (I forget what it was). So, I get next Tuesday off in exchange, which means I will have a three day weekend! Whoo Hoo!!!! I'm thinking about going somewhere or doing something, since I haven't had a vacation since I started this job in March of aught three...

I think I could afford to spend one night at the Holiday Inn--one day to pack, one day to vacate, and one day to recover. Sounds about right....

A couple things I want to drawn your attention to before I forget:

Operation Smile (thanks to Bill)

J. Fielek needs a job in Virginia (thanks to Harvey for the info).

Frank is a genius at taking his rage and turning it into hilarious satire.

Now I need to go update my firewall....

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May 03, 2004

This is all I can come up with after a twelve hour workday...

The King of the Blogs first round results are in! Go here to see who will challenge Walloworld for the crown!

Why isn't there a CEO Barbie? A Litigator Barbie? An Oceanographer Barbie? I remember seeing a Stewardess Barbie once, but never an Archaeologist Barbie...

This is the concession sign at my theater. concessions1.jpg
Can you spot what's wrong with this picture? (When's the boss is away, the kids will play...)

The "D" from Milk Duds was moved over to the first column to create "Mike & Dikes".

16-year-old-boy humor....
Yes, I made them change it back.

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April 28, 2004

Laundry-Avoidance Blogging

I don't think I've fallen prey to the most recent epidemic of beal that seems to be making the blog rounds; I just don't have anything interesting to write about! Thankfully, the poltergeists at work are behaving themselves, and nothing has lately worn out, fallen off or disintegrated at the theater (knocking on wood to appease the druid tree spirits). While this is good for my stress levels, it reduces blog fodder. And although my next class in my seemingly-interminable quest for my MSM started on Monday, the professor is a sensible one I've had before, so I don't expect to have much to ridicule (although you may experience some whining as assignments come due).

There's still a few hours left to get a picture of me, if you are curious as to how stunningly beautiful I am...John of Argghhh! has been providing a round up of various auctions and offerings, and announced that the big push to make 50 K has started...please, donate anything to SoA that you can! Just click on the Donate link at the top of my sidebar....

My mom's birthday is Sunday and I haven't gotten her anything yet. Do you think a plaster cast of my hand is too retro?

Oops! Almost forgot: Link this post! Make the Pudgy Pundit go broke!

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April 26, 2004

Good morning, Gill!

Thank you to everyone who offered their congrats on my blogiversay, and especially to Harvey who actually supplied a present!!!

This week's Bestofme Symphony is at The Owner's Manual, and Gary did a terrific job (!)

Contest reminder: Get your worst customer experiences off your chest here! Remember, confession's good for the soul, and ridiculing the stupidity of idiot customers is good for the there will be a major award for the best story! Unfortunately, it's not a leg lamp...

Spirit of America fund drive continues! SondraK is auctioning an authentic (ex)Baath Party notecard. Claire is auctioning photos. And, it's also time to judge the taunts!

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April 21, 2004

Insert Robbie Burns quote here

I had a full day's blogging planned when, as per many a common axiom, my program was de-railed by a series of thunderstorms (the follow up to last night's tornados) which required me to do something that did not involve a computer and electricity.

So. I need to do my Alliance assignment, link to Physics Geek's post obituary on the Death of Common Sense, link to the Pudgy Pundit to make him cough up some more dough for the cause, talk about the terriffic prizes for my contest, and respond to Winder Rider's demand for some flesh a photo of myself...

All of which I will do at some later point in time, because activities which do not involve using a computer are somewhat exhausting...

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April 10, 2004

Catching up

I've been falling behind on my blogosphere obligations lately, especially Alliance Assignments and massive link love. Fortunately, once I survive today and tomorrow things should be a little more normal.

By the way, I'm sorry Roxanne took my posts as a personal attack and deleted my comments and trackbacks. [Note to "sam": Just because someone disagrees with you, that does not make them a troll! Disagreement;Troll]

Anyway, back on topic--blogosphere obligations. To wit: KoB tournament

My responses to their responses:

CHALLENGE QUESTION:Is your blog therapy for you or does it exist as an on-going op-ed piece for you to express your views to the world, and why?
DGCI:Good analysis #3
Walloworld: Great post, but it quit just as it was getting interesting! Forgot the "why?" part of the question, but gets massive style points. #2
Debra Galant: Terrific answer!!! #1
Generation Why? Succinct and to the point. #4

My opinion of their opinions:

DGCI:Awesome post!!!!!! #1
Walloworld:Good post. #3
Debra Galant: Cute post. #4
Generation Why? Terrific post! #2

Now to catch up on my blog reading...

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April 01, 2004

Anger, relief, dispair, rage no bloodshed

My paper's done (good riddance!) and submitted with half an hour to spare. Considering that I've still got a lingering cough and body aches, and just found out that one of my 16 year olds fell into one of the candy cabinets and shattered the glass tonight (he's fine--no blood, just damaged candy)--and it wasn't an April Fool's joke, damn it!--so I have to go buy a piece of plate glass before we open tomorrow, I'm happy to just be done with the darned thing, especially since Spring Break starts tomorrow--oh, joy! 11am to midnight! My favorite!

Well, my dear Pixy Misa is hosting the Bonfire next week--at least I have something worthy of the flames now....

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March 19, 2004

The seamonkey has my money

Well, my weekend just flew by! Here it is the start of another work week, and, as usual, I didn't get anything done. Plus, I don't have anything to blog about--I blame Bill--he cursed me. Paul's right, I think Bill's blog does need a exorcism, because the suckage is contagious...

So far, my extremely scientific method of choosing NCAA playoff teams based on the cuteness of their mascots has paid off--I have eleven points, and am tied for first in Alliance Beer Madness! The downside is, there are only four stalwart souls participating, and two of them are tied with me for first....

Yesterday was PK's birthday, and he has chosen 22 as the age for which we celebrated the anniversary. This is good, since he's younger than I, and, as we all remember, I am 23....We went out to dinner to celebrate, and I had a beer for the thrid consecutive day. Does this mean I am becoming an alcoholic?

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March 02, 2004

Short Takes

I saw the ugliest car ever designed, the Aztec, in the ugliest color a car could be--metallic olive green. I'll probably have nightmares.

I made Ass. Man. close for me so I could watch the Oscars. The best part, as always when Billy Crystal hosts, was the film where he put himself in all the nominated pictures, and the songs he did for them. It was pretty boring after that. Renee Zellwiger gave the best speech--but since she got the first award, you can tell it really went downhill from there. I did have to battle back my gag reflex a couple of times, especially when Tim Robbins and Sean Penn won. Clean sweep for LOTR 3 was nice, but I really wanted Bill Murray to win Best Actor. And I thought both songs from Cold Mountain were better than the winner from LOTR.

The only movie I've seen that won anything was Finding Nemo.

I forgot to change the status to publish before I went to work...sigh. Ah, well, it allows me the opportunity to say that I have offered to be a future hostess of the Bestofme Symphony (the current edition viewable at Ambient Irony).

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February 22, 2004

I'll never get used to calling it "keyboarding"

It's my long day at work today, I have a couple of big homework projects due this week (why do teachers do that? assign stuff all due at the same time?), and I'm working on the Contest post for Frank, so I am a busy little bee. To applease the blogging gods, here are a few interesting places for you to visit until I have more typing time...

Harvey explains what he likes about his husbandly duties and poking his wfe.

Tiger waxes lyrical about various crap.

Bill discusses why he wants to be hot and naked.

Silver Blue examines irony. Or maybe it was slapstick....

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February 19, 2004

Movie reviews and Dollar Stores

For once I seem to have had a fulfilling day off--not only did I get about half of my homework done, but I went shopping for a baby shower gift for my head cashier, and then rented three movies that never made it to my theater that I've been wanting to see.

The best of the three was Identity. First off, I adore John Cusak, so I was prepared to enjoy it anyway. But it was very well done, creepy and suspenseful without being too gory. The next best was Underworld. I like vampire movies anyway, so again I was prepared to enjoy it, but it was really more of an action movie, so it was very fast-paced (maybe a little too fast paced to allow for adequate character development) and had some terrific wire work. Kate Beckinsale did a great job, and really out-Trinity-ed Carrie-Anne Moss at shooting stuff up. Again, not too gory. The third movie had the eye candy: Colin Farrell in S.W.A.T. Not bad for a remake of an old TV show--especially if you don't remember the show until you watch the featurette. A fun, mindless shoot-em-up with cute guys to ogle.

It was the prospect of baby-shower shopping for my head cashier that brought up my musings on the difference between the old five and dimes and "Dollar" stores. It's not the price, because the prices are probably proportionate. We used to have a chain called Belmont. A Belmont store was great. You could go in and come out with a can opener, 5 yards of flannel, a lamp shade, a dowel rod, Monopoly, shampoo, crayons, half a pound of Brach's candy, a Birthday card, a new bra and one plate to match your Corelle. Only instead of having to traipse through a football-stadium-sized store like Walmart, it was all compacted into six aisles. We used to say that Belmont had everything--only one of everything, but everything.

The "Dollar" store is different. One day you'll go in looking for light bulbs, and they have everything but. So another day you'll go there to get dish towels, because they had tons of them the last time you were there, and they don't have them anymore, but they have an aisle full of light bulbs. Dollar stores specialize in carrying things that you don't need at that particular moment. When I was in there yesterday looking for onesies that I had seen on previous occasions, they, of course, didn't have any. Had I needed a small stuffed bunny or bear, however, I would have been in luck. There was a rack of them on every end cap.

I suspect this is because Dollar stores buy unwanted merchandise in bulk, and because it's unwanted it's not available again once its gone. So a Dollar store is really pretty useless if you are shopping for a particular item. However, if you are one of those people who shops merely to get a deal, you probably love Dollar stores--because, some day, you just might need ceramic soap dishes 2 for a dollar...

I miss Belmont....

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February 13, 2004

Lucky Day Links

Looks like I stirred up a little controversy with my mini-rant last night. (Yay me!) I guess we'll need to add it to the list of important issues people don't agree on (PC vs. Mac, IE vs. Mozilla, gay marriage, boxers vs. briefs).

My lovely weekend is over, and with the exception of finishing my homework I accomplished nothing. In fact, I only left the house once, and that was to make an ice cream run. Ordinarily I'm a sherbet girl, but for some reason I simply had to have ice cream yesterday. Probably a calcium deficiency--yeah, that's it. I snagged a pint of Edy's Dreamery "Coney Island Waffle Cone." Yum!

Speaking of ice cream, there's a poll over at Bill's and my honor is at stake! (I don't know why, but it's the thought that counts, right?)

Harvey has way too much time on his hands....

Paul is interested in childhood memories--but it has to be from when you were younger than three...

Pixy Misa has a wonderful Valentine for all the female Munuvians...

From Silver Blue, for our Aussie friends...

The Bartender wandered off and left his place unattended, so there's a party in the comments (and don't ask what's going on the the Champagne Room!)

And no Friday the 13th post would be complete without LeeAnn's thoughts on superstition (as always when reading one of LeeAnn's posts, place all beverages out of inadvertent reach...)

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January 31, 2004

Saturday pre-coffee Imponderables

Why did the state send me my car registration renewal when it's not expired until June? Are they hoping I'll lose it?

Why do perfectly nice, normal people turn into idiots when they become customers?
Customer (looking at the schedule board hanging over my head in the ticket booth window): "So the next two shows are Scary Movie 3 and The Missing? Is that all?"
Susie: "Well, we only have two theaters, so we can only show two movies at one time." (thinking: muhahahah, except for the secret theater in the secret basement where we show secret movies at secret showtimes...)

Why did my credit card company charge me more interest on a lower balance (and lower "average daily balance") than last month? I was thinking about paying about half of it off when I get my tax refund check, but the way they seem to figure it I'll end up paying more interest charges than if I just pay the minimum....of course, it would end up being paid off quicker, but it seems like they have taken that into account and are trying to make up the difference...

I'm on my second cup o' joe now, so things are becoming subejct shortly...

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January 21, 2004

Homework avoidance blogging

I should be doing my homework, so naturally I'm blogging...

So anyway, I tried to install Mozilla 1.5, thinking that perhaps that might help the crashyness, but I keep getting this error message "too many network errors trying to download xpcom.xpi." Anyone know what that means in English?

I'm listening to the soundtrack from School of Rock. For some reason people seem to think that movie theater employees have seen all the movies we show. Do YOU go into work on you day off if you can possibly avoid it? Didn't think so. And that's the only way for me to see one of our movies in its entirety--go into work on my day off. On the other hand, I have seen the end credits of every movie we show. And the end credits to School of Rock listed some of the most awesome music ever recorded, so even though I haven't seen the movie except for bits and pieces, I bought the soundtrack. Of course, it doesn't have all the goodies I read in the end credits, but it does have The Doors, Cream, Led Zepplin, The Who, and The that's good listenin'!

Yesterday a customer wanted to know what we would be showing on February 24th so she could plan a night out with the girls. At the time, I didn't even know what we'd be showing the day after tomorrow, because the Tuesday movie fax was late. I told her she should try to recall what came out to the first run theaters a month or two ago, and figure it might be one of them. Was that rude of me?
I have a school group coming in at 10am tomorrow and they wanted me to fax them the charge on company letterhead. I laughed uproariously. Was that rude of me? (They got a hand written note on the back of a fax cover sheet from another place. I could have used a piece of lined paper torn from the school notebook one of the employees forgot, but I'm classy...)

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January 17, 2004

Another year older...

Thank you everyone for the Birthday wishes yesterday! I had a fine time at the party. It was a little hectic, trying to open my presents and watch the kids open theirs at the same time--sort of like Christmas on a smaller scale--but chaos is a hallmark of any party my family throws because we are a large, noisy group in any enclosed space. I got some excellent gifts! Exotic coffees, a new nightie, sox (yay!), stationary products (pens, pencils, notebooks--I love writing utensils even though we are in the computer age--double yay!), a Far Side calender (triple yay!), a scented candle (which I can't smell yet because of my cold), some lavender hand and body lotion (ditto), some Hershey's DARK chocolate kisses (quadruple yay!), and the most thoughtful gift from my brother and his husband--my own personal coffeemaker for work! Infinite yays!! They even gave me little flavored creamers that don't need refrigeration, and domino sugar packets. Now I just need to find an electrical outlet in my office that isn't broken or blackened....

As long as I'm "yay"ing, Nor bizness has a new address: and annika will shortly be a Munuvian! Next week or thereabouts you'll be able to find her at Cool beans!

Advice for the ladies: if you need to get a man's attention, pop the hood on your car. I did this to top off my windshield washer fluid last night and three brothers-in-law suddenly appeared. Sounds like a joke, doesn't it? How many brothers-in-law does it take to top off your windshield wiper fluid...? (My oil was fine, but they decided they needed to add some anti-freeze to the radiator...)

Alliance members need to tidy up their blogs (take the old newspapers out for recycling, sweep the rug and hide the beer) because Harvey will be doing inspection rounds next weekend. As a Navy vet, he will want to see everything ship-shape and Bristol fashion--particularly your Alliance logo and Evil Glenn quote. Quite a few blogs were tossed overboard after the last inspection, so if you are serious about defeating the Puppy Blender's death grip on the blogosphere, make sure your blog is up to code...

Well, I need to go check out this week's New Blog Showcase entries...

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January 13, 2004

Phosphorescent Irish Skin

I'm still tweaking, trying to get used to the newishness of my new OS and browser. There are some preferences I originally set so long ago I don't recall how I did them anymore (font preference, for example--I forget which font it was I had for the desktop, and have been randomly switching to different ones occasionally. Haven't found the one I like yet). I did manage to neutralize the blue, however. It was that searing electric blue that burns your retinas...

I also did a little blog surfing after work last night and found out that my beloved Trey is not a fan of winter:

And you know what really makes me mad? That G.W. Bush hasn't done enough to prevent winter from being so cold all the time. His silly environmental programs to promote global warming are obviously not working and as a result good, hard-working Americans like myself are suffering.

Frank was chock full of his usual inane brilliant humor while I was offline.

Bill's blog has been co-opted by Wind Rider. This calls for a new tagline: "Now with 75% less suck."

Pardon me--I have more catching up to do! Since it's my Friday, I might stay up late after work tonight and blog for your reading pleasure...

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January 06, 2004

If it's Tuesday, this must be ...

The Bonfire is crackling noisily at Boots and Sabers. As usual, a few bloggers have gotten their posts confused, and tossed them on the Bonfire when they should have sent them to the Carnival. Unfortunately, I wasn't one of those....

However, as Jim points out in the comments to the previous post, it's next week's Carnival at Snooze Button Dreams that really about Pressure!!! Now I have to post something good to send (in solidarity with my munu brethern....).

Once again, LeeAnn has the best quizzes...

Take the Affliction Test Today!

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