May 20, 2006

I miss all the fun...

My atypical work hours tend to keep me out of the family social loop, since they normally party on the weekends like all "normal" folk. I missed a heck of a party last night. My sister's horse got loose as her husband was taking him from the pasture to the barn, and half the party-goers spent more than an hour running through fields and driving down country roads trying to chase him down. They finally caught him, unharmed, and walked him home with a sheriff's escort.

My brother-in-law told me one of the ways they tracked him was watching for all the groups of deer he spooked. I told him that they should lease the horse to parties of hunters, to flush game for them....

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September 08, 2005

Always read the fine print


I'm waiting for the non-decaffeinated coffee and the non-chunky peanut butter...

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