November 28, 2003

Work! What is it good for?

Our first show is at noon today, although I don't know how well it will be attended since yesterday's newspaper, no doubt in its haste to bring us 37 pounds of post-Thanksgiving sale ads, neglected to list our four shows prior to 4pm today....

I still have to go in, though. Sigh....

Hmm...pick this one for the Bonfire, LeeAnn!

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November 02, 2003

Lame post #43

What does it say about a person's blogging that she has a hard time deciding among at least five posts as to which gets tossed on the Bonfire, but not even one is close to Carnival-entry quality?

That's a rhetorical question, by the way--I really don't need to hear any profound analyses of my poor writing this week. (This week? asks the inner critic. Shush up! I respond).

I'm having a bad coffee day. As you may have deduced from my email address, I am an afficinado of Gevalia Kaffee. I belong to their mail-order club. Most, or perhaps even all, store-bought coffee tastes like dirt in comparison. Other "gourmet" coffees, while perhaps passable in the taste arena, fail in the low-acid area. And for some reason this time I ran out of coffee on the same day my order shipped, which is bad. This means that it will be at least a week before my coffee arrives. It also means that I had to go to the store and buy a can of Folgers.

I don't know how to make Folgers. Proportionately speaking, the ratio of ground beans to water is higher than Gevalia (since I'm not one of those folks who can call a cup of hot amber water "coffee") but there's a trial-and-error factor here and today I erred too high on the beans side, ending up with an espresso-like liquid that is not only bitter but still tastes like dirt. And not nice, loamy, good-for-planting-vegetables dirt. No, this is that dry, powdery, stale dirt-taste.

A day without coffee is like a day with the worst head cold in the history of humankind, but a day with bad coffee sucks.

Anyway, if anybody has a post I can borrow to submit to the Carnival, please let me know by tomorrow night. Thanks!

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October 27, 2003

Yay! or maybe, Drat!

The NZ Bear finally got around to fixing a glitch that made all my posts link to my own blog. Thus, overnight I went from Mortal Human to Large Mammal....

The really bad news is, all my links don't count double for the linkees anymore.

Ah, well, I figured it was just a matter of time anyway. And as long as he counts links to as being to I won't be TOO upset...

In other news, the LoL had 100% voter turnout and won the New Blog Showcase sponsorship this week. Both the Alliance and the Axis put up their highest participation percentages to date (44.9% and 25% respectively) but were no match for an organization specificly designed to take the sponsorship title...

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October 26, 2003

Late to the Party....

By the time I got to the party, everyone there was drunk except for two nieces, two nephews and one sister who is on a diet. Plus most of the costumes had been dispensed with and there wasn't any food left.

The costumes I missed included one of my sisters as Little Bo Peep and another sister and brother-in-law as a nun and a priest.

I didn't stay very long...a party that is winding down is worse than a party that's a complete fizzle...

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September 29, 2003

God Still Hates Me

Well, apparently my charming manner has not yet worked its magic on the Lord, and He still is visiting me with a plague of car troubles. (Hmm...idea for a post--what would the ten plagues of Egypt be in modern times? I'm sure porn spam would be one of them...). In addition, the wonderful folks at the U.S. Postal Service seem to have routed last week's paychecks via Venezuela so I didn't get paid until Saturday, when my bank is closed. So I am posting because I need to avoid trying to start my car until the coffee has worked its wonders on my brain, which might enable me to think of alternatives if that bronchitis-like coughing doesn't resolve itself into automotive ignition. Of course, the catch-22 is I need my car to start so I can go to the bank and get money in case my car won't start and I have to pay someone to make it start, which I can't do unless I get money from the bank.

I found a chicken bone when I was cleaning the theater Saturday night. It was a drumstick for anyone who's keeping score. You know, they have theaters where you can eat dinner while you watch a movie. But if you do have to sneak your KFC into my theater, could you at least have the courtesy to put the bones in the trash can after the movie? Thanks.

Why is it that software doesn't have a "downgrade" feature? Really. Many times when I upgrade something it crashes my computer. Then I have to go through all of the hassle of uninstalling it and trying to re-install an old version that's off in some musty backup file or on an original installation disc that got used as a coaster in 1997. There needs to be an "undo upgrade". Geeks--get on this, you'll make a fortune!

Ok--time to see if the car will start...

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September 25, 2003

and machines hate me, too....

So I just went out to drive up to the grocey to get a few things, and my car will not start. It could be worse....I could have been on my way to work. Luckily (?) it's my day off, but I have absolutely no idea what is the matter. I called PK, and let him listen to the noise on the phone, and he thinks it might be the battery, but he can't come over to try and give me a jump 'til he gets out of class at 9 tonight, at which point all automotive stores will be closed.
I called the only honest mechanic I know, and I got his voice mail. Sigh. The danged thing was perfectly fine yesterday!
I am very upset. In Indiana, our idea of public transportation is United Airlines to Detroit...and although we have taxis, it's not really worth coughing up an entire day's pay to get to work (plus I would have to walk home anyway because they stop running around 9 pm except on New Year's Eve....)

This crisis is too big for sherbet...I'm going to have to break out the Ben & Jerry's.

UPDATE: One of my brothers-in-law took mercy on me and brought over his battery recharger. It is to be hoped that the morning will bring a restored battery. Still no explanation of why this happened, except that God hates me. I'll win Him over, though--I can be really charming if I put my mind to it....

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August 15, 2003

But I am the Sexiest Female Blogger!

See what happens when you get all involved in this War stuff and have to work 12 hours days in a Technology Free Zone™? You find out that no one has nominated you for the SFB awards...
Sigh. Oh well, my Avowed Enemy, Kin, called me succulent...guess I'll have to be satisfied with that....

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August 11, 2003


Holy Conspiracy Theories, Batman! My posts are not getting pinged by non-MT bloggers. What's up with that? Has this always been the case and I never noticed, or is recent?

Victor linked to a post of mine but there was no trackback here...I just happened to stop by his place for a visit (where I found another great Dfilm awaiting me).

Harvey also linked to me twice, which I stumbled on accidently.

This is very NO FAIR! How am I supposed to know people are saying nice things about me if I don't get pingged?

I need a bowl of sherbet. lime. key lime...

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August 06, 2003

I hate Wednesdays....

because they are my Mondays (since Tuesday is my weekend) so I have to go to work where I cannot blog and cannot even read blogs because we are so low tech as to be Pleasantvilleesque, and everyone seems to have posted and I haven't even been to Frank's yet....

I hope we get our supply order today. If we don't, I may need bail money.....

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July 31, 2003

There's no crying in baseball.....

Oh no! Pixy Misa lost Frank's stupid blogroll contest by only two votes!
I guess I didn't vote for him enough.....

Frank has slipped in the blogosphere... it couldn't be because I stopped linking to him five or six times a day; it must be that annoying banner ad!

There was a lot of Good Stuff at Tiger's and Kevin's and Pixy Misa's, but I am too tired to link them. (Update:links added)

I forgot to take my camera to work, but that was just as well--maybe I'll tell you about it in the morning....

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July 30, 2003

Money doesn't grow...

So I have to go to work shortly for one of my two weekly 12-hour days, and I am way behind on my blog reading what with real life and all that ...sigh.

Maybe I'll take my pathetic, semi-useless not-actually-free digital camera and see if I can get anymore poltergeist pictures.

(I can feel your anticipation building already...)

Back after midnight.....

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July 29, 2003

I Lost.....

The results are in. I came in third. (Pardon me while I sob heart-wrenchingly for a moment....).

Ok. My answer was #1, so everyone who didn't vote for numero uno has to toss some change in my tip jar to make it up to me. Or else.

(I don't know what I'll do if you don't, but I'll think of something.)

I'm gonna go crawl under the covers and be depressed for awhile.....

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Oh! I forgot!

Bill admitted to being a History major in college.....

Bill, how come you didn't help me with my paper on Grant like John, Jennifer and James?????? Hmmmm??????

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July 14, 2003

So there!

Frank has a new In My World today!

Ordinarily there would have been two or three links in that sentence, but in the comments to a post of his that I am also not linking, he said:

Tiger, Why would I want to link to someone who has nothing but links to my page? I already read my page.

You men are all alike.....50 or 60 links and then you're off with the boys.....

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