March 20, 2007

It's spreading...

This week's stupid customer award goes not to a customer but to a customer servicer: a teller at my bank's drive-up window. I sent in my paycheck, a checking deposit slip, and a Christmas Club deposit slip. She asked: "Is this for two different accounts?"


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August 05, 2006

The Well, Duh Award

One of today's news headlines on my homepage is "Why do prisoners keep breaking out?"

Um...could it be because they don't like prison?

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April 09, 2006

Journalists' Geography Lesson

SHEDDEN, Ontario (AP) - The bodies of eight men were found inside four vehicles abandoned in a remote wooded area on a farmer's property in rural southwestern Canada.

Hmmm...I would've thought southwestern Canada would be over by Washington state....

Silly me. Guess all my maps are wrong....

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January 26, 2006

I want to be a ballerina when I grow up

Not that I believe in astrology or anything, but I usually read my horoscope every day. Sometimes it's way out there, but occasionally it seems to be on the mark. For the last three days, for instance, it's been saying things like *don't do anything rash*, *look before you leap*, and *now's not the time to be making important financial decisions*. This is interesting because the owner decided to make all his managers work a new schedule and it came over the fax on Tuesday. I am supposed to work 1pm to midnight Friday, 11am to 11pm on Saturday, and 11am to 6 pm on Sunday, as well as 4 to 10 on Monday and Wednesday. This would mean open/close/open/close/open (though why on earth he thinks he needs both me AND an Assistant on Saturday for 2 hours after the last set starts I don't know--I guess we are supposed to sit in the office and look at each other!) on the weekend.

Currently, my Assistant closes on Friday and opens on Saturday, and I open on Friday, close on Saturday and open/close on Sunday. It's been that way for three years, and seems equitable, even though I'm pretty useless on Sundays. Now they want me to be useless on Saturdays as well!

The fax with the new schedule said to call with any questions, and my Assistant said she wanted to ask "What the f*** were you thinking???". I have a couple of questions as well, but they boil down to "Are you trying to make us quit?" I haven't called to ask that, though, because of my horoscope. I quit my last job without anything else on the horizon, and it was a pretty tough couple of months.

I am too old for this stuff. At my age (um--23, yeah that's the ticket) it takes awhile for various body parts to stop aching after a 10 hour day of running up and down the stairs threading projectors and starting movies, and back-to-back that's going to be agony (especially since I have arthritis in my knees and no insurance with this job).

I also have a very large and very close family, which throws its almost constant birthday/anniversary/whatever parties on the weekends (since they all work in "normal" jobs). Previously I had Saturdays until 6 to attend. What are the chances that they'll schedule all family celebrations on Tuesday afternoons from now on?

I'm waiting to call my boss with my "questions" until I'm not spitting nails anymore, but every time I think about talking to him my brain shuts down in a red haze. I need calm, coherent arguments, not enraged sputtering, if I'm going to get anywhere changing their minds about reasonable working hours for a mumble-mumble-year-old woman with bad knees...

UPDATE 8pm: My boss called my Assistant Manager and told her to disregard the new schedule. I guess we weren't the only ones unhappy with it. Of course, the last two days of emotional turmoil still counts against them--and they owe me half a jar of Rolaids, too!

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January 13, 2006

Another paraquat related death

One definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior, expecting a different result.

The governor of Indiana has decided that increasing the tax on cigarettes will reduce teenage smoking. many times have we heard this one? And how successful has it been so far? Not too, according to all the headlines.

My observation has been that teenagers have more disposable income than any other age group. In addition, my experience has been that many teenagers have little or no reservations about either shoplifting or dipping into the till at work. Of all the age groups possibly affected by an increase in tobacco taxes, teenagers will be, as usual, the least deterred from smoking.

The hardest hit will be the folks on fixed incomes--like my mom, who is 75 years old and has been smoking for over 50 years. She won't quit, because she enjoys it, it's a hard habit to break, and she has heard of too many ex-smokers who have died of lung cancer (like Peter Jennings, who quit smoking 40 years before he developed it). Mom will just pay the higher price for her Pall Mall non-filters, with the consequence of having less money for luxuries like food.

What non-smokers don't understand is that most hard-core addicted smokers, if given a $5 bill and the choice between a pack of their favorite brand or lunch, are going to buy the cigarettes. Believe it or not, a cigarette can assuage a craving for food, but food usually increases a craving for a cigarette.

Of course, mom's health might deteriorate from malnutrition--but I'm sure the anti-smoking forces will attribute that to smoking, rather than the tax on smoking that forced her to give up bananas and lettuce.

Not only does it appear that Indiana has elected a tax-and-spend Republican to the Governorship, but an insane one as well...

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October 18, 2005

Blame it on the Caucasians

Found while wandering (< Power Line)....a column about media reporting on the latest terrorist attacks by "insurgent rebel militants" in Russia. My favorite line?

There are no enemies, just friends whose grievances we haven't yet accommodated.
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September 08, 2005

What is wrong with people? (Part 37)

Back in the days when Clinton was President, as much as I loathed him I never came close to even thinking like this ( permalink--go to The Elitist Pig and read the Sept. 6th post "All the Hate You Can Gag Down"), let alone saying it or writing it. I suppose it's not a federal offense to make threats against a sitting President's parents, but if it is, I hope the Secret Service tracks down these wackos and puts them in a nice padded cell....

UPDATE: let's try this to link the post.....Yay!

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August 23, 2005

Well, duh!

News headline on my home page:

Experts Say Rising Gas Prices Spur Thefts

So they need "experts" to tell them that? Journalists are dumber than I thought....

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August 04, 2005

More proof they don't teach reading in school anymore

Real email from customer to credit card company:

Hello, I have called the number on the back of my card and I am given a recorded message saying call volume is too high and I should conduct my business via your website.

Sadly, your website lacks the proper tools for me to conduct my business. In fact, this is part of the reason I want to close my credit card account.

Is there a physical address I can write to?

Real reply from company:

We are sorry to hear that we may be losing your business and hope that you will reconsider.

If you wish to close your account, please call the number on the back of your credit card to reach our Customer Care Department.

You are important to us and we appreciate your business.


Customer Care

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May 17, 2005

My tax dollars at work

INDIANAPOLIS—To increase efficiency and enhance customer service, the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles will be closing twelve license branches in June.

Ah, government....

Next week: To increase public safety, we will be leaving all jail cell doors unlocked.

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October 25, 2004

How PC can you be?

One of the reasons I try to avoid the news is because it's usually stupid.

Here's today's example: School Says Halloween Disrespectful to Witches

A Washington state school district is canceling its annual Halloween celebration, and the explanation has some parents baffled.

... The district said Halloween celebrations and children dressed in Halloween costumes might be offensive to real witches. ...

Do you think they would have cancelled it because fundamentalist Christians might find it offensive? Me neither...

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August 17, 2004

Pimp my DVD

I got an odd comment to an old post yesterday, and it reminded me of Jim's mischievous tormenting of the terminally stupid.

The post, in its entirety:

Frank unapologetically explains the Netflix ad. For an alternative viewpoint, read this. But the real problem here is not so much that it's an ad, or that it's an ad for Netflix, but that it's a banner across the top of the main page....sigh.

The comment?

to whom it may concern:
you have advised me that dud's that i have ordered are being ret'd by the post office undelivered["pet semintary"]. i spoke to the post office and they feel that you are not putting the full address down. it is: 37 woodway rd-#B-5, stamford, ct 06907. does this square with the address you have? pls confirm. thx.
dick gross

Posted by: richard gross at August 16, 2004 11:18 AM

It seems as if someone, googling Netflix, stumbled onto my blog entry and was deceived into thinking that I am affiliated with the Netflix customer service department. WTF?????

So what should I do, folks? Email him, correcting his spelling and grammar? Assume that the "dud's" he ordered were Milk Duds™ and tell him that the theatre does not give refunds on opened candy? Ask if by "dud's" was he referring to fancy dress, or unexploded ordnance? Inform him politely that I am against "putting down" addresses unless they are terminally ill and have no quality of life? Demand that he explain just what the hell he meant by "["pet semintary"]"? Just what is a "semintary" anyway? A place for interring deceased seminarians?

There is too much rampant stupidity in the world, and apparently it is not confined to dollar movie customers....

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