September 06, 2007

There's more, but I don't use that kind of language

Comment spammers are evil, vile, disgusting creatures.

I wish them all a disfiguring disease...painful and humiliating, but not fatal--I want them to live a long time in torment!

Guess I'm not really a good person after all...

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November 25, 2003

A Call to Arms

The *spit* LoL *spit* (aka General Douchebaggery) won the New Blog Showcase sponsorship again this week. Too many Alliance members are going blithely on with their own lives rather than participating in this life-and-death struggle against General Douchebaggery, and this must stop now!

Fellow Alliance Members: Voter Apathy is killing us!

Yes, Frank! I'm talking about you! I know becoming rich and famous is of paramount importance right now, but you are the Alliance's Blogfather! The least you can do for your humble followers is vote!

Yes, Emperor Misha! I am talking about you! I realize your Imperiousness has a long line of victims guests awaiting your attention in the Imperial Torture Chamber Game Room, but we of the Alliance need your weekly vote to smite the Liberal Menace!

Annika! Serenity! I know you have important issues to discuss on your blogs, but slapping down the idiotarians at least once is important, too!

Romulus, James, Denita ... please, vote in the New Blog Showcase! Maripat-- I know you are busy with two blogs, but is it really that difficult to link to a deserving new blog each week?

If you don't want to belong to the Alliance anymore, please let me know and I will take you off the roster... otherwise, please link to a New Blog Showcase entry every's not that difficult, and you might find a new regular read as well!

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August 27, 2003


The Evil Minions of White Glenn appear to be in complete disarray. For example:

1) They can't even come up with their own banner, so they copy ours but put their own name in it...

2) They can't agree on a name for their side so some of them ask to "borrow" a name...

Sad, aren't they?

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August 21, 2003

A Startling Discovery!

The following is a Public Service Announcement from The Bloggers' Alliance:

The Truth About Glenn Reynolds

Yes, it's true--White Glenn is not really white! He is actually sort of chartreuse, and covers his natural skin tone with Revlon Oil Free Color Stay Make Up (true beige). As revealed in the film, "White" Glenn is actually a vampire! This explains his frequent need for fresh puppy blood, and the mysterious disappearance of Hobos in his vicinity.....

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August 20, 2003

Axis Update

The Axis of Naughty has benefited from the dual-front war Frank is conducting... both our DisMinsWar and Minister for Bread and Circuses received Instalanches yesterday....

Meanwhile, the Axis has added a Slacker-in-Chief ...

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August 18, 2003

Message to Kevin....

So, I was making the rounds this morning (since I didn't last night) and learned from Tiger that the Evil PuppyBlender, White Glenn, doesn't even have his First Evil Minion, Kevin of Wizbang, blogrolled!

Kevin, forsake the ungrateful Hobo Killer! Join the Alliance!

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August 16, 2003

War Report....

My Marvelous Mentor and Beloved Benefactor Pixy Misa has provided me with some words of Wisdom to guide me in these perilous and confusing times:

"Consistency is for wimps."

Bolstered by his words, I shall carry on battling Frank, while supporting Frank, and vanquish Kin....

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August 14, 2003

War Correspondence

Okay, I'm only going to explain this one time, so listen up! While I am on Frank's side to fight the good fight against the Insta PuppyBlender, I am also on JenLars' side in her war against Frank, while at the same time conducting my own offensive against Kin in the matter of a link from Kevin the Wiz. (As long as nobody assassinates Archduke Ferdinand, I ought to be okay...)

Jen has decreed me Official Pinger, which I accept with due gravity, and pledge to ping Frank mercilessly whenever possible... (any pongs are inadvertent...)

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August 13, 2003

War and Peace of Mind

Oh my goodness--the coffee hasn't even finished brewing, let alone begun to be ingested in an attempt to re-inflate my brain back to normal size, and already I have two urgent blog issues that must be addressed!

Kin is sadly mistaken if he thinks quoting the Bard will intimidate me...Kevin's permalink will be mine! Muh ha ha ha ....

Harvey has issued an APB for any information on the Bugs Bunny episode called "Hare Tonic" which featured "rabbititis" --if anyone remembers it, please head over to Bad Money and let him know.... I don't know why it's so urgent that he be reassured of his sanity, but some people have a problem with that whole "call me crazy" stigma...

UPDATE: Muh ha ha...Kin has fallen victim to Dfilmania! So while he is making movies, I will out-link him!

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August 12, 2003

"Be Proud, Suck Hard"

says Kevin, who (finally) has this week's Bonfire crackling merrily....

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Kevin is cool. He posts a lot every day. I like to read his blog.

Take that, Kin!

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Kevin has not yet posted this week's Bonfire of the Vanities.....

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